Pollen's 'Pam' multi-material pellet 3D printer offers 40 µm precision for €8,000

Jun.30, 2016 - Pollen, a French additive manufacturing startup, has unveiled Pam, its multi-material delta 3D printer which uses pellets instead of traditional filament spools. The 3D printer, which has a resolution of up to 40 µm, is available for preorder at €8,000 ($9,000). More

Shirley Anderson, 68, receives a whole new 3D printed jaw after long battle with tongue cancer

Jun.30, 2016 - Researchers at Indiana University have used 3D printing to create a complex facial prosthesis for cancer survivor Shirley Anderson, who lost his tongue, jaw, and Adam's apple after years of surgeries and radiation therapy. The researchers have called their process the 'IU Shirley Technique'. More

Aether 1 $9,000 3D Bio-Printer impresses with beautiful time-lapse video demonstration

Jun.30, 2016 - 3D bio-printing will almost certainly have a big role to plan as the technology matures. The Aether 1 sub-$9,000 3D Printer showcases what it is capable of in an early beta-unit demonstration video. More

Breathe-3DP introduces 'Phoenix' industrial nylon 3D printing material, available in six colors

Jun.30, 2016 - Breathe-3DP, a 3D printing materials specialist based in Bristol, Arizona, has introduced Phoenix, an industrial, nylon-based filament with high levels of toughness, tensile strength, heat resistance, and fatigue strength. The new material comes in six standard colors. More

Björk performs first ever VR live stream show wearing 3D printed mask by Neri Oxman

Jun.30, 2016 - Björk has ventured into the realm of VR, having performed the first ever VR live-streamed show. The performance, which opened the artist's 'Bj'rk Digital' event series was not only notable for its VR aspect, however, as it also featured an especially striking piece of 3D printed fashion, a mask designed by Neri Oxman. More

The most interesting 3D printers introduced at Additive Manufacturing Europe 2016

Jun.30, 2016 - Several of the most anticipated desktop 3D printers were present Additive Manufacturing Europe 2016, including the Zortrax M300, the Leapfrog Bolt and the Sharebot Voyager Warp DLP 3D printer. More

Norsk Titanium secures $25 million in funding to expand aerospace 3D printing technologies

Jun.30, 2016 - Norsk Titanium AS, one of the world's leaders in additively manufactured structural titanium parts for the aerospace industry has just announced that it has secured $25 million in funding in its last Q2 2016 funding round. The successful funding round will help to expand and further advance Norsk Titanium's innovative technologies. More

Open Building Institute is revolutionizing sustainable home building through open-source technologies

Jun.30, 2016 - An ambitious project founded by Open Source Ecology (OSE) and the Open Building Institute (OBI) is seeking to expand the benefits of open source information into the realm of sustainable housing and construction. The project, called the Eco-Building Toolkit is currently being featured through a Kickstarter campaign. More

Filamet lets you 3D print pure metal objects with your desktop 3D printer

Jun.30, 2016 - After a successful crowdfunding campaign last year, Wisconsin-based The Virtual Foundry has brought its innovative Filamet 3D printing material public. Filamet allows makers to print metal objects directly from their desktop 3D printers, with the possibility of turning the prints into pure metal. More

Ultimaker 3D printers used for Eventuri's Audi B8 RS5 intake system, director reveals

Jun.30, 2016 - As Eventuri director Bilal Mahmood revealed at Additive Manufacturing Europe 2016, they used Ultimaker 3D printers to prototype a new highly efficient intake system for the Audi B8 RS5 engine in just three days. More

Pleurobot: a 3D printed robot salamander that can walk, crawl and even swim underwater

Jun.29, 2016 - Researchers at the 'cole Polytechnique F'd'rale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland have developed a robot which accurately mimics the gait and movement of a salamander. 'Pleurobot' consists of 3D printed bones and motorized joints, and could be used in the development of medical devices. More

See this stunning 3D printed zoetrope come to life with light

Jun.29, 2016 - Japanese media artist Akinori Goto has created a modern day zoetrope called toki using 3D design and 3D printing technologies. The impressive device, which was recently showcased at the Spiral Independent Creators Festival, displays ghostlike human figures walking or dancing when light is shone through it from the side. More

