Victoria the goose gets 2nd 3D printed beak prosthesis after failing to adapt to first model

Jul.31, 2016 - Victoria the Brazilian goose has just received a second, lightweight and efficient 3D printed beak prosthesis, after becoming the world's first goose to receive one in late 2015. More

ESA opens new Advanced Manufacturing Lab to develop 3D printing tech for future space exploration

Jul.31, 2016 - The European Space Agency (ESA) has opened a new Advanced Manufacturing Facility near its UK base in Harwell, Oxfordshire, where it will explore the possibilities of 3D printing and other advanced manufacturing techniques for space applications. More

3D printing could help restore out-of-action US Marine Corps aircraft

Jul.30, 2016 - Burdened with a number of obsolete and broken aircraft, the US Marine Corps (USMC) is turning to additive manufacturing technology to help restore its fleet, giving pilots a better opportunity to receive essential training. The USMC has already trialled a 3D printing scheme in one of its battalions. More

Getting to grips with 'Zizzy,' a 3D printed soft robot for those with limited mobility

Jul.30, 2016 - Designer Michael Roybal has created 'Zizzy,' a 3D printed personal robot designed to help those with limited mobility. The robot, which took a full year to develop, uses 3D printable pneumatic muscles made from Ninjaflex filament, and can move objects using 3D printed grippers. More

Trade your Pokédex for Poké-sex with 3D printed Pokémon sex toys

Jul.29, 2016 - GeekySexToys, an Australian store specializing in nerd-friendly sex toys, has released a Pokémon-themed collection of dildos and butt plugs. The 'Pok'moan' set consists of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle dildos, as well as a 3D printed Pikachu butt plug. More

Mesh Mould: 3D printing complex metal mesh structures for construction sites

Jul.29, 2016 - Mesh Mould, a project launched by Gramazio Kohler Research and scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, has entered its second phase which consists of the development of 3D printed complex mesh structures made out of metal. They will be used as formworks and reinforcements for construction sites. More

IDC: Japan's 3D printing market worth 34.5 billion yen in 2015 despite decreasing 3D printer sales

Jul.29, 2016 - As a new study by the Japanese branch of The International Data Corporation (IDC) reveals, the Japanese 3D printer market is growing steadily and could double in value between 2015 and 2020, despite decreasing 3D printer sales. More

Safety First Arms makes gun ownership safer with 3D printed SMART 2 firearm featuring PIN lock

Jul.29, 2016 - San Diego-based startup Safety First Arms has developed the new 3D printed SMART 2 firearm that features a PIN lock and an alarm system, making it safe to own, pointless to steal and impossible for children to accidentally fire. More

South Korean government to offer significant tax exemptions for 3D printing R&D

Jul.29, 2016 - The South Korean government has stated it is planning to expand tax benefits for R&D within a number of tech industries, including 3D printing, robotics and more. The tax benefit plan is hoping to encourage innovation within the country, boost employment, and make South Korea a stronger competitor on the global market. More

Indmatec's industrial strength PEEK filament successfully used for vacuum applications

Jul.29, 2016 - Industrial strength 3D printing pioneers Indmatec have just completed a series of tests which show that PEEK filament, already widely used for aerospace and automotive applications, is also a perfect material for vacuum applications due to its low outgassing properties. More

Build a $700 open source bionic prosthesis with new tutorial by Nicolas Huchet of Bionico

Jul.29, 2016 - French open source fanatic Nicolas Huchet of Bionico has just 3D printed his very own Exiii Hackberry bionic hand during a residency at Fab Lab Berlin, and has shared an extensive tutorial online which allows you to 3D print your very own bionic prosthesis at home for just $700. More

Nintendo fan builds 3D printed mini-NES console with cool NFC tag cartridges

Jul.29, 2016 - Tech blogger DaftMike has built a mini 3D printed version of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. The machine runs on RetroPie emulation software, uses NFC tagged game cartridges, and offers nostalgic gamers a cheaper alternative to Nintendo's official NES Classic Mini, due later this year. More

Ultimaker 2 GO releases backpack for any 3D printer enthusiast always on the move

Jul.29, 2016 - While 3D printers are functionally at their best without movement, Ultimaker has decided sometimes you just need to move your printer and a new backpack addition allows just that. More

3D printing helps $5 million Indian jewelry startup Melorra keep overheads low

Jul.28, 2016 - Indian online jewelry startup Melorra, which raised $5 million in a successful seed round earlier this year, is using 3D printing to carry out individual orders in a cost-efficient manner. 60% of Melorra designs are now available for under Rs 30,000 ($450). More

BCN3D Technologies develops open source 3D printed 'Moveo' robotic arm for schools

Jul.28, 2016 - BCN3D Technologies, a Barcelona-based organization supported by Fundaci' CIM, has developed the BCN3D Moveo, an open-source, 5-axis, 3D printed robotic arm. The device, which can be reproduced at a low cost, is powered by an Arduino microcontroller. More

French 3D design studio Le FabShop closes its doors after 4 years

Jul.28, 2016 - Le FabShop, the French 3D printing design studio which brought us a number of stunning 3D printable interior decor pieces, fun trinkets, and useful tools, has unfortunately just announced its liquidation. After 18 months of fundraising and searching for investors, the design studio is being forced to shut its doors. More

3D printed flexible cubes perform functions when under pressure, could be used for prosthetics and wearables

Jul.28, 2016 - Dutch researchers have developed 3D printed metamaterial cubes that can be programmed to deform in certain patterns when exposed to pressure, paving the way for customizable prostheses that can bend in certain directions. More

Moddler uses 3D printing for brand new Major League Baseball and Triple Crown trophies

Jul.28, 2016 - San Francisco-based 3D printing service Moddler used their 3D printing expertise to greatly speed up the production process for gorgeous new Major League Baseball and Triple Crown trophies. More

Researchers harness snake power with first ever 3D printed Single-Actuator Wave robot

Jul.28, 2016 - A team of Israeli researchers led by David Zarrouk have harnessed the movement power of snakes for SAW, the world's first Single-Actuator Wave robot that features a helix-shaped 3D printed body. More

4WEB Medical receives FDA clearance for 3D printed Lateral Spine Truss System

Jul.28, 2016 - Texas-based medical implant company 4WEB Medical has just announced it has received 510K clearance from the FDA for its most recent 3D printed spinal implant device: the Lateral Spine Truss System. More

This brick-laying 3D printer robot can build a house four times faster than a human bricklayer

Jul.28, 2016 - Australian company Fastbrick Robotics is developing a brick-laying 3D printer robot capable of laying up to 1,000 bricks in an hour. The robot, the Hadrian X, is expected to hit the Australian market within the next year. More

ELIX Polymers launches R&D project for next-gen ABS 3D printer filament with improved mechanical properties

Jul.28, 2016 - Spanish ABS manufacturer ELIX Polymers has just established a collaboration with researchers from AIMPLA, kicking off a new ABS 3D printing R&D project aimed at developing the next-generation of ABS filaments. More

Royal Academy of Arts offers visitors an ultra high-res 3D digital sculpture in four seconds

Jul.28, 2016 - The reproduction of the human face has been attempted in the art world for millennia. The Veronica 3D scanner currently on display at the Royal Academy of arts hopes to capture as perfect of a reproduction that's possible of their guests. More

Metal 3D printing to be used in Russia's nuclear industry, Rosatom reveals

Jul.27, 2016 - Russia's first domestic metal 3D printer was only unveiled earlier this month, but Russia's nuclear corporation Rosatom has already revealed plans to 3D print numerous parts for nuclear power plants. More

Melissa Ng takes cosplay to the next level with 3D printed Sovereign Armor for women

Jul.27, 2016 - 3D fantasy designer Melissa Ng of Lumecluster has impressed us time and time again with her stunning and inspiring 3D printed jewelry and costume pieces. Her latest project, the medieval inspired 3D printed women's Sovereign Armor, might be her finest piece of work yet. More

Designer of 3D printed Pokemon Go Pokeball aimer closes Etsy store after surge in orders

Jul.27, 2016 - Jon Cleaver, designer of the 3D printed 'Pokeball Aimer' iPhone gadget, has temporarily closed his Etsy shop in order to catch up with the flood of orders placed for the Pokemon Go hack. The shop will reopen in a few days with new models for Samsung and Apple phones. More

German researchers develop low-cost 3D printed prosthetics for people in crisis zones

Jul.27, 2016 - A team of German researchers from the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-N'rnberg (FAU) and Fachhochschule L'beck are developing a low-cost, easy-to-use process for creating custom 3D printed prosthetics that they hope to deploy in crisis zones. More

Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, now available as 3D printed souvenir in its gift shop

