Nov.26, 2012

When you create a 3D model you certainly want to know: Is it printable? What kind of support does it need? Willit 3D Print, a 3d printing build analysis website allows users to test if a 3D model has features that can be 3D printed or not. Willit 3D Print uses javascript and webgl where you can analyze your 3D design file (STL or AMF files) prior to printing.

How to Get Started

  • You upload your design file on
  • Select your 3D printer (for example: Makerbot Replicator, 3D Systems Cube, EOSINT P385 etc)
  • Select material (for example: ABS Makerbot)
  • Select build scenario (for example: 0.27mm thickness)

When all the calculations are done, you can view your part on screen and reorientate, rescale, and reposition your part. It shows off surface roughness with color scale and where support is needed. Then it tells you if the model can be printed or not by showing your parts in different color. Additionally you can find out the time for prebuilding, layers printing and finishing, as well as the total cost of your part. Finally, is 3D printing good for the environment? Willit 3D Print will calculate the equivalent of CO2 required to print your part.

(Images credit: Willit 3D print)

Willit 3D Print requires no downloads or plug-ins and can be accessed using web GL enabled browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Safari. It is still a beta version but there are plans to add more machines and to make calculations with multiple parts. Try it out here, it is fun!



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