New €68M Curam research center targets 3D printed muscle fibers and other medical breakthroughs

Sep.30, 2016 - Curam, a new research center in Ireland wants to repair damaged muscles and tendons in athletes. It also wants to take on critical illnesses and change the world of medical science. More

3D printed Miriam device can detect dozens of cancers using a single blood sample

Sep.30, 2016 - Medical startup Miroculus is developing a very precise 3D printed blood test device called the Miriam, which can detect early stage cancer by looking at microRNA signatures in small blood samples. More

Austrocasa developing RoboVAST construction 3D Printer that prints in clay, concrete mix, ceramics, wood

Sep.30, 2016 - Romanian sustainable construction pioneer Austrocasa has revealed to be working on the RoboVAST 3D printer, which can bring sustainable building materials such as clay, ceramics and recycled waste to home 3D printing. More

US Marine test: 3D printed munition proved to be more lethal than conventional

Sep.30, 2016 - The US Marine Corps is a big believer in the power of 3D printing, and has just expanded upon 3D printed spare part initiatives with a successful 3D printed munition test. More

Colombian e-NABLE shares 'Snow Queen', 'Ninja', 'Cinderella', 'Iron Man' themed 3D printed hand files

Sep.30, 2016 - The Colombian chapter of e-NABLE is letting local kids dream big with amazing open-source and 3D printable hand prosthesis designs, all inspired by superheroes and princesses, which they just shared online. More

Filamentarno's plastic CERAMO and CERAMO-TEX filaments bring ceramic 3D printing to desktops

Sep.30, 2016 - While ceramics are usually unsuited for desktop 3D printing, Russian filament manufacturers Filamentarno have developed the next best thing with 3D printable plastic CERAMO and CERAMO-TEX filaments that exhibit all the appealing properties of ceramic. More

3D printed ceramics without sharp edges or pores realized with BAM's new powder 3D printing tech

Sep.30, 2016 - Researchers from the German Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) institute have come up with a revolutionary ceramic powder 3D printing technique that 3D prints perfect geometries, without miniscule pores or sharp edges. More

Gravity Sketch's virtual reality 3D modeling software will let you design in mid-air

Sep.30, 2016 - You can sketch your three-dimensional design in the air in front of your face with the magic of Virtual Reality and a simple $60 app for your phone. Welcome to a new world of artistic expression with Gravity Sketch. More

Osaka Titanium targets aerospace and medical with TILOP64 additive manufacturing powder

Sep.29, 2016 - Osaka Titanium, a world leader in titanium manufacturing, is expanding its range of titanium powders for additive manufacturing. The company's TILOP grade of gas atomized spherical titanium powder is now available for AM systems. More

Clemson researchers develop custom-softness 3D printed orthotics for diabetes, arthritis patients

Sep.29, 2016 - With the help of orthotics experts, researchers at South Carolina's Clemson University have developed a process for creating 3D printed orthotics for diabetes and arthritis patients. The orthotics will have customizable softness levels and use multiple materials. More

Owa 3D: Armor turns used printer cartridges into recycled HIPS 3D printing filament

Sep.29, 2016 - French ink cartridge manufacturing company Armor has recently transitioned into the 3D printing materials industry with the launch of its first filament line Owa 3D. The new filament is fully recycled and made from high impact polystyrene (HIPS). More

Metal 3D printing company BeAM aiming to become industry leader

Sep.29, 2016 - Founded in 2012, BeAM has become a promising force within the field of metal 3D printing. The young company, which in 2015 generated a turnaround of 1.25 million euros, is expecting to increase its sales to 7 million euros in 2016, and promises to increase its profit in the future. More

BioInspiration and SLEM fight shoe pollution with 3D printed compostable footwear

Sep.29, 2016 - Dutch footwear pioneers SLEM have used BioInspiration's compostable WillowFlex filament to 3D print a series of fully biodegradable shoes, which could lead the way in an industry-wide paradigm shift towards sustainability. More

Long Tall Sally creates realistic 3D printed mannequin based on 3D scan of real person

Sep.29, 2016 - Long Tall Sally, the trend setter for fashion for tall women, has just 3D printed a realistically-sized mannequin by 3D scanning one of their actual clients. More

Synthetic 3D-printed 'hyperelastic bone' induces bone regeneration, could mend broken bones

Sep.29, 2016 - Researchers from Northwestern University have just unveiled a new 3D printable hyperelastic material for bone implants, which is easy to produce and modify, extremely flexible and durable, cheap and even induces bone regeneration. More

$500 Occipital VR Dev Kit turns iPhone into a room-scale tracked VR headset

Sep.29, 2016 - Apple has been left behind in the Virtual Reality war, but now Occipital has developed a new VR Dev Kit that can turn it into a major player. Occipital has launched a $500 kit that provides room-scale motion-tracking to iOS and Android phones. More

Josef Prusa's MK2 set to enter the multi-color 3D printer race with a clever twist

Sep.29, 2016 - Dual extruder 3D printer technology has been around for a while but has always had its fair share of quality control issues. Josef Prusa is using a single extruder solution that he thinks is the way forward with multi-color FDM 3D printing. More

Stratasys 3D printers moving Schneider Electric closer to 'Factory of the Future' vision

Sep.28, 2016 - Schneider Electric, a French company specializing in electricity distribution, automation management, and energy management, has incorporated Stratasys 3D printing equipment into its manufacturing processes. The company believes it can now meet its short- and long-term efficiency goals. More

'Making a Difference / A Difference in Making' exhibition showcases 80 unusual 3D printed objects

Sep.28, 2016 - Belgian 3D printing company Materialise has brought the 'Making a Difference / A Difference in Making' exhibition to the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany. The exhibition presents 80 3D printed pieces which show how 3D printing can environmentally and socially beneficial. More

HP Labs turns 50: HP reveals 30-year plan, promises 3D printers will not have DRM

Sep.28, 2016 - HP Labs, the central research organization for printing giant HP, turned 50 this week. At a special anniversary event, several HP figures revealed the company's plans for 3D printing, including DRM-free materials development for the Jet Fusion 3D printer, IoT connectivity, and more. More

See how Paul Braddock created Eddie, the amazing 3D printed steampunk robot

Sep.28, 2016 - With his spectacular 3D printed Eddie the Robot, Australian visual artist Paul Braddock has just reminded the world of what airbrushing and careful post-processing can bring to 3D printing and toy-making. More

Dubai set to build world's first 3D printed laboratory for 3D printing and drone research

Sep.28, 2016 - The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) announced that it has awarded Convrgnt Value Engineering with the contract to design and construct the UAE's first building fully 3D printed onsite, which will also be the first ever 3D printed laboratory. More

European industrial 3D printing in its infancy and needs extensive collaboration, new EU report says

Sep.28, 2016 - In a new report on the state of industrial 3D printing within Europe, the European Union has concluded that extensive collaborative, research and material initiatives will be needed to make industrial-scale 3D printing manufacturing a reality. More

L'Oreal and Poietis attack baldness with plans for 3D bioprinting of implantable hair follicles

Sep.28, 2016 - French beauty giant L'Oreal has just unveiled a new partnership with tissue bioprinting expert Poietis with the purpose of exploring 3D printing options for implantable hair follicles, the small organs that produce hairs. More

Eastman & colorFabb launch flexible, quick-printing and heat resistant nGen_flex 3D printing filament

Sep.28, 2016 - Filament specialists colorFabb have just expanded their range of engineering grade filaments with nGen flex, a very tough and semi -flexible material that is perfect for medical 3D printing applications thanks to its high temperature resistance. More

Encode Ring converts your voice into a stylish 3D printed ring right before your eyes

Sep.28, 2016 - 3D printing possess the unique ability to easily produce hyper-customizable objects on the fly. A Japanese company is taking that idea to heart with the release of its automated sound wave to 3D printed ring sure to make the perfect gift for your loved ones. More

Airwolf 3D adds radical direct drive to create the complete dual extruder 3D printer

Sep.28, 2016 - Airwolf 3D has added its new direct drive extrusion system to the AXIOM Dual Extruder 3D printer. Is this the most complete dual extruder 3D printer in its class now? It just might be. More

3D printed lifelike human body with functioning heart and lungs could train surgeons dealing with emergency trauma

Sep.27, 2016 - Researchers from Nottingham Trent University in Great Britain have, with the help of industry partners, created a 3D printed replica of a human body with functioning heart and lungs. The model will be used to prepare surgeons for real life surgery. More

Mattel postpones release of toy-making ThingMaker 3D printer until fall 2017

Sep.27, 2016 - Mattel has delayed the launch of its ThingMaker 3D printer, which children can use to make custom toys, from fall 2016 until fall 2017. The company says it needs more time to enhance the 'digital functionality' of the 3D printing product. More

Kitronik releases free 3D printable desk lamp resources for students

Sep.27, 2016 - Kitronik, a provider of electronic project kits and educational resources for schools, has published a new kit which enables students and makers to create a 3D printed desktop lamp. Kitronic believes the kit would make an ideal Design & Technology project for schools. More

Could ORNL's 3D printed excavator be used to construct Mars colony?

