Feb 24, 2016 | By Tess

Several months ago we covered a story about Blokko, a Singaporean startup whose goal is to bring original stories and characters to life through 3D printing technologies. Now, after several months of operation, the web platform is still active and is promoting two of their most promising stories and products: Evacomics, and Lost NightMare.

In short, Blokko works as a platform for storytellers to submit their stories or comics in order to have merchandise created based on the characters of said stories. Once submitted, Blokko creates a web campaign for the stories it deems worthy and if enough money is raised through the campaign—the pledges are pre-orders for the character figurines—the toy models are created in collaboration with an artist, 3D printed, and shipped off to customers.

As the website boasts, their process is ideal for storytellers and creators because no initial investment is necessary, if a campaign is successfully launched and funded, 35% of the profits go to the story’s creator, 35% goes to the toy designer, and 30% goes to Blokko. This system offers creators with less means for merchandising or promoting their work a platform to do so.

Currently, Blokko is running two particularly notable campaigns, which are for a full color 3D printed Eva figurine from the comic book Evacomics, and a 3D printed Little Ink figurine from the web comic book Lost NightMare.

Evacomics is an online comic series created by Evangeline Neo that illustrates cultural differences by following Eva, a charming young woman from SIngapore who studied in the United States and Japan. The 3D printed figurine of Eva was designed by Rachel Collier, one of Blokko’s collaborating artists. The campaign, which is running until March 1st, has already pre-sold 21 of its 30 necessary orders, and if the 30 orders are reached the Eva toy will go into production.

The Lost NightMare comics were created by Miyuli and follow Little Ink, a young nightmare who is expected to become the next Bogeyman. Not wanting to frighten people, however, he enlists the help of the Sandman. The brightly colored figurine was designed by Bernhard Bauer and is currently in its development stages. The Lost NightMare campaign is nearly complete, with 26 of 30 preorders purchased.

Once the campaigns are completed, the figurines will be additively manufactured out of a gypsum based powder and printed in full color. The finishing processes and inspections will be done by hand to ensure that the 3D printed figurines are up to standard. If you’re interested in pre-ordering a 3D printed Eva or Little Ink figurine yourself, you can do so for the cost of $49.90.

Whether you check out these campaigns or not, we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any other fun projects and campaigns that Blokko takes on. And if you happen to be a storyteller or comic book creator and want to see your characters come to life through 3D printing, check out Blokko’s “start a campaign” page.



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