3D printing helps PEO Soldier reduce 120 lb marching load of US Army Infantry

Jun.29, 2016 - PEO Soldier's 'Warrior Integration Site,' a laboratory where personnel are developing ways to reduce the weight carried by US Army Infantry, is using 3D printing to prototype new equipment. Lightweight body armor, new fabrics, and other items will each contribute to the weight reduction. More

Bring your kid's favorite digital characters into reality with 3D printing

Jun.29, 2016 - In an effort to combine physical and digital playtimes for the young Generation Z in a productive way, a joint Belgian research team from KU Leuven, iMinds, and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) has been studying how children interact with both online and 3D printed physical toys. More

Top 15 3D printed GoPro accessories

Jun.29, 2016 - GoPro cameras were designed and built for capturing moments of extreme action. To make the already versatile camera even more adaptable to a number of different activities, we have compiled a list of our favorite 3D printed GoPro accessories to inspire your adventurous side. More

Swiss Re insurance company developing claims program for 3D printing

Jun.29, 2016 - Reinsurance and insurance experts at Swiss Re are working with clients to better develop intelligent and appropriate 3D printing insurance solutions. More

XYZprinting announces $229 da Vinci miniMaker designed for schools and education

Jun.29, 2016 - 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting announced today the company's first education-focused 3D printer, the da Vinci miniMaker, a beginner-friendly 3D printer designed for STEAM education. More

Under Armour embraces 3D printing and scanning with new innovation center

Jun.29, 2016 - Sports equipment giant Under Armour has noticed some of its gear has been made the same way for a century now. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing center the UA Lighthouse embraces 3D print, design and scanning technologies to lead manufacturing going forward. More

Check out these awesome open-source 3D printable robot projects from Wevolver

Jun.28, 2016 - Wevolver, the online platform for sharing and collaborating on open hardware projects, has featured some really cool 3D printable projects in the past. Recently, the webplatform has released a number of new 3D printed robotics projects that are sure to get makers' gears going. More

NinjaTek announces global release of Cheetah, Armadillo 3D printing materials

Jun.28, 2016 - NinjaTek, the 3D printing materials division of Fenner Drives, has announced the global release of two 3D printing filaments: Cheetah, a fast, flexible filament, and Armadillo, a high-performance, rigid material. Both filaments were first announced at CES 2016 in January. More

3D printed Diet Eyeglasses by Passau researchers monitor chewing to help you lose weight

Jun.28, 2016 - Researchers from the University of Passau in Germany have just unveiled a pair of 3D printed Diet Eyeglasses, which use sensors to detect facial muscle movement while eating different foods and carefully track exactly how many calories you're consuming. More

WACKER to unveil world's first industrial silicone 3D printer at K 2016 Trade Fair in October

Jun.28, 2016 - German chemical company WACKER has just announced that they will be unveiling the world's first industrial silicone 3D printer at the K 2016 Trade Fair in D'sseldorf in October. More

3D printed micron lattices have unique properties not seen in other materials, LLNL study reveals

Jun.28, 2016 - Experiments on 3D printed micron lattices by a team from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory revealed that 3D printing actually gives the structures unique mechanical properties that can be manipulated to optimize materials for their applications. More

Zortrax reveals bigger and better M300 3D printer in Amsterdam

Jun.28, 2016 - Zortrax has just unveiled the M300 3D printer at Additive Manufacturing Europe 2016 Expo in Amsterdam, the larger and improved successor to the critically acclaimed M200 3D printer. More

ColorFabb launches new steelFill 3D printing filament at AM Show Europe 2016

Jun.28, 2016 - The 2016 edition of AM Show Europe in Amsterdam has launched today, where guests and exhibitors are sure to see the latest and greatest of 3D printing technologies. Among the exciting unveilings of the exhibition, which lasts until June 30th, is ColorFabb's newest metal filament, steelFill. More

