May 16, 2012

Earlier in February we reported the portable Tantillus 3D printer which was ready for beta testing. Named "Tantillus"(Latin for "so little, so small"), it has a fully self-printed case, and can print all of its own parts. Developed by inventor Brad (aka Sublime), this portable 3D printer is fully compact.

Brad is starting his crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo and releasing a limited number of Tantillus units.

The Tantillus 3D printer has two versions: laser cut acrylic edition and printed versions, both have a building envelope of (x)100mm x (y)100mm x (z)100mm. Since it is designed to be portable so both version has a small size:
Assembled Laser cut version is 240mm x 240mm x 320mm
Assembled Printed version is 230mm x 230mm x 320mm

Tantillus portable opensource 3D printerTantillus portable opensource 3D printer

- The Laser cut acrylic edition of Tantillus uses the exact same axis parts and electronics as the fully printed version. The hardware requirements are less than that of the Printed version as the Laser cut case does not require any bolts to assemble. It measures 10mm wider and deeper than the printed version while standing the same height. It has additional cutouts for a 16 x 2 LCD, rotary encoder and barrel connector for the power. It has mounting holes for Arduino mega based electronics (RAMPS) as well as Sanguinololu.

Each unit weighs only 4kgs with power supply. According to Brad, the possible speed can be 300mm/s or more, and X/Y step resolution is 8 micron per step, Z step resolution is 0.4 micron per step.

If you pledge $850 on Indiegogo you will receive a complete kit including everything you need to build a Tantillus. See all the options you could have for funding this project.

Brad has uploaded the printable case files as open source on his new website and the rest of the files will be released (including source files) when the Indiegogo campaign ends.

Tantillus portable opensource 3D printer

Tantillus portable opensource 3D printer

Tantillus portable opensource 3D printer

Tantillus portable opensource 3D printer

Tantillus portable opensource 3D printer

Photo credit / Source: Tantillus via Indiegogo


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