Feb.4, 2013

LAYWOO-D3 is a wood-based 3D printing filament invented by Kai Parthy and is designed for the RepRap and similar machines. It is a wood/polymer composite - the filament contains 40% recycled wood and harmless binding polymers. The material has similar thermal durability as PLA and can be printed between 175°C and 250°C.

After printing it looks and smells like wood and can also be handled like wood. Depending on the temperature you can even print wooden-like objects with annual rings. At 180°C, the prints has a light color, at 245°C it becomes darker. Afterwards the printed objects can be cut, grinded or painted.

Check out some print tests made by Gary Hodgson and Jeremie Francois.

Features of LAYWOO-D3 filament:

  • 40% recycled wood
  • very little warp
  • Stick very well on the print bed
  • Can be grinded, sanded and painted
  • Excellent flow properties
  • Similar thermal durability as PLA


LAYWOO-D3 filament is sold in coils of 250 grams (0.55lbs) and it comes in both 1.75mm and 3mm diameter.

Suppliers: Laywood D3 Wood Filament Ø 3 mm, 250g

Switzerland | Swiss RepRap: 19.90 CHF ($21.7 USD)

Austria | RepRap.cc: €17.49 ($23.4 USD)

Germany | German RepRap: €17.95 ($24.3 USD)

Australia | 3dprintergear: $25 USD

Netherlands | FormFutura: €18.95 ($25.7 USD)

Switzerland | Fabberworld: 23.50 CHF ($25.8 USD)

Canada | Voxel Factory: $29 CAD ($29 USD)

Australia | German RepRap Australia: 29.95 AUS ($30.8 USD)

USA | MatterHackers : $33 USD dark cherry color and light cherry color

UK | Replicator Warehouse : £29.95 ($47.1 USD)

USA | Lulzbot: $50 USD


Suppliers: Laywood D3 Wood Filament Ø 1.75 mm, 250g

Austria | RepRap.cc: €17.5 ($23.4 USD)

Australia | 3dprintergear: $27 USD

Germany | German RepRap: €19.94 ($27 USD)

Netherlands | FormFutura: €20.95 ($28.4 USD)

Canada | Voxel Factory: $29 CAD ($29 USD)

Switzerland | Fabberworld: 26.50 CHF ($29.1 USD)

Australia | German RepRap Australia: 37.95 AUS ($39 USD)

USA | Fused3D (Amazon): $44.95


For your convenience 3Dprintergear has designed a printable spool suitable for either 3mm or 1.75mm wood filaments. You can download here on Thingiverse.

If any supplier you know is missing in the list, please contact us.






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Michał wrote at 8/29/2014 1:40:51 PM:

These suppliers are only importers? Or strictly manufacturers? I'm looking for manufacturer of laywood, not importer. Can someone give me any info about it?

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