Jun 26, 2017 | By Benedict

Canadian 3D printing company DisTech Automation has released an upgraded version of its Prometheus System multi-extrusion system for FDM 3D printers. The E3D V6 Upgrade allows E3D V6 Hot End users to create multi-color and multi-material objects.

At the (hot) tail-end of last summer, we brought you news that Canadian 3D printing specialist DisTech Automation had launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Prometheus System, a 3D printer add-on that would give standard FDM 3D printers multi-color, multi-filament printing capabilities. The campaign was a big success, raising more than 76,000 CAD over 30 days.

DisTech has now returned with the Prometheus System (E3D V6 Upgrade), a product based on the original Prometheus System that enables multi-color and multi-material 3D printing from a single E3D V6 Hot End. DisTech says the new Prometheus System solution “simplifies the multi-extrusion process and expands the capabilities of 3D printers using the E3D V6.”

“To enable reliable multi-filament 3D printing using the Prometheus System with the E3D V6, we had to develop the ‘Prometheus Heat Break,’ explains DisTech CEO Eric Sammut. “This is a precision machined and polished component that replaces the standard E3D V6 heat break to facilitate reliable filament switching with the Prometheus System.”

Although there are now several ways to achieve dual extrusion 3D printing—either with dual-extruder 3D printers or other 3D printer add-ons—DisTech thinks its own solution is the best. Why? The Canadian additive manufacturing company says that, by using a single nozzle, the Prometheus System eliminates the “calibration and nozzle dripping issues that affect dual nozzle configurations.” The system also prevents color contamination and increased extrusion pressure problems associated with color-mixing hot ends.

“The Prometheus System (E3D V6 Upgrade) solves all of the issues associated with conventional methods of dual extrusion,” Sammut says. “We believe that this new product will be a popular upgrade for E3D V6 users who want to print multi-color and multi-material objects.”

The Prometheus System (E3D V6 upgrade) is available for order now and will ship immediately. It costs $219.

The kit contains the Prometheus System (E3D V6 upgrade), a Prometheus Heat Break (E3D V6 Upgrade), a ProFeeder, and two ProStruders. The system is compatible with standard E3D V6 nozzles, and DisTech recommends using a 0.4mm nozzle.

Prometheus System (E3D V6 upgrade) features:

  • Print with two colors or materials (support material, composites, and special materials)
  • Print at temperatures up to 300°C
  • No calibration required
  • No nozzle dripping (single nozzle design)
  • No color contamination (single hot end design)
  • Low moving mass (~65 g) makes it ideal for Rostock-style delta printers



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