NASA grant $125K to fund 3D food printer 

May.21, 2013 -  Systems & Materials Research Corporation (SMRC), just received a six month, $125,000 grant from NASA to further develop a fully functional 3D food printer. More 

3D printed bullets (video)

May.20, 2013 -   taofledermaus 3D print his own plastic shotgun slugs, with a spin on it to keep it balance. More

Chilean Thinker Thing created first ever 3D object with the mind 

May.20, 2013 -  On 8th May 2013 George Lakowsky, CTO of Thinker Thing successfully created a real physical object with his mind. More 

Charge Bikes: 3D titanium printing, the future of bike production (video) 

May.20, 2013 -  Nick Larsen, Charge Bikes General Manager, tours the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company who uses 3D printing to produce titanium dropouts for Charge Bikes.  More 

Type A Machines presents aluminum-framed Series 1 Pro 3D printer

May.20, 2013 -   At Maker Faire Bay Area 2013, San Francisco based Type A Machines presented their latest "engineering concept": the Series 1 Pro. More

Sugar Lab 3D printed sweet geometric sculptures entirely from sugar 

May.20, 2013 -  Los Angeles-based Kyle and Liz, a husband and wife architectural design team in Los Angeles have figured out a way to 3D print objects using sugar. More 

Tinkercad reopens, Autodesk agrees to acquire Tinkercad

May.19, 2013 -  Design software maker Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) Saturday revealed that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Tinkercad, an easy-to-use browser-based 3D design tool. More 

An 11-year-old inventor and his 3D printer (video)

May.18, 2013 -   Andrew Man-Hudspith is 11 years old but he has used his 3D printer to make plastic objects and repair things that breaks. More

H3Dpro - 3D body scan and 3D figurine printing on Indiegogo 

May.18, 2013 -  Belgium natives Philippe Letellier and Fred Paulus, Founders of H3Dpro, LLC, have launched a campaign on Indiegogo to provide HD, full-body or face 3D scanning services. More 

Make a longbow out of a pair of skis... with help of 3D printer 

May.18, 2013 -  James Hobson made a longbow out of an old pair of skis and some plastic parts printed solid out of ABS. The draw weight is around 25lbs. More 

IC3D printers launches crowd funding campaign to make better 3D printing material

May.18, 2013 -   Dublin, Ohio-based IC3D Printers has launched a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to manufacture high-quality, more affordable and locally made 3D printing material. More

Mataerial 3D printer allows you to create objects in the air 

May.17, 2013 -  Mataerial 3D printer prints Object on any given working surface independently of its inclination and smoothness, and without a need of additional support structures. More 

3D printed robot bird can dive, spiral, flip - and fool a hawk 

May.17, 2013 -  The flying 3D printed robot bird: it can dive and roll and looks so realistic that other birds have attacked it in flight. More 

A food bowl which gives a hand … to disabled hands!

May.17, 2013 -   Shelly and Gaïa will spend May and June 3-D printing bowls and using those to cast ceramic, food-safe versions. More

Formlabs announcing new print material: clear resin 

May.17, 2013 -  The Formlabs team, David Cranor, Maxim Lobovsky, and Natan Linder, has launched their first print material: clear resin. More 

Pirate3D reveals tech specs for Buccaneer 3D printer 

May.17, 2013 -  Pirate3D reveals a comparison chart of the Buccaneer 3D printer to the MakerBot Replicator 2. More 

Introducing Tumaker Voladora Desktop 3D printer

May.16, 2013 -   Tumaker Voladora is a new 3D printer designed and built by the Basque Country based Tumaker. More

3D-printed growing wearable accessories inspired by cordyceps, Insect-eating Fungus 

May.16, 2013 -  Fascinated by cordyceps and images of patterns in nature on a macro and micro level, architect and designer Xuedi Chen wants to turns them into fashion using 3D printing. More 

3D scanning reveals caterpillars turning into butterflies 

May.16, 2013 -  How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly? Scientists from the University of Manchester have taken 3D images of a caterpillar and watched the whole process using micro-CT scanning technology. More 

Prince Harry and David Cameron meet the 3D printed Makie dolls - of themselves

May.16, 2013 -   As part of the GREAT Britain / Innovation is GREAT campaign, London-based MakieLab was invited to present its Makies toys to attendees at yesterday's showcase. More

SkinPrint: 3D Bio-printed human skin can help burn victims 

May.16, 2013 -  Four students from Leiden University in the Netherlands have come up a striking concept: SkinPrint. "SkinPrint will solve this major issue by producing human skin with a 3D Bioprinter." Notes the team.  More 

3D-printed gun lasts only one shot in Finnish test 

May.16, 2013 -  The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle has also successfully printed a replica of "Liberator". Journalist Ville Vaarne downloaded the blueprints and went to Aalto University in Espoo to get it printed out. More 

PP3DP releases UP Plus 2 3D printer 

May.15, 2013 -  Beijing based Delta Micro Factory Corp. (PP3DP) announced today the release of its UP Plus 2 3D printer, an upgraded version based on its flagship product UP! Plus. More 

3D printed Smart Watch band for your iPod Nano on Indiegogo 

May.15, 2013 -  Brooklyn based designer Dominic Prescod has launched VIR/The 6th Relic, a 3D printed Smart Watch band on Indiegogo.  More 

Shape-It-Up lets designers manipulate 3D shapes using hand gestures 

May.15, 2013 -  A new design tool that specialised computer algorithms and a depth-sensing camera could enable designers and artists to create and modify 3D shapes using hand gestures instead of keyboard and mouse. More 

Amsterdam college banned teachers and students from 3D-printing a gun

May.15, 2013 -   The Executive Council of Amsterdam's hbo college has banned students and lecturers from making a gun with the college's 3D printer. More

Entrepreneur 3D-printed Google Glass and shared the design 

May.15, 2013 -  No need to worry about that you don't have US$1,500 to be a Google Glass early adopter. Someone in China has 3D-printed out his own Google glass and share the design for free. More 

The Smithsonian is 3D-scanning the past for future generations 

May.14, 2013 -  What can you do to bring some of the Smithsonian's 137 million objects to life? The Smithsonian decided to use laser arm scanners to preserve its collection.  More 

World's first fully 3D-printed mobiles

May.14, 2013 -   Marco Mahler, a kinetic sculptor specializing in mobiles, and Henry Segerman, have released a collection of fully 3D-printed mobiles today. More

Quentin Harley released SCARA based "RepRap Morgan" 3D printer and its design 

May.14, 2013 -  Reprap Morgan is a concentric dual arm SCARA FDM 3D printer, designed and built by Quentin Harley. The SCARA stands for Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm or Selective Compliant Articulated Robot Arm. More 

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