Kabuku receives $3.3M from Global Brain to boost 3D printing marketplace Rinkak

Aug.31, 2015 - Japanese startup Kabuku, headquartered in Tokyo, which manages Japan's largest online 3D printing service Rinkak, announced that it received 400M JPY – about 3.3 million USD – from Global Brain financing. More

'Your Nyth, Your Style': ROCCAT introduces 3D print library for its Nyth MMO mouse

Aug.31, 2015 - In the wake of the release of the Roccat Nyth MMO Mouse, a fully modular and customizable specialty gaming mouse, the Hamburg based company Roccat has launched its own 3D Print Library from which gamers can choose and purchase their additional parts and buttons. More

Zortrax emphasize customization with impressive 3D printed loudspeaker

Aug.31, 2015 - Polish 3D printer manufacturers Zotrax has just vigorously argued that we shouldn't be looking at 3D printers for mass-production, but always for customization – something emphasized through very cool looking 3D printed loudspeaker. More

Animotus, 3D printed GPS-like guidance cube changes shapes to point you in the right direction

Aug.31, 2015 - Adam Spiers has developed a remarkable immersive story-telling game set in the complete darkness of an abandoned London church, in which players can navigate through rooms and events using a 3D printed guidance cube that points them in the right direction. More

Pentagon teams up with Apple, Boeing to develop flexible 3D printed wearables

Aug.31, 2015 - Defense Secretary Ash Carter has just announced a new partnership with a large conglomerate of 96 companies, 42 universities called FlexTech Alliance to develop the next-generation range of 3D printed wearables. More

World's first wine gum 3D printer Magic Candy Factory unveiled in Berlin café

Aug.31, 2015 - German candy manufacturer Katjes has unveiled the Magic Candy Factory, the world's first commercial wine gum 3D printer, in the Grün-Ohr café in Berlin. Customers are invited to choose the color and shape of their own 3D printed candy. More

'Maker Dad' creates son Optimus Prime Transformer birthday cake using 3D printed components

Aug.28, 2015 - With the goal of making his son's dreams come true (like most good parents), Youtuber Russell Munro (AKA 'Russellmunro') and his wife recently went through the effort of creating a customized Transformers-themed transforming birthday cake starring none other than Optimus Prime himself. More

Hardware developer aims to create working 'Baby-EMdrive' Thruster using 3D printed components

Aug.28, 2015 - Among others is a new(ish) type of thruster invented by Roger Shawyer called the EMdrive. Unlike other propulsion systems that rely on repelling mass to produce thrust, the EMdrive can convert electrical energy into thrust directly - or so has been speculated. More

Modern-Day 'Monument Men' believe 3D cameras and 3D printers could save IS-threat artefacts

Aug.28, 2015 - Oxford and NYU universities recently announced that a team consisting of modern-day "Monument Men" will be "flooding" Syria and Iraq with 3D cameras to catalogue buildings of historical significance, preserving knowledge of them should they be obliterated by the area's terror groups - such as ISIS. More

Limbitless Solutions launches campaign to send 75 3D printed bionic arms to displaced Syrian children

Aug.28, 2015 - Limbitless Solutions has launched a crowdfunding page through Indiegogo that aims to raise US$40,000 to help send 75 bionic limbs and books to displaced Syrian kids, after Limbitless teamed up with Help Syria. More

Professor uses 3D printed vegemite to power LEDs - could this be the future of edible electronics?

Aug.28, 2015 - Not only has professor Marc in het Panhuis successfully 3D printed Vegemite, he has proved that the material is an ideal conductor of electricity. Could this be the future of edible electronics? More

3D printing helps surgeons successfully complete intracranial aneurysm surgeries for 50-year-old

Aug.28, 2015 - Neurosurgeons in China are applying 3D printing to very complex brain surgeries to deal with intracranial aneurysm patients. Since 2014, they have dealt with about 10 patients this way, recently tackling another. The tenth patient was the fifty-year-old Li Yimu, from Quanzhou, China. More

North Drinkware used 3D printing to design awesome Mt. Hood Pint Glass, raised over $531K on Kickstarter

Aug.28, 2015 - North Drinkware was so successful earlier this year with extremely cool pint glasses featuring Oregon's iconic Mount Hood embedded in the bottom, a product realized with the help of 3D printed prototyping. More

Artist Nitzan Kish 3D prints modular self-defense outfits with integrated weaponry for women

Aug.28, 2015 - Nitzan Kish's 3D printing 'Me, Myself & I' project is a gorgeous, yet slightly intimidating modular set of self-defense wearables for the modern women. And with this project, she certainly approaches 3D printed clothing from a very unusual perspective. More

ViscoTec's new FDD Starter Kit allows users to easily 3D print with pastes and fluids

Aug.27, 2015 - ViscoTec's new Fluid Dosing & Deposition (FDD) technology - which they are calling a big step forward for the 3D printing sector - allows the industry fast and precise 3D printing of fluids and pastes. More

WonderLuk online file sharing platform to launch 3D printed jewellery pop-up

Aug.27, 2015 - This weekend, WonderLuk is holding their first-ever 3D printed jewellery pop-up shop in Boxpark, Shoreditch - leading up to London's Fashion Week. Already, the company has worked with some prominent 3D artists around the world including New York fashion designer Francis Bitonti. More

More fashion designers turn to Ultimaker to bring 3D printed fashion designs to the catwalk

Aug.27, 2015 - While the various 3D printed fashions of the past certainly garnered attention in their own right, a new crop of designers are paving their own path with 3D printed fashions and coincidentally, many of them are doing so using an Ultimaker 3D printer. More

Use a 3Doodler 3D printing pen to create an incredible multi-colored lampshades

Aug.27, 2015 - 3Doodler expert Grace Du Prez has created a collection of lampshades using the 3Doodler in combination with a handful of household items. Better yet - she's even shared the instructions on how to make your own '3D printed lampshade' using simple step-by-step instructions. More

3D Systems introduces new next generation 3DMe Photobooth with enhanced user experience

Aug.27, 2015 - 3D Systems has unveiled today their new generation of 3DMe Photobooth with enhanced user experience, aiming to bring the full 3DMe experience to retail spaces and events. More

Tiny 3D printed smart microfish robots may deliver drugs in your blood

Aug.27, 2015 - The 3D printed smart 'microfish' robots, developed by a team of researchers from the University of California can be used to inject in bloodstreams and perform complex medical tasks. The diverse capabilities attributed to them include functioning as sensors, detoxification, directed drug delivery and much more. More

