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Poland is something of a 3D printing country, home to lots of startups and a remarkable number of 3D printer manufacturers. One of the most prominent among them, ZMorph, has just unveiled their latest machine: the ZMorph CNC milling set, which is a variation on their excellent ZMorph 2.0 S Hybrid 3D Printer, with the help of an interchangeable toolhead. In a nutshell, the same kit can act as a CNC mill, a 3D printer and even a laser engraver, the Polish manufacturers say.

ZMorph, of course, is a Polish 3D printer manufacturer founded back in 2012 by Prezemek Jaworski. Initially starting out as a modification of the RepRap open source 3D printer, Jaworski’s ZMorph 3D printer instead focused on getting 3D printing into the hands of people unfamiliar with programming, electronics or mechanics. “Implementation of an open 3D printing FFF technology (Fused Filament Fabrication), or layering of liquid plastic, will allow many artists , architects, designers and sculptors and the rest of the designers to accelerate the development of their ideas,” he writes of his motivation on the ZMorph website.

Since then, this has resulted in quite a few interesting 3D printers, most of which share one feature: interchangeable toolheads that easily allow users to use the same machine for different production techniques. Think CNC toolheads, but also different extruders for different materials, including for food and ceramic 3D printing. In 2014, the ambitious Polish 3D printing specialists entered in the US market, while they received an investment of 1 million euro last summer, to ramp up production to 1000 3D printers a year.

Their latest ZMorph 2.0 S Hybrid 3D printer received pretty favorable responses from users, and with their newest release they are now also bringing CNC milling into the user’s hands. “The latest ZMorph CNC Set meets the needs of DIY makers and industry professionals who want to cut, engrave and mill in materials like wood, plywood, plexiglass, PVC, PCB boards, carbon fiber, machining wax and others. Spacious working area of 250 x 235 x 85 mm allows creating both 2D prints and PCB prototypes as well as 3D engravings and foldable objects,” the Polish manufacturers say.

In a nutshell, it’s a ZMorph 2.0 S Hybrid 3D Printer model, but has been mounted with a CNC PRO Milling toolhead, rather than an extruder. “The machine is also equipped with a strong and durable plywood table designed to provide comfort and security during CNC milling. Lockable plastic covers also ensure that no debris will damage the machinery, its operator, nor his workshop,” they add. With the interchangeable toolhead system, they say you can save up to 30% on machine expenses. And of course it can easily be transformed into a 3D printer again.

Every machine is ready for use straight out of the box, and comes with a 12-month warranty (unlike the 3-month warranty that many manufacturers offer. It is available for 1590 EUR / 1790 USD.



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Katie wrote at 2/17/2016 10:58:26 AM:

Dear Truth, Carbon fiber indeed requires a special equipment and you need to be careful while using it, we attach some information about how to use the printer in a proper way with the product :)

Katie wrote at 2/16/2016 4:17:25 PM:

Dear Opi, The idea was to show the new CNC set with CNC PRO toolhead using the ZMorph 3D - we're sorry if the article made you think it's a new printer :)

opi wrote at 2/15/2016 1:39:43 PM:

It's not a new machine, just old one with the experimental cnc toolhead. That sucks

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