Sep.12, 2013

In April, the New York based botObjects announced its ProDesk3D as the first 3D desktop printer to offer true full color printing for home and business.

Since its launch people have raised suspicions about botObjects' printer and its full color printing ability. On Wednesday botObjects released a new video of their prototype printer in action.

BotObjects writes on the site and in the press release:

The future is here. Founders release ground-breaking full working prototype video of the ProDesk3D


Now you can see in action the amazing ProDesk3D in our full working prototype video. The ProDesk3D prints in Full Colour, at a ground-breaking 25 micron resolution (4x faster than the FDM-based 3D desktop printing competitors), on our FDM-based printer, at an industry leading speed of 175mm/s - inside our revolutionary ProDesk3D case. Soon everyone will be able to create beautiful objects like the new colour-mixed vase printed in this video – new colours created by the world's first full colour 3D desktop printer. The future is here.

ProDesk3D is claimed to be capable of mixing five base colors of PLA. But the question is, is this really a full colour printer? It looks just like a RepRap in a nice case that is capable of automatically changing filament in the process, and this concept has been tested many times earlier by other RepRapers. For example RichRap has been played around with multi-colour/material 3D printing with his RepRap machine back in 2012. He used a color blending extruder, which is a three way quick-fit extruder and mixer all connected individually and could force filaments into a single hot-end combining nozzle. The nozzle could mix and blend colored filament plastic or even different materials to make colorful prints.

With announcement of being "THE WORLD'S FIRST FULL COLOR 3D DESKTOP PRINTER" botObjects get not only everyone's attention but also its own expansion, even before its launch. botObjects announced on Wednesday their sole distributor and strategic partner in UK, Austria and Korea, and they will unveil its ProDesk3D in Japan at the Tokyo Designers Week 2013 through its Japanese sole distributor.


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Kahn wrote at 12/17/2013 5:27:30 PM:

I tried to buy online 3 times, no pay-pal functionality made me leery, but did the wire transfer of funds hoping this is for real. I spent 3 months this summer waiting 12 weeks for a Makerbot that never delivered. I now have waited three months and have yet to see a printer. Asking for my $ back, if anyone else is having issues please let me know.

Dean wrote at 12/10/2013 10:23:59 PM:

It's a nice looking box and that's about it.

stephen wrote at 10/4/2013 2:34:41 AM:

I'd like to join the debate about whether this printer works... I pre-ordered one, but they sent an email telling me that it would not be shipping on time. So much for releasing in October.

Bill Dempsey wrote at 9/13/2013 5:53:03 PM:

This printer uses the same filament blending technique RichRap used a year ago, so it's definitely not "THE WORLD'S FIRST FULL COLOR 3D DESKTOP PRINTER." I'd also debate whether it should even be called "full color" printing. If it were full color, you'd be able to print a fully-detailed face in full color. You can't. This only changes color gradually from layer to layer. You can't put hard-edged red dots on the side of a white cube to make dice, for example. Color changes are gradual and take place over several layers. All you get is a stacked rainbow effect. It also bothers me that they have a large build area, with small cartridge capacity. It means you can only print large objects which are thin walled. Solid objects have to be small. That's a big limitation.

Stephan wrote at 9/13/2013 10:21:16 AM:

I don,t know if the are faking or not but the same result could be reached by pre-coloring nylon with Tie-Dye colours. For example Nylon 618 filament from Taluman.

Robert wrote at 9/13/2013 4:23:32 AM:

The video still looks animated. They need to do a hand-held video. In the meantime, I am not sure why you keep on promoting this fake product.

Ignacio wrote at 9/12/2013 8:35:43 PM:

Looks like a fancy Reprap honestly. Think I'll stick with my Ultimaker and Printrbot for now.

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