ACROBOTIC launches smart LED pixel set Pulsar, builds 3D printed soundless clock and more wit hit

Aug.27, 2015 - Pulsar is a set of smart, wireless and wearable LED pixels. As its makers ACROBOTIC illustrate with a 3D printed soundless alarm clock, is perfect for 3D printing. More

Plug-and-play multi-purpose Bocusini 3D food printer scheduled for Feb 2016 release

Aug.27, 2015 - Bocusini plug-and-play food 3D printer is progressing well, its cartridges seem to work, and it is now scheduled for a release in February 2016. The Bocusini has also opened for preorders. More

NASA successfully tests 3D printed turbopump for rocket propulsion, reaching 90,000 rpms

Aug.27, 2015 - NASA has just successfully tested a 3D printed turbopump for in a rocket engine at their Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. During the test with liquid hydrogen propellant, the turbopump was able to generate and withstand more than 90,000 revolutions per minute (or rpms). More

The impressive Loom Launcher 3D printed rubber band launcher is made from a single 3D printed part

Aug.26, 2015 - The Loom Launcher, 3D printed, mechanical, multi-shot, self-priming, rubber-band launcher was born. Perhaps what's most impressive however, is that the Loom Launcher can be created in a single print without the need for assembling multiple parts - the result of over two-dozen prototypes and many keyboard strokes. More

3D printed wheelchair Hand Drive is an affordable replacement to expensive lever-powered wheelchairs

Aug.26, 2015 - The 3D printed wheelchair Hand Drive attachment - which aims to be an affordable replacement to the otherwise expensive lever-powered wheelchairs that retailed for up to $10K - was developed to be used with existing wheelchair designs. More

Doctors use 3D printing to save boy with severely deformed legs & 'Porcelain Doll' condition

Aug.26, 2015 - A six-year-old boy named Xiao Feng - who suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta - underwent a surgical procedure to help solve his problem with the aide of 3D printing. More

Aussie couple uses 3D printing to develop Lenzcase: an iPhone 6 case that also holds your reading glasses

Aug.26, 2015 - The Lenzcase is a sleek iPhone 6 case that is hardly bigger than a typical case, and yet holds a pair of reading glasses and an efficient spring-loaded extrusion mechanism. Developed by an Australian couple using 3D printing, this is the perfect solution for people who don't want to carry a bulky case around. More

MyStemKits takes 3D printing platform for STEM education to Kickstarter

Aug.26, 2015 - A new educational 3D printing platform called MyStemKits, which has been specifically made for STEM teachers and students, has launched a very promising Kickstarter campaign. More

3D printed DreamMe allows you to see your Smartphone screen on your ceiling at night

Aug.26, 2015 - Invented by German Yvonne Joh, the DreamMe is a low-cost 3D printed projection unit you place on top of your smartphone to project visible, but not disturbing info on your bedroom ceiling. More

8-year-old Omkar's 3D printed O Watch kit launches on Kickstarter

Aug.26, 2015 - 8-year-old aspiring programmer and maker Omkar Govil-Nair has developed his very own 3D printed O Watch smartwatch. They have now launched 3D printed O Watch smartwatch on Kickstarter and have already gathered more than $9,000 in pledges, of a $15,000 goal. More

RedWorks seeks to 3D print housing on Mars using in situ resources & generative design-based 3D printing method

Aug.25, 2015 - A team of aerospace engineering and additive manufacturing efforts at RedWorks has been combining the best of their abilities to develop a solution for creating on-demand habits using readily available dirt on Mars. More

RETR3D platform lets users turn e-waste into 3D printers for developing countries

Aug.25, 2015 - UK charity Techfortrade has been actively developing ways to put 3D printers into the hands of those in developing countries to enable them to create their own customized solutions. Their solution came in creating a piece of software that enables creators to take e-waste components and use them to build 3D printers. More

Gartner says medical applications are leading the next generation of 3D printing hype

Aug.25, 2015 - In a newly-released "Hype Cycle for 3D Printing 2015" report from the company, Gartner researchers are claiming that a large amount of 3D printing growth in the past year has been linked to advancements in medical applications and certain specialist applications are already becoming the norm in medical care. More

The Cosmogony 3D printed prosthetic hand features a built-in space-themed game

Aug.25, 2015 - Debbie Leung, an electrical engineer who has been experimenting with 3D printing technology for the past couple of years, has been actively developing Cosmogony - a cyborg hand that features a built-in game called "Expand Your Universe". More

Adafruit shares designs for very cool and stylish 3D printed 10" Raspberry Pi Tablet

Aug.25, 2015 - The Ruiz bros have now tackled something that we were hoping for ever since seeing their Raspberry Pi Mini Computer and this PC monitor: a 3D printable tablet. More

Raspberry Pi powered MrRobot lets users control 3D printable Rapiro robot using an Ubuntu phone

Aug.25, 2015 - Hacker Joseph Wang gave a new dimension to the 3D printable Rapiro robot by building an app that enables the robot to make R2D2-like noises and interact with the user. Called MrRobot Project, this fun little creation completely revolves around the educational and open-source Rapiro robot. More

A.T. Kearney: 3D printing market to grow to $17.2 billion by 2020

Aug.25, 2015 - Consultancy firm AT Kearney is adding fuel to our optimism with the publication of a recent study, which predicts that the market is set to triple in value over the next couple of years to $17.2 billion by 2020. More

Open Bionics affordable 3D printed prosthetic hand wins UK James Dyson Award

Aug.25, 2015 - British Open Bionics' affordable 3D-printed prosthetic hand that can be customized and made more cheaply than current alternatives wins this year's UK James Dyson Award. More

Spanish startup TooytooSimple unveils 'Simple V1' 3D printer extruder on Kickstarter

Aug.24, 2015 - The Simple V1 from TooytooSimple in Barcelona, Spain aims to be the best extruder and hotend for the growing community of reprap and commercial 3D printer users who are looking to improve performance, increase print resolution and virtually eliminate clogging issues and loss of step in the X axis. More

Loving mother creates 3D printed box for coating bitter pills with chocolate for son with Crohn's Disease

Aug.24, 2015 - Mother Dully Katzeff found a solution for her son's constant need to take medications he didn't like in the form of the Pill Coater - a 3D printed box that is able to cover her son's medication in chocolate. More

