box3d: 3D printer enclosure that eliminates fumes smashes Kickstarter goal

Feb.5, 2018 - A Kickstarter has been launched for box3d, a 3D printer enclosure kit that controls 3D printing climate, extracts fumes, and reduces noises. The kit is being marketed at both personal and professional 3D printer users. More

New software from MIT generates 3D printable microstructures with custom mechanical properties

Feb.5, 2018 - Researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory are at the forefront of new materials design and, according to a recent study, have just made a significant breakthrough that could have an impact on 3D printing. More

HP launches full color Jet Fusion 300 & 500 3D printers, teams with Dassault Systemes

Feb.5, 2018 - Printing giant HP has introduced a new full color 3D printer series, Jet Fusion 300 / 500, with prices starting at around $50,000. The company has also announced a new collaboration with Dassault Systemes. More

This 3D printed marshmallow grill is all you need this February

Feb.5, 2018 - Dying for a tasty campfire treat but don't want to face the February cold? Try 3D printing your own marshmallow grill instead: it's small, it's hilarious, and it hopefully won't poison you. More

3D printed phantom models from Russia could improve cancer radiation therapy

Feb.5, 2018 - A team of scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) in Russia is developing a use for 3D printing which could help doctors verify and even improve radiotherapy treatment plans for cancer patients. More

New SOLIDWORKS add-in for Nano Dimension's DragonFly 2020 Pro simplifies 3D printed electronics design

Feb.5, 2018 - Israeli additive manufacturing company Nano Dimension Ltd. has partnered with French software company Dassault Systemes to implement a new SOLIDWORKS add-in for its DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D printer. More

Job opportunities for UAE experts in 3D printing, drones, AR VR, blockchain, AI

Feb.5, 2018 - A new report from Robert Walters Middle East suggests sales, marketing, legal, and finance professionals will be UAE's most in-demand employees this year. It also predicts that the next wave of jobs will come from 3D printing or additive manufacturing, blockchain, AR/VR, and other technologies. More

GE Additive now taking 2018 applications for its $10M 3D printing education program

Feb.5, 2018 - GE Additive is moving ahead with its plan to put a 3D printer in every school. Applications for the 2018 cycle of its $10 million Additive Education Program are now being accepted. More

This DIY 3D printed lamp shows real-time weather with amazing LED light display

Feb.4, 2018 - Maker 'Gosse Adema' has uploaded an Instructables tutorial for an awesome 3D printed 'Weather/Matrix Lamp,' which is not only colorful and bright but can also keep you updated about the weather outside in real time. More

Metro Block: 3D printed models of Dallas skyline bring residents closer to their city

Feb.3, 2018 - Two Texas-based IT specialists have founded Metro Block, a company that aims to foster city pride using miniature 3D printed models of neighborhoods. At present, Metro Block is only operating in Dallas, but plans to expand to other cities. More

Deakin University experiments with customized 3D printed food for people with swallowing disorders

Feb.2, 2018 - A team of researchers has used 3D printing to help out people who suffer from swallowing disorders, known as dysphagia. The technology allows for different food textures and shapes to be printed, introducing greater taste and visual variety into sufferer's modified meals, which are often found to be unappealing. More

Hiro Creations makes huge 3D printed Star Wars model with budget Monoprice printer

Feb.2, 2018 - Yasu Tano of'Hiro Creations spent a whole year using Monoprice Delta 3D printers to print various props, cosplay outfits, and other geeky bits and bobs. Highlights include a life-size'K-2SO droid from Star Wars spinoff'Rogue One. More

De Rigueur Designs introduces custom 3D printed jewelry line and BEZEL mobile app

Feb.2, 2018 - De Rigueur Designs has unveiled its 3D printed metal jewelry line available on the company's newly launched BEZEL app, a live hand tracking augmented reality e-commerce platform. More

Tokyo University of Technology student 3D prints ice structures with a modified desktop 3D printer

Feb.2, 2018 - A graduate student from the Tokyo University of Technology in Japan has modified a desktop 3D printer to print small structures and shapes from ice. The technology uses a liquid hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) gas to instantly freeze water that is extruded simultaneously. More

Argentinian researchers develop new 3D bio-printed wound dressings for diabetes sufferers

Feb.2, 2018 - A team of researchers based in Buenos Aires have pioneered a new technique for fabricating wound dressings, which is designed specifically to help diabetics. The improved fit of their bio-based 3D printed dressings, along with the integrated antibiotics delivery system, should reduce the chance of infection and improve the healing process. More

€7.9M awarded to FollowKnee for development of 3D printed prosthetic knee joints

Feb.2, 2018 - A collaborative effort between different companies and organizations in France should improve the treatment of knee conditions in the near future. FollowKnee is making use of 3D printing and scanning to produce better prosthetic knee joints, as well as developing sensors and AR technology to improve surgery and the recovery process. More