Sep.27, 2016 - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has unveiled the AME, or Additive Manufactured Excavator, a 3D printed, steel mini-excavator that could someday be replicated on Mars in order to start construction for a colony. The excavator's arm, driver's cab, and parts of its engine were 3D printed. More

Mitsubishi's Verbatim unveils new PET and high performance PLA 3D printer filaments

Sep.27, 2016 - Filament developer Verbatim, part of Mitsubishi, is seeking to bring Japanese-style quality and reliability to 3D printable filament with new PET and high performance PLA filaments that do not suffer from brittleness or warpage. More

How Gossamer built Teal, the world's fastest production drone with help of 3D printing

Sep.27, 2016 - It has just been revealed that product developers Gossamer extensively relied on MakerBot 3D printers during the development of George Matus's Teal drone, the world's fastest production drone with top speeds of over 70 mph. More

Kúla Bebe mirror based lens adaptor turns your smartphone into a true 3D camera

Sep.27, 2016 - With so much of modern technology going 3D these days, it's a little bit surprising there is no smartphone available (yet) with 3D capture capabilities. A compact mirror driven adapter called Kúla Bebe hopes to change that. More

Could roller coasters and 3D printing hold the cure for kidney stones?

Sep.27, 2016 - With the help of a 3D printed kidney, researchers have found a way to encourage the kidney to pass kidney stones naturally. Could this be a new form of medical science? More

Fuel3D's 3D scanning mirror helps create perfectly fitted 3D printed eyewear

Sep.26, 2016 - Fuel3D's recently introduced 3D scanning mirror, developed in conjunction with eyewear tech company Sfered, will be used in eyewear stores to help customers order customized glasses with a perfect shape and fit. The scanner collects facial data in just 0.1 seconds. More

Nano-scale 3D printing used to enhance atomic force microscopes

Sep.26, 2016 - Researchers from 'cole Polytechnique F'd'rale de Lausanne (EPFL) have 3D printed nanometric-scale sensors for improving the performance of atomic force microscopes. The sensors can enhance the sensitivity and detection speed of the microscopes when their detection components are miniaturized. More

An interview with Rize: removing the shackles of post-processing from 3D printing

Sep.26, 2016 - Rize, developer of the forthcoming Rize One 3D printer, has answered some of our questions about Augmented Polymer Deposition 3D printing, cutting out post-processing from the 3D printing workflow, and the company's plans for the future. More

Our Top 27 3D printed housing and construction projects

Sep.26, 2016 - From fully constructed homes and pavilions, to architectural installations, to projects that are still being realized, take a look at some of our favorite 3D printed construction projects from the past few years to see the amazing trajectory of additive manufacturing within the fields of construction and architecture. More

Directa Plus launches GRAFYLON 3D, a graphene-enhanced PLA filament for 3D printing

Sep.26, 2016 - Italian filament specialist FILOALFA and graphene expert Directa Plus have just unveiled the new GRAFYLON PLA filament that combines all the best properties of graphene with the low cost and 3D printability of PLA. More

ABB adopts Ultimaker 3D printers for YuMi robot's revolutionary gripping system

Sep.26, 2016 - Swiss robotics giant ABB revealed that they have adopted Ultimaker 3D printing technology for the development of the revolutionary gripping system of the YuMi, the world's first collaborative dual-arm industrial assembly robot. More

Listen to the world's first 3D printed aluminum guitar by Olaf Diegel

Sep.26, 2016 - Dutch medical 3D printing specialists Xilloc and 3D printed instrument pioneer Olaf Diegel have just released footage of the Heavy Metal, the world's first 3D printed aluminum guitar, in action. More

SatRevolution reveals plans to 3D print first private Polish satellite, to be in orbit mid-2017

Sep.26, 2016 - A team of Polish game developers has moved into the aerospace sector as SatRevolution, and is planning to 3D print the first private commercial Polish nanosatellite. More

Saxion researchers pioneer lightweight 3D printed thermoplastic composites for leg prostheses

Sep.26, 2016 - Researchers from the Dutch Saxion University of Applied Sciences and several corporate partners are exploring cost effective solutions for thermoplastic composites, and showcased the possibilities of this lightweight material with 3D printed leg prostheses. More

This 3D printed smart wristband turns hand prosthetics into easy-to-use digital mice for amputees

Sep.25, 2016 - A team of German students has developed Shortcut, a 3D printed smart wristband which communicates wireless gestures through muscle movement. The device, which is still being prototyped, will allow amputees to easily use digital devices such as laptops and desktop computers. More

Stratasys 3D printer making a splash at Speedo Aqualab

Sep.25, 2016 - Swimwear giant Speedo is using a Stratasys Objet Connex 350 3D printer to cut design iteration times at its 'Aqualab' R&D center in Nottingham, England. The 3D printer is being used for the rapid prototyping of hard goods. More

3D printing news roundup: Celprogen's 3D printed scaffold human heart, Nano Dimension looks to raise $10m

Sep.24, 2016 - In a busy week for the 3D printing industry, NASA engineers explored new ways to optimize 3D printed rocket components, the state of Ohio invested in educational additive manufacturing, and Celprogen created a 3D printed heart. Here's our weekly roundup of news you might have missed. More

Alliant Castings cuts back cost and lead times for part manufacturing with Atlas 2.0 3D printer

Sep.24, 2016 - Minnesota-based foundry Alliant Castings has recently adopted 3D printing into their pattern making processes. The technology has allowed them to improve upon their traditional processes by both cutting back on lead times and overall production costs. More

Maker on quest to create ultimate 3D printed bouncy ball

Sep.24, 2016 - Aidan Leitch, a young New Yorker with a passion for 3D printing, has engineered an effective and consistent bouncy ball made from NinjaFlex 3D printing filament. After some unsuccessful prototypes, Leitch eventually improved the design with a 3D isometric internal structure. More

+LAB's Atropos robotic arm offers silkworm-style 3D printing that could change the industry

Sep.23, 2016 - New +LAB's Atropos robotic six-axis arm that uses fibers impregnated with resin could offer a world of new 3D printing solutions to the commercial world. More

Aerojet Rocketdyne using 3D printing to replace Russian RD-180, to deliver affordable AR-1 rocket engine by 2019

Sep.23, 2016 - Aerojet Rocketdyne, the American rocket and missile propulsion manufacturer, is using 3D printing to create the American-built AR1 rocket engine, commissioned to replace the Russian-built RD-180 by 2019. 3D printing is being used to prototype preburner element designs. More

Cr3do transforms Corda Campus into largest 3D printed scale model of Belgium

Sep.23, 2016 - Belgian architecture 3D printing startup Cr3do has just transformed local innovation hotspot Corda Campus into the largest 3D printed scale model of Belgium. More

Yuniku: the world's first vision-centric 3D eyewear system by Materialise and HOYA

Sep.23, 2016 - Materialise and HOYA Vision Care have developed what is being hailed as the world's first vision-centric 3D-tailored eyewear system. The new system, called Yuniku, combines 3D scanning, parametric design automation, and 3D printing to offer clients a more optimized and personalized eyewear platform. More

Taiwan sets up medical 3D printing alliance, develops new 3D printed artificial bone material for global market

Sep.23, 2016 - An industry alliance consisting of Taiwan's NARLabs, ThinTech Materials Technology, the TongTai Group, and the United Orthopedic Corporation has been formed in order to advance the development of new medical 3D printing materials, specifically a new 3D printed artificial bone material. More