Jul.27, 2016 - The Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world and Dubai's premier tourist destination, has been transformed into 3D printed souvenirs that are now available in the building's gift shop. More

3D printing service Shapeways hacked, users urged to change passwords

Jul.27, 2016 - Popular 3D printing service and marketplace Shapeways is instructing all of its users to reset their account passwords in the face of a possible data breach. The warning was issued on Tuesday July 26th, 2016. More

This new online guide lays out the legal dos and don'ts of 3D printing

Jul.27, 2016 - A team from the University of Melbourne has just launched a website to help guide new 3D printing users and aspiring makers through the rights and responsibilities that surround the additive manufacturing technologies. More

ORD Solutions' RoVa4D Full Color Blender 3D Printer immediate success on Kickstarter

Jul.27, 2016 - Canadian 3D printer developers ORD Solutions is bring unparalleled multi-color 3D printing options to your desktop with the RoVa4D 3D Printer, which blends just five filaments into any other color you desire. More

3D printed literacy tools help visually impaired children learn Korean alphabet

Jul.27, 2016 - A team of researchers from the 3D Printing Lab at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology have conducted a hands on study to see whether 3D printed learning aids could help improve literacy and writing skills for visually impaired children. More

LCD/LED based uTopiaPrinter widens the door to low-cost DIY SLA 3D printing

Jul.27, 2016 - With a DIY printer market full with filament based printers, it's a nice change of pace to see the uTopiaPrinter, a low-cost LCD/UV LED based SLA option, make its way further along through its development cycle. More

Stratasys, 3D Systems downgraded by Piper Jaffray as 3D printing demand continues to decline

Jul.27, 2016 - Financial research firm Piper Jaffray has downgraded Stratasys from 'Overweight' to 'Neutral' following a reduction in demand for the 3D printing giant's products. The firm also lowered the rating of 3D Systems from 'Neutral' to 'Underweight.' More

New 3D printed graphene super batteries by Swinburne researchers will last a lifetime

Jul.26, 2016 - Researchers from Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia, have developed a new supercapacitor made from 3D printed graphene, which can hold a larger charge of energy, is recharged in a matter of seconds and will last a lifetime. More

Microsoft and i.materialise launch integrated 3D printing solution for Windows 10 users

Jul.26, 2016 - Two months ago, 3D printing company Materialise announced a partnership with Microsoft that aimed to make 3D printing more accessible. Now, the collaborative project has officially launched, meaning that users can now easily send their 3D models from Windows applications like the integrated 3D Builder app to i.materialise for on-demand 3D printing. More

Emerging Objects introduces 3D printed objects made from recycled rubber tires

Jul.26, 2016 - Emerging Objects, an independent 3D printing 'MAKE-tank', has over the years impressed us with the diversity and scope of their boundary pushing 3D printing projects. Now, the Make-tank is pushing its innovative materials even further as it is working on developing a 3D printing material made from recycled rubber tires. More

3DPrinterOS web-to-printer 3D printing platform now integrated with SolidWorks, Fusion 360, more

Jul.26, 2016 - 3DPrinterOS, the Silicon Valley company behind the 'virtual 3D printing factory' of the same name, has announced partnerships and integrations with Siemens, Dassault Syst'mes, Autodesk, and Onshape, enabling a new group of users to 3D print directly from their CAD software. More

Cessna Denali, Textron's new turboprop to feature a 3D printed propeller engine by GE

Jul.26, 2016 - GE Aviation has just revealed that the next-generation Cessna Denali, a propeller-powered business aircraft that brings private jet luxuries to a lower price segment, will feature a very powerful and efficient engine packed with 3D printed parts. More

Studio Neat's new Glif 3D printed smartphone mount redesigned with quick release lever

Jul.26, 2016 - Studio Neat are set to repeat their 2010 Kickstarter success with the 2nd generation Glif 3D printed smartphone camera mount, a multifunctional tripod setup featuring a very secure grip. More

America Makes announces 3D printing Project Call Awardees, releases $5.5M in funding

Jul.26, 2016 - Ohio-based America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, has just announced the seven awardees of its latest Project Call for additive manufacturing advancement programs. More

Mouser Electronics and Grant Imahara launch contest to 3D print design aboard ISS

Jul.26, 2016 - Electronics distributor Mouser Electronics has teamed up with engineer Grant Imahara, whom you might recognize from MythBusters, and retired Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield, who served as commander for the International Space Station to launch a brand new ISS 3D design challenge. More

Italian students build vending machine that turns recycled plastic into 3D printed smartphone cases

Jul.26, 2016 - In an attempt to make recycling more tangible and appealing to youths, Italian students have built a 3D printed smartphone case vending machine that takes plastic bottles as currency and recycles them for 3D printing. More

Airbus and Local Motors announce winners of Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge

Jul.25, 2016 - Airbus and Local Motors have announced the winners of the 'Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge,' a competition launched in April which encouraged budding UAV designers to create a new drone which could carry a' 3-5 kg payload. The winners will share over $100,000 in prize money. More

New legislation in California requires 3D printed guns to be registered

Jul.25, 2016 - Governor of California Jerry Brown has passed a law requiring makers of 3D printed guns and other homemade firearms to apply for an official serial number from the Department of Justice, a process which requires a background check. The new law aims to close firearm loopholes exposed by 3D printing. More

Revolutionary Chinese all-in-one casting and forging metal 3D printer used for stealth jet fighters

Jul.25, 2016 - The paradigm-shifting all-in one Micro Forging & Casting Sync Composite Device 3D printer is being used to produce critical parts for China's fifth generation fighter jets, including the stealthy Chengdu J-20 and the Shenyang J-31. More

Nuclear power and 3D printing are the driving forces behind this Audi concept car

Jul.25, 2016 - Russian automobile designer Grigory Gorin has designed the Audi Mesarthim F-Tron Quattro, a nuclear-powered, 3D printed concept car. The monocoque chassis of the car would be 3D printed in a lightweight metal alloy, with the engine powered by a fusion reactor with plasma injectors. More

Voxelworld's 3D printed runway show takes German fashion event by storm

Jul.25, 2016 - German lifestyle startup Voxelworld teamed up with Lexus to present Germany's first 3D printed fashion show. The runway show, which took place in D'sseldorf this past weekend, featured 3D printed designs from 13 different designers. More

Hackers create 3D printed TSA Safe Skies master key, release blueprints

Jul.25, 2016 - Three hackers just revealed that they have used 3D printing to reverse engineer the master key used by the TSA to check luggage guarded by Safe Skies luggage locks, and are calling for an end to key escrow policies in both the physical and the digital world. More

Dubai launches Future Accelerators program to help solve 7 key future challenges

Jul.25, 2016 - The Emirate of Dubai has unveiled the Dubai Future Accelerators, a huge innovation program that will support and develop numerous high-tech solutions for seven key sectors in society and will heavily involve 3D printing. More

Sonaca & Fives Michelin partner to manufacture 3D printed titanium parts for aerospace sector

Jul.25, 2016 - Belgian aerospace company Sonaca has recently announced a partnership with France based Fives-Michelin Additive Solutions (FMAS) to develop and produce 3D printed titanium parts for the aerospace industry. More

2016 spectacular 3D printed butterflies adorn China's new pedestrian tunnel

Jul.25, 2016 - A pedestrian tunnel set to open in ChongQing, China is expecting to make people's commutes a whole lot happier and more relaxing thanks to a 3D printed butterfly forest. More

Catch 'em all! This 3D printed Pokémon Go iPhone case makes every Poke Ball throw perfect

Jul.25, 2016 - Thanks to the clever PokéBall Aimer iPhone case for Pokémon Go by John Cleaver, which features a special guiding trench for your finger, you will never have to waste another Poké Ball again. More

3D animation breakthrough by Disney enables realistic 3D eye reconstruction from a single photo

Jul.24, 2016 - Scientists from Disney Research have developed a new parametric model and algorithm that relies on an existing database of high resolution eye scans and only needs one photo or facial scan of an actor to accurately create a 3D animation of that person's eyes. More

French startup Biomodex is 3D printing ultra-realistic organs to help train doctors

Jul.24, 2016 - French startup Biomodex is hoping to reduce the number of deaths caused by medical errors by offering hospitals super accurate and custom made 3D printed organs. The 3D printed organs could be used for patient-specific pre-surgical planning or to help train new doctors. More

BRB while we build this 3D printable Split Flap Display for three-letter texting abbreviations

Jul.23, 2016 - Jonathan Odom, a designer at the Instructables Design Studio, has created a 3D printable Split Flap Display which can be used to communicate three-letter abbreviations on acrylic cards. Odom built the machine in order to bring 'text and animation back to its mechanical roots. More

