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Developer Marcel Urbanek has created a new browser-based 3D modeling software called PlastiSketch. The modeling platform provides an alternative approach to 3D modeling that uses vector graphic layers to create a 3D object rather than sculpting tools.

Urbanek found himself struggling to create the 3D models he was envisioning using sculpting-based 3D design programs such as Zbrush. The developer claimed he did not have the artistic skill to produce models using a 3D sculpting interface.

He was, however, capable of creating two-dimensional graphics using tools such as Inkscape.

This realization led him to develop PlastiSketch, a software that generates 3D models by combining and interpolating a series of 2D vector graphics. Urbatek likens the approach to a reverse MRI scan.

“If you want to create 3D objects for videogames, 3D printing or animation but do not want to use common sculpting or other 3D design tools then try PlastiSketch,” reads the website. “It is not only free but also easy to use.”

The resulting program is a web-based design software prototype based on node.js, paper.js, and three.js that is capable of creating 3D printable models.

The PlastiSketch 3D modeling interface is pretty straightforward: users can adjust and manipulate the vector graphics and visualize the 3D object they are creating on the right hand side. Manipulating the vector graphic is as easy as clicking on an existing path to add a point and changing the layer height to increase the depth of the 3D model.

Other features include a smoothing tool, a mirroring tool, the option to view the 3D model as a wireframe structure or as a smooth model, and to see the model with shadows or not. When a model is complete, it can be exported as a 3D printable OBJ file or can be uploaded into other modeling or slicing programs for additional edits.

If the software isn’t immediately intuitive for users, Urbanek has also uploaded a series of tutorial videos on his Youtube page.

For the moment, the beta version of PlastiSketch is available to users for free, and Urbanek says he plans to keep a basic version of the 3D modeling application accessible and free to users.

As the program becomes more sophisticated, and if enough interest is generated in his unique 3D modeling approach, Urbanek might try to capitalize on his software down the line.

You can try the innovative 3D modeling software out for yourself here.



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