9-year-old 3D prints a prosthetic hand for a man born without a right hand

Sep.23, 2016 - In a particularly heartwarming story from the 3D printing world, a 9-year-old boy has taken it upon himself to create a 3D printed prosthetic hand for an adult man who was born without one. More

Review: Layer One Atom 2.0 Delta 3D printer with swappable laser engraver is worth checking out

Sep.23, 2016 - It seems like a new 3D printer comes out every day. Review sites like Tom's 3D try to make sense of the mess and this time around we focus on the Layer One Atom 2.0 Delta 3D printer. More

3D print an RC plane at home with this stunning and simple kit from KRAGA models

Sep.23, 2016 - You can get a simple kit, download the plans and go flying with your own 3D printed KRAGA Kodo RC plane. It clearly shows how a great idea and 3D printing can democratize design. More

Scientists use 3D printed blocks and sound waves to create stunning acoustic holograms

Sep.23, 2016 - A team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute in Germany is developing a way to create acoustic holograms using sound, water, and 3D printed blocks.'The research could have potential applications in the medical field. More

HBO series Westworld UK premiere date revealed in awesome 3D printed promo

Sep.22, 2016 - UK television network Sky Atlantic recently announced HBO's newest show Westworld's anticipated release date within the UK in the coolest way ever using 3D printing. More

3D printing service Sculpteo introduces online laser cutting solution

Sep.22, 2016 - 3D printing service Sculpteo has introduced an online laser cutting feature which customers can use in tandem with the service's 3D printing options. The new service sees Sculpteo moving closer towards its all-in-one 'Factory of the Future' vision. More

XtreeE, Dassault, ABB, and LarfargeHolcim unveil Europe's first 3m tall 3D printed pavilion

Sep.22, 2016 - Europe's first 3D printed concrete pavilion has been unveiled on the Dassault Syst'mes Campus in V'lizy, France. The Pavilion, which was created on behalf of the Ile-de-France regional authority, was realized in collaboration with XtreeE, Dassault Syst'mes, ABB, and LarfargeHolcim. More

New Windform FX Black SLS 3D printing material promises ABS-like properties and smooth finish

Sep.22, 2016 - CRP Technology, an additive manufacturing company based in Modena, Italy, has released Windform FX Black, its latest SLS 3D printing material. The material is a polyamide-based composite with a dark black color and strong mechanical properties. More

Prusa I3 MK2 3D printer updates firmware to allow automatic mesh levelling even on imperfectly built kit machines

Sep.22, 2016 - Josef Prusa and his team have been developing and selling printers for ages now and are always breaking new ground. A new XYZ levelling/orientation firmware update for their MK2 series printer proves this once again. More

3D printable food, medicine and plastics could be grown on Mars through CosmoCrops project

Sep.22, 2016 - A team of Danish students is working to harness bacteria and sunlight to grow everything from food and drugs to 3D printable plastics in space through their CosmoCrops coculturing system. More

SHS announces investment partnership with 3D printed medical device company EIT

Sep.22, 2016 - German 3D printed orthopedic device manufacturer Emerging Implant Technologies (EIT) has just announced that it has received a significant investment from German private equity company SHS mbH. More

Makefast Workshop encapsulates liquids, sand and metal in 3D prints with fantastic hacks

Sep.22, 2016 - Hacker and veteran maker Adam kumpf of Makefast has encapsulated liquids, sand and metal components into 3D printed objects, unlocking their attractive properties and reminding the world that 3D printing does not need to accept material limitations. More

Sharing 3D printed gun blueprints remains illegal as Defense Distributed loses court case

Sep.22, 2016 - The online distribution of 3D printable gun blueprints remains illegal as the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has just ruled against Defense Distributed, who sued the State Department more than a year ago in an attempt to reverse a ban on online sharing of gun designs. More

SAP and UPS work to attract partners to join Distributed Manufacturing early adopter program

Sep.22, 2016 - German software developer SAP and delivery giants UPS have just launched the SAP Distributed Manufacturing program, and hope to attract other partners for the testing of new industrial 3D printing solutions and networks. More

Architect switches from buildings to super cool cake design with a 3D printer

Sep.22, 2016 - Ukrainian architect Dinara Kasko knew she didn't want to design buildings, so she took her 3D design skills and a 3D printer and set to work on changing the world of cake design. More

New Zealand's CReATE group is developing new bioprinting techniques and biomaterials

Sep.21, 2016 - The Christchurch Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering Group (CReaTE), a multidisciplinary research team at New Zealand's University of Otago, is using 3D printing to develop new bioprinting techniques and biomaterials in order to repair damaged tissues following trauma or disease. More

Fraunhofer IKTS develops 3D printed carbide tools with adjustable mechanical properties

Sep.21, 2016 - Fraunhofer IKTS will present 3D printed cemented carbide (hard metal) tools at the World PM2016 Congress & Exhibition, a metal powders event in Hamburg, Germany. IKTS scientists used a binder jetting 3D printing method to produce the tools. More

Carbon Fiber 3D printer maker MarkForged sees 147% increase in sales over first half of 2016

Sep.21, 2016 - MarkForged, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based 3D printer manufacturer known for its innovative continuous fiber filament (CFF) technology, has been experiencing a productive year, with significant growth in its business and a large expansion of its distributors. More

3D printed replica of the ancient Palmyra arch destroyed by ISIS now on display in NYC

Sep.21, 2016 - A 3D printed replica of the Triumphal Arch of Palmyra, which was unveiled earlier this year in London, has just made its first appearance at New York City's City Hall Park., where it will remain on display until the end of the week. More

Robo C2 and Robo R2 Smart 3D Printers launch on Kickstarter

Sep.21, 2016 - San Diego desktop 3D printing pioneers Robo have returned to their Kickstarter roots with the new Robo C2 and Robo R2 smart 3D printers, which offer unprecedented levels of accessibility through a comprehensive smartphone app. More

LafargeHolcim and XtreeE successfully 3D print Europe's first concrete structural element

Sep.21, 2016 - Swiss construction giant LafargeHolcim and French concrete 3D printing startup XtreeE have just realized a very important step towards 3D printed buildings by successfully 3D printing Europe's first structural element in concrete. More

YTF to bring training 3D printing and other digital skills to 6,000 Nigerian girls

Sep.21, 2016 - The Nigerian Youth for Technology Foundation has just revealed plans to bring courses in 3D printing and other digital skill to 6,000 Nigerian girls, in an attempt to use STEM opportunities to break the endless cycle of poverty. More

3D Systems fabricates 3D printed medical devices for new 'Jaw in a Day' surgical planning package

Sep.21, 2016 - 3D Systems has launched Jaw in a Day, the latest addition to its Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) product line. The process enables surgeons to create patient-specific 3D printed surgical guides, models, and instruments for jaw and dental reconstruction surgery. More

French startup XtreeE is developing direct 3D printing for construction processes

Sep.21, 2016 - French startup XtreeE has, since its founding in 2015, focused on the integration of digital technologies into architectural and construction practices through consulting, manufacturing, and new technologies. They are hoping to create France's first 3D printed house. More

3D printing marketplace Kwambio launches new ceramic 3D printing factory

Sep.21, 2016 - The creation of custom products is something 3D printing excels at and design and manufacturing marketplace Kwambio understands this fully. They've recently expanded their production capabilities with more ceramic and metal print capabilities all while keeping their core service business plan intact. More

MakerBot gets an upgrade: New Replicator+ 3D printer promises bigger and faster 3D prints

Sep.20, 2016 - MakerBot has been quiet, but it's back with a bang. New MakerBot Replicator+ and Replicator Mini+ 3D printers, software and an ABS-style PLA filament could be the start of the comeback. More

Linde Gases unveils ADDvance O2, an oxygen measuring system to control gases in 3D print chambers

Sep.20, 2016 - Industrial gas supplier Linde Gases has just launched its latest product geared towards advancing AM: the ADDvance O2. According to the company, the new technology is the first-of-its-kind measuring unit designed to monitor and maintain oxygen (O2) and humidity levels within print chambers. More

Zhuhai CTC Electronic launches Walnut 18 SLM metal 3D printer and Riverbase 500 industrial SLA 3D printer