These cute 3D knitted flats are made from recycled water bottles

Jul.23, 2016 - San Francisco based footwear company Rothy's has introduced their latest collection of fully recycled flats which are made using a proprietary 3D knitting technology. The shoes are made from recycled PET bottles and cost between $125-$145 a pair. More

Face-generating software and 3D printed busts show Catholics how 17th century saints might have looked

Jul.23, 2016 - Scientists in Brazil have used'3D printing to create lifelike busts of centuries-old Roman Catholic saints. After obtaining CT scans of the saints' preserved skulls and conducting extensive research and analysis, the scientists were able to 3D print the generated models in a plastic-based plaster. More

New Disney computer model predicts how people perceive softness of 3D printed objects

Jul.22, 2016 - Disney researchers are paving the way for 3D printed toys with a new computer model that predicts how people perceive the softness of various 3D printed objects, even when made with different materials and 3D printed objects. More

S Korea retail giant Lotte implements 2-second 3D foot scanning system for customized shoes

Jul.22, 2016 - Lotte Department Store, a major Korean retailer, will today implement a new 3D foot scanner at its flagship store in Myeongdong, giving shoppers quick and accurate measurements for custom shoe orders. The 3D scanner, made by Volumental, will be introduced to other locations from July 29. More

Chinese scientists develop first ever 3D printing, casting and forging all-in-one technique

Jul.22, 2016 - A team of scientists in China has developed a metal 3D printing technology called 'smart micro forging and casting.' The technology combines 3D printing and forging, uses metal wire '1/10 the cost' of AM powders, and could be used in the aerospace, automotive, and molding industries. More

Ernst & Young study reveals Germany as world leader in 3D printing usage

Jul.22, 2016 - It shouldn't come as a surprise that 3D printing is being used more and more around the globe in a wide range of industries. What might surprise some is that manufacturing powerhouse Germany leads the way with 37 percent of its companies already using the technology. More

UCI uses portable 3D scanner to scan Tour de France participants' bikes for hidden motors

Jul.22, 2016 - The Union Cycliste Internationale is conducting nearly 4,000 bike scans during the Tour de France, in an attempt to prevent technological doping and locate miniscule motors, batteries and magnets that could enhance performance. More

Henkel is developing adhesive solutions for 3D printing in automotive, furniture and construction industries

Jul.22, 2016 - German international product developer Henkel has begun developing very appealing adhesives for 3D printing applications in the automotive, furniture and construction industries, which could make 3D printing even more appealing in industrial circles. More

China's first medical 3D printing factory to open in six months

Jul.22, 2016 - Hkable Biological 3D and the county government of China's Fengdu County have signed a cooperation agreement which will see the two parties build China's first 3D printing factory for medical products. The factory will be located in the city of Chongqing, Southwest China. More

Queensland archeology students to use 3D printed artefact replicas to study off-campus

Jul.22, 2016 - In an attempt to help those students that live off-campus, the University of Southern Queensland in Australia will use full-color 3D printing to replicate archeological artefacts that can be studied at home. More

Want to laser engrave onto metal with a $200 3D printer adapter? Here's how.

Jul.22, 2016 - Laser cutting and engraving is typically an expensive hobby to figure out. Engraving onto metal even more so. This in mind, the Endurance team explained to us how their 3D printer adapter can be used to do just that all for $195. More

Freshmade 3D teams up with Hahn-Vorbach to 3D print classic car replacement parts

Jul.22, 2016 - Ohio-based 3D printing specialists Freshmade 3D have partnered with classic car restorers Hahn-Vorbach and will be using 3D printing to produce classic car parts which have gone out of production decades ago. More

Police 3D printed copies of murder victim's fingers to unlock protected smartphone

Jul.21, 2016 - Anil Jain, a professor at Michigan State University, has made 3D printed replicas of a dead man's fingers in order to aid police investing the man's murder. The police hope that the 3D printed fingers can be used to unlock the victim's smartphone, which uses a fingerprint recognition lock. More

FDA's draft guidance for 3D printed medical devices receives just 3 public comments

Jul.21, 2016 - The FDA's draft guidance on 3D printed medical devices, released in May and open for comment until August 8, has received just three public comments. The FDA had sought to receive significant industry feedback on its draft in order to devise a fair and comprehensive set of rules. More

Scientists can build affordable lab tools using these Lego-like 3D printable modular blocks

Jul.21, 2016 - Affordable science equipment to better promote STEM based curriculum in our school system has been limited for years. A group of researchers at UC Riverside have developed a 3D printed platform called MECs designed to produce custom Biological and Chemical Instruments. More

Johnson & Johnson's DePuy Synthes offering 3D printed 'TruMatch' titanium facial and skull implants

Jul.21, 2016 - DePuy Synthes, a Johnson & Johnson company specializing in medical devices, has announced an agreement with 3D printing giant Materialise to introduce a new range of TruMatch titanium 3D printed implants for facial and skull disorders. The patient-specific implants will be modeled on CT scans. More

3D printed skulls assist University of Virginia doctor with nasal endoscopy training

Jul.21, 2016 - Dr. Jose Gurrola II, a doctor at the University of Virginia Health System, has been using 3D printed skulls at his otolaryngology clinic to teach students how to perform a nasal endoscopy'inserting a camera with a long scope down a patient's nasal cavity. More

How do suppliers calculate pricing for 3D prints?

Jul.21, 2016 - How do suppliers calculate pricing for 3D prints? There is a wide price difference between them. Big differences in price between suppliers can be baffling, especially when the supplier who was cheapest for your last part inexplicably becomes the most expensive option for your next part. More

Shipping companies must arm themselves against 3D printed counterfeit cargo seals, G4S says

Jul.21, 2016 - British multinational security services company G4S is warning shipping companies about 3D printed counterfeit security devices such as cargo seals, and has shared advice on how to prevent criminals equipped with 3D printers from stealing cargo. More

Buy one, get one half off with Zortrax's hot mid-summer sale

Jul.21, 2016 - Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax is getting into the summer spirit with its latest hot sale. For the next three days (July 20-22) clients will be able to benefit from a buy one, get one half price sale for Zortrax's 3D printers, for cartridges, or for the Zortrax Accessory Pack, which includes a nozzle, hot end, platform, wires, and side covers. More

This 3D printed Mine Kafon Drone wants to free the world from landmines in 10 years

Jul.21, 2016 - Afghan brothers Massoud and Mahmud Hassani have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their Mine Kafon Drone, a low cost mine detector and detonator that is 200 times cheaper and 20 times more efficient than other mine removal techniques. More

Vortic's new 3D printed titanium watches 'Journeyman Series' launch on Kickstarter

Jul.21, 2016 - Colorado based startup Vortic Watches broke onto the scene two years ago with their beautiful partially 3D printed wristwatches. With the immense success of their first product run, the team at Vortic is back on Kickstarter and is seeking funds for its latest wristwatch collection, the Journeyman Series. More

Roboze tests PEEK's amazing thermal properties during 8 hour continuous heat test

Jul.21, 2016 - To showcase the thermal properties of the excellent PEEK filament, Italian 3D printer manufacturers Roboze performed an eight and a half hour long thermal inertia test on 3D printed PEEK, only to find that it lost just 35 percent of its properties. More

EU meeting identifies 3D printing as key technology for economic growth

Jul.20, 2016 - The Informal Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Competitiveness, an event organized as part of the Slovak presidency of the EU Council in Bratislava, has recognized 3D printing as a key technology in the digital economy and discussed, among other topics, quality standards in the industry. More

3D print your own Apollo 11 'Columbia' command module to celebrate 47th anniversary of moon landing

Jul.20, 2016 - The Smithsonian has published a high-resolution 3D scan of the Apollo 11 command module 'Columbia' as part of the 47th anniversary celebrations for the Apollo 11 moon landing. The model can be 3D printed, viewed on a web browser, or explored with a VR headset. More

Washington professor is creating 3D printable models of all 25,000 fish species in the world

Jul.20, 2016 - Professor Adam Summers from the University of Washington is building database of 3D printable digital models of all 25,000 fish species in the world, to help biologists everywhere study fish from all angles. More

Materialise announces opening of new DLP 3D Printing Centre of Excellence in Malaysia

Jul.20, 2016 - Materialise has announced today the opening of a new 3D Printing Centre of Excellence in Malaysia. The facility aims to become a competence center for DLP 3D printing technologies. More

Swiss designers harness 3D printing pen power for gorgeous 3D printed dresses and corsets

Jul.20, 2016 - A team of Swiss designers from the Canvas School of Fashion and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland, have designed gorgeous 3D printed dresses and corsets that look as though they're made from lace, and did so using nothing but 3D printing pens. More

Rize steps out of shadows with completely post-processing free Rize One industrial 3D printer

