April 14, 2013

3D model marketplace CGTrader.com has redesigned its system and added some extra features for users to buy and sell 3D models for 3D print and design projects.

Buyers can now bid on the chosen 3D model and offer their own price, which can then be accepted or rejected by the designer.

"There are lots of amazons in this industry, but there was no eBay yet. Possibility to negotiate the price will attract more buyers, thereby helping designers to increase their sales. We believe this will benefit the whole 3D industry and expand the market," says Marius Kalytis, CEO of CGTrader.com.

CGTrader aims to create an ecosystem for fast growing 3D model and 3D printing market. For attracting more professional-level designers, CGTrader allows authors earn over 90% of royalties from selling their 3D models.

Juan Carlos Jimenez, an experienced seller at CGTrader says that "Lower commissions for the sellers mean better prices for the buyers. On this platform we can offer much better prices to our customers. For example, all our products are priced 20% lower than anywhere else and we still get more profits compared to other stores."

Other features include expanded and more precise product search, including filtering and sorting. For example you can filter based on if the 3D models are 3D printable or not. In addition, the 3D model publishing and management system allows user to edit titles and prices, make discount on several products at once.

CGTrader was launched in 2011 and in early 2013 it raised 185K Euro from venture capital fund Practica Capital. Future plans of CGTrader.com include expanding the base of 3D models and 3D design community.


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KnightFire66 wrote at 4/14/2013 8:12:57 PM:

Ouch! I might consider purchasing a 3D model for up to $25, but any higher, no way (at least not in my current financial situation). I'd rather have four sales at $25, than two at $50; just like I'd rather pay $1 for an app than get it for free with ads.

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