Sep.20, 2016 - Zhuhai CTC Electronic, China's leading 3D printer manufacturer, today unveiled two new 3D printers at a press conference in Dongguan, China. The new printers are the Walnut 18 selective laser melting (SLM) 3D printer and Riverbase 500 light-curing (SLA) 3D printer. More

Doodle3D Transform easy-to-use 3D design app launches on Kickstarter

Sep.20, 2016 - Dutch tech company Doodle3D has just launched its latest design tool, Doodle3D Transform, through a Kickstarter campaign. The app allows users to easily transform 2D drawings or images into 3D printable models. More

Chinese students use metal 3D printing to build 80mph FNX-16 racing car

Sep.20, 2016 - A group of students from China's Changsha University of Science & Technology has built two copies of the FNX-16, China's first 3D printed metal racing car. The 130 kmh (80 mph) carbon fiber vehicle will compete in the Chinese Formula Student race. More

Nano Dimension paves way for wearables by 3D printing conductive patterns onto fabric

Sep.20, 2016 - Israeli PCB 3D printing pioneer Nano Dimension has just successfully 3D printed conductive patterns made from silver nanoparticles onto specially treated fabric, paving the way for 3D printed wearables and smart clothing. More

Facebook acquires 3D printed modular consumer electronics startup Nascent Objects

Sep.20, 2016 - In a surprise move Facebook has just acquired Nascent Objects, a developer of a modular consumer electronics platform that recycles and reuses core components such as sensors and batteries in new 3D printed forms. More

Aeronautics inspired powerful but silent indoor fan, made with 3D printing, launches in €1M Kickstarter

Sep.20, 2016 - French designer Stéphane Thirouin has developed a powerful but silent indoor fan named Williwaw. The fan, which was designed using 3D printing technologies, is seeking funds through a €1 million Kickstarter campaign. More

Scientists reconstruct life-size 3D model of 120 million year old Psittacosaurus with its real color patterns

Sep.20, 2016 - Researchers from the University of Bristol have built a scientifically accurate 3D model of a 120 million year old Psittacosaurus, complete with an unexpected camouflage pattern, by reverse engineering an unusually complete Chinese fossil through 3D imaging. More

Print-a-Drink uses industrial robots to 3D print intricate patterns into your cocktail

Sep.20, 2016 - 3D printing technology is helping science, manufacturing and the medical community break new ground every day. A new approach to the technology will soon allow you to bring to life your cocktail with a dazzling array of colour like never before. More

Create Orthotics and Prosthetics launches first all-in-one medical-grade 3D printing system for prosthetics

Sep.19, 2016 - Create Orthotics & Prosthetics have revealed a system where hospitals and doctors can scan a bodypart, send the file and get a print ready version they can make in house. This is the first ever all-in-one medical-grade 3D printer for prosthetics. More

Cooler Master teams with 3DNA to bring custom 3D printed parts to PC hardware

Sep.19, 2016 - 3D design and printing studio 3DNA recently collaborated with popular computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master UK to bring a new level of customization and personalization to their products. More

Volksbank to train employees with 3D printing, VR, and other emerging technologies

Sep.19, 2016 - German co-operative bank Volksbank has launched what it has called an 'innovation playground' to help introduce emerging technologies to its employees. The playground, which includes 3D printers, VR headsets, drones, and other technologies, was realized in order to improve customer relations. More

New 3D printing alliance could see Taiwan acquire larger share of global AM market

Sep.19, 2016 - Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has announced a 3D printing alliance between several local development groups, including the Additive Manufacturing Association of Taiwan, the Taiwan Mold & Die Industry Association, and the Chinese Industrial Designers Association. More

Norsk Titanium secures investment from Applied Ventures

Sep.19, 2016 - Norsk Titanium, a Norwegian supplier of 3D printed titanium components, has announced investment from Applied Ventures, the venture capital arm of Applied Materials, a California-based chip and advanced display specialist. Terms of investment were not released. More

French 3D printer startup Dagoma raises €3M for international expansion

Sep.19, 2016 - French 3D printer startup Dagoma has announced that it has received an astounding 3 million euros in funding from lead investor Olivier Leclerq. With the new investment, the company will seek to expand its products, business, and services across France and abroad. More

FutureHear seeks crowdfunding backing for 3D printed prosthetic ears for kids with Microtia

Sep.19, 2016 - Australian project FutureHear has turned to crowdfunding to gather the funds for a new 3D bioprinting initiative that provides custom ear implants for children with microtia. More

Dubai Future Accelerators: hyperloop, 3D printers, self-driving cars to pioneer future of Dubai

Sep.19, 2016 - The Emirate of Dubai just revealed which of the 2274 applicants have been selected for the inaugural Dubai Future Accelerators program, and the thirty finalists include Construction Robotics who will bring robotics and 3D printing to new construction ventures. More

UPS to expand 3D printing services in response to storage revenue loss caused by 3D printing

Sep.19, 2016 - In response to a loss of storage and shipping revenue loss caused by the rise of 3D printing, UPS is doubling down on their own 3D printing services and is planning to extend their services to Europe and Asia. More

Japanese designers 3D print gorgeous knitted vest from TPU

Sep.19, 2016 - Japanese IT fashion tech company STARted has just unveiled a prototype for a knitted garment made from 3D printed thermoplastic polyurethane, better known as TPU. The garment, called AMIMONO, was designed in collaboration with Free-D. More

Here's how to 3D print your own graphic directly onto T-shirts

Sep.18, 2016 - Maker Simone Fontana has enlightened us all with a tutorial showing how to 3D print personalized decorations and decals directly onto t-shirts. More

Movie Animatronics monsters inspire DIY life-like tentacle with the help of 3D printing

Sep.18, 2016 - Finding inspiration can come from the strangest of places. Sometimes, like this Hackaday user discovered, its just a matter of browsing the web before reigniting an old passion with a modern twist. More

3D printing brought X-Men's Apocalypse to life with one of the most advanced costumes in cinema history

Sep.18, 2016 - The costume designers for the famously big and bold X-Men films turned to 3D printing to create their greatest villain ever: Apocalypse. More

3D printing news roundup: 3D printed scoliosis brace brought to White House, XYZprinting announces $290 da Vinci Mini

Sep.17, 2016 - In our second 3D printing roundup of a very busy week, here are some bite-sized updates from Materialise, UNYQ, XYZprinting, APWorks, and more. More

DIY 3D printed Rasberry Pi driven Walkie-Talkie perfect for a weekend project

Sep.17, 2016 - Projectable user Daniel Chote wanted to build a walkie talkie set for his kids. Knowing modern technology could get the job done, he utilized 3D printing and open-source tools to make it happen. More

Wubalubadubdub! Get some cool 3D printed Rick and Morty stuff

Sep.16, 2016 - Wubalubadubdub! With a few more months left until Rick and Morty Season 3, why not fill the plumbus-shaped hole in your heart with some cool 3D printed Rick and Morty stuff? There's a 3D printable Mr Meeseeks, a 3D printable portal gun, 3D printable Cromulons, and more! More

See Mack, the DogBot from ReCore, come to life with 3D printing

Sep.16, 2016 - In celebration of ReCore's recent launch, Robo Challenge, a Birmingham, UK-based company, has built a working 3D printed replica Mack the DogBot, one of the game's sidekick characters. More

UK researchers release open source RMADS code for Matlab to help users find best 3D printing solution

Sep.16, 2016 - British researchers from Newcastle University have just shared their own open source RMADS code for Matlab, a detailed 3D printing advise system that helps users find the best and most cost-effective 3D printing solution. More

Barnes & Noble to host second annual Mini Maker Faire at stores nationwide in November

Sep.16, 2016 - In the weekend of 5 and 6 November, Barnes & Noble will host the second annual Mini Maker Faire in stores nationwide, through a renewed collaboration with Make. More

Fuel3D to bring facial 3D scanning tech to virtual eyewear try-on systems through FittingBox deal

Sep.16, 2016 - Leading 3D scanning innovator Fuel3D has begun collaborating with try-on eyewear systems provider FittingBox to bring facial 3D scanning technology and augmented reality to the eyewear selection process. More

WinSun to offer 3D printing expertise for Hyperloop high-speed rail system

Sep.16, 2016 - Hyperloop, the high-speed rail system proposed by Elon Musk, could be realized in part thanks to WinSun, the Chinese 3D printing construction company that has successfully built a number of villas, apartments, and courtyards with their innovative 3D printing technology. More