MobileFusion: Microsoft project turns any smartphone into a 3D scanner

Aug.24, 2015 - Peter Ondruska - a student in the Mobile Robotics Group at the University of Oxford - along with Pushmeet Kohli and Shahram Izadi of Microsoft Research have developed a new system for making real-time scans of 3D surfaces using the existing tech within our smartphones - without any hardware modifications. More

Imec and TU Delft develop revolutionary wireless EEG headset using 3D printing

Aug.24, 2015 - Imec and TU Delft have announced a new wireless electroencephalogram (EEG) headset that can be worn comfortably and achieves a high-quality EEG signal. The base of the headset is 3D printed in a single piece. More

Fascinating LumiPocket LT, a resin 3D printer, engraver & etcher combo launches on Kickstarter

Aug.24, 2015 - LumiPocket LT has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Unlike all the others, the LumiPocket multi-functional Personal Fabricator actually relies on resin SLA 3D printing. More

Redditor SexyCyborg designs cool 3D printed shoes filled with penetration test kit

Aug.24, 2015 - SexyCyborg is now back for more and has 3D printed a set of hollow high heels, with the express purpose of secretly carrying a penetration testing kit around. More

Nike 3D prints an amazing ferrofluid display, transforming KD8 sneaker into art

Aug.24, 2015 - By combing their iconic KD8 shoe with 3D printing and ferrofluids, Nike has created a mesmerizing and constantly changing work of art. It can be found in Niketown NYC in New York City. More

MIT closing in on Holy Grail with MultiFab 3D printer - prints 10 different materials in a single print run

Aug.24, 2015 - Researchers over at MIT have just unveiled the CSAIL MultiFab 3D printer which can print functional objects out of at least ten different material options in a single printing session. More

This very cool 3D printed RDAS Unfolding CubeSat rover robot can aid safety in disaster scenarios

Aug.22, 2015 - Erin Kennedy has used 3D printing to tackle very common issues: how do you safely transport and deploy robots in hazardous environments and then control it at a distance? Her solution is RDAS Unfolding CubeSat rover robot (short for Rapid Deployable Automation System. More

Australian man builds the first ever hybrid petrol/electric bicycle using UP Mini 3D printer

Aug.21, 2015 - One Western Australian man, David Kitson, has built the world's first hybrid petrol/electric bicycle using an UP Mini 3D printer and an old bike. After finding the bicycle in a pile of trash over Christmas, David Kitson repaired it back into working condition - however he got the idea to go a step further and convert it into a hybrid bicycle. More

3Dom USA releases new Wound Up 3D printer filament made from coffee waste

Aug.21, 2015 - 3D printer filament manufacturer 3Dom USA - in partnership with Fargo, North Dakota based bio-composite company, c2renew - has released a new bio-material made from coffee waste that they're calling Wound Up. More

Robot Factory team uses their new Copperface Kit to galvanize 3D print for client

Aug.21, 2015 - The Copperface kit is the result of Italy-based Robot Factory's exhaustive research and development centered around producing a low-cost option for the metallization of non-conductive materials in the 3D printing space. More

Aurora Labs' low-cost '100 times faster' metal 3D printer gains interest from NASA

Aug.21, 2015 - NASA has been in contact with the Australian startup Aurora Labs about using their small format 3D printers to produce micro-satellites, rocket engines and rocket vehicles. More

Autodesk teams with LLNL to design 3D printable objects (helmet) in next-gen materials

Aug.21, 2015 - Autodesk has announced a progressive collaboration with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) with the purpose of using the latest software innovations to make 3D printable design of next generation materials possible. The first goal? To design and 3D print protective metamaterial helmets. More

Is 3D printing for all generations? YouTubers expose the elderly to 3D printer

Aug.21, 2015 - The team of YouTube professional behind the reaction videos of Fine Brothers Entertainment - who specialize in reaction clips - helped a group of elderly people get to grips with the basics of 3D printing, and you'd be surprized at how quickly they realize its potential. More

The + Shelf 3D printed joints let you design and construct your own modular furniture

Aug.21, 2015 - These fantastic 3D printed connectors called the + Shelf designed by Instructable user Shurly, enable designers and homeowners to easily create fantastic modular pieces of furniture. More

MIT's Mediated Matter unveils breakthrough G3DP glass 3D printer with stunning precision

Aug.21, 2015 - One design team at MIT called Mediated Matter has developed a 3D printing platform capable of 3D printing optically transparent works of glass with a remarkable level of precision. More

Ocean Alliance uses 3D printing to help make 'Snotbot', the whale snot-collecting drone

Aug.20, 2015 - Currently in existence as a Kickstarter campaign, the Snotbot initiative is currently raising awareness and funds to purchase and assemble a fleet of drones that can be used on expeditions to help collect samples, record data and provide other information as needed. More

3D printing helps London Underground's Victoria Station refurbishment

Aug.20, 2015 - Transport for London (TFL) turned to London's Hobs Reprographics and their 3D printing know-how to communicate plans to upgrade the Victoria Station underground tube station to a number of stakeholders including contractors, neighbors and local authorities. More

Melissa Ng unveils her amazing collection of metallic 3D printed masks 'for dreamers'

Aug.20, 2015 - Aiming to help "dreamers find courage", Melissa Ng designs and produces intricately-detailed 3D printed masks that are designed to help users "break through fear and self doubt and empower (themselves) to fight for (their) dreams." More

Injured Brazilian toucan receives custom 3D printed beak prosthetic

Aug.20, 2015 - A toucan from Brazil who had lost a portion of its beak after flying into a window off the coast of São Paulo was also aided by a 3D printed prosthetic beak thanks to some generous locals who dedicated their time to helping the bird. More

Reinvent furniture with 3D printing: meet Voxel, a cube that acts both as a table or seat

Aug.20, 2015 - For a master's course in Ex-Lab Digital Furniture Fabrication, architecture student Joshua Stellini employed 3D printing technology to reinvent furniture: through the strategic use of NinjaFlex tiles, he developed the Voxel cube that functions as both a table and a stool. More

Carbon3D raises $100M from Google Ventures for its ultra-fast CLIP 3D printing technology

Aug.20, 2015 - 3D printing startup Carbon3D, which has developed new CLIP 3D printing technology, has closed a $100 million Series C investment led by Google Ventures. More

3D Printer Filament Storage Stand solves humidity problems once and for all

Aug.20, 2015 - The 3D Printer Filament Storage Stand is a container platform that holds up to six rolls of filament and that has been expressly designed to fit right under your 3D printer. More

