May 13, 2012

While just a week ago the whole world is shocked by the Tanorexic mum Patricia Krentcil who allowed her five-year-old daughter to suffer burns at one, now this deeply-bronzed Krentcil has already got an own action figure.

US designer Emil Vicale released a tanorexic doll earlier this week and since then his phones had been ringing off the hook. Using 3D printing Vicale is able to create the doll painted with an orange face and sell for US$29.95. According to him, this doll is being marketed under the general title of "Tanorexic Action Figure," so there won't be legal issues.

Patricia Krentcil, who admittedly loves to tan, faces up to ten years for child endangerment. "This is our first ugly doll," Vicale said. "Maybe this is a new genre for us!"

Emil Vicale founded his custom action figure company about 10 years ago. The company makes popular character based on the current events, such as former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner, socialite Michaele Salahi, or Baghdad Bob, based on Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf. It has a production capacity of making 500 figures a day with just four employees.

In the early product developing period 3D printing technology saves Vicale time and cost to make a prototype and he is able to test market demand with just a small run. For keeping up with the rapidly changing news cycle sometimes only small quantities of dolls are needed, but thanks to the 3D printing, it is all possible.

The company originally did all its 3D printing in-house, using two 3D printers. While it still does the design work, it now outsources to 3D printing companies that can make the molds cheaper. The figures heads and accessories are all designed using 3D printers, while their bodies are made overseas. Details such as tattoos are done by hand.

But not all of his dolls have had as much success as the "Tanorexic Action Figure". He printed about 100 Obama figures since Obama started his presidential campaign, but most of it still haven't sold.

"We assumed he would sell like mad," Mr Vicale said. "It never happened."


Source: businessweek

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