3M makes non-stick PTFE polymers 3D printable through new patent-pending tech

Sep.16, 2016 - Industrial polymer giants 3M have just realized a huge material breakthrough, as they have made fluoropolymers, including the widely used, non-stick and bacteria-resistant PTFE polymer, 3D printable. More

Lightning double-exposure UV DLP 3D printer on Kickstarter for $1,900

Sep.16, 2016 - British startup Lightning 3D has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its 'Lightning' Double Exposure UV DLP 3D printer. An early bird version of the 3D printer is available for '1,450 ($1,900), and the campaign has a target of '20,000 ($26,500). More

New modular AM 'smart factory' from Concept Laser decouples pre-production and production

Sep.15, 2016 - German metal 3D printing specialist Concept Laser has unveiled its new 'smart factory' approach to additive manufacturing. The idea behind the Industry 4.0 'smart factory' is to decouple process stages, allowing tasks to be carried out in parallel and physically separate from one another. More

Aether ships $9K 3D bioprinter to world's top universities for large-scale bioprinting research collaboration

Sep.15, 2016 - Aether, a San Francisco-based 3D bioprinting startup, has formed research collaboration agreements with some of the world's top universities so they can carry out 3D bioprinting research on the Aether 1 Bioprinter. The research will span many scientific and computational fields. More

3D printing startup Carbon raises $81M from GE, BMW and Nikon for international expansion

Sep.15, 2016 - Carbon, formerly Carbon 3D, Inc., the company responsible for the well-received M1 3D printer and its proprietary CLIP technology, has just announced that it has received $81 million in funding from new strategic investors which include GE Ventures, BMW, Nikon, and JSR. More

Hotel de Slaapfabriek to construct Europe's first zero-footprint 3D printed building in 2017

Sep.15, 2016 - Luxurious Dutch hotel De Slaapfabriek from Teuge is planning to construct Europe's first zero-footprint 3D printed conference location, made from recycled materials and with as little carbon emissions as possible. More

12 high-end 3D printers shaping the future of additive manufacturing

Sep.15, 2016 - The most incredible innovations in 3D printing technology can be found amongst the industry's high-end machines. These are 12 of the most exciting high-end 3D printers shaping the future of additive manufacturing. Featuring Carbon3D, Stratasys, 3D Systems, and more. More

threeASFOUR presents colorful and stunning 3D printed 'Oscillation' dress at NYFW

Sep.15, 2016 - NY-based fashion collective threeASFOUR unveiled an absolutely stunning 3D printed dress at their show on September 13th at The Hole Gallery in New York City. The dress, dubbed 'Oscillation', was presented by threeASFOUR as the centerpiece of their Spring/Summer 2017 collection 'Quantum Vibrations'. More

BigRep acquires NOWlab to increase 3D printing consultation capacity

Sep.15, 2016 - German large-volume 3D printing pioneers BigRep have acquired the Berlin-based interdisciplinary design studio NOWlab, and will be incorporating their disruptive material and application expertise into their growing consultation services. More

PSA Peugeot Citroën signs 3D printing deal aimed at cutting production costs

Sep.15, 2016 - French car giant PSA, of Citroen, Peugeot and DS cars, just signed a letter of intent with Divergent 3D to bring their revolutionary 3D printing manufacturing platform to the entirety of PSA's car production system. More

Tecnica's CASA SLS 3D printer patent approved, up to 250 times faster than competing systems

Sep.15, 2016 - Tecnica has just received a patent for a new SLS 3D printing system that is up to 250 times faster than competing systems, and will include it in the CASA desktop SLS 3D printer that will be released in December 2016. More

Fly a 3D printed Messerschmitt Bf 109 H-F German WWII plane for $20

Sep.15, 2016 - 3DLabPrint, a 3D printable R/C airplane website, has released its latest model: the Messerschmitt Bf 109 H/F, an aircraft used by the German Luftwaffe during World War II. The flyable, 1/12 scale, 3D printable model has a wingspan of 40.6 or 35 inches, depending on the version. More

Latvian fencer Polina Rozkova competes at Rio Paralympics in customized 3D printed back brace

Sep.14, 2016 - Polina Rozkova, a member of the Latvian Paralympic team, was wearing a custom-fitted 3D printed back brace for her duels in the women's Pool Rounds which ended yesterday. The brace was 3D printed out of Stratasys' Nylon 12 material. More

3D printing news roundup: Zortrax announces $1.9M profit, Autodesk's big plans for the Future, Stratasys introduces kit for 3D printing fixtures

Sep.14, 2016 - In addition to our regular coverage of all things 3D printed, we've got a roundup to keep you up-to-date on the latest recorded profits, company appointments, sales, and releases. More

European Investment Bank pumps €15 million into Dutch 3d printer company Ultimaker

Sep.14, 2016 - The European Investment Bank has just provided Dutch 3D printing pioneer Ultimaker with a 15 million euro loan, intended to facilitate research and to allow the company to prepare for a major investment round that is scheduled for mid-2017. More

voestalpine opens R&D center for metal 3D printing in Düsseldorf

Sep.14, 2016 - The voestalpine Group, a multinational speciality steel producer based in Austria, has just announced an exciting expansion of its services and products through the opening of a new research and development center for metal 3D printing. The new center is located in Düsseldorf, Germany. More

Thor3D launches new Drake handheld 3D scanner for objects of any size

Sep.14, 2016 - Russian 3D imaging specialists Thor3D have just launched their Drake 3D scanner, a wireless hand-held device that delivers unprecedented 3D scanning flexibility and can be adapted to scan objects of any size. More

Penn State turns to 3D printing to teach students about the brain in Brain3M educational program

Sep.14, 2016 - The Brain3M research project has kicked off at Penn State University, which relies on extensive digital 3D modules and 3D printed models to more efficiently teach students about the immense complexity of the human brain. More

Steel yourself with colorFabb's new steelFill metal filament for desktop 3D printers

Sep.14, 2016 - Dutch filament specialist colorFabb has just released its new steelFill filament, a composite filament packed with steel powder that is absolutely perfect for high-quality metal-based prints. More

Onkyo and Siemens launch line of bespoke 3D printed in-ear monitors

Sep.14, 2016 - Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Onkyo and Siemens Hearing Aids have partnered to launch a line of custom-fitted 3D printed in-ear monitors geared towards music professionals, standard users, and athletes. More

3Dynamic Systems introduces extra strong carbon fiber 3D printing filament for FDM

Sep.13, 2016 - 3Dynamic Systems, a UK based company specializing in 3D bioprinting and bioprinters, has just unveiled its latest consumer product, a high-strength Carbon Fiber 3D printing filament which can be used on any standard desktop FDM 3D printer. More

ScratchyCAD, new block based 3D modeling software for beginners, to launch on Kickstarter

Sep.13, 2016 - ScratchyCAD, a new parametric 3D modeling software designed to be accessible to entry-level makers, will be launching on Kickstarter as of October 1st, 2016. The new software offers an easy to use drag and drop style interface. More

Puebla researchers unveil new 3D printable implant material that facilitates bone regeneration

Sep.13, 2016 - A team of Mexican researchers from the Autonomous University of Puebla have developed a new synthetic 3D printable biomaterial that completely mimics bone structures and facilitates bone regeneration. More

Nexeo Solutions breaks into 3D printing materials market with Arnitel ID and Novamid ID filaments

Sep.13, 2016 - Nexeo Solutions, a leading distributor of chemicals and plastics, has officially launched Nexeo3D, an e-commerce platform through which the company will exclusively market and sell the innovative Arnitel ID and Novamid ID premium grade FDM 3D printing filaments. More

Ingersoll and ORNL to develop huge WHAM 3D printer with 23 x 10 x 46 ft (7 x 3 x 14 m) build volume

Sep.13, 2016 - Ingersoll and ORNL are about to change the definition of large-scale 3D printing, as they have just announced the development of the record-breaking WHAM 3D printer featuring a 23 x 10 x 46 ft build volume. More

