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Fans of tabletop role-playing games and model making have found a new lease on life in recent years, thanks to the growing accessibility of 3D printing. The technology is really expanding the range of these fantasy universes in terms of the complexity of models, as well as enabling people who were previously mere enthusiasts to become manufacturers and suppliers in their own right.

The latest hobbyist product that looks set to take the miniaturized world by storm is known as Necroplex, and the makers behind it have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Necroplex is an exciting science fiction-themed terrain-building kit, featuring large scale industrial walkways, platforms, buildings, and thundering forges. These mini megacities of the future will be ideal for enacting all kinds of action-packed scenarios using the models of your choice.

The set was designed to be very easy to make with a 3D printer, particularly the popular small bed machines that most novice hobbyists new to the technology will be using. Each and every piece can be 3D printed without the need for support structures, and they should take mere hours to make.

The set is also intended to be straightforward to assemble, appealing to the beginner and the devotee alike. It’s composed of smaller pieces instead of larger structures, so you can really let your imagination run wild with layouts. Like with most common building systems, all kinds of block types are mixed and matched, allowing for maximum customizability.

Locking clamps or magnets can be used to hold everything together, and the set is designed to be used with everyday terrain crafting materials, such as 5 mm foam core board, wooden dowel, and PVC pipe.

The Necroplex set is available as downloadable STL files, which can then be sent to a 3D printer. A number of different packs are available, depending on how much real-world currency you want to commit to your scaled-down fictional world.

15 dollars or more gets you the City Pack, which includes all the basic pieces, interconnecting edges and clamps that are required to put together the buildings and walkways that will form your city. For 30 dollars or more, ‘’Forge Masters’’ will get their hands on the Forge pack alongside the City pack. This allows for the construction of much more complex details and structures such as industrial pipeways and fuel stacks, as well as elevators and cargo trolleys, and much more besides.

''Gang Leaders'' pledging 45 dollars or more will get both these packs along with the Tribe pack. This final pack allows for extra customization with banners and other floor or wall decorations. Described in more detail in the bonus Fan pack, the two tribes that the makers of Necroplex have created each come with their own mythology and lore as well as unique aesthetics.

The Rezari Immortals are your standard vain, power-and-beauty-obsessed tribe who proclaim themselves to be royals descended from stars and lord it over all they consider inferior. Ancient rituals, body modification and rare technology infusions form part of their daily activities. As for the Scions of Hramn, this tribe is much more noble, and lightning-fast in combat situations.

The Kickstarter project has already smashed its $500 goal, with a total of $1,850 currently pledged. Stretch goals were subsequently added, including the pieces to make flag poles and radar dishes, amongst other additional features. 15 days are left of the campaign.



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