Jul.9, 2012

In Nanjing Baoyan Automation Co., Ltd. China, Dr. Jiquan Yang of School of Electrical and Automation Engineering at Nanjing Normal University showcased their newest 3D printer.

This printer has been used for printing an artificial ear for a hospital in Shanghai. Dr. Yang and his team used 3D scanner to scan the patient's ear and then the data was sent to the 3D printer. Using processed starch the printer laid down material in layers and completed the printing job in just an one hour. This 1:1 ear is for doctors to better communication with the patient before his surgery, to explain the surgery program and the treatment. The cost of printing two of these ear models is only US$2 including the 4g processed starch material.

In order to make it look real, Dr. Yang Ji added penetrating agent in the processed starch. The ears printed out are soft, flexible and has a realistic texture.

Dr Yang said the printer could one day print human body parts and bone substitutes if more materials could be developed. At present a large proportion of their 3D printing service customers are universities and schools. In the past years the team has printed completed building models, teaching aids, students' design models for several universities.

(Credit: Xu Jing)

Home industry entrepreneurs are also interested in their 3D printing services. One mahogany furniture manufacturer asked for miniature copies as souvenirs for their customers. Nanjing Museum also intended to cooperate with them, to print replicas and derivatives as personalized souvenirs for museum guests.


Source: news365


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