Oct.6, 2012

Wuppertal, Germany based industrial designer Stefan Reichert presented a new 3D printer concept for his Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design at the University of Wuppertal: XEOS 3D printer.

This desktop 3D printer separates itself from conventional printers through its two windows design. It has a 5x5x5 inch (127x127x127 mm) build envelope which is 66% smaller than the smallest FDM 3D printer with the same build envelope (Stratsys Mojo).

The uplifting door controlled by the Stop/Open button on the outside gives easy access to the printed parts and the cartridge bays. The integrated fisheye camera helps to control the printing process from everywhere. The LED status bar displays the printjob progress and is easy to see even across the room.

The innovative FDM print arm is inspired by a robotic arm on a wafter handling robot. Watch below the print arm in action.

The XEOS 3D printer supports ABS and PLA plastic filament and its new black support polymer material is easily removable with hot water. They are held by two material cartridge bays.

Below is a full scale model of Xeos 3D printer, hopefully more printed samples and further details could be available soon. Visit Reichert's site for more information.

(Images credit: Stefan Reichert)


Source: Core77

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Farhad Majd wrote at 11/14/2017 8:02:32 AM:

This is the most beautiful & every thing I have ever seen . I wish I could have one of them but it is very difficult to Get one in Iran. Germany is always the best in any thing.

AussieMatt wrote at 3/10/2013 2:09:31 AM:

sexiest looking 3d printer I have seen, but guessing it will cost a lot more than others that can produce larger equally as accurate prints (if price is inline with others it would be awesome, but highly doubt it, can see a lot of machine or alloy molds needing to be made which is expensive.

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