3D printing helps UK designers develop The Nipper, 'The World's Smallest Phone Charger'

Aug.19, 2015 - Inspired by the need to create a portable, on-the-go power solution for smartphone users, designers Doug Stokes and Chris Tait of Design on Impulse in the UK recently created what they are calling "The World's Smallest Phone Charger" - AKA "The Nipper". More

Paralo turns to 3D printing to develop comfortable and cheap Google Cardboard headset

Aug.19, 2015 - Inspired by the ease of creating a smartphone mount with cardboard, Paralo team in Brooklyn, NY has developed a new type of virtual reality headset that's designed to make the VR experience a much more fun and accessible experience for everybody. More

Massive 'The Beast' 3D printer coming to Kickstarter - 'big enough to print a child'

Aug.19, 2015 - Appropriately titled "The Beast", Cultivate3D's new 3D printer is capable of printing four identical objects during a single print in completely different colors and materials or printing a single object within its massive 470 x 435 x 690 millimeter build volume. More

Studio Ilio designs impressive furniture using discarded SLS 3D printing waste

Aug.19, 2015 - Designers and recent Royal College of Art graduates Fabio Hendry and Seongil Choi found a way to recycle the discarded powder to create unique '3D printed' furniture pieces and other small structures. More

itSeez3D ports their mobile 3D scanning app to devices equipped with Intel RealSense camera

Aug.19, 2015 - Mobile 3D scanning software developer itSeez3D announced today that it has ported the itSeez3D mobile scanner application to Intel RealSense platform and will release a new app to bring mobile 3D scanning access to both professional and recreational users. More

Meet Paolo, a 3D printable minimalist electric scooter designed by Spanish artist Josep Bolart

Aug.19, 2015 - Spanish designer Josep Bolart has recently unveiled a 3D printable scooter called the Paolo. This is a minimalist electronic scooter that is ultra-cheap and can be made from recycled materials and even be (almost completely) 3D printed. More

Hong Kong unveils its first one-stop '3D Printing One' center to help educate citizens about 3D printing

Aug.19, 2015 - On Tuesday Hong Kong opened up '3D Printing One', their first 'one-stop' 3D printing education and support center which aims to both promote the understanding of and increase the adoption of 3D printing technologies to users in a range of different industry. More

3D Labs develops new LED.W resin with shape memory features for 3D printing

Aug.19, 2015 - German startup 3D Labs is about to release their own LED.W resin that features shape memory properties – much like memory foam or Shape Memory Alloys – causing it to return to its original shape even after the object's form is altered through heat. More

9-month-old baby born with 5 holes in heart, 3D printed heart models help surgeons save his life

Aug.19, 2015 - The nine-month-old boy Chen Chen who was born with 5 holes in heart has just undergone successful and crucial heart surgery that had been prepared with the help of 3D printed heart models. More

ORNL develops 3D printed home and car that can power each other with solar or natural gas

Aug.19, 2015 - The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has developed a flashy 3D printed home and car with a progressive energy unit that enables owners to use their home (solar) to power their car, and the other way around (with natural gas). More

Taiwan's Addwii announces the X1, low-cost full-color binder jetting 3D printer for $20,000

Aug.18, 2015 - Taiwanese 3D printer manufacturer Addwii has just unveiled their X1 3d printer, which uses full-color 3D printing technology and is priced below $20,000 - half of what it costs to purchase an existing similar full color 3D printer. More

Dutch maker creates 3D printed glow in the dark Baneling creature from Starcraft 2

Aug.18, 2015 - The talented digital sculptor Andy de Bruin took to Zbrush to create a digital 3D model of 'Baneling' from the StarCraft 2 game and 3D printed it using different materials to highlight the creature's unique attributes - including glow in the dark features made from Glow in the Dark PLA. More

Italian photographer develops new extruder with WASP for 3D printing with light

Aug.18, 2015 - Italian artist Gianluca Pugliese (aka 'Owen') used a 3D printer for light painting. Light painting, which is actually a form of photography rather than painting, is when a camera's exposure time is set for a prolonged amount of time in a dark environment while a light moves within the frame. More

3D Systems announces tough, smooth & flexible Nylon material for CubePro 3D printer

Aug.18, 2015 - 3D Systems announced today that it has expanded its PlasticJet Printing materials to include a new Nylon for CubePro 3D printers. This material is engineered with a blend that includes Nylon 6 and compatible with Infinity Rinse-Away water-soluble support material. More

US Air Force's new flexible 3D printed electronics can monitor health and help us stay safe

Aug.18, 2015 - The US Air Force and the American Chemical Society have used 3D printing technology to develop flexible hybrid electronic materials that are small, compact, powerful and above all able to withstand extreme external pressures – thus perfect for use on aircraft and even on bombs. More

5-year-old girl with 3D printed hand throws out first pitch at Baltimore Orioles baseball game

Aug.18, 2015 - 5-year-old Hailey Dawson recently received a 3D printed prosthetic from a team of students, and showed off its ability at the baseball game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Oakland Athletics last night by throwing the ceremonial first pitch at Camden Yards in Baltimore. More

Chinese White Pelican receives 3D printed beak prosthesis after courtship fight

Aug.18, 2015 - One White Pelican in the Dalian Forest Zoo has just become the first animal to be saved by 3D printing technology in China, after its beak was seriously injured in a courtship fight with other pelicans. More

Google's partially 3D printed humanoid Atlas robot goes on successful walk in the woods

Aug.18, 2015 - Boston Dynamics, purchased by Google in 2013, has been working on a 1.88 meter tall bipedal, partially 3D printed, rescue robot for a while now, which has just completed a very successful test run out in New England's nature. More

Create your own 3D printed tetrahedral kite with OpenKite

Aug.17, 2015 - Now, those with a 3D printer can create their very own open source kite design to enjoy over the last month of Summer with OpenKite. The kite design is based off of a simplified building system that consists of several 3D printed components of varying shapes and sizes. More

The $100 SelfieBot brings face-tracking video to smartphones thanks to 3D printing

Aug.17, 2015 - Aimed at becoming the go-to device for hands-free video calls on smartphones, the SelfieBot could also theoretically be used as a mobile wifi camera, a video baby monitor, a videoconferencing device, a wireless charger and even an external power bank thanks to the on-board power supply. More

3D print your own Bicycle Bubble Machine from the Thingiverse Catch the Wind Challenge

Aug.17, 2015 - Thingiverse project creator Heinz Drei uploaded the design files for his 3D printable Bicycle Bubble Machine invention for the Thingiverse Catch the Wind Challenge - a challenge he won along with two others. More

