May.3, 2012

During Pyrkon convention of 2012 a team of three young guys, Rapcraft Team presented their 3D printer and what they have created. Pyrkon is a s-f & fantasy fans convention held annually in Poznań, Poland. The RapCraft 3D printer attracted a lot of attention from audience who are fascinated by how a 3D printer can do and how fast it can print.

RapCraft 3D printer is developed for the low-end consumer market. What makes RapCraft different from other 3D printers? Almost the whole construction of RapCraft is made of aluminum, which is light-weight and solid. It has a CE Marking, meaning "European Conformity" that the manufacturer ensures that the product conforms with the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives.

The printer has a built-in activated charcoal filter and screen cables to purify air and absorb harmful gases while processing some of materials.

Standard RapCraft is a fully assembled and Plug&Play 3D printer, but if you prefer self assembly, you can choose the "KIT" option.

Here are the specs of RapCraft 3D printer:

  • Model: RapCraft S33D MK I
  • Build envelope(mm): 200mmX200mmX200mm (one extruder) / 200mmX200mmx280mm (dual extruder - standard option)
  • Technology: FFF
  • Price (US$): 2,500$ (one extruder) / 3,150$ (dual extruder)
  • Lead time: one week
  • Nozzle diameter (mm): 0.25-0.6 mm
  • Layer thickness (mm): hardware can use minimum 0,01mm layer, RapCraft team recommends 0,1 mm
  • Speed (mm/s): standard 150mm/s - max 300mm/s (recommended option but remember this is open source and you can change this value)
  • Positioning precision: 1/128 mm
  • Electronics: Sanguinololu electronics and RAMPS
  • Software: RapCraft software bundle compatible with open source RepRap
  • System compatibility: Windows / MAC / Linux
  • Weight: 7.8kg

RapCraft was co-founded by 3 individuals with very different backgrounds. Bartosz Cieluch is a experienced car manufacturer and takes care of production quality in each RapCraft 3D printer. Bartosz Barlowski is responsible for e-learning - educational content and creative direction. Micheal Marciniak develops new 3D printing technologies for RapCraft.

RapCraft Team are working on integrating 3D scanning based on kinect like sensors (TBA) so even users without much experience in 3D modeling can jump right into 3D printing. Their passion is to create quality open hardware and make each RapCraft 3D printer to be easy upgradable with no hassle for the user.


Photo credit: RapCraft


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Bart wrote at 5/10/2012 5:29:46 PM:

Rapcraft is now on kickstarter!

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