Jul.20, 2016 - Boston-based startup Rize has just unveiled the Rize One 3D printer, the first industrial 3D printer that doesn't need any post-processing work at all. More

Disney Research brings custom 3D printing principles to knitting machines with new compiler

Jul.20, 2016 - Disney Research has just developed a new compiler that brings knitting machines into the 21rst century and lets them behave like 3D printers to easily produce customized objects. More

New 3D design tool turns flat 2D sheets of metal or plastic into complex 3D shapes

Jul.20, 2016 - Researchers at Carnegie Mellon and EPFL have devised a new computational design tool which turns a flat sheet of plastic or metal into a 3D shape using hexagonal slits. Using a combination of 3D printing and the new technique, the researchers were able to create a high-heel shoe and other objects. More

LLNL researchers' new metal 3D printing techniques could revolutionize laser design

Jul.20, 2016 - Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are using metal 3D printing to create strong and lightweight structures for advanced laser systems, potentially altering the future of laser design. The research will involve trialling a new 'feed-forward' approach to testing and certification. More

Scientists use 3D printing to scale up light, elastic and high-strength nanostructures

Jul.19, 2016 - Researchers from Virginia Tech have just unveiled a way to successfully scale up nanostructure materials with a 3D printer, without sacrificing any of their lightweight, high-strength and elastic properties. More

ARK Invest Management launches first ever 3D Printing ETF fund

Jul.19, 2016 - New York based investment advisor firm ARK Investment Management LLC has just launched the very first and to date the only exchange-traded fund (ETF) for 3D printing. The new 3D printing ETF is listed as PRNT on BATS, the United States' leading ETF marketplace. More

WASP invites makers to help build 3D printed house using 12-meter Big Delta 3D printer

Jul.19, 2016 - Workers at the WASP Technological Village in Italy'home of the 12-meter-tall Big Delta WASP 3D printer'are inviting makers to help build their first ever 3D printed adobe building during a series of weekend workshops. The project, set to begin on July 23, will use eco-friendly local materials. More

Belgian ophthalmologists complete world's first 3D printed eye prosthesis

Jul.19, 2016 - Belgian specialists from the Academic Hospital of the University of Leuven have just brought 3D printing to ophthalmology by completing the world's first 3D printed eye prosthesis for a 68-year-old male patient. More

Eric Harrell 3D prints an amazing and functional mini Subaru flat-four engine

Jul.19, 2016 - Mechanical engineer Eric Harrell has just shared a 3D printable 35-percent scale model of a Subaru's EJ20 flat-four engine that is fully functional thanks to an electric engine, and can teach you everything about modern car engines. More

This stunning luxury swimming pool was constructed from 3D printed plan

Jul.19, 2016 - Utah based landscaping company Cutting Edge Pools have constructed a stunning pool for clients that was based off of a 3D printed model. Local 3D printing company WhiteClouds helped with the additive manufacturing. More

'Biohybrid' crawling robot built with sea slug muscle and 3D printed body

Jul.19, 2016 - Researchers from Ohio's Case Western Reserve University have unveiled a biohybrid crawler made from sea slug muscle cells and a 3D printed polymer body that is perfect for exploring the ocean floor looking for wreckage or toxic leaks. More

Oventus stock jumps to 69¢ on debut, expected to launch 3D printed sleep apnoea device in US this year

Jul.19, 2016 - Oventus Medical, the Australian company responsible for developing a 3D printed sleep apnoea device, is expecting to soon break into the American market after having a successful start on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). More

Researchers embed 3D prints with acoustic meta-data that manipulates the production of sound

Jul.19, 2016 - The ability to manipulate sound to convey emotion and information has been a craft more than a science for most of history. Researchers have been using complex 3D printable voxel chambers to allow any item to carry data or filter and produce sound like never before. More

Pokémon GO fans treated to real-life 3D printed Pokémon goodies in Devon, UK

Jul.18, 2016 - A generous maker from a seaside town in Great Britain has been leaving 3D printed Pok'mon models as a surprise reward for local Pok'mon Go players. Matthew Beaman, 36, has given five 3D printed creations to the cause, leaving clues about their location on a local news Facebook group. More

Kickstarter for Versa3D all-in-one 3D printer, CNC mill, laser cutter launches today

Jul.18, 2016 - CreateAll, a 3D printing startup based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is today launching a Kickstarter campaign for Versa3D, an easy-to-use desktop fabrication machine with 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser cutting capabilities. Early bird backers can secure the complete version of the machine for $3,499. More

Gigantic The Box 3D printer revealed with 2.5 m3 build volume, 1200 mm/sec 3D print speeds

Jul.18, 2016 - Swedish startup BLB Industries is challenging FDM 3D printing conventions with its new The Box 3D printer prototype, one of the largest and fastest 3D printers in the world with a build size of 1500x1100x1500 mm and an extrusion speed of up to 6 kg per hour. More

Students team up with Mystic Aquarium to design 3D printed boot for Purps the penguin

Jul.18, 2016 - Purps, an African penguin at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut can walk with easy again thanks to a collaborative effort between the aquarium, the Mystic Middle School, and ACT Group. Together, the team was able to design and create a 3D printed orthotic boot for the injured animal. More

Chinese doctors successfully implant a red-crowned crane with a 3D printed titanium beak

Jul.18, 2016 - A tripartite team from the Leader Animal Hospital, the Guangzhou Yang Ming Technology Company, and the Additive Manufacturing lab at the South China University of Technology have helped a young red-crowned crane to eat again thanks to a 3D printed titanium beak implant. More

Robots and 3D printing could threaten millions of Southeast Asian jobs in next two decades

Jul.18, 2016 - A new study from the International Labour Organization has shown that more than half of workers in South East Asia may be at risk of losing their jobs within the next two decades primarily because of the rise of 3D printing technologies, wearable technologies, nanotechnologies, and robotic automation. More

Enhance your Pokémon Go adventures with 3D printed Pokédex phone battery case

Jul.18, 2016 - Thanks to a fantastic 3D printable Pokédex smartphone case that doubles as an extra battery pack, you can play Pokémon Go in style and never have to worry about a dead battery ever again. More

Global 3D printing market up +9% in Q1'16, expected to reach $18.4 billion by 2020

Jul.18, 2016 - CONTEXT has just published its latest figures for the global 3D printing industry, which comprises of of 3D printers, materials, and services. Their report, which forecasts a growth in the overall industry from $4.1 billion in 2015 to $18.4 billion in 2020, also indicates a rise in 3D printer shipments of +9% in Quarter 1 2016 since last year. More

Solar-powered, 3D printable 'Suli' light turns an ordinary plastic bottle into a lamp

Jul.18, 2016 - Suli Labs, a tech startup based in Chile, is taking preorders for Suli, a versatile, solar-powered light which can be 3D printed or bought ready-made. The startup has also designed a range of 3D printed accessories for the light, including a bicycle attachment and garden stake. More

Maker Generation's version of virtual pet gets 3D printing treatment

Jul.17, 2016 - Every generation has a virtual pet that mimics the companionship of the real thing. Adafruit has recently revealed the Adafriend, it's 3D printable, custom virtual pet ready for the Maker Generation. More

3D print your very own fully-automated Solar System

Jul.17, 2016 - Space may be the final frontier, but if you don't want to spend the money to get there, a recent Instructables provides you with everything you'll need to print your very own solar system and watch the planets spin. More

Customize your American Girl doll with DIY 3D printed prosthetic limbs

Jul.16, 2016 - Inspired by a video that went viral of a young girl receiving a doll with a prosthetic leg, two makers have designed prosthetic limbs for American Girl dolls that anyone can 3D print at home. More

French MotoGP team gains competitive edge with lightweight 3D printed metal components

Jul.16, 2016 - French Moto2 team TransFIORmers has teamed up with metal 3D printing experts I3D Concept to manufacture a more lightweight and precisely designed suspension system. The innovative part was additively manufactured using a strong titanium alloy on Renishaw's AM250 machine. More

Russian Tomsk Polytechnic University to launch 3D printing master's program next fall

Jul.15, 2016 - The Tomsk Polytechnic University is working hard to become a key hub in Russia's aerospace and medical 3D printing efforts, and in that light they will launch a special 3D printing master's program next fall. More

Scientists pave way for invisibility cloak with 3D printed nanoparticles invisible to electromagnetic waves

Jul.15, 2016 - Scientists from the Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have just realized a 3D printing breakthrough that can make objects invisible to electromagnetic waves, using a special nanoparticle coating. More

Team Unlimbited releases Alfie Edition, 3D printed parametric e-NABLE arm for children with below-elbow deficiencies