Create the winning 3D printed Riesenrad Giant Wheel from Thingiverse #SeeTheWorld Challenge

Aug.17, 2015 - Thingiverse user 'stylesuxx' won a Thingiverse challenge based on international landmarks with a 3D printable version of Vienna's Riesenrad (Giant Wheel) - one of the city's most widely-known landmarks that was originally built in 1897. More

NASA releases free 3D printable files for Curiosity Mars Rover

Aug.17, 2015 - The Curiosity Rover was launched way back in 2011 and has now been driving around for just over three years. NASA has taken the opportunity of this anniversary to release a cool 3D printable model of the Curiosity Rover. More

Australian dad 3D prints Star Wars Speeder Bike rocking horse for his little daughter

Aug.17, 2015 - Australian dad Tez Gelmir has used 3D printing to create a fantastic rocking chair for his young daughter that is an almost exact replica of the Star Wars 74-Z Speeder Bike from the Return of the Jedi movie. More

Gizmo 3D DLP printer now capable of 3D printing teeth, features improved software & metal embedding options

Aug.17, 2015 - The Gizmo 3D DLP printer is now capable of 3D printing objects as complex and detailed as teeth, while even featuring a much improved software package and options for embedding metal parts into to printing process. More

8-year-old child develops 3D printed smartwatch kit for kids to learn coding and 3D printing

Aug.17, 2015 - 8-year-old aspiring programmer and maker Omkar Govil-Nair has developed his very own 3D printed O Watch smartwatch and plans to make it available everywhere through a crowdfunding campaign. More

Create a 3D printed interactive talking d20 20-sided gaming die for roleplaying games

Aug.14, 2015 - Designed to be used for a "good laugh", Burgess' 'Talking d20' is a talking 20-sided die that can be produced using 3D printing and some basic electronics assembly and programming. More

EVX Ventures unveils the Immortus solar powered sports car built from 3D printed components

Aug.14, 2015 - Based on existing solar race car technology originally founded by Australia's Aurora Solar Car Team, the Immortus from EVX Ventures is a solar electric car designed to generate its own power through over 75 square feet of solar photovoltaic paneling - including on the wheels. More

Shanghai Children's Medical Center opens China's first pediatric 3D printing medical research unit

Aug.14, 2015 - Thanks to the continued success of using 3D printing to aid in surgical procedures, the country - along with 3D printing giant Materialise - proudly unveiled their first pediatric-specific 3D digital medical research facility in Shanghai at the Shanghai Children's Medical Center on Thursday, August 13th. More

Gazan medico team develops 3D printed, 30-cent stethoscope for developing world

Aug.14, 2015 - Tarek Loubani, an emergency physician who is currently working in the Gaza strip, recently created a stethoscope using a 3D printer at a cost of just thirty cents. Impressively, the 3D printed stethoscope is just as effective in practice as an equivalent $200 or more professional device. More

Create your own fully-modular 3D printed pulley-driven robot

Aug.14, 2015 - The PulleyBot from Instructables user 'printeraction' is among one of the better ones that we've seen and can even be modified with a number of different parts. The simple, single actuator 3D printed toy features a transmission and is made up entirely of pulley systems. More

Neuron Robotics introduces BowlerStudio, a free robotics design, simulation and 3D printing platform

Aug.14, 2015 - In an effort to make the process of building a robot from scratch using 3D printing methods as seamless as possible, Neuron Robotics has recently unveiled Bowler Studio, a new robot development application that combines scripting and device management with powerful control and processing features. More

Help eNABLE 3D print 1,000 prosthetic hands by September 15th, 2015

Aug.13, 2015 - In an effort to further expand their reach to more users in need around the world, eNABLE is reaching out to the 3D printing community to crowdsource the largest donation of 3D printed hands yet - 1,000. More

Mycroft is the first ever open source artificial intelligence platform for everyone

Aug.13, 2015 - The team behind Mycroft has just launched a Kickstarter campaign offering the world's first open source, open hardware Artificial Intelligence platform that's based on the Raspberry Pi 2 and Arduino development platforms. More

Convert your 3D printer into a laser cutter with the $195 L-Cheapo module

Aug.13, 2015 - Russian entrepreneur George Fomitchev and electrical engineer Matteo Borri of Endurance have developed a solution in the form of the L-CHEAPO 445-nanometer blue diode laser that can be mounted onto existing 3D printers or CNC mills. More

Chinese military begins using part production library for 3D printing replacement parts in the field

Aug.12, 2015 - The People's Liberation Army of China used 3D printing to replace a damaged part of a vehicle while in a remote region. To demonstrate the capabilities of their 3D printers in the field, they conducted a drill that was designed to emulate scenarios that happen in the field. More

Grad art student turns to 3D printing to create impressive futuristic RC car

Aug.12, 2015 - Jakub Ratajczyk, a a graduate student of Academy of Fine Arts, chose to 3D print a radio controlled car as his graduate project as an opportunity to fuse together multiple skillsets including modeling, robotics, programing, electronics and of course, 3D printing. More

Hermit crab gets an incredibly beautiful 3D printed shell modeled after a Japanese wedding chapel

Aug.12, 2015 - Japanese artist Aki Inomata 3D prints truly fascinating homes for hermit crabs, with the latest installment called 'white chapels' taking inspiration from Japanese wedding chapels. More

Japan's 3D printed Privacy Visor will block facial recognition software for $240

Aug.12, 2015 - The National Institute of Informatics from Japan have used 3D printing to develop an interest set of privacy visors to block facial recognition software. More

Impressive Formaker, 4-in-1 CNC mill, laser, PCB maker & 3D printer launches on Kickstarter

Aug.12, 2015 - Zhuhai CTC Electronic has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for a very impressive and remarkably affordable all-in-one desktop manufacturing machine called the Formaker, that operates as a CNC mill, a laser cutter, a PCB etcher and a double-headed 3D printer. More

Blokko combines storytelling and 3D printing into one fun toy marketplace

Aug.12, 2015 - 3D printing technology definitely has the potential to become a fun medium for creating cool and unique children's toys. One startup from Singapore called Blokko combines fun and fresh storytelling from authors from all over the world with matching 3D printed toys. More

Germany's Wacker Chemie unveils new silicone 3D printing technology

Aug.12, 2015 - In a recently published Q2 report from the global chemical company, the company has revealed that the silicone branch of the company has developed a groundbreaking new process for 3D printing with silicone. More

