May.23, 2013

Jingdong Mall, the largest online B2C market in China, has become the first Chinese retailer to sell 3D printers, starting with the Cube from 3D Systems.

Jingdong Mall is now selling the Cube 3D Printer from 3D Systems for RMB14,999 (USD2,444 / EUR1,893). With added shipping costs, import tax and others, the price is like almost double of the same bought in Staples in the US ($1,299.99).

The 3D printer listed on the website is the second generation of the Cube, which meets all IEC 60950 Printer Safety Requirements for home users. It offers a number of enhancements over the first generation model, including the ability to print up to 1.5 times faster and printing in both ABS and recyclable PLA plastics.

Jingdong Mall will start shipping the Cube by the end of this month. According to Jingdong, the company plans to expand cooperation with other top 3D printer brands in the future. Another giant electronics retailer Suning Tesco also says, as 3D printing scales and becomes more popular, the company will add 3D printers to its program.

"Turn your dreams into reality" - this slogen is written under the Cube 3D printer. A few online shoppers on Jingdong Mall showed their interests to the 3D printer and asked questions like "Can I use it print a mug?""or house? iPad?... or even "Can I print out a girl friend?"... Is the Chinese mass market ready for deskop 3D printers with this price tag? Probably not. But selling 3D printers at big retailers will likely boost its popularity and help the technology to reach to more consumers.


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jd90 wrote at 6/1/2013 3:10:04 AM:

I don't see this flying in China. I'd like to see it in action. One big question I have is the materials, because the cartridges are $50/lb in the US. I'd have to look up whether there are any roadblocks to refilling the cartridge such as an encrypted chip.

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