Inside Hasbro's model workshop, where toys are printed in 3D (video) 

Apr.23, 2013 -  At Hasbro's model workshop outside of Providence, Rhode Island, 3D printers are used to make actual toys and games.  More 

3D Printing in Libraries Around the World 

By Riel Gallant | Apr.22, 2013 -  Since late 2011, when the Fayetteville Public Library received widespread media attention for its hackerspace, 3D printers slowly began appearing in libraries around the world, particularly in the United States. More 

3D printers enter the retail arena: department stores and SkyMall 

Apr.22, 2013 -  3D printing has been considered expensive and only available to early adopters - but soon, it will be changed.More 

Organovo Describes First Fully Cellular 3D Bioprinted Liver Tissue 

Apr.22, 2013 -  Organovo Holdings presented at the 2013 Experimental Biology conference in Boston, Massachusetts data on the company's in vitro three-dimensional liver. More 

Kinect@Home spinoff Volumental aims to be "The Youtube of 3D"

Apr.22, 2013 -   Volumental is aimed to become "The Youtube of 3D" that users can share or embed 3D model in any webpage just like a video clip. More

Mcor Technologies introduces ColourIT software 

Apr.22, 2013 -  Mcor Technologies Ltd today introduced new software that prepares 3D data files for full-color 3D printing on the Mcor IRIS 3D printer. More 

Introducing Panther 3D printer from Portabee team in Singapore 

Apr.22, 2013 -  The Portabee team launched Panther 3D printer last weekend, a new personal 3D printer constructed using high grade CNC style precision components. More 

Rapid Manufactory: First 3D printing shop in Middle East

Apr.22, 2013 -   Last month the Middle East's first 3D printing shop was opened in Beirut's Mar Mikhael neighborhood. More

Open 3D printing furniture design competition - Hack a Tom Dixon product

Apr.21, 2013 -  Partnered with Stratasys, Dassault Systèmes and Sculpteo, Designer Tom Dixon has launched the first open design competition based on a modular concept at MOST in Milan during Design Week. More 

Autodesk Inforgraphic: The future of 3D printing at home

Apr.20, 2013 -   3D printing is a phenomenon. It's taken 20-plus years for it to really develop, but the acceleration of the technology in the last few years has been incredible. More

3D scanning the Sydney Opera House for future generations 

Apr.19, 2013 -  Sydney Opera House is being surveyed inside and out by a team of laser scanning experts from Scotland to create an extraordinarily detailed, 3D model of Australia's most famous building. More 

Instant 3D printed shoes offers individualized shoes in custom sizes 

Apr.19, 2013 -  Using 3D printing, ABS vacuum shaping, carbon fiber lamination, Podsednikova is able develop shoe as one, almost sculptural piece. More 

Inexpensive 3D printed robot can scoot along power lines, searching for damage 

Apr.18, 2013 -  Mechanical engineers at the University of California say that they have invented a robot "SkySweeper" that can scoot along utility lines, searching for damage and problems needing repairs. More 

Chicago's first 3D printing store to open next Monday

Apr.18, 2013 -   Founded by Chicago native Julie Friedman Steele and Mike Mocheri, the store, named as "The 3D Printer Experience," will be the only retail and interactive store of its kind in Chicago. More

3D printed Silence Room in VUmc Amsterdam offers a place of reflection and peace 

Apr.18, 2013 -  In April 2012, the Medical Center Hospital of VU University Amsterdam opened its Silence Room, a place where patients and their families can stay in their difficult time.  More 

3D modeling startup Handprint moving into the Feld Fiberhouse 

Apr.18, 2013 -  Brad Feld, an investor, entrepreneur and author, announced yesterday on his blog that 3D modeling startup Handprint has won his KC Fiberhouse competition. More 

Supermodel Coco Rocha experienced 3D printing at Shapeways

Apr.18, 2013 -   Most recently, Supermodel Coco Rocha visited the Shapeways factory in NYC to investigate "how 3D printing will change the world of fashion in the very near future". More

Doodle3D sketching tool for 3D printing launched on Kickstarter 

Apr.17, 2013 -  Doodle3D, created by Rick Companje is a very innovative, but simple and intuitive sketching software enabling everyone to make his own drawing come to life with a 3D printer. More 

3D printer played and printed music at Art Hack Day Stockholm 2013 

Apr.17, 2013 -  For exploring the alternative uses of 3D-printers, Rickard Dahlstrand used a Lulzbot 3D-printer to create unique art. More 

NASA looks to 3D printing for space exploration (video)

Apr.17, 2013 -   3D printing, as one innovative technology will help us advance the future of manufacturing. At NASA, the revolution is already under way. More

Creating synthetic human tissue on a 3D printer (video) 

Apr.17, 2013 -  Microscopic water droplets sink into a bath of oil, where they bind together much like clusters of living cells. Produced by a 3D printer, the droplets could one day be infused with proteins and other ingredients to sustain life. More 

iMakr to sell CubeX Trio 3D printers, flagship store to open in two weeks

Apr.17, 2013 -   iMakr, billed as the world's largest 3D printing store will launch its grand opening in two weeks. iMakr aims at becoming the Flag Ship for the Maker Community in the UK. More

Creaform Launches handheld Health Care Partner 3D Scanner

Apr.16, 2013 -   Creaform, manufactuer of portable 3D measurement devices, launches their new Health Care Partner (HCP) 3D Scanner, developed specifically for human body scanning. More

Cyclists innovate high-performance bike parts using 3D Printing 

Apr.16, 2013 -  Kappius Components uses laser sintering from EOS for trailblazing bike-hub/drive assembly. More 

Kentstrapper launches new 3D printer and printer-name contest

Apr.16, 2013 -   Italian company Kentstrapper, a startup that produces and sells 3D printers, has just launched their new 3D printer at Milano Design Week 2013. More

EFF to challenge six 3D printing patent applications 

Apr.16, 2013 -  EFF has submitted documents on six pending patent applications that might threaten the growing field of 3D printing technology.  More 

Assembled, CE certified X400 3D printer now available

Apr.16, 2013 -  Named as X400 CE, the Jumbo 3D printer X400 from German RepRap is now available as an assembled device with CE certification according to DIN ISO 9001.More 

voxeljet takes over British 3D service provider Global TCT

Apr.15, 2013 -   voxeljet will be taking over the British service provider Global TCT effective by April 2013, thus increasing its presence in the UK. More

The Quantum Delta 3D Printer 

Apr.15, 2013 -  At the Chicago Hackerspace, Pumping Station One, a group of makers worked together to build the Quantum Delta 3D printer as a fun group project. More 

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