Jul.15, 2016 - Team Unlimbited, a pair of British e-NABLE volunteers, has released version 2.0 of its 3D printed prosthetic arm, named the 'Alfie Edition' after its first recipient. The new design is fully parametric and can be customized for a correct fit using Thingiverse Customizer. More

Russian Helicopters showcases 3D printed metal parts for Ansat Helicopter at Innoprom 2016

Jul.15, 2016 - The Rostec-backed Helicopters of Russia has just unveiled several 3D printed metal parts for the Russian Ansat Helicopter, including crucial steering control components, at Innoprom 2016. More

Fuji Xerox & Keio University develop new FAV 3D printing data format that retains object's colors, materials & internal structures

Jul.15, 2016 - Japanese researchers from Fuji Xerox and the Keio Research Institute have developed a completely new 3D printing data format called FAV, which stores 3D printing data on a voxel level and makes complex multi-material and multi-color 3D printing much easier. More

University's Cordless Screwdriver Races taken to new heights with 3D printed vehicles

Jul.15, 2016 - The HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, Germany has hosted the Akkuschrauberrennen or 'Cordless Screwdriver Race' for the past nine years. For this year's race, the organizers decided to step things up in a technological way by requiring that every entry vehicle had to be at least in part 3D printed. More

New LOCOOP Y 3D printer brings highly reliable Original Delta tech to your desktop

Jul.15, 2016 - Korean engineers are bringing the highly reliable Original Delta technology, which is widely used in industrial production, to 3D printing with their new LOCOOP Y 3D printer which has just launched on Indiegogo. More

Maxim Lyashko shares first ever Russian-made 3D printed bionic prosthesis with the world

Jul.15, 2016 - After losing his own hand in a mining incident, the Russian engineer Maxim Lyashko has been working hard to build MaxBionic, the first ever Russian bionic prosthesis and he is now sharing the open source 3D printable files with the world. More

Heero: remote 3D printer monitor can kiss away the pain of failed prints

Jul.15, 2016 - A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for HEERO, a remote monitoring and power-cutting tool for 3D printers and other devices. The clever system consists of a camera, base station, and smartphone app, enabling users to watch and control electrical devices (and everything else)'in their home. More

Entirely 3D printed missiles on the horizon, says Raytheon Missile Systems president

Jul.14, 2016 - Engineers at the Raytheon design site (Tucson, Arizona) are experimenting with 3D printed missile components. While additive manufacturing is currently being used to 'hollow out' certain components, the American defense contractor believes that it could someday 3D print an entire missile. More

Adam Wrigley unveils Clockwerk: the first ever 3D printed three-axis tourbillon clock

Jul.14, 2016 - Brooklyn-based mechanical engineer Adam Wrigley has just shared his designs for the Clockwerk, the world's first 3D printed three-axis tourbillon clock which is powered by a mind-numbing mechanical mechanism. More

Fashion student designed a beautiful 3D printed dress to demonstrate a novel fashion app concept

Jul.14, 2016 - Monika Januszkiewicz, a fashion student from the University of Huddersfield in the UK, has designed a stunning 3D printed dress for her final project. The dress, made up of 2,000 3D printed petals, was created to demonstrate the student's fashion app concept. More

Evonik developing biodegradable 3D printing composites for bone fracture implants

Jul.14, 2016 - Evonik, a German speciality chemicals company, is conducting research on new biodegradable 3D printing materials which could be used in the fixation of fractured bones. The composite materials could eventually replace the metals traditionally used to fabricate implants. More

Skinsuit designed with help of 3D printing gives cyclist Tom Dumoulin competitive edge at Tour de France

Jul.14, 2016 - A team of researchers from TU Delft have collaborated with Team Giant-Alpecin to design an advanced aerodynamic suit for Dutch cyclist Tom Dumoulin. The skinsuit was made and tested with the help of 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. More

The Renegade 3D-printing pen turns recycled plastic bottles and bags into art

Jul.14, 2016 - A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for a new 3D printing pen that has the potential to put your mind at ease in regards to wasted plastic filaments. The new pen, called Renegade, has been designed to extrude melted plastic, just like other 3D printing pens, but rather than use store bought filaments, it uses plastic bottles, bags, and files. More

Metal 3D printing more potent than ever with soluble metal support structure breakthrough

Jul.14, 2016 - A huge breakthrough in the field of metal 3D printing has just been unveiled, as a team of researchers have realized a proof-of-concept for soluble metal support structures that can remove the need for post-print machining and which could make much more complex geometries a reality. More

Dubai lays out regulations for 3D printed buildings

Jul.14, 2016 - As part of their ambitious 3D Printing Strategy, the Dubai Municipality is establishing rules and standards for 3D printing construction practices through legislation. These will include material, and practice regulations among others. More

AI Biosciences repurposes low-cost Printrbot 3D printer into high-quality bio-extraction instrument

Jul.14, 2016 - The open source 3D printer market has lead to the explosion of low-cost 3D printers over the last few years. It also allows the repurposing its core technology toward important bio-research projects and AI Biosciences proves that once again. More

Russia's Ural Federal University demonstrates 3D printing robot, announces partnerships in China

Jul.13, 2016 - The Ural Federal University, based in Yekaterinburg, Russia, has demonstrated a robotic 3D printing'machine at Innoprom 2016, a trade show taking place in Yekaterinburg. The university has also signed two agreements to develop additive manufacturing technology with Chinese partners. More

ORNL: atomic-scale additive manufacturing techniques could create stronger, lighter, smarter materials

Jul.13, 2016 - Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have predicted that atomic-scale 3D printing techniques could be used to create stronger, lighter, and smarter materials. Focused electron- and ion-based methods could be used to develop quantum computers, efficient solar cells, and other technology. More

Early success of Pokémon Go bodes well for augmented reality developers

Jul.13, 2016 - Pokémon Go, released on July 6, is the most downloaded and most talked-about smartphone app of the week, with over 7.5 million downloads as of Monday. But could its augmented reality technology pave the way for a wider embrace of AR games and applications? More

BMW Group to expand 3D printing for series components with planar 3D printing

Jul.13, 2016 - German automaker BMW Group has been a pioneer for the adoption of AM technologies within the auto industry. Now it has announced it will continue to expand the uses of AM within its series part production processes. In line with the expansion, BMW will pursue the integration of HP's Multi-Jet Fusion technology in their manufacturing. More

EBAM 3D printing allows Lockheed Martin to reduce production cost, waste, and time for satellite part

Jul.13, 2016 - Sciaky, Inc. recently announced that it's renowned Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) technology allowed global aerospace company Lockheed Martin Space Systems to manufacture titanium propellant tanks for satellites with significantly reduced production time, material waste, and production costs. More

Daimler to 3D print plastic spare parts for Mercedes trucks, starting in September

Jul.13, 2016 - German truck manufacturer Daimler AG has revealed that they will thoroughly overhaul their supply chains by adopting SLS 3D printing to produce plastic spare parts for their Mercedes-Benz trucks, starting in September. More

Rosatom unveils Russia's first domestic metal 3D printing system

Jul.13, 2016 - Russian State Corporation Rosatom has just unveiled the nation's first domestic metal 3D printing system. The additive manufacturing machine was presented at International Industrial Trade Fair Innoprom 2016, which is being hosted in Yekaterinburg, Russia. More

XYZprinting's $549.95 da Vinci Jr 1.0 3-in-1 3D printer & $49.95 da Vinci 3D pen now available

Jul.13, 2016 - Taiwanese accessible 3D printer specialists XYZprinting have just made two new entry-level making tools available, the multipurpose 3-in-1 3D printer, 3D scanner and laser engraver, and the da Vinci 3D pen, which should make 3D printing more accessible and open than ever before. More

Harvard scientists combine rat tissue with 3D printed gold to build 'living' biohybrid stingray

Jul.13, 2016 - A Harvard research team led by professor Kit Kevin Parker has just unveiled a 3D printed 'living' biohybrid stingray, made from 3D printed gold and a rat's heart muscle cells, that has been genetically engineered to swim in response to light cues. More

AntiVJ 3D printed visual sound waves in concrete to create stunning sonic landscapes

Jul.13, 2016 - European visual label AntiVJ has collaborated with artist Yannick Jacquet to design a stunning album cover for Thomas Vaquié's latest album Ecume. The artwork was generated by the music's own soundwaves and was made with the help of 3D printing technologies. More

Hackers could place internal defects into 3D prints, say NYU cybersecurity researchers

Jul.12, 2016 - Researchers at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering have published a report highlighting two potential cybersecurity risks associated with 3D printing. The researchers noted that printing orientation and insertion of fine defects could represent 'possible foci for attacks.' More