AMT teams with EOS to showcase additive bionic human at IMTS 2016

Sep.13, 2016 - AMT's Emerging Technology Center is again a must-see at the ongoing IMTS 2016. The organization is showcasing an additive bionic human that explains 3D printed implant development, two 3D printed cars by ORNL, and the groundbreaking AMIE energy platform for 3D printed homes. More

Metamaterial Mechanisms enables a 3D printer to mimic machines from a single object

Sep.13, 2016 - 3D printing has opened a new world of design that allows complex patterns to be manufactured that were previously impossible. Hasso-Plattner-Institute developed a way to 3D print mechanically out of a single piece item. More

Open a beer bottle with the gorgeous 3D printed adhesive nails by NEO NAIL TECH

Sep.13, 2016 - Dutch startup NEO NAIL TECH is changing the very concept of nail art with a collection of 3D printed adhesive nails, which can complete a unique look and are even durable enough to open beer bottles. More

Koenigsegg adopts Creaform 3D scanning tech to streamline quality control for hypercars

Sep.13, 2016 - Swedish hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg has teamed up with 3D scanning company Creaform to streamline its quality control process on the production floor using 3D scanning and metrology. More

3D Systems announces new strategy to shift 3D printing from prototype to production

Sep.12, 2016 - 3D Systems is today unveiling a new strategy, new solutions, new partnerships, and an updated management team in order to help its additive manufacturing customers transition from prototyping to production. The strategy will be detailed by President and CEO Vyomesh Joshi at IMTS 2016. More

3D printer manufacturer EnvisionTEC files patent infringement lawsuit against Formlabs

Sep.12, 2016 - EnvisionTEC, a global 3D printer manufacturer with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan; and Gladbeck, Germany, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Massachusetts-based Formlabs. EnvisionTEC CEO Al Siblani has offered a statement on the action. More

FARO's new Freestyle3D Objects handheld 3D scanner provides 'fast, color, and detailed scan data'

Sep.12, 2016 - 3D scanning giant FARO has introduced Freestyle3D Objects, a handheld, color laser scanner for public safety forensics and product design markets. The 3D scanner is currently only available through the FARO Early Adopter program. More

Fryer to integrate Optomec LENS metal 3D printing into affordable 3D hybrid machining centers

Sep.12, 2016 - Optomec, an Albuquerque-based electronics and metal 3D printing company, has made a series of announcements this morning that show how the company is expanding its business as well as its technologies, including teaming up with Fryer Machine Systems to make industrial 3D printing more accessible. More

How 3D digital technology powered Brazil's fencing team at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Sep.12, 2016 - Brazil's National Institute of Technology (INT), under the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC), developed a 3D digital technology to help improve the performance of the Brazilian fencing team at the 2016 Rio Olympics. More

ORNL to test new 50kg-an-hour BAAM 3D printer extruder built by Ohio-based Strangpresse

Sep.12, 2016 - The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Strangpresse, LLC have entered into a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) to' evaluate the Strangpresse Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) extruder and conduct material testing for long fiber reinforced materials. More

This 35mm camera was created entirely from 3D printed parts, even the lens is 3D printed!

Sep.12, 2016 - Maker Amos Dudley, whom you may remember as the college student who 3D printed his own teeth aligners, has now made a functional 35mm camera made entirely from 3D printed parts called SLO. Only the film is not 3D printed. More

Russian scientists are creating a ceramic 3D printer with aerospace, defense, and energy applications

Sep.12, 2016 - Scientists from the Tomsk State University in Russia have developed a new method for 3D printing ceramics which could open the doors for the material's usage in the electronics, energy, chemical, and even defense industries. More

See how The New Raw is turning plastic waste into useful 3D printing projects

Sep.12, 2016 - Syros, Greece-based The New Raw is an initiative which has been working on original and eco-friendly ways to turn plastic waste into raw 3D printing materials. The workshop, which brought together people from various fields, succeeded in proposing five novel ideas for plastic reuse through 3D printing. More

€920K grant brings biomedical engineer closer to life-saving 3D printed brain implants

Sep.12, 2016 - Biomedical engineer Dr Ivan Minev will spend the next five years as a Freitgeist Fellow after being awarded a €920,000 grant from the VolkswagenStiftung. Minev will attempt to 3D print brain implants that can cure illness and heal injuries. More

Custom 3D printed insoles from Phits help athletes recover from injury

Sep.11, 2016 - Runners Service Lab, a Belgian footwear retailer, has shed some light on the customization process behind Phits Insoles, a range of 3D printed footwear products made by associate company RS scan and 3D printing giant Materialise. Twelve athletes used the 3D printed insoles at the Rio Olympics. More

Scifi inspired DIY Raspberry Pi powered Smart Mirror uses 3D printing to get the job done

Sep.11, 2016 - While still not in the mainstream, raspberry pi powered smart mirrors that let you interact with your mirror to get updates on the weather, your schedule and the like have been making waves since last year. A new Hackaday tutorial lets you build your very own thanks in part to 3D printing. More

KLM debuts first ever 3D printed in-flight draught beer trolley

Sep.10, 2016 - Dutch airline KLM in partnership with beer company Heineken has introduced the first ever in-flight draught beer thanks to a specialized 3D printed trolley and air pressurized system. The airline's World Business Class flyers will be the first to try the fresh beer on tap. More

3D printing news for Sep 4-10, 2016 - ICYMI: Nano Dimension's new facility, China plants 3D printed flowers, & more

Sep.10, 2016 - The past week was a busy one for additive manufacturing. Here are some more stories, in bitesize form, that you might have missed, including updates from Nano Dimension, Promolding, and Fuel3D. More

Could gold and 3D scanning spell the end of old-school X-rays?

Sep.9, 2016 - A new technique by researchers in Ireland could spell the end of X-rays and give us a better insight into bone damage, before it even happens More

Hong Kong guru creates 3D printed sugar that looks like glass

Sep.9, 2016 - Engineering guru Victor Leung teaches kids how to build a sugar 3D printer and then use them to create ornate sculptures More

Industry expert warns that 3D printing cannot rely on Creative Commons and OSS legislation

Sep.9, 2016 - The Creative Commons and Open Source Software legislation is woefully insufficient and 3D printing as an industry is heading for a storm according to industry expert Michael Weinberg. More

Massivit 3D lends a huge hand to promote the new Ghostbusters movie, and a face

Sep.9, 2016 - New York-based print company Carisma created a 14-ft. high 3D printed Ghostbusters 'No Ghost' sign for 10 buses that toured the US to promote the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot. More

Falcon Minerals to acquire 100% of 3D printer manufacturer Robo 3D

Sep.9, 2016 - Australian mineral exploration company Falcon Minerals has just announced that it will be acquiring 100% of American 3D printer manufacturer Robo 3D, up from a previous deal where it was to acquire 51% of the company's shares. More

Xuberance presents singer Momo Wu with pair of stunning PEBA 3D printed shoes

Sep.9, 2016 - Chinese 3D printing design studio Xuberance has impressed yet again, this time by gifting singer Momo Wu with a pair of custom designed 3D printed high heels. The impressive shoes were printed out of EOS' PEBA material. More

Local Motors & Mouser Electronics to put a drone on new 3D printed self-driving car

Sep.9, 2016 - Local Motors, the company that is driving innovation forward in the field of 3D printed vehicles, is looking to take its Strati 3D printed car to the next level with the help of Mouser Electronics Inc. and engineer Grant Imahara. The team will be building an autonomous version of the car with a drone mounted on it. More

How 3D printing will power the Paralympic Games

Sep.9, 2016 - The Paralympic Games have started and you can see some cutting edge 3D printing at work if you look closely at the equipment, prosthetics and wheelchairs. More

Could 3D printing help the fight against child obesity?

