Jun.2, 2012

Foursquare, a web and mobile application allows users 'check in' places (venues) via a mobile website or SMS.

But have you thought of turning all these places you checked in into beautiful objects? Someone does. Designer Sha Hwang and Rachel Binx's an online service called Meshu is going to provide customized foursquare-related jewelry with 3D printing.

From now on, you can connect with Foursquare to use your checkins, or select a series of places you've been to, lived or restaurants you like and upload the data. Or you use the online interface to type in zip codes or name of places. Lines are drawn on a map connecting these places and these lines form a geometric shape. MeShu will then transform these shapes into necklaces, earrings or even cufflinks using 3D printing or lasercutting technology. It costs around $75-$150 depending on what material(wood, acrylic, nylon and silver) and color you choose.

Meshu maps the places you have been and turns these spectacular moment into a customerized and unique jewelry. Not only memory or experience, soundwave, stock market performance, or even voter approval ratings can all be visualized through 3D printing. This technology offers the possibility of embedding memory, feelings and experience into physical objects, isn't it fascinating?

Source: Meshu



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