Impossible Objects introduces 3D printed PEEK carbon fiber composite parts

Jul.12, 2016 - Impossible Objects has added PEEK (polyetheretherketone) to its catalogue of composite 3D printing materials, enabling customers to create geometrically complex, strong, and lightweight 3D printed components using the company's composite-based additive manufacturing (CBAM) process. More

Thales Alenia Space & Poly-Shape build Europe's largest qualified 3D metal printed part for satellites

Jul.12, 2016 - Thales Alenia Space and Poly-Shape SAS have built Europe's largest qualified 3D printed metal parts for satellites using a Concept Laser 3D printer. The laser-melted antenna supports, which took six days to print, will be used on the Koreasat-5A and 7 satellites, due to go to into orbit in 2017. More

Arcam subsidiary AP&C investing $31M to build 3D printing metal powder plant for Montreal area

Jul.12, 2016 - Additive manufacturing equipment company Arcam AB has announced that its powder manufacturing subsidiary AP&C will be investing in a new factory in the Greater Montreal area. According to a press release, the companies have secured $31 million in funding for the project, which is expected to create 106 jobs. More

Satellites to be 3D printed and tested in space in near future, says Airbus' Andy Anderson

Jul.12, 2016 - As Airbus deputy chief technology officer Andy Anderson revealed during the Farnborough Airshow, he believes that satellites will be 3D printed, tested and deployed in space in the near future. More

Class-action lawsuit against MakerBot for misleading customers is dismissed by court

Jul.12, 2016 - The class-action lawsuit that was brought against MakerBot about a year ago has been dismissed by a Minnesota court, as the judges felt the evidence wasn't strong enough to suggest that customers were knowingly misled during the release of the faulty 5th generation Replicator 3D printer. More

SAP and APWorks to accelerate on-demand industrial 3D printing for aerospace industry

Jul.12, 2016 - Software solutions corporation SAP SE has announced it has signed a co-innovation agreement with APWorks, a subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space GmbH. As part of the agreement, both companies will work together to accelerate and promote the adoption and standardization of industrial 3D printing within the aerospace and defense sectors. More

3D Print cloud service AstroPrint releases user statistics demonstrating steady growth

Jul.12, 2016 - It's always tricky to know for sure if 3D printing is really on the up and up or if it's all smoke and mirrors and hype. 3D Print Cloud service provider AstroPrint is releasing usage stats that suggest 3D printing usage is growing just fine. More

Lend a helping hand for e-NABLE & Pinshape's Within Reach 3D design challenge

Jul.12, 2016 - Pinshape, in collaboration with MatterHackers and Enabling the Future, have launched the Within Reach 3D Design Challenge to inspire makers from all over the world to design and create assistive devices for people suffering from limited hand or finger use. The maker contest is running until Sept. 6, 2016. More

$10M America Makes grant awarded to University of Dayton for 3D printed aircraft maintenance solutions

Jul.12, 2016 - The University of Dayton Research Institute has just received a $10 million grant from America Makes to head a huge collaborate research initiative to explore 3D printing solutions for aircraft maintenance and repair procedures for the U.S. Air Force. More

Roche researchers use Organovo's 3D printed human liver tissues to assess drug-induced toxicity

Jul.11, 2016 - Researchers from Organovo and Roche Pharmaceutical Research and Early Development have used Organovo's 3D printed human liver tissues to model drug-induced liver injury and distinguish between trovafloxacin and levofloxacin, two'closely related compounds with different toxicity profiles. More

See 3D printable models come to life in Treatstock's new '3D Glasses' mode

Jul.11, 2016 - Treatstock, an online 3D model marketplace, has introduced a new '3D view' for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, enabling users to visualize 3D printable files in three different viewing modes: Colored, Metallic, and 3D Glasses. More

Febtop Tech brings 3D modeling to smartphones with FEBCAD AR augmented reality design app

Jul.11, 2016 - Swedish startup Febtop Tech is working on an augmented reality 3D design app called FEBCAD AR, which enables users to draw designs with basic shapes using an augmented reality environment and the objects around you. More

UC Rusal teams with Sauer to develop aluminium 3D printing technology

Jul.11, 2016 - As part of a new collaboration Russian aluminum expert UC Rusal will be working with German machine developer Sauer GmbH to pioneer new 3D printable aluminum powders and 3D printing solutions. More

Russian defense firm UIMC unveils an entirely 3D printed scouting drone at Innoprom 2016

Jul.11, 2016 - The United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC), a Russian state corporation, has built an entirely 3D printed drone which will be used for monitoring and reconnaisance. The UAV, which can be printed and assembled in one day, was unveiled today at the Innoprom trade fair in Ekaterinburg. More

Norsk Titanium receives additional $4 million to fund RPD 3D printing facility in Plattsburgh, NY

Jul.11, 2016 - Norsk Titanium AS has gained significant attention for its most recent endeavour: the creation of a factory for 3D printed aerospace parts in Plattsburgh, New York. In addition to previous investment funding, the project has received a recent $4 million which will fund the facility's first 20 MERKE IV RPD 3D printers. More

Avante Technology's Emendo 1.1 software can fix your 3D files 10x faster than before

Jul.11, 2016 - Avante Technology, LLC. has just announced the release of its latest product: Emendo Automated STL File Repair and Validation Software 1.1. The latest version of the company's repair software not only offers makers a both rapid and accurate way of fixing their STL files before printing, but is also now equipped to support Windows 10. More

Casio is developing a 2.5D printer for 3D printing braille and tactile patterns onto paper

Jul.11, 2016 - Japanese electronics company Casio is developing what they call 2.5D printing technology. The 2.5D printer is capable of embossing paper using a novel heat-reliant process and could be used to print tactile and dynamic learning documents for the visually impaired. More

Food Ink. the first 3D printing restaurant to serve nine-course 3D printed dinner in London

Jul.11, 2016 - Dutch 3D printed food innovators byFlow are ready to take their Food Ink pop-up restaurant to London, where they will be setting up a gastropub to serve nine-course 3D printed dinners from 25 to 27 July. More

3D printed Hibbot walker is teaching Cerebral Palsy patients to walk one step at a time

Jul.11, 2016 - Belgian engineers and physiotherapists from Medical Robots have developed the 3D printed Hibbot walker, a hands-free pelvic support system that is changing the way in which Cerebral Palsy patients learn to walk. More

Arcus 3D printable rubber band machine gun can fire 48 shots in seconds

Jul.10, 2016 - 3D printed rubber band guns have been popping up on file sharing sites for the last few years. A newly released Instructable for the Arcus is in a league of its own by shooting 48 bands in a matter of seconds. More

Design your Own 3D printed Robot with 21st Century Robot's online design tool

Jul.10, 2016 - Intel's 21st Century Robot Project has launched a new online design tool that allows users to design their own robot based on customized personality traits. Users will then be able to share or even 3D print their personalized robotic friends. More

3D printed skulls help FBI forensic artists create facial approximations of unidentified remains

Jul.10, 2016 - The FBI's Trace Evidence Unit is dedicated to helping find a name for unidentified human remains. Using anthropological forensics, 3D printing technologies, and forensic art, facial approximations are made for the remains that could be identified by the public. More

Capturing the moon with a Raspberry Pi and 3D printed lens adapter

Jul.10, 2016 - Berlin-based maker James Mitchell explains how he captured a detailed and close-up photo of the moon using a Raspberry Pi, Picamera, Canon EF lens, and a 3D printed lens adapter. The results are astonishing. More

How 3D printed coral structures could help save our coral reef ecosystems

Jul.9, 2016 - A team from Melbourne, Australia based organization The Reef Design Lab has introduced 3D printed coral structures to coral reef environments in an effort to help save the underwater ecosystems. More

Ultimate Ears unveils bespoke in-ear wireless headphones made with 3D scanning and printing

Jul.9, 2016 - Ultimate Ears has unveiled its latest product: custom-fitted in-ear wireless headphones. The devices are made using 3D scanning technologies, which capture the client's ear structure, and 3D printing technologies. The UE Custom earphones are retailing for about 400 euros. More

ORNL researchers 3D print an entire table with bamboo PLA pellets and giant BAAM 3D Printer

Jul.8, 2016 - Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) are testing the effectiveness of a bamboo-PLA 3D printing material, and have used Cincinnati Incorporated's Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) 3D printer to print large objects, such as a table, using bamboo-PLA pellets. More

Evonik partners with HP to develop powder 3D printing materials for HP Open Platform

Jul.8, 2016 - Evonik, a German speciality chemicals maker, has partnered with HP to produce new powder 3D printing materials for the HP Jet Fusion 3D printer. The partnership falls under HP's Open Platform materials development program, launched in tandem with the Jet Fusion 3D printer. More

3D printed 'MuddyBot' helps scientists explore how first vertebrates could have moved on land

