Turn real objects into Minecraft blocks with DekkoScan iOS app

Jul.15, 2013 -   Portemantho of a small San Francisco-based studio Dekko built an app for iOS that lets you scan real-life objects and brings them to Minecraft. More

Italian startup Makoo materializes your emotions with 3D printing 

Jul.14, 2013 -  How to make your words last forever? Italian start-up Makoo created an online platform that allows you to materialize emotions and words to create a unique and exclusive jewel. More 

Anne Zellien launches customizable jewelry app on Twikit 

Jul.14, 2013 -  Antwerp-based jewelry designer Anne Zellien launches a new personalized jewelry app which allows everyone to add a personal message in 3D printed necklace. More 

Chicago library shows off 3D printers, offering free access to anyone with a library card

Jul.13, 2013 -   Starting this week, everyone in Chicago can get access to a variety of software and equipment with a library card. More

Make a custom 3D printed cookie cutter in a minute 

Jul.13, 2013 -  MakerBot has just released a custom software tool called the Cookie Cutter Customizer that allows you to customize and build your own cookie cutter. More 

3D printed Chicago: See the city as you've never seen it before 

Jul.12, 2013 -  Since 2009, the Chicago Architecture Foundation has been using 3D printing to make models of all the buildings of the city of Chicago. More 

eBay releases Exact iOS app, lets you buy customized 3D-printed products

Jul.12, 2013 -   eBay announced today a new iOS app called eBay Exact that lets users buy customizable 3D-printed merchandise from three leading 3D printing companies. More

Chris Anderson: Terry Gou's definition of 3D printing is too narrow 

Jul.12, 2013 -  Chris Anderson, former Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine, disagreed with the tycoon's dismissive remarks about 3D printing.  More 

NASA hot-fire tests 3D-printed rocket injector 

Jul.12, 2013 -  NASA and Aerojet Rocketdyne recently finished testing a rocket engine injector made through additive manufacturing, or 3D printing. More 

Free workshop to teach parents 3D printing basics

Jul.12, 2013 -   Georgia-based Berry College's business school and 7Hills Makerspace are partnering to sponsor "Christmas in July: 3D Printer Basics for Parents." More

3D printed accordion book of textures and reliefs 

Jul.12, 2013 -  For showing all the wonderful architectural patterning and decoration in Chicago to the world Burtonwood created a 3D printed accordion book: Orihon. More 

First Italian 3D printed superbike makes 3D debut in NY 

Jul.11, 2013 -  The Italian-developed superbike is said to drive like a dream, reaching a top speed of 220 km per hour with a range of 150 km at 70 km/h.  More 

The Bre Pettis Way: Makerbot CEO is starring in a Mazda ad campaign

Jul.11, 2013 -   MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis is featured in a Mazda #GameChanger campaign. Conviction. Creativity. Courage. This is the Bre Pettis way. And the Mazda way. More

Status and Sapiens 3D printer made in Spain 

Jul.11, 2013 -  Spanish company 3Dkits' new Status 3D printer is a compact and lightweight device. The design is neat and tidy with hidden wiring. More 

Deloitte and 3D Systems to launch education and design centers 

Jul.11, 2013 -  Deloitte and 3D Systems today announced an exclusive multi-year alliance to jointly assist companies and industries adopt and integrate 3D printing into their business. More 

Skanect for Mac is launched

Jul.11, 2013 -   Occipital Inc. launches 'Skanect' 1.5, 3D scanning software for Mac OS X Mountain Lion. This new version is optimized to run on recent models of Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro. More

MUJI offering a chance to win a trip and 3D-printed family portrait 

Jul.10, 2013 -  MUJI announced that its USA branch will hold a global campaign for MUJI to GO, a category of MUJI products curated based on the concept of "Good Travels with Good Products".  More 

Opencube to launch desktop 3D printer Japanese model 

Jul.10, 2013 -  Yokohama-based Japanese company Opencube Inc is developing a 3D printer which is set to launch on July 29, 2013.  More 

Artist creates 3D printed 'Venus of Google' using Google Images

Jul.10, 2013 -   Plummer-Fernandez's latest work The Venus of Google was generated using algorithmic image-comparison technique. The subject was 'found' when Plummer-Fernandez was googling a photograph. More

3D printing marketplace MakerShop offers customizable shops to designers 

Jul.10, 2013 -  3D printing design marketplace MakerShop offers designers flexibility with new subscription plans that let 3D printer designers customize shops with embedded HTML. More 

LEGObot 3D printer made almost completely out of Lego

Jul.10, 2013 -  Matthew's LEGObot is based on the first version of the Makerbot. It is made almost completely out of Lego bricks. More 

3D Systems introduces strong and durable VisiJet M3 Black material

Jul.9, 2013 -   3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today a new plastic injection molding-like material– VisiJet M3 Black for use in its ProJet 3500/3510 professional 3D printers. More

Artist to 3D print turn of the century Coney Island… with YOU in it 

Jul.9, 2013 -  Kahl's goal is to design and 3D print a replica of Coney Island's famed Luna Park, as it stood a hundred years ago, and populate it with portraits from the studio. More 

3D printing of liquid metals at room temperature  

Jul.9, 2013 -  Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed 3D printing technology and techniques to create free-standing structures made of liquid metal at room temperature. More 

Mixee Labs launching "customized cufflinks" tool

Jul.9, 2013 -   The Mixee Labs is launching today customized cufflinks that allows anybody to design their own cufflinks. These cufflinks are 3D printed with stainless steel. More

A visit to 3D Atelier in Netherlands 

Jul.9, 2013 -  Andrew is paying a visit to 3D Atelier in Arhhem. This workshop, 3D Atelier, had a bunch of really cool 3D printing going on. More 

Funny or Die: office 3D printer will drive employees crazy 

Jul.8, 2013 -  What will happen when your office installs a 3D printer which can print anything as you wish? This video by Funny or Die shows part of the future. More 

In a first, this apartment in East Boston may offered with 3D printer

Jul.8, 2013 -   Developer Alex Hodara is offering a 3D printer in one of the three units at the under-redevelopment 191 Everett Street in East Boston. More

Win a Cube 3D Printer in the "Summer Sunglass Design Challenge" 

Jul.8, 2013 -  Want to win a Cube 3D printer? Cubify launched its Summer Sunglass Design Challenge running all summer long from July 2, 2013 to August 31, 2013. More 

Is FreeSculpt 3D printer just a rebranded Chinese Myriwell? 

Jul.8, 2013 -  A gadget supplier "Pearl" in Germany is selling a new 3D printer from "3D FreeSculpt" for 800 Euros (USD1,028). It is promoted as "the first ready-to-use 3D printer. More 

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