3devo prepares to launch sleek NEXT 1.0 high end filament extruder on Kickstarter

Aug.11, 2015 - Established as a new venture from Devoteq, a Dutch mechanical engineering company, 3devo has recently unveiled the NEXT 1.0, the world's first high-end, consumer-friendly filament extruder with the goal of putting high quality filament in the hands of Makers of all types. More

China's 3DCloud unveils new QiaoKe chocolate 3D printer with a unique solid feed system

Aug.11, 2015 - 3DCloud (of BEcoda) recently unveiled their latest product, the QiaoKe Food 3D Printer at the 2015 Beijing Urban Science Festival. Unsurprisingly, the printers attracted a lot of interested (and hungry) onlookers. More

WASP develops new 3D printing method for modular reinforced concrete beams

Aug.11, 2015 - For their latest development towards changing the future of home manufacturing, the WASP team has developed a system to produce concrete elements that can be assembled with steel bars and beams or can compose pillars in reinforced concrete. More

Researchers develop Encore tool for augmenting everyday objects with 3D printing

Aug.11, 2015 - A team of four researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University are set to improve our design possibilities tremendously with Encore, tool for easily augmenting everyday objects with 3D printing. More

Scientists develop 3D printed device to help solve cocktail-party problem

Aug.11, 2015 - With a very simple 3D printed solution, scientists from Duke University have now come up with a good, if somewhat unwieldy solution to help computers solve cocktail-party problem. More

Chocobot is the first made-in-India commercial chocolate 3D printer

Aug.11, 2015 - Bangalore-based Global 3D Labs is about to release India's first commercially available chocolate 3D printer: the Chocobot, a multifunctional tool capable of directly 3D printing dark, white, milk and other chocolates. More

Made In Space successfully completes 3D printing in vacuum of space, outside the ISS

Aug.11, 2015 - Made In Space, which was founded with the express focus of zero-gravity 3D printing, has just announced that they have successfully concluded 3D printing experiments in the vacuum of space. More

SpaceVR wants to make 3D, virtual reality movies in space, launches Kickstarter campaign

Aug.11, 2015 - SpaceVR has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to encourage backers to become astronauts by helping to fund Overview One, SpaceVR's high-definition camera that will be placed on the ISS's cupola, offering an astronaut's perspective of the world to consumers. More

Maker uses 3D printing to convert 1980s Fisher Price cassette player into a Bluetooth speaker

Aug.10, 2015 - Talented hardware hacker Matt Gruskin recently converted the old and iconic Fisher Price cassette player into a Bluetooth speaker. 'This is my #826 Fisher-Price tape recorder, which was manufactured on January 21, 1987 (as stamped in the battery compartment),' explains Gruskin in a blog post. More

Use 3D printing to hack a mechanical pencil into a soldering wire dispenser

Aug.10, 2015 - Using a simple, easy-to-find Papermate .5 mm mechanical pencil, Instructables user Proto G has designed a 3D printed attachment for the plastic pencil that transforms it from a writing instrument to a dispensable storage vessel for .5 mm magnet wire. More

Frank Kolkman uses 3D printing to create OpenSurgery DIY surgical robot

Aug.10, 2015 - Dezeen and MINI collaborated with Royal College of Art graduate Frank Kolkman to build an open-source surgical robot machine that could enable people to perform keyhole surgery on themselves using just a Playstation 3 video game controller. More

Virginia Tech students prepare to launch 3D printer on NASA rocket ship

Aug.10, 2015 - On Tuesday, August 11th, a group of Virginia Tech College of Engineering students are gearing up to see a 3D printer design of their own get launched into orbit from nearby Wallops Flight Facility, too. More

Taiwanese artist 3D prints fun modular toys of endangered Formosan Black Bear and rhino

Aug.10, 2015 - Taiwanese artist Chen Jian's two designs, one for the Formosan Black Bear and one of the Rhino, are simple to make and feature movable limbs, but both more importantly serve as a reminder that very few of these majestic animals are still around. More

DENTCA receives FDA Clearance for the First 3D printable denture base material; able to be worn inside the mouth

Aug.10, 2015 - The FDA granted 16 dental devices 510(k) clearance in July, one of them is Dentca Denture Base from Dentca. At the end of July, the FDA officially approved a 510(k) for the use of DENTCA's new 3D printable material as a denture base. More

mostfun Pro: first ever Intel Inside desktop 3D printer soon to launch on Kickstarter

Aug.10, 2015 - The mostfun Pro 3D printer, developed by a Chinese startup of the same name, features a so far unique feature in the world of 3D Printing: embedded inside is an Intel Edison module, will all the functions to make this a truly accessible machine. More

Artist Martijn Hage creates gorgeous 9-piece 3D printed 'Hortus Filamentus' artwork

Aug.10, 2015 - At the request of Dutch radio program Opium (radio 4), Dutch artist Martijn Hage spent five days locked into De Torenkamer studio at the VondelParkCS in Amsterdam, working on his Hortus Filamentus: a gorgeous 2.5D nine piece, featuring 3D printed objects and inspiring alien-esque panels. More

Finuvo develops first desktop hydrographics printer for easily pimping 3D prints with hydrographic technology

Aug.10, 2015 - Startup Finuvo has developed the world's first desktop hydrographics printer, that can be used to easily add a huge variety of intricate patterns to the surface of 3D prints. More

The POSEIDON garment with 600 interconnected movable scales is 3D printed in one piece

Aug.10, 2015 - Three students from the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering developed the POSEIDON, a flexible garment that features more than 600 interconnected movable scales, like the skin of a shark that will protect the wearer from all elements. More

Create a 3D printed flexible LED glove with Ninjaflex and glow-in-the-dark conductive filament

Aug.8, 2015 - To highlight what's possible with conductive filament and glow in the dark Ninjaflex, the famous Ruiz brothers over at Adafruit recently published a new project teaches users how to create their very own customized flexible LED wearable - particularly, a glove - using 3D printing. More

3D printing enables students to build concept car that can travel 640Km on one liter of fuel

Aug.7, 2015 - 3D printing played a critical role in a number of automobile designs created by engineering students for various automotive competitions that have been held in Europe this summer. More

Italy's Youbionic edges closer towards releasing a 3D printed bionic hand

Aug.7, 2015 - A year ago, the 3D printed bionic hand developed by Youbionic was capable of moving all five fingers. Today, Federico Ciccarese of Youbionic announced that the project recently underwent a more extensive user experiment period that 'proved to be excellent'. More