Noumena's Robotic Habitats with 3D printed robots explores the evolution of artificial intelligence

Feb.1, 2018 - Noumena, an innovative Barcelona-based group of engineers, designers, and architects, is investigating how artificial intelligence and robots might evolve and survive in our world through a recent (partially 3D printed) installation called 'Robotic Habitats.' More

Eclipse predicts additional $1M revenue within three years with new Massivit 1800 3D printer

Feb.1, 2018 - Massivit 3D Printing Technologies today announced that Columbus (OH)-based creative design company, Eclipse Corp. has installed a Massivit 1800 3D Printing Solution to drive new business and differentiate its service offering against traditional print company competitors. More

Scientists successfully 3D printed living cells using 'in-air microfluidics' technique

Feb.1, 2018 - Using a new technique they call "in-air microfluidics," University of Twente scientists succeed in printing 3D structures with living cells. This special technique enable the fast and 'on-the-fly' production of micro building blocks that are viable and can be used for repairing damaged tissue, for example. The work is presented in Science Advances. More

Cycle Pharmaceuticals: 3D printed orphan drugs to hit market in 2-3 years

Feb.1, 2018 - Cambridge-based Cycle Pharmaceuticals has just announced its strategy to harness 3D printing technology as a chief means of producing prescription drugs by way of a new partnership with Aprecia Pharmaceuticals. The partnership will see Cycle develop and commercialise 3D printed drugs for rare diseases, also known as 'orphan drugs.' More

Esma & Special Platings to 3D print customized titanium eyewear with 135K CrossRoads2 subsidy

Feb.1, 2018 - Flemish metal 3D printing company Esma and Dutch company Special Platings have announced they will be partnering with the goal of manufacturing customized titanium glasses frames using 3D printing technologies. The companies are supported by a 135K subsidy. More

ZER debuts 3D printed 'CONNECT3D' collection with Samsung at Madrid Fashion Week

Feb.1, 2018 - ZER, a Spain-based design studio, has unveiled its latest collection, CONNECT3D, on the runway at Madrid Fashion Week. The innovative collection, which was the winner of the Samsung Ego Innovation Project, features a number of 3D printed garments and seamlessly combines fashion and tech. More

IDC Japan report: 3D printing mainly used for production, transport, electrical machinery

Jan.31, 2018 - The Japanese arm of research giant IDC has released the results of its domestic 3D printing user survey. Amongst other findings, the survey revealed that 85.7 per cent of responding companies are using 3D printers to make prototypes. More

Lux Research: 18 technologies most likely to transform the world over the next decade

Jan.31, 2018 - Lux Research used a combination of its expert analysts and proprietary data analysis platform to answer the question "What technologies have the greatest potential to transform the world over the next decade?" More

Rutgers University 4D prints smart hydrogel structures that change shape and size

Jan.31, 2018 - Engineers from Rutgers University have 4D printed structures from a smart hydrogel. The process, capable of 3D printing hydrogel structures that change shape when exposed to different temperatures, could be used for tissue engineering, soft robots, and drug delivery applications. More

GE Additive prototypes jet engine part in just 12 weeks using new binder jet metal 3D printing system

Jan.31, 2018 - Moving ahead with its groundbreaking H1 AM technology, GE says it was able to 3D print and test 30 prototypes of a football-sized jet engine part and realize the final version in just 12 weeks. The company says that the same feat would have taken years using traditional casting methods. More

DOE scientists using X-rays to discover why metal 3D printing produces flaws

Jan.31, 2018 - The Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is investigating how to avoid flaws in metal 3D printed parts. Its X-ray observation processes could result in more reliable 3D printed parts. More

You can now 3D print Einstein's favorite childhood toy courtesy of LEGO and IKEA

Jan.31, 2018 - Kids can now play with Albert Einstein's childhood toys thanks to the 'Open Einstein''3D scanning and printing initiative led by the Real Play Coalition. More

Sanitary fittings giant Grohe implements 3D printing for new line of advanced bathroom fittings

Jan.30, 2018 - Sanitary appliance giant Grohe is to adopt 3D printing technology in the manufacturing of its latest range of ceramic fittings. This is part of the company's commitment to innovation and creating a more sustainable industry, following on last year's release of smart bathroom systems. More

Delta WASPclay 3D printer lets you print high quality ceramic parts with ease

Jan.30, 2018 - Italian 3D printing company WASP is hoping to make ceramic 3D printing more accessible and better quality with its new and improved Delta WASPclay system, which includes a 3D printer and Clay Kit 2.0. More

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