Jan 18, 2017 | By Tess

3D printed prosthetics company UNYQ, which has up until now operated primarily from its offices in San Francisco and Spain, has decided to expand its business to the U.S. East coast with a new office in Charlotte, North Carolina. According to the company, the expansion is tactical, as it will bring it closer to its biggest client base, and will also situate it closer to its partner 3D Systems, which is based out of Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Founded in 2014, UNYQ has become a mainstay in the world of 3D printed prosthetics and orthotics. Here at 3Ders, we’ve been a fan of their work for a while, partly because they are a company that seems to understand the importance of aesthetics as well as function when it comes to prosthetics. From a 3D printed stylish back brace for scoliosis patients, to a collection of colorful and chic 3D printed upper-limb prosthetic covers, to its “Conceal and Wow” collection of camouflage prosthetic covers, UNYQ has never disappointed when it comes to eye-grabbing and attractive prosthetics and covers.

It is no wonder then that the company is continuing to grow. The new office, which will be located at HQ Charlotte (a local coworking space) will be managed and led by Lisa Tweardy, a Charlotte-based industry expert. Additionally, the new location will open up six new positions in sales and tech support. According to UNYQ, it is looking for local candidates to fill the positions.

UNYQ CEO Eythor Bender said of the new office, “We are excited to tap into Charlotte’s start-up community to find individuals who will be as passionate as we are about empowering prosthetic, orthopedic and sports medicine bracing users with products which not only improve comfort, but offer an affordable, fashionable expression of themselves. The proximity to our strategic partner, 3D Systems, and the diverse local medical community also made this an easy location decision.”

A big part of why the company has expanded into North Carolina has to do with its ongoing partnership with 3D printing giant 3D Systems, which is headquartered in South Carolina. The two companies teamed up in 2015 in an effort to bring personalized 3D printed smart prosthetic devices to the market, establishing UNYQ as the preferred commercialization partner for 3D Systems. In other words, 3D Systems supplies UNYQ with intellectual property for 3D printed prosthetics, which UNYQ commercializes and then distributes on a large scale.

As mentioned, the new Charlotte office is still looking for local candidates. As Bender noted, “We are hiring and we look forward to embedding ourselves in the community there.” So, if you live North Carolina and have experience in the field of 3D printing, orthotics, or anything relevant, you might be interested in checking out the positions. More information can be found via UNYQ’s website.



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