Dutch prop maker creates an awesome 3D printed Halo 5 assault rifle for Gamescom

Aug.7, 2015 - Jeffrey Tabben of Dutch Props created what is arguably one of the most impressive Halo cosplay props we've seen yet. Built for the Gamescon video game event happening in Germany this weekend, Tabben's Halo 5 Assault Rifle was built in less than two weeks. More

ANDI, a hand-powered low tech 3D printer designed to teach kids how 3d printers work

Aug.7, 2015 - The ANDI, by Spanish product designer Irene Ródenas Sáinz de Baranda, is low tech, hand-powered and not very accurate, but has an important interactive and educational purpose. More

MeliesArt develops method for visualizing data as 3D printed sculptures

Aug.7, 2015 - 3D printing is about turning digital data into physical, tangible models. Volker Schweisfurth has been applying the same principles to actual numerical data and turning that into 3D printed representations. More

Laurent Bernadac 3D prints gorgeous transparent electric violin that sounds fantastic

Aug.7, 2015 - Very talented violinist Laurent Bernadac has designed and built an intricate 3D printed electric violin, that not only sounds amazing, but also truly looks stunning. More

Create your own 3D-printed target-seeking rubber band sentry gun

Aug.7, 2015 - Swiss student Kevin Thomas has just shared designs for an absolutely fantastic 3d printed automated Rubber Band Sentry Gun operated by joystick. And if anything, you could call this amazing Rubber Band Sentry Gun creative. More

Fully customizable, 3D printed solar-powered Hive LED Lamp wins Thingiverse's LightItUp Challenge

Aug.7, 2015 - Thanks to one clever designer, you can 3D print and build your very own solar powered lamp. Designer Christoph Queck has created a fully customizable, 3D printed solar-powered Hive LED Lamp which wins the first prize of Thingiverse's LightItUp Challenge. More

Honda Access uses Stratasys 3D printing to prototype thousands of accessories per year

Aug.7, 2015 - Honda Access - a division of Honda that focuses on car and motorcycle accessories - has been actively using additive manufacturing technology to gain a competitive advantage with car and motorcycle accessory designs using a Stratasys 3D printing system. More

Now you can make your own 3D printed pinhole camera Easy 35 in just 3.5 hours

Aug.6, 2015 - Created by technologist and inventor Clint O'Connor - who happens to have over three-dozen patents under his belt - the Easy 35 3D printed pinhole camera is quite possibly one of the most efficient and usable 3D printed cameras ever created. More

9-year-old Chinese girl gets new ear with aid of a 3D printer

Aug.6, 2015 - Doctors in China used 3D printing to aid in the surgery of a young 9-year-old girl who underwent surgery to repair a deformed ear. The girl, who was born with the deformity, had difficulties hearing and was also very self-conscious about the ear's appearance. More

Disney produces 3D printed objects with variable elasticity levels

Aug.6, 2015 - Disney has developed a method for 3D printing objects in a single material that feature different levels of elasticity throughout the object. Almost like 3D printing a bunny in a single material, but featuring bendable ears and a solid body. More

How to turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram projector with simple 3D printed pyramid

Aug.6, 2015 - Gianluca Pugliese had developed a remarkably simple way to turn your smartphone into a holographic projector: simply 3D print a transparent pyramid and place it on top of a playing video in a dark room. More

Designer Mike Blakemore 3D prints an ingeniously simple wind energy storage unit

Aug.6, 2015 - Perhaps the most remarkable design has sprouted from the 3D printer of Mike Blakemore, who has developed an ingeniously simple wind energy storage unit; essentially a 3D printed battery without any electronic parts involved. More

BleepBleeps turns to 3D printing to bring the cutest parenting gadgets to market quickly

Aug.6, 2015 - Among others who have found success with using MODO - along with 3D printing - for bring a product design to life include Tom Evans, the founder of BleepBleeps and his 3D artist Matthew Burnisten. More

German student Sergej Bekauv designs very cool 3D printed Triforce kite

Aug.6, 2015 - Student Sergej Bekauv, who is studying product design in Kassel, Germany, has 3D printed one of the most original tributes we've seen so far: a 3D printed Triforce kite, referring to the iconic symbol that is key to the plot of most of the Zelda franchise. More

Open Space Agency gears up to launch open source 3D printed telescope

Aug.6, 2015 - Thanks to recent efforts from James Parr, a London-based maker, we'll soon be able to just 3D print our own high-powered automated robot telescopes right at home. More

Italian packaging equipment maker Sipa creates impressive 3D printed elephant bottle

Aug.5, 2015 - Italian company Sipa's package design development team recently turned to 3D printing to aid in producing a complex, contoured PET plastic elephant bottle design - all in under two months' time. More

UK's Baby:Boo lets expectant parents hold 3D printed figures of children before birth

Aug.5, 2015 - The Lancashire-based company, Baby:Boo, claims to have developed the idea of creating a physical keepsake using a special scanning technique while a baby is still in the womb. More

3D printed Steady Shot Bot for time lapse and steadicam work, now on Kickstarter

Aug.5, 2015 - Called the Steady Shot Bot, this camera motion controller has been developed by inventor David Johnson and could be a wonderful alternative for film students and hobbyists tied to a budget. More

Texas student team launches low cost 3D printing circuit kit on Kickstarter

Aug.5, 2015 - 3D Circuit Printing Kit, developed by a team of Texas students, is a 3D printer boosterpack capable of controlling up to three extruders for Texas Instruments MSP430F5529LP. More

Keysforge web app lets you 3D print 'do not duplicate' keys based on a picture

Aug.5, 2015 - A group of researchers from the University of Michigan has launched a free web-based platform that can easily turn photos of keys into 3D printable CAD models. This tool, called Keysforge, can even be used on 'restricted' and 'do not duplicate' keys. More

This ultimate 3D printed Spider-Man mask is nothing short of incredible

Aug.5, 2015 - Designer Yuri Schuurkes has created an amazing Spider-Man costume based on the movie franchise, for which he used 3D printing to get the mask just right. More

Autodesk & Microsoft partner - Windows 10 now includes access to Spark 3D printing platform

Aug.5, 2015 - To help make 3D printing more accessible, Autodesk has announced that Spark, its open 3D printing platform, has been embedded into Windows 10. More

Infant heart surgery utilizes 3D printed heart replica for the first time in India