New PRO1 3D printing material from Innofil3D promises 30% faster printing speeds

Jun.28, 2016 - Innofil3D has unveiled the 'Innofil3D Professional Series,' its latest product line, and PRO1, the first material in that line. The Professional Series materials will have properties suitable for 'functional prints, prototypes, or low volume production.' More

Sharebot launches Voyager Warp jewelry DLP 3D Printer, '8-times faster 3D Printing'

Jun.28, 2016 - Italian based Sharebot is expanding its 3D printer repertoire once again with today's announcement of the lightning quick Voyager Warp castable resin jewelry focused DLP 3D printer. More

Cascadia Candles combine age-old beeswax with 3D printing and LiDAR data of Northwest mountains

Jun.28, 2016 - Portland Bee Balm has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Cascadia Candles, a fantastic set of beeswax candles made by combining 3D printing with LiDAR data of real mountains in the Northwest. More

AREVO announces $7M series A funding round led by Khosla Ventures

Jun.27, 2016 - AREVO, the first company addressing 3D printing of composite materials for production applications, announced a $7M Series A funding round led by Khosla Ventures. Coincident with the investment, Vijit Sabnis from Khosla Ventures will join the AREVO Board of Directors. More

World's smallest 3D printed lens revealed: surveillance cameras will soon be as small as a grain of salt

Jun.27, 2016 - Scientists have used 3D printing to create the world's tiniest lens, which is just twice the width of a human hair. Its makers claim the lens could lead to cameras the size of a grain of salt, revolutionising health imaging, clandestine surveillance, robotics and drone technology. More

TU Eindhoven students unveil stylish 2m tall 3D printed concrete pavilion

Jun.27, 2016 - Dutch students from the Eindhoven University of Technology have just unveiled a remarkable 2m tall 3D printed concrete pavilion, which showcases the construction potential of the university's own concrete 3D printer. More

Aussie woman receives 3D printed silicon ear prosthetic 55 years after losing original

Jun.27, 2016 - Australian woman Colleen Murray has just become the first person in Australia to receive a 3D printed ear prosthetic, which looks highly realistic because it was based on a scan of her remaining ear. More

Fixing 3D prints becomes easier than ever with the UV LED-powered Bondic 3D Liquid Plastic Welder

Jun.27, 2016 - Filling up gaps and fixing 3D printed surfaces has just become easier than ever thanks to the Bondic 3D Liquid Plastic Welder, a 3D printing pen that extrudes a resin liquid that can be cured with the UV-LED on the back of the pen. More

Covestro opens new 3D printing lab to develop wide material range for all 3D printing techniques

Jun.27, 2016 - German polymer specialists Covestro have just revealed that they have opened a new 3D printing lab in Leverkusen with an eye on the development of a wide and diverse range of 3D printable materials for all conventional 3D printing techniques. More

French homeware company Miliboo launches collection of custom 3D printed planters

Jun.27, 2016 - French homeware and furniture company Miliboo has ventured into the technological realm of 3D printing with their latest collection of home decorations. The limited edition collection of interior decorations, a set of 5 customizable planters, will not only be 3D printed, but will also be made with the input of the consumer. More

Cow cartilage used in 3D bioprinting bid to make 'patches' for worn out joints in future

Jun.27, 2016 - Researchers from Penn State University have developed a new 3D bioprinting technique that makes hydrogel scaffolding obsolete and produces 3D printed cartilage with far more desirable mechanical properties. More

Start signing your autograph with this 3D printed titanium pen

Jun.27, 2016 - Design studio Pagnotta has just launched its innovative P22 pen through a Kickstarter campaign. The pen, which was designed with minimalism and ergonomics in mind, was made from titanium using EBM 3D printing technologies and ranges in price from $170 to $220. More

12-year-old starts 3D printing business with GoFundMe campaign

Jun.27, 2016 - Rowan Pritchard, a 12-year-old tech enthusiast from Petaluma, California, has launched a GoFundMe campaign for a new made-to-order 3D printing business. The young entrepreneur is looking to raise $3,000 for a 3D printer, monitor, scanner, and recycler. More

