May 12, 2012

If you are looking for some spectacular work made on 3D printer, then you have to take a look at PsychoBob's ambitious project: Atlas co-op bot (Portal 2).

All the parts are 3D-printed in WSF on Shapeways and it is probably the most complicated and detailed project to be printed. After printing PsychoBob smoothed out the parts by using some filler spray and wet sanding. Painting and the finishes were then applied to the parts.

The LED were then added, as well as wire sand resistors to create the circuit. He put the circuit into the central eye piece and elbow piece to give it a life - as you can see from the image below.


After the final assembly Atlas(part 1) is online, but it is not finished, there will be part 2 that PsychoBob will be making an awesome base to finish off the model.

What is the theme PsychoBob had in mind?
The theme I had in mind for this, was that Atlas has been through a testing chamber and not come out of it unscathed (lost part of an arm). Atlas makes it to the final red button to complete the chamber and what does he get... GlaDos on the tannoy simply saying "Continue testing"; it's not over yet for Atlas. This final image was what I wanted to try and create when you look at the model.

Atlas is 13cm high and total costs is around £120-£130. Check out at PsychoBob's blog more photos and detailed step by step instructions.

Source: Shapeways


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