Aug.4, 2015 - In what is a first for India, an 11-month old infant by the name of Lavesh Navedkar recently received life-saving surgery that was made possible thanks to a 3D printed heart that his surgeons used to better understand his life-threatening condition. More

gCreate releases new and affordable large format gMax 3D Printer 1.5+ & 1.5 XT+

Aug.4, 2015 - Brooklyn, New York's gCreate LLC has announced that they are releasing what are arguably the most versatile and affordable 3D printers for their build volume: the gMax Printer 1.5+ and the gMax Printer 1.5 XT+. More

TYTAN 3D launches new GAIA Multitool 3D printer with 10 different tool heads on Kickstarter

Aug.4, 2015 - A new multi-tool offering from Poland's TYTAN 3D is aiming to be the most efficient and reliable all-in-one digital fabrication device yet - the GAIA Multitool Next Generation 3D Printer. More

XZEED DLP 3D printer is capable of combining five materials or colors within a 3D print

Aug.4, 2015 - In an effort to find a solution for being able to print in multiple colors and materials using DLP 3D printing process, Reinout Holtrup ultimately ended up designing and building his own prototype for a DLP 3D printer that is capable of combining five materials and/or colors within a single 3D print. More

Print To Build: Ollé Gellért creates unique 3D printed joints for furniture design

Aug.4, 2015 - Ollé Gellért has developed a set of easily 3D printable joints that are very modular in use and can be combined with just about any type of material to create furniture and other useful and functional household objects. More

Virginia Tech develops Binder Jetting 3D printing to manufacture high quality copper parts

Aug.4, 2015 - One team of scientists at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and state University has now developed a Binder Jetting 3D printer that could make copper, one of the most sought after metal materials, available in an efficient manner. More

Kiwi man Lance Abernethy 3D prints the world's smallest functional circular saw

Aug.4, 2015 - Engineer Lance Abernethy is back with a new addition to his mini workshop: the world's smallest functional and 3D printed circular saw. It was a four part design, featuring two sides of the main housing, as well as a blade guard and a blade holder. More

Robot Factory unveils 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0 that avoids projection issues of other machines

Aug.4, 2015 - Developed by Robot Factory, this new 3D printer is called the 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0 and should feature high performance, high quality, and plenty of reliability – everything people typically look for in resin 3D printing. More

Massachusetts hen Cicely to receive $2500 3D printed prosthetic leg this week

Aug.4, 2015 - One chicken from Massachusetts called Cicely is about to get a treatment much more luxurious than something 3D printed on a desktop 3D printer: a $2,500 prosthetic limb. More

UK professor leads effort towards developing 3D printed graphene batteries

Aug.4, 2015 - Professor Craig Banks and his team are trying to achieve a conductive ink that blends the fantastic properties of graphene with the ease of use of 3D printing to be manipulated into a structure that's beneficial for batteries and supercapacitors. More

Create a 3D printed wind-powered USB charger

Aug.4, 2015 - Among others who have explored the concept include Thingiverse user 'TheSoup', a self-described "electronics amateur" who had been wanting to develop a wind powered USB charger for awhile but was finally motivated to do it after learning about the MakerBot Thingiverse Catch the Wind Challenge. More

Australia's Eora 3D prepares to launch $199 iPhone-powered 3D laser scanner on Kickstarter

Aug.4, 2015 - Founded in Australia by three young Australian entrepreneurs, Eora 3D has developed a $199 3D laser scanner which can be powered by an iPhone 5 or 6 models, with both Android and Windows options on the horizon. More

FDA approves first 3D printed prescription drug, a dissolvable tablet that treats seizures

Aug.4, 2015 - New Jersey-based Farmaceutical company called Aprecia is hard at work pioneering another 3D printed medical application: 3D printed pills that can be taken orally. What's more, Aprecia have just been awarded FDA approval for the first of 3D printed drug of its kind, the epilepsy drug Spritam. More

Fast Morpheus resin 3D printer with new LIPS technology & huge build platform goes to Kickstarter

Aug.4, 2015 - The Morpheus resin 3D printer by Korean developers OWL WORKS is a low cost, high quality, very fast resin 3D printer that features a larger build space than just about every desktop alternative on the market. More

This WiFi-enabled 3D printed BOOMcast is also a Bluetooth speaker

Aug.3, 2015 - Inventor Mike North teamed up with 3D printing experts FATHOM and developed and 3D printed an actually adjustable 'smart cast' embedded with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options. More

NASA turns to 3D printing to develop drone that can fly in space

Aug.3, 2015 - It's looking like NASA wants to put 3D printing to good use to create robot drones that are capable of further exploring space, starting with the 'Asteroid Prospector Flyer' Drone. More

Thingiverse user shares free designs for a professional quality 3D printable drone

Aug.3, 2015 - British designer Steve Wagg has recently shared designs for an easily 3D printed drone that closely resembles the professional DJI's Inspire 1 drone. More

Create your own 3D printed battery tester using conductive 3D printer filament

Aug.3, 2015 - The talented 3D printing duo Ruiz Brothers over at Adafruit have provided detailed instructions for creating everything from a 3D printed HDMI monitor to various Raspberry Pi enclosures for different computer and gaming devices and even a small collection of cosplay projects. More

Israeli researchers develop algorithm for self-assembling 3D printed objects

Aug.3, 2015 - In a recent study, a research team at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, used an algorithm from the Computational Geometry Algorithm Library (CGAL) as part of a design that allowed 18 tetrahedral bricks to self-assemble into a larger 3D cylinder. More

Ilios 3D teams with Historic Atlas to create large 3D printed diorama of Medieval Cyprus

Aug.3, 2015 - Cyprus-based 3D printer manufacturer Ilios 3D recently helped create a large diorama of the entire Cyprus island, taken from medieval times of Richard the Lion Heart and his bride Verengaria using 3D printing. More

Australian scientists develop 3D printed organic solar cells capable of powering a skyscraper

Aug.3, 2015 - A team of 50 Australian scientists from various fields have been working over the past few years to develop paper-thin, organic printable solar panels. They have managed to reduce each of the solar panels to approximately the size of a coin using 3D printing technology. More

Engineering student develops large 8'x8'x8' concrete 3D printer in his garage

Aug.1, 2015 - Mechanical engineering student Alex Le Roux from Baylor University focused his sight on developing his own extrusion-based 3D printer. The result is a RepRap-based 8' x '8' x 8' 3D concrete printer that's inspired in-part by the work being done by larger international companies. More

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