Using 3D printed guns in Singapore punishable by death, LGBT controversy reveals

Jun.27, 2016 - As a social media controversy surrounding an LGBT rally in Singapore revealed, ownership of 3D printed guns is strictly forbidden in Singapore and using one can be punishable by death. More

Locknesters unveils new and improved 3D printed puzzle toys

Jun.26, 2016 - Locknesters has released the first of its new series of toys, a 3D printed and expertly finished standing bear toy, that can be assembled and disassembled like a puzzle. The 3D printed puzzle bear would be a great addition to your child's toy collection, or an equally great addition to your office desktop. More

Maker builds DIY 3D printed automatic hacksaw that can cut steel

Jun.26, 2016 - Veteran maker and blogger Bruno M. of Engineerd3d has just shared his fantastic DIY automatic hacksaw with the world, which consists of a store-bought hacksaw and numerous 3D printed components, and is strong enough to cleanly cut through steel. More

3D printed gear puzzle turns clockwise and counter-clockwise simultaneously

Jun.26, 2016 - Dutch puzzle maker Oskar van Deventer has just completed a remarkable puzzle of 3D printed gears, which defy all engineering logic by turning clockwise and counter-clockwise simultaneously. More

3D printed WiFi solution for refugees, MeshPoint, wins best humanitarian tech award

Jun.25, 2016 - A Croatian startup, which just months ago made headlines for MeshPoint, their innovative 3D printed WiFi solution for refugees, has just been named best startup project in the category of Best Humanitarian Tech of the Year at The Europas. More

3D print your own custom orthotics, your feet will thank you

Jun.25, 2016 - Instructables user Matter921 and his friend Nate have created an easy to follow 3D printed custom orthotics tutorial that could have your feet (and your wallet) humming in no time. More

3D printed Inupathy harness can visualize your dog's emotions

Jun.25, 2016 - Inupathy, a 3D printed dog harness equipped with a heart-rate sensor and LED lights, can give pet owners a deeper insight into how their dogs are feeling. The smart harness is currently seeking funding through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. More

SUNY New Paltz opens 3D Printing Superlab, houses Stratasys 3D printers & 40 Makerbot 3D printers

Jun.25, 2016 - A new additive manufacturing superlab at The State University of New York at New Paltz will make a variety of 3D printers available both to students and the Hudson Valley business community. More

Ricoh makes metal injection molding obsolete with new highly efficient metal 3D printer

Jun.24, 2016 - At the Design & Manufacturing Solutions Exhibition in Tokyo, Japanese technology developer Ricoh unveiled a new metal 3D printer that is comparable to metal injection molding, but far more efficient in its material use. More

OESH Shoes to develop pellet-based shoe 3D printers with National Science Foundation grant

Jun.24, 2016 - 3D printed footwear pioneer OESH Shoes has just received a grant from the National Science Foundation to develop low-cost pellet-based 3D printers that can be used for large-scale footwear production. More

Student research team experiments with orange peel bio-plastics for 3D printing

Jun.24, 2016 - A team of students from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia have been experimenting with a novel way of creating bio-plastics for 3D printing. So far, the team has created polymers from food-waste materials like orange peels, shrimp peels, and coffee powder. More

National Science Foundation funds 3D printing center for Baltimore's inner city youth

Jun.24, 2016 - The National Science Foundation has just provided $300,000 in funding to set up a 3D printing center in Baltimore, which will not only provide 3D printing opportunities to inner city youth, but will also serve as a living laboratory to study the positive effects of exposure to making. More

3D printed Flirtey drone completes first medical supply delivery from ship to shore in New Jersey

Jun.24, 2016 - Australian startup Flirtey has used their 3D printed drone to complete a ship-to-shore medical delivery test off the coast of New Jersey, and hope to deliver crucial supplies to areas struck by natural disasters in the near future. More

Markforged releases 'Onyx' micro-carbon reinforced nylon 3D printing material for industrial-strength parts

Jun.24, 2016 - Markforged, the company behind the world's first carbon fiber 3D printer, has released a new 3D printing material. 'Onyx' is a micro-carbon reinforced nylon designed for industrial-strength parts which offers superior strength, rigidity, and dimensional stability, while requiring no post-processing. More