Jul.8, 2016 - A team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology are combining 3D printed robotics, mathematics, and paleontology to explore how the first vertebrates transitioned from their underwater environments onto land. More

ORNL: 3D printed heatsink matches performance of conventional heatsinks with simple annealing process

Jul.8, 2016 - Researchers from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee have discovered that, by employing a simple annealing process or by using a design algorithm, manufacturers can create 3D printed heat sinks which perform as well as conventionally manufactured alternatives. More

Ribalta's Chef Pasquale Cozzolino is the new recipe advisor for BeeHex's 3D printed pizzas

Jul.8, 2016 - BeeHex 3D, the makers of the world's first pizza 3D printer, have just announced a partnership with Chef Pasquale Cozzolino, owner of Ribalta, a Neopolitan restaurant in New York and Atlanta. Cozzolino, an established pizza chef and expert, will be taken on as an advisor to make sure that the ingredients used in the 3D printed pizzas are only the best. More

CoolChip teases a new low profile Kinetic CPU cooler prototyped through 3D printing

Jul.8, 2016 - Hardware cooling specialist CoolChip Technologies has just shared a teaser of a new Kinetic Cooler for the Intel Skylake CPU that has been prototyped through 3D printing and is more efficient, smaller and quieter than existing models. More

Project Nourished is serving up a virtual reality dining experience with 3D printed food

Jul.8, 2016 - Project Nourished, an innovative project developed by a Los Angeles based team of scientists, digital designers, food connoisseurs, and engineers, is seeking to examine and explore the way humans ingest and experience food through a virtual reality setup. More

Three 3D printable space exploration projects to celebrate Juno reaching Jupiter

Jul.8, 2016 - After a five-year journey, NASA's Juno spacecraft entered Jupiter's orbit on Monday during a 35-minute engine burn. To celebrate the accomplishment, here are three out-of-this-world space exploration-themed 3D printing projects selected by Wevolver. More

Hanna the labrador puppy can eat again thanks to a 3D printed tooth implant

Jul.7, 2016 - A team of Brazilian veterinarian specialists calling themselves the 'Animal Avengers' have helped a 15-month-old puppy to eat again thanks to a custom 3D printed tooth implant. The puppy had broken her original tooth by chewing on a bone and was left unable to eat. More

Swansea University, American Process developing 3D printed tissue cartilage for facial reconstruction

Jul.7, 2016 - American Process Inc., a renewable materials specialist based in Atlanta, Georgia, has entered into a Joint Development Agreement with Swansea University Medical School, Wales, UK, to develop 3D printed tissue cartilage, made from human cells and nanocellulose, for use in facial reconstruction. More

Architect Arthur Mamou-Mani designs stunning 3D printed stools for Food Ink pop-up restaurant

Jul.7, 2016 - French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani has designed a series of exquisite 3D printed stools and table stands for the London location of Food Ink, the world's first 3D printed restaurant. The stools were designed with the help of Mamou-Mani's own Silkworm plug-in and are built to withstand being sat on. More

Xkelet wins Red Dot award for custom-fitting 3D printed orthosis that optimizes hygiene and comfort

Jul.7, 2016 - The Spanish startup Xkelet has just won a Red Dot award for the Xkelet orthosis, a lightweight custom-fitting alternative for plaster casts that is based on iPad 3D scans and 3D printed using SLS technology for an comfortable and hygienic fit. More

CARBIOS develops one-step PLA production process for 3D printing from microorganisms

Jul.7, 2016 - French green chemistry company Carbios has made a breakthrough in the development of its sustainable one-step PLA production process. The company has created a microorganism capable of producing PLA directly from lactic acid, effectively cutting a large middle step in the plastic's production. More

IKEA's new collection with Walter van Beirendonck includes fun figurines you can 3D print at home

Jul.7, 2016 - IKEA's most recent collaborative collection, GLÖDANDE, with Belgian fashion designer Walter van Beirendonck, not only pushes the boundaries of home accessories through the designer's incredible imagination, but also through the incorporation of DIY 3D printing technologies. More

3D printed talus implant helps Chinese patient walk freely again

Jul.7, 2016 - The Third Military Medical University of Southwest Hospital in China announced that its orthopedic sports medicine center has completed the country's first fully 3D printed custom talus implant surgery. The 3D printed implant connects the lower limb to the foot and has the biological function of helping patients to walk again. More

Siemens' modular 3D prints can withstand super high-temperatures required for turbine production

Jul.7, 2016 - When it comes to super high temperatures and super alloys, 3D printing isn't always the first thing people think of. But a modular laser driven 3D printing method developed by Siemens and the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology is creating turbines with just those properties in mind. More

Students design 3D printed shoes with a message for world peace

Jul.6, 2016 - A team of students from the University of Buffalo are hoping to share the message of world peace through their innovative and inspirational 3D printed shoes. The modular shoes, which feature symbols of peace, were made using PolyJet 3D printing technologies. More

Unfold improves unusual 3D printed ceramics using ViscoTec FDD technology

Jul.6, 2016 - Unfold, a design studio based in Antwerp, Belgium, is using 'Fluid Dosing & Deposition' (FDD) 3D printing technology from ViscoTec, a German high-viscosity fluids specialist, in order to print artworks in abrasive materials such as ceramics. Several of its creations are currently for sale. More

Alcoa opens 3D printing metal powder plant in Pittsburgh

Jul.6, 2016 - Alcoa, a leader in lightweight metals technology, has opened a state-of-the-art 3D printing metal powder production facility at the Alcoa Technology Center near Pittsburgh, PA. The facility will be used to produce titanium, nickel, and aluminum 3D printing powders for the aerospace industry. More

Eco Concrete uses Highcon paper 3D printing machine to help create incredible concrete bench

Jul.6, 2016 - Eco Concrete Ideas, an architectural concrete manufacturer, has used paper 3D printing technology from Israeli cutting and creasing specialist Highcon'to develop Morpheus, a two-meter concrete bench cast in a mold made from 4,000 layers of recycled paperboard. It will be exhibited at World Design Capital Taipei this summer. More

3D print your own flexible insoles with Gyrobot's new and free Gensole design tool

Jul.6, 2016 - British 3D printing specialist Steve Wood of Gyrobot has just launched a free browser-based design tool called Gensole, which enables you to design and 3D print your own flexible and custom-fitting insoles. More

3D printable Fungarium and Astro Mini Farm win NASA 'Star Trek Replicator Challenge'

Jul.6, 2016 - The results for the Star Trek and NASA Replicator Challenge are in, and the focus was on food as the 3D printable Melanized Fungarium fungus growth bed by Kyle Corrette and the Astro Mini Farm by Nagasai Sreyash Sola have won. More

Ohio 3D prints life-size bobble heads of Donald Trump to promote local AM industry

Jul.6, 2016 - The Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber in Ohio commissioned a life-size 3D printed bobblehead of Trump to be unveiled at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland later this month. It is also planning to present a 3D printed Clinton bobblehead at the Presidential Debates. The project is meant to promote the AM industry in the region. More

3D printed drug pioneer Aprecia secures $30M to develop more fast-melt pills

Jul.6, 2016 - Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, the developer of the first ever FDA-approved 3D printed prescription drug Spritam, has just announced that they have entered into a $30m debt financing agreement with Hercules Capital that will enable the development of more 3D printed drugs. More

Mechaduino: an open-source industrial servo motor for 3D printers, CNC machines & more

Jul.5, 2016 - Tropical Labs, an electromechanical systems lab based in Washington, DC., has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Mechaduino, an open-source industrial servo motor for 3D printers and other machines. Mechaduino can be used as a drop-in replacement for NEMA 17 stepper motors and drivers. More

OMNI3D's Factory 2.0 industrial FFF 3D printer now available

Jul.5, 2016 - OMNI3D, a Polish manufacturer of 3D printers, has launched its latest model: the Factory 2.0 Production System. The €22,900 printer, showcased last month at the Innovations Technologies Machines fair in Poznan, promises operating costs 'up to 5 times lower' than other industrial solutions. More

Take cover! Gambody releases articulated 3D printable model of MechWarrior Catapult

Jul.5, 2016 - Gambody, the 3D printable model marketplace for gamers, has released an articulated 3D printable model of the Catapult, a robot from the MechWarrior video game. Customers can download the STL files for the model for $29.99. More

GE Ventures and Saudi Aramco invest in metal 3D printing startup Desktop Metal

Jul.5, 2016 - Lexington, Massachusetts-based metal 3D printing startup Desktop Metal recently announced that it secured investments from venture capital firm GE Ventures and oil and gas company Saudi Aramco. The company, founded in August 2015, has so far raised an impressive $52 million in investment funding. More

