Jan.22, 2012

Maybe you heard about it, 3D printers is becoming consumer 3D printers. But how close they are to our daily life?

Fortunately for us, 3D printing is finally starting to offer the combination of affordability and usability. Printing chocolate is not news, but 3D chocolate printer is now available for purchase, is news.

Essential DynamicsEssential Dynamics, the company behind the Imagine 3D food printer, showcased the Imagine 3D printer at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2012 and announced that they were now accepting orders for the Imagine 3D printers.

Why does Essential Dynamics believe that their system is unique? Because it is a syringe based design - its printing head uses syringes that can not only be filled with chocolate, but also food, silicone, cheese, epoxy, organics, etc, or even concrete.

3d food printer - essential dynamics

Essential Dynamics 3d food printer


This Imagine 3D food printer comes fully assembled and priced at $2,995 plus $299 S/H. The lead time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

There is not much technical information available on Essential Dynamics' website, except that Essential Dynamics created a brand new 3D community Mongasso for sharing 3D designs for imagine 3D food printer.

Below is a short video that from PSFK Rough Cut CES 2012: 3D Printer Can Print Chocolate Cupcakes In Minutes: someone in Essential Dynamics is explaining the technology.



Source:psfk & essentialdynamics

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