NASA awards Firmamentum $750K to develop 3D printer plastic recycler hybrid for ISS

Jun.24, 2016 - NASA has awarded Firmamentum, a division of private aerospace company Tethers Unlimited, $750,000 in funding to develop and build a 2-in-one 3D printer and plastic recycler for the ISS. The machine, called the Refabricator, could be a breakthrough for not only in-space manufacturing but also terrestrial 3D printing.' More

Sailor-designed, 3D printed 'Tru Clip' printed in space on ISS Additive Manufacturing Facility

Jun.24, 2016 - In a landmark event, the 'Tru Clip,' a 3D printed radio clasp designed by sailors aboard the USS Harry S. Truman, has been printed on the International Space Station's Additive Manufacturing Facility. Transferring the 3D printable file from from Earth to space took around two minutes. More

Italian company purchases two massive concrete 3D Printers 1063 from Swiss manufacturer Imprimere AG

Jun.24, 2016 - For 3D printing to really take off across the board, some of the more out-there advancements in the technology need to gain commercial traction. The sale of two massive 1063 concrete 3D printers by Swiss company Imprimere AG is a great start. More

Create Prosthetics develops medical-grade 3D printed prosthetic arm for a Haitian mother

Jun.23, 2016 - Lake Placid, NY based Create Prosthetics, known primarily for its innovative and customizable 3D printed prosthetic covers, has created what they are calling the first ever medical-grade 3D printed arm prosthetic, which they made for a young Haitian mother who lost her arm in the 2010 earthquake. More

Mitsubishi's '5D printed' parts 3-5x stronger than 3D printed counterparts

Jun.23, 2016 - Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) is using five-axis additive manufacturing'what some call '5D printing''to make components that are three to five times stronger than their regular 3D printed counterparts. More

LIDAR data turned into fantastic 3D printed 3D map of central London

Jun.23, 2016 - San Francisco-based programmer Andrew Godwin has 3D printed a gorgeous 48-tile 3D map of central London, using free LIDAR surveying data to realize his highly detailed model. More

Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam tests 3D printed ear models as educational tools

Jun.23, 2016 - Surgeons and students from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, have begun testing 3D printed ear models as educational tools, which could greatly reduce the dependency on human cadavers. More

Tend.ai trains your robot to operate dozens of 3D printers, read screens, remove 3D prints & replace filament rolls

Jun.23, 2016 - Oregon-based startup Tend.ai has just completed the world's first fully automated 3D printing farm, which is operated by a robot that reads screens, removes and boxes prints and replaces filament rolls. More

Bristol scientists develop new stem cell bio-ink for 3D printed cartilage and bone implants

Jun.23, 2016 - A team of researchers from the University of Bristol have developed a potent new 3D printable bio-ink that could be perfect for sustaining stem cell growth for cartilage and bone implants. More

Former NASA engineer uses 3D printing to create 'world's largest' Nerf gun (and missile)

Jun.23, 2016 - Former NASA engineer Mark Rober and Eclectical Engineering hosts Ryan and David have built what could be the world's largest Nerf gun. The giant foam missile launcher, which packs a 3,000-psi paintball tank, has a 3D printed handle and can fire 3D printed projectiles. More

Titanic reborn as amazing 4m long, 2000 part 3D printed 1-72nd scale model

Jun.23, 2016 - Model ship maker Bernie from BernCo Models has breathed new life into the Titanic, and is working hard to complete a gargantuan 4 meter long, 2000 part 3D printed 1-72nd scale model of that tragic ship. More

GE Hitachi to lead $2 million 3D printing nuclear tech research project for DOE

Jun.23, 2016 - GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to take the reigns on a new $2 million additive manufacturing research project. The project in question will consist of 3D printing replacement part prototypes for nuclear power plants and subjecting the samples to a number of tests. More

Russian researchers develop new method for 3D printing biodegradable bones

Jun.23, 2016 - A team of Russian researchers from the Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk have developed a new and reportedly unique method of manufacturing bones, which includes 3D printing technologies