Jun.1, 2012

We received a complaint from user ouch about the RapMan 3.2 3D printer Kit Ultimate: It costs him USD2100 (including software) - but now he is disgusted with his purchase after going through all the hassle, torment, and frustration in trying to building it up. The complaints are mainly about:

1. Unclear or misleading assembly instructions:
At almost every section of part assembly the instructions are problematic, they lack parts, call for unnecessary items, or miscount the proper items needed. For example: a conflict of measurements - the picture shows 6.5mm but the instructions indicate an 8mm gap; The nomenclature between the parts list and the box bin are different, etc.

2. Critical parts are missing:
2 of the set (grub) screws from the couplers are missing.

3. Part improperly sized:
The steel rod (the last rod in the set) did not fit into the coupler. The steel rod is 7.96mm in diameter and the hole in the coupler is 7.90mm.

There are totally 11 bins in the bolt box and 39 different types of parts and approximately 1086 total parts, putting aside the parts problems it is still impossible to build the product following verbatim the instructions provided.

What is your experience with 3D printer? What challenges and frustration have you been through when you build a 3D printer? Do you have problems with material curling during build, or software bombing out, or poor build quality?

We want to take this chance to invite all 3D printer users to provide us your user-level insights, to share both of your good and bad experiences in purchasing, building and using a 3D printer. Your referral will give other users a much clearer picture in evaluating which 3D printer meets their expectations. Please click here to submit your story. Thanks for sharing.



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