Sep.9, 2016 - Simple 3D models that show a child their levels of exercise in a physical form could help create healthier, happier kids. More

Sightline Maps wants to bring 3D printed geographic models to classrooms around the world

Sep.8, 2016 - A California-based startup has launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce its innovative Sightline Maps technology to classrooms around the world in the hopes that it will help teach kids about the world's geography through 3D models and 3D printing. More

Pennsylvania startup Pingo3D to launch $399 Pingo desktop 3D printer via Kickstarter

Sep.8, 2016 - Pingo3D, a startup from Altoona, Pennsylvania, has unveiled the Pingo 3D printer, a $399 machine with a 200 x 200 x 200 mm build volume. The new 3D printer will be the subject of a $20,000 Kickstarter campaign. More

PEEK 3D printing material shows promise for auto manufacturing sector

Sep.8, 2016 - Indmatec, a 3D printer and 3D printing filament manufacturer from Karlsruhe, Germany, has outlined ways in which PEEK (Polyetheretherketone), a poylmer 3D printing filament, could be used to improve car production. More

Amy Purdy opened the Rio 2016 Paralympics in a stunning 3D printed dress

Sep.8, 2016 - U.S. paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy performed an amazing dance at the Rio Paralympic opening ceremony last night wearing a stunning dress designed by none other than Israeli fashion designer Danit Peleg. More

Two 3D printed Suzhou-style Chinese courtyards are unveiled in Binzhou! Not a single brick was used

Sep.8, 2016 - Chinese 3D printing construction company WinSun has just unveiled its two latest 3D printed buildings: two Suzhou-courtyard inspired villas which are located in Binzhou City in Shandong Province. More

25 incredible 3D printed cars & automotive projects from around the world

Sep.8, 2016 - Once thought of as pure fantasy, 3D printed cars can now be found on the road, all over the world. To celebrate that fact, we've pulled together 25 of our favorite additively manufactured vehicles for your reading and viewing pleasure. More

Nervous System unveils amazing 2.0 version of 3D printed Kinematics Petals Dress

Sep.8, 2016 - Nervous System, the innovative 3D design studio responsible for one of our favorite 3D printed dresses, has outdone themselves once more with a new (and dare I say improved) version of their stunning Kinematics 3D printed Petals Dress. More

3D printed medical models helping to treat Singapore children with heart defects

Sep.8, 2016 - A Singapore hospital has discovered how 3D printed medical models can save lives money and time when it comes to treating congenital heart defects. More

3D printing used to create 300% longer-lasting 'Chargemander' Pokemon battery case

Sep.7, 2016 - GogoToro, a Brooklyn-based design duo consisting of Reid Covington and Chase Larson, has used 3D printing to make 'Chargemander,' a Pokémon-themed battery case with a 33-hour gaming time and 15-minute charge time. The Chargemander is currently available for $69 through Kickstarter. More

Researchers hack a 3D printer with a smartphone

Sep.7, 2016 - A study has shown you can hack a 3D printer with a smartphone and effectively steal the designs without even breaking into the system. It's a serious security flaw and there will be more. More

Organovo launches second 3D bioprinted tissue service, the ExVive Human Kidney, premarket shares go up 7%

Sep.7, 2016 - 3D bioprinting company Organovo has just announced that it has launched its latest bioprinted product, ExVive Human Kidney, which it will also begin commercial contracting for. In the wake of the announcement, the company has seen an impressive increase of 7% in premarket shares. More

3D printing has 'huge potential' in South Africa, says government Advanced Manufacturing director

Sep.7, 2016 - Garth Williams, Director of Advanced Manufacturing Technology at South Africa's Department of Science and Technology, has detailed South Africa's investments in 3D printing over the last few years. The public sector has invested around R358m ($26m) in AM research and development since 2014. More

Altran invests in Divergent, the maker of 'Blade' the 3D printed supercar

Sep.7, 2016 - French consulting and R&D firm Altran has just announced a new investment partnership with innovative auto manufacturer Divergent, the makers of the revolutionary 'Blade' 3D printed supercar. More

Star Trek Online to offer licensed custom 3D printed models of Star Trek spacecraft

Sep.7, 2016 - Eucl3D, a San Francisco-based 3D printing service for gamers, has launched a range of fully licensed, 3D printed Star Trek Online ship models. Customers can choose from around 400 vessels, and have the option to customize colors and details. More

Groundbreaking 3D printed hearing aid from Earlens uses non-visible light to create natural, rich sound

Sep.7, 2016 - Earlens Corporation Inc., a Silicone Valley-based medical technology company, is using 3D printing technology to improve design flexibility and support faster time-to-market. The company's unique hearing aid uses non-visible light to create a natural, rich sound. More

GE's $1.4B takeover bid for SLM, Arcam shows 3D printing has 'gone mainstream', says Gartner

Sep.7, 2016 - Global industrial giant GE has launched aggressive takeover bids for two major suppliers of metal powders and 3D printers. Is the 3D printing supply chain hitting maturity? More

3D Printable gaming terrain Dragonlock returns to Kickstarter, funded in 30 minutes

Sep.7, 2016 - After last year's successful fantasy 3D printable terrain system, the makers of Dragonlock are at it again with a sequel. This time, just like before, they've blown past their $500 campaign goal in no time at all. More

Eliminate warping, scraping, and taping with the LokBuild 3D printing surface for FDM printers

Sep.6, 2016 - Steelmans, an engineering, design, and manufacturing firm based in Leicestershire, UK, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for LokBuild, a warp-free 3D printing surface for FDM 3D printers. The campaign has already surpassed its £4,000 goal. More

Wacom unveils Intuos 3D, a versatile 3D design tablet with integrated ZBrushCore

Sep.6, 2016 - Wacom, a global manufacturer of advanced interactive pen tablets, has just introduced its latest product: the Intuos 3D tablet. The new product is specially geared towards facilitating 3D modeling and design for users, and works with ZBrushCore. More

WASP's 3D printed prostheses could send two Italian athletes to glory

Sep.6, 2016 - Marco Avaro of WASPmedical has produced 3D printed prostheses for two Italian athletes with disabilities, canoeist Veronica Yoko Plebani and surfer Fabrizio Passetti. Avaro produced a 3D printed hand brace for Plebani and a carbon fiber prosthesis for Passetti. More

Minimalist and high resolution Cetus3D printer hits Kickstarter, starting at an incredible $199

Sep.6, 2016 - Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Tiertime has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for the minimalist Cetus3D printer, which does away with all unnecessary extras, allows for plenty of customization and is available for as little as $199. More

Botscan captures high-resolution 3D scans in 0.1 seconds using 70 DSLR cameras

Sep.6, 2016 - Berlin-based Botspot has been using its 3D scanning technology called Botscan to capture high-resolution 3D scans in just 0.1 seconds using a set-up of 70 DSLR cameras. More

Hong Kong designers unveil vibrant 3D printed shoe collection made with Stratasys's J50 3D printer

Sep.6, 2016 - A number of colorful and boundary breaking 3D printed shoe designs have been unveiled as part of Hong Kong's annual Footwear Design Competition. The shoes were each made using Stratasys' multi-color, multi-material J750 3D printer. More

Australian architect to restore coral reefs using the world's largest upcoming 3D printer

Sep.6, 2016 - Laing O'Rourke, an Australian construction consultancy is fighting the effects of reef erosion with elegant 3D printed artificial reef made from sandstone. More

500-year-old Mary Rose shipwreck skulls exhibited online for the first time through 3D scanning

Sep.6, 2016 - Researchers have 3D scanned a series of skulls from the wreckage of the Mary Rose, which went down in battle in 1545. Could it show how 3D printing can change modern archaeology? More

GE plans to invest $1.4B to acquire additive manufacturing companies Arcam and SLM

Sep.6, 2016 - GE (NYSE:GE), the world's leading digital industrial company, today announced plans to acquire two suppliers of additive manufacturing equipment, Arcam AB and SLM Solutions Group AG for $1.4 billion. Both companies will report into David Joyce, President & CEO of GE Aviation. Joyce will lead the growth of these businesses in the additive manufacturing equipment and services industry. More

Full-color 3D printing helps marine biologist recreate incredible 19th century glass sculptures of sea creatures

Sep.5, 2016 - Marine biologist Drew Harvell and 3D printing company CADD Edge are using a Stratasys 3D printer to recreate a stunning collection of glass marine life sculptures, created over a century ago by father-and-son German glassblowers Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka. More

Samsung and MakerBot team up to bring 3D printers to classrooms across Europe

Sep.5, 2016 - In an effort to help curb youth unemployment in Europe and to introduce younger generations to digital technologies, Samsung Electronics Europe has teamed up with 3D printer company MakerBot to equip a number of educations institutions (including schools, colleges, and museums) with 3D printers. More

