Feb.17, 2012

digital identity 3d printed sculpture

While we surf the internet, twitter what we are doing, google cheapest flight tickets, join friends in Facebook, or order music CDs from Amazon, do any of us realize we are defining an virtual identity in the digital world?

digital identity 3d printed sculptureIdentität project from Studio NAND wants to make this virtual identity visible - if in this digiti al world there are another identities parallel to the real world of real individuals, then it is possible to show them in a three-dimensional form.

Amazing isn't it?

Studio NAND is located in Berlin and founded by Steffen Fiedler, Jonas Loh & Stephan Thiel. They are all in the field of Interaction Design, Information Visualization and Generative Design. ~IDENTITÄT – The »Gestalt« of digital identity is the bachelor's thesis of Jonas Loh and Steffen Fiedler, the students at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany. They crawled more than 100,000 personal raw data on internet and analyzed their contents using custom computational tools.

These studies and analysis help them to determine the characteristics of the construction of digital identity. After that, the data was interpreted to generate a 3D sculpture. Information such as interests(Delicious), listening habits (Last.fm), communication behavior(Twitter) and consumerist be ha vi our((Amazon) are interpreted and used to produce unique sculptures.

According to Studio NAND, the mesh was generated with the help of Processing and toxiclibs. For the renderings they used the open-source illumination rendering system Sunflow. With the help of the Technical University Berlin, seven sculptures were 3D printed in plaster.

These 3D sculptures are interpreted from the individual profile data which is limited by how it stated and when it is collected. But it is awesome to see how our digital identities are just a combination of credit reports, google searching habits, emails and twitters, facebook pages.

"The goal of the project was not to create a readable data sculpture of someone's digital life, but to express how an analogue snapshot of complex digital identities can be presented."

digital identity 3d printed sculpturedigital identity 3d printed sculpture

image credit: nand

Source: nand

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