Feb.17, 2012

The video above shows kids experience 3D Printing at LEGO World 2012 held in Bella Center, Copenhagen. This year Lego World 2012 invited 3D printing specialist Objet Ltd to demonstrate how 3D technology is used in the design stage of LEGO products to create prototypes and how 3D printer prints prototype Lego Minifigures and Lego bricks.

Objet brought along one of their Objet30 desktop 3D printers to LEGO World 2012. Kids from all over the world can for the first time experiencing the the development process from the original design computer CAD file, through the 3D printing process and to-scale examples of the final result. This learning process is very effective because these kids see in front of their eyes how LEGO transform product ideas and 3D designs into prototypes in very short time. When the prototype is printed out they can hold, play and test the product. It is a great opportunity for them to understand design and manufacturing process with digital technologies.

Kenneth Wested Laursen, Head of the LEGO Prototyping Department, comments on the process, "The LEGO brick is born digital on a computer as a CAD drawing and is converted into a physical brick during the manufacturing processes. The Objet 3D printer is a critical component in the LEGO development phase. It helps us in getting physical elements for checking the design, build-ability and functionality at a very early point in production."

objet 24LEGO World, held every year in Copenhagen, gives children and adults the opportunity to learn, create and play with LEGO bricks. This year, a special introduction of 3D printing technology provides the chance to experience all the processes in LEGO product development. It is held during 16th - 19th February and two Objet24 Desktop 3D Printers are exhibited in the Intel area.

Source: Objet

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