Feb.19, 2012

Sculpteo user Paul Marx is a big fan of Sculpteo interface. Sculpteo is a young French company providing a service by producing made-to-order models for designers and researchers.

Cardinal-de-Richelieu-3d-viewer-sculpteoWhen he goes to Paris museums he takes photos, lucky for him it is allowed to take photos in Louvre(without a flash) that he can show us here this scan of Bellini's bust of The Cardinal Richelieu. He took 38 photos and processed them at his own site my3dscanner.com, a free on-line service that generates mesh from point cloud data and creates 3D polygonal model directly from photographs taken from digital camera or mobile phone.

The main reason he loves Sculpteo is because of a handy interface from Sculpteo, especially the 3D viewer. The 3D viewer from Sculpteo let everyone see the model from all angles. you can navigate the model or zoom in and out in the browser because the 3D viewer is completely browser-independent and employs both Java and Flash.

The Sculpteo 3D viewer allows you to embed the model design from their online store.


About The Cardinal de Richelieu

The Cardinal de Richelieu, Louis XIII's chief minister, is represented as a prelate, displaying the Order of the Saint-Esprit. This bust was commissioned from the renowned sculptor Bernini (a protégé of Pope Urban VIII), who was then at the height of his fame. The sculptor endowed the figure with an appropriately grave and noble air, and subtly modeled the folds of his clothing. - Louvre.fr

Via: my3dscanner

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