4D Printing: transform shapes with multi-Material 3D printing 

Feb.27, 2013 -  Skylar Tibbits calls it 4D printing, where materials can be reprogrammed to self-assemble into new structures, directly off the print-bed.  More 

CEO of Modern Meadow explains 3D bioprinted meat

Feb.27, 2013 -   Andras Forgacs, CEO of Modern Meadow, popped up on Reddit today for answering questions. More

Self cleaning fish tank: 3D printing steps into life sciences!

Feb.27, 2013 -   Saying that 3D printing can make any ideas come alive has just proved to be literally true with the launch of a domesticated self-cleaning fish tank! More

How far 3D printing has come since Good Morning America - January 1989 (video) 

Feb.26, 2013 -  How far we have come - 3D Printing is just as exciting today as it was in 1989.More 

Make a custom flash diffuser using 3D printing

Feb.26, 2013 -   After seeing his photo intern repeatedly tape a piece of paper to his flash for a light bounce, Eric Chu decided to make him a durable 3D printed diffuser. More

Smooth surfaces of ABS 3D printed parts with acetone vapor 

Feb.26, 2013 -  Smooth surfaces of ABS 3D printed parts with acetone vapor with little or no money out of pocket. More 

3D printing meets five million-year-old whale from Chile 

Feb.26, 2013 -  A life-sized five million-year-old whale fossils printed with 3D technology will go on show at the Smithsonian Institution, in Washington, DC. More 

What's Next: 3D printing to revolutionise the solar energy industry

Feb.25, 2013 -   I believe this new printing medium could be a game-changer as 3D solar cells, despite advances in energy storage, can capture more sunlight than conventional PV models. More

Entrepreneur's 3D printed 360Heros camera rig used in New Beck Video 

Feb.25, 2013 -  Michael Kintner demonstrated how he used 3D printer to create a 360 Heroes rig that allows him to attach video cameras all around the 3D printed rig.  More 

Moedls app turns your smartphone into a 3D Scanner 

Feb.25, 2013 -   Mobile 3d Laser Scanner, is an app which runs on a smartphone and can do high level 3D scanning.  More 

Nike debuts world's first football cleat built using 3D printing

Feb.25, 2013 -   Nike introduces new Nike Vapor Laser Talon, the first football cleat to use 3D printing technology. More

MakerBot partners with Nokia to create 3D printable file for smartphone covers 

Feb.25, 2013 -  MakerBot and Nokia announces today that they have partnered to create a free downloadable 3D printing file to allow those interested in 3D printing to custom.. More 

3D printing moving parts in one hit (video) 

Feb.25, 2013 -  3D Printing Systems published an awesome job they have done recently by printing out a quadruple bearing that rotates on each other. More 

3D printing featured in Jackie Chan's latest action movie CZ12

Feb.24, 2013 -   Jackie Chan uses specially made gloves with sensors to scan a bronze animal head in 3D and transmit the data to a magic machine - a 3D printer. More

Researchers build a 3D printed robotic bat wing for future aircraft design

Feb.24, 2013 -  Researchers at Brown University have developed a 3D printed robotic bat wing for better understanding dynamics of flapping flight in real bats. More 

EnvisionTEC unveils 3Dent 3D printer for high-quality dental models 

Feb.23, 2013 -  EnvisionTEC, a leading 3D printer manufacturer, unveiled the newest addition to its dental lineup, 3Dent(TM), specifically for the manufacture of dental models.  More 

NASA uses 3D printing to build the next generation of rockets for Mars

Feb.23, 2013 -   At the NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center additive manufacturing is used to create parts for a next-generation rocket that will launch astronauts to the most distant destinations ever. More

Japanese office supplies company developed its first 3D printer 

Feb.22, 2013 -  Osaka-based Japanese office supplies company CREW's Co.,Ltd has developed another useful office equipment: a 3D printer.  More 

.MGX introducing new 3D printed hats 

Feb.22, 2013 -  Thanks to 3D Printing, the H.MGX is much lighter and more intricate than traditional versions of this type of hat. More 

3D printed octopus-inspired suckers help robots to the rescue

Feb.22, 2013 -   Now, inspired by the way octopus grasp objects, the Army is developing soft-bodied, octopus-esque robots for search and rescue. More

Inforgraphic: How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize the Classroom 

Feb.21, 2013 -  How could 3D printers revolutionize the classroom? Why should schools use 3D printers? Find the answer in the infographic. More 

40,000 3D printed faces? ParaNorman aims for the Best Animated Feature Oscar 

Feb.21, 2013 -  This year's race for the Best Animated Feature Oscar was as competitive as it's ever been. ParaNorman, a nominee from Focus Features and Laika seems to be the one making the most noise. More 

3D printing musical instrument: ukulele

Feb.21, 2013 -   It takes usually many months to craft a koa wood ukulele, but three engineering students from Rochester Institute of Technology printed out an ukulele in just one night. More

Creating bio-actuator as artificial heartbeat with 3D printing 

Feb.21, 2013 -  Peter Walters from the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK, and colleagues, have created a novel, biologically-driven actuator: an "artificial heartbeat". More 

3D printing bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet 

Feb.21, 2013 -  Designer François Brument aims for integrated digital production processes when it comes to the creation of living spaces.  More 

Scientists create lifelike ears with 3D printing

Feb.21, 2013 -   Cornell University researchers have engineered artificial human ears that look and act like the real thing using a 3D printer More

FABULONIA: 3D printing marketplaces with copyright solution 

Feb.20, 2013 -  FABULONIA is a 3D marketplaces and services where original design rights holder can open and run online stores, offering customization and sales of 3D originals.  More 

Introducing Kühling&Kühling RepRap industrial 3D printer 

Feb.20, 2013 -  There is a new RepRap in town! Kühling&Kühling published first details on their new RepRap design after a full year of development.  More 

Toothbrush startup uses in-house 3D printers to prototype and manufacture

Feb.20, 2013 -   Beam Technologies, unveiled that they have been using 3D printer to make prototypes of the Beam Brush. More

Rolling a 3D printed 20-sided die as ancient Egyptians 

Feb.20, 2013 -  Everyone could have a chance to hold and roll it: CornerstoneGamer 3D-model the d20 die in Autodesk and print a replica out on a 3D printer.  More 

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