Nano Dimension has completed its 'Switch' software package for 3D printed PCBs

Jul.5, 2016 - Israeli printed electronics company Nano Dimension Ltd. has just announced that it has completed the development of the initial version of its 'Switch' software package, which will be integrated into the DragonFly 2020 3D printer. The software will help users to edit and convert PCB files into 3D printable files. More

Printtable: the large-format 3D printer made from two IKEA tables, yours for under $395

Jul.5, 2016 - Mechanic and 3D printing enthusiast Wayne Mason-Drust has hacked two IKEA Lack tables to make a custom-build, large-format 3D printer. Makers can build their own $395 'Printtable', which consists of several 3D printed components, by following Mason-Drust's Instructables guide for the project. More

Juno, the first spacecraft to fly 3D printed titanium parts, successfully enters Jupiter's orbit

Jul.5, 2016 - Juno, the world's first spacecraft to fly 3D printed titanium parts, has just successfully entered Jupiter's orbit, where it spend the next year and a half gathering data on the biggest planet in our solar system. More

ERT scanning allows scientists to uncover Holocaust Escape Tunnel hand-dug by Jews to escape Nazis

Jul.5, 2016 - A team of researchers have used innovative ERT scanning technologies to uncover and map out the legendary tunnel in the Ponar forest in Lithuania which was dug by Jewish prisoners to escape the Nazis in 1944. The scanning technology has allowed the researchers to map out the tunnel without disturbing the historical region. More

HP acquires 3D scanning companies David Vision Systems and David 3D Solutions

Jul.5, 2016 - HP has just revealed that they have acquired 3D scanning specialists David Vision Systems and David 3D Solutions, with the express purpose of strengthening their ability to provide an end-to-end 3D ecosystem, involving everything from 3D scanning to imaging and 3D printing. More

Build your own 3D printed wearable Raspberry Pi camera for under $100

Jul.5, 2016 - Wearable technology can be expensive. Adafruit is continuing the Maker spirit by releasing instructions on how to build your own 3D printed, Raspberry Pi powered wearable camera. More

Dubai patients to see 3D printed teeth, hearing aids and prosthetic limbs by 2021

Jul.5, 2016 - The DHA announced last month that it was developing a strategy for 3D printed medical services and now it seems that strategy could be put into action by as soon as the end of the year. That means medical patients in Dubai could soon be seeing 3D printed teeth, hearing aids, medical devices, casts, and prosthetic limbs as part of their treatments. More

Airwolf 3D unveils Talon X1 3D printed drone kit for schools

Jul.5, 2016 - Airwolf 3D, a Californian 3D printer manufacturer, has released the Talon X1 Educational Drone Kit, a 3D printing kit for students that comes with everything needed to build and fly a quadcopter. The company plans to release more 3D printing kits in the near future. More

Build your own 3D printed speakers with these Kitronik hobby kits

Jul.4, 2016 - Kitronik, a UK-based design studio, has created two 3D printable speaker kits: one for a Stereo speaker and one for a Cube speaker. Makers can use the kits to learn more about the design and construction of modern electronic devices. More

ARRK 3D prints a stunning scale model of energy efficient roof for Renzo Piano's SNFCC cultural complex in Athens

Jul.4, 2016 - UK-based product developer ARRK has just completed a stunning 3D printed scale model replica of the energy efficient Energy Canopy roof of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Greece's new cultural headquarters. More

Check out Laika's fully 3D printed character in samurai stop-motion adventure 'Kubo and the Two Strings'

Jul.4, 2016 - Stop-motion animation studio LAIKA is set to release their latest film 'Kubo and the Two Strings' this August. Known for their innovative technical processes such as 3D printing, Laika will debut its fully 3D printed character, Moonbeast, in the film. More

3DTOPO makes cool copper Bearded Yell statue with new 3D printed lost shell sand casting

Jul.4, 2016 - The Idaho-based makers from 3DTOPO have completed a fantastic copper Bearded Yell statue, using a 3D printed mold and the 3D printed lost shell sand casting technique. More

Big, bigger, biggest: huge 3D printers in action at Additive Manufacturing Europe in Amsterdam

Jul.4, 2016 - Additive Manufacturing Europe 2016 was home to a remarkable number of very large-scale or tall 3D printers, big enough to 3D print furniture, architectural models or even full-sized 3D selfies, and looked at the biggest of them. More

3D printer helps solve mind-bending 'ambiguous cylinders' optical illusion that was driving us crazy

Jul.4, 2016 - 3D printing specialists Make Anything have solved the Ambiguous Cylinder optical illusion with reverse engineered 3D printed parts, showing that the transforming shapes were in fact neither circles or squares, but a shape in between. More

BAE Systems reveals plans for Chemputer 3D printer that chemically grows military drones

Jul.4, 2016 - British defense contractor BAE Systems has revealed that they are developing a Chemputer 3D printer with University of Glasgow researchers, which could be used to chemically grow bespoke military drones in laboratories. More

Ten-year-old creates a gorgeous 120cm tall Eiffel Tower with a 3D printing pen

Jul.3, 2016 - At Innorobo 2016 in Paris, the ten-year-old Atbin from the Netherlands shared his amazing 3D printing skills with the world, showcasing gorgeous Eiffel Tower and Tower of Pisa models made with nothing more than a 3D printing pen. More

One-legged cat given a new lease on life thanks to 3D printing

Jul.2, 2016 - In another inspiring story about the impact additive manufacturing can have on an animal's life, an ill fated cat in Pingtung, Taiwan has been given a new lease on life thanks to the dedication of a team of veterinarians and 3D printing technologies. More

Make your own ultrasonic 3D print polisher with acetone and an air humidifier

Jul.2, 2016 - Michael Graham, 27, an engineer from Portland, Oregon, has designed an ultrasonic 3D print polisher, sharing the building process on Instructables. The Automated Ultrasonic Misting 3D Print Polisher PRO uses acetone vapor to apply a professional polish to ABS 3D printed parts. More

Inspiring 10-year-old girl wins PhD Fellowship to build 3D printed robot that will 'make streets of Paris happy again'

Jul.1, 2016 - In what could be the week's most touching viral story, a 10-year-old girl from Paris, France has been awarded a PhD Fellowship to make a 3D printed robot with the express purpose of cheering up the streets of paris. More

3D printed robotic gripper uses force feedback to avoid crushing fragile objects

Jul.1, 2016 - High school graduate Sam Baumgarten and senior Graham Hughes have used 3D printing to build an Arduino-powered robotic gripper. A glove fitted with flex sensors is used to control the device, which uses three large servos to control its 3D printed fingers. More

3D printed silk 'micro-rockets' could swim drugs into your body

Jul.1, 2016 - Engineers at the University of Sheffield in England have developed an inkjet 3D printing method for printing silk 'micro-rockets', microscopic swimming devices which can be used in biological environments. The devices could be used for drug delivery or locating cancer cells. More

New and improved Indmatec PEEK 3D printer coming in January 2017

Jul.1, 2016 - Indmatec's German pioneers of the industrial-strength PEEK filament revealed a prototype of a new Indmatec PEEK 3D printer at Additive Manufacturing Europe in Amsterdam, which should make the 3D printing of PEEK easier than ever before. More

3DPandoras multi-color gypsum 3D printer now available in Europe through 3Dee

Jul.1, 2016 - Belgian 3D printing service providers 3Dee has begun distributing the Taiwanese 3DPandoras multi-color gypsum 3D printer in Europe, a multi-color gypsum 3D printer that is far more cost-effective than competitive models. More

Shedd Aquarium 3D prints prosthetic foot for Hiss Majesty the Caiman lizard

Jul.1, 2016 - A team from Chicago's famous Shedd Aquarium has been working on developing a 3D printed prosthetic foot for Hiss Majesty, a 16-year-old Caiman lizard who last year lost his foot and ankle to a tumor. The process is a first for the world famous aquarium. More

UPenn researchers develop $2 Zika virus test with 3D printed component

Jul.1, 2016 - A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have developed an easy-to-use, rapid, portable, and very low-cost genetic testing device for the Zika virus with the help of 3D printing. The testing device could be a game-changer in combatting the Zika virus pandemic. More

TRUMPF steals show with TruPrint 1000 metal 3D printer in Amsterdam

Jul.1, 2016 - German engineering specialists TRUMPF stole the show at Additive Manufacturing Europe 2016 in Amsterdam this week with their TruPrint 1000, a new industrial-grade metal 3D printer that relies on laser metal fusion technology. More

How 3D printing can be used to manufacture durable concrete business cards

Jul.1, 2016 - 3D Printing has a good number of applications due to its open nature. An Instructables user proves this again by creating and stress testing a concrete business card made with a 3D printed frame and mould. More

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