3D printed KAYRYS drone from SlidX is equipped for rapid emergency assistance

Sep.5, 2016 - Canadian startup SlidX has unveiled KAYRYS, a 3D printed Gyro-X8 VTOL (vertical take-off and landing aircraft) for emergency assistance. SlidX partnered with fellow Canadian company Lezar3D to 3D print 60% of the drone. More

Xuberance set to open Shanghai's first 3D printing-themed café

Sep.5, 2016 - Shanghai-based design firm Xuberance has announced it will soon be opening Shanghai's first ever 3D printing-themed coffee shop. The caf' will feature such things as 3D printed lights, tableware, mugs, and even edibles! More

Dutch hospital in Zwolle to serve 3D printed meals packed with extra nutrients to patients

Sep.5, 2016 - Isala Hospital in Zwolle, the Netherlands, is planning to bring 3D printed meals with extra nutrients to patients, as part of a new initiative to transform food into medication. More

Affordable 3D printed hands could soon provide temperature and pressure feedback thanks to MIT research

Sep.5, 2016 - The Technology Office Innovation Laboratory (TOIL) at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory is improving 3D printed hand technology by studying finger motion mechanics, adding non-electronic temperature and tactile feedback, and incorporating motors. The research will be used by e-NABLE and similar groups. More

ICYMI: 3D printed music, hydroponics, hemp pinhole and sunglasses, landscapes, and more!

Sep.4, 2016 - In case you missed it - here are some cool and artsy 3D printing projects from the past week. From 3D printed music, to dieselpunk Russian tanks, and even to provovative art installations, be sure to check them out. More

3D printing news last week ICYMI: new metal AM system, new lease program from Type A Machines, 3D printed internet and more

Sep.3, 2016 - At the end of another busy week in the world of 3D printing, here are ten stories you might have missed, including Wolf Robotics' new robotic metal AM system, a partnership between Zortrax and Bosch, and a new lease program from Type A Machines. More

Toronto bus stops covered with 3D printed origami birds for promotion of Kubo and the Two Strings

Sep.3, 2016 - To promote the huge stop motion movie hit Kubo and the Two Strings, bus stops in Toronto have been outfitted with a spectacular display involving 3D printed origami birds. More

15 fun & easy STEAM 3D printing lesson plans from MakerBot's Thingiverse

Sep.2, 2016 - MakerBot Learning has gathered some of the best 3D printing lesson plans submitted by Thingiverse users, and we have selected 15 of the most eye-catching. Some of the lessons are targeted at high school students, while others are more suitable for younger learners. More

3D printed bone breakthrough made by Irish scientists could eliminate the need for bone grafts

Sep.2, 2016 - A new 3D printed patch made of collagen stem cells and biomaterial could encourage the regrowth of large sections of missing bone. This could be a quantum leap forward for medical science. More

VR and 3D printed airplane food will transform travel in the future, Expedia predicts

Sep.2, 2016 - Travel provider Expedia has just released their Holiday of the Future Report, in which they argue that the travel experiences will have fundamentally changed by 2035 thanks to high-tech innovations such as VR and 3D printing. We might even be seeing custom 3D printed meals during flights. More

Researchers devise method for 3D printing complex structures on micro optical fibers

Sep.2, 2016 - A team of researchers has developed a new method for 3D printing complex structures on the tips of optical fibers. The new method has not only proven to be one of the most precise and accurate methods for imprinting complex 3D structures on optical fibers, but it is also much cheaper than traditional methods. More

Printr fights dual-color 3D printing issues with unique Donut Wipe Tower embedded in slicer

Sep.2, 2016 - Dutch 3D printing specialists from Printr have just embedded the unique Donut Wipe Tower into their Katana slicer software, which creates highly efficient donut-shaped wipe towers made from excess filament to ensure that dual-colored prints are as clean as possible. More

PhoneLabs is hoping to turn your smartphone into a mini science lab with 3D printed STEM kits

Sep.2, 2016 - PhoneLabs has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund its 3D printed kits that can turn the average smartphone into a vibrant Physics lab and inject a sense of fun into STEM subjects. More

CAP Project launches to bring 3D printed prosthetics to animals, looking for volunteers

Sep.2, 2016 - A group of passionate volunteers have launched the CAP project, or the Computer Aided Pets Project, in an effort to organize 3D printing efforts and bring customized 3D printed prostheses to handicapped animals throughout the world. More

Can it print at 450mm/s? Thomas Sanladerer puts Dynamo3D OnePro 3D printer to the test with mixed results

Sep.2, 2016 - Large format 3D printing at an affordable price has always a difficult challenge when reliability and speed are all important factors in getting the perfect print out. The Dynamo 3D OnePro hopes it can achieve what others have yet to accomplish. More

This maker has recreated an amazing (and functional) 1940s Curta calculator using his 3D printer

Sep.1, 2016 - Software developer Marcus Wu has been working for over a year on creating a 3D printed 3:1 scale Curta calculator. After much hard work and many challenges, the maker has successfully created a working model of the 1940s era calculator device. Check it out! More

WASP to showcase DeltaWASP 3MT ceramic 3D printer capable of printing 1-meter-tall sculptures

Sep.1, 2016 - WASP, the Italian 3D printing company behind the large-scale BigDelta 3D printer, will present the DeltaWASP 3MT 3D printer at the Argill' International Ceramics Festival in Faenza, Italy. The new 3-meter-tall 3D printer can produce sculptures up to one meter tall. More

Thermwood introduces new massive LSAM 3D printers with CNC technology

Sep.1, 2016 - Thermwood Corporation, an Indiana-based manufacturing specialist, has announced a line of LSAM (Large Scale Additive Manufacturing) 3D printers with CNC capabilities for the production of large to very large reinforced thermoplastic composite parts. The machines use a two-step, near-net-shape production process. More

Introducing 3Doodler PRO: the professional 3D printing pen that draws with wood, metal and nylon

Sep.1, 2016 - 3Doodler, the makers of the world's very first 3D printing pen, have just announced the launch of their latest product: the 3Doodler Pro. The Pro, which marks the fifth product in the company's 3D printing pen series is geared towards creative professionals who want to utilize a more advanced 3D printing pen. More

Beijing's Rise Pavilion wins Guinness World Record for largest 3D printed structure

Sep.1, 2016 - Beijing's new Rise Pavilion, made up of over 5000 3D printed polyblocks, has just been awarded the Guinness World Record for the world's largest 3D printed structure. The pavilion, which measures an impressive 3.4 meters in height was specially designed for upcycling purposes. More

NZ professor fights deforestation with 3D bioprinted synthetic wood

Sep.1, 2016 - David Lueng, an associate professor at New Zealand's University of Canterbury, has just been awarded a government grant to explore the development of synthetic wood through the 3D bioprinting of live plant cells. Lueng hopes his research will contribute to the fight against deforestation. More

Korean researchers unveil biodegradable material for 3D bioprinted facial implants

Sep.1, 2016 - A team of Korean researchers from the Korea Polytechnic University has just unveiled a new biodegradable and biocompatible material that can be used to 3D print facial implants that facilitate bone tissue regeneration and dissolves into the body over time. More

WinSun China unveils fully 3D printed public toilets in Suzhou

Sep.1, 2016 - Visitors to China's Da Yang Mountain will now be able to rest easy, as WinSun China has unveiled the very first 3D printed public toilet at the tourist spot. Impressively, the entire structure from interior to exterior was 3D printed. More

Taiwan researchers 3D print magnesium battery three times more powerful than lithium, nickel batteries

Sep.1, 2016 - Researchers form the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan have 3D printed a small, lightweight magnesium battery that is produced in a matter of minutes and is up to three times more powerful than lithium or nickel alternatives. More

DK Automations Radik 3D printer uses patent-pending Delta Direct Extruder technology

Sep.1, 2016 - We are likely a long way away from knowing what the most comprehensive 3D printer system is made of. Radik 3D, a new delta 3D printer by a Boston based start up DK Automations hopes to separate themselves from the rest. More

CubeCab plans to use retired F-104 fighter jets to fire 3D printed rockets full of CubeSats into orbit

Sep.1, 2016 - CubeCab, a company set up to deliver CubeSats into Low Earth Orbit, is hoping to use retired fighter jets and 3D printed rockets to carry out more affordable launches. The company plans to use F-104 fighter jets, introduced in the 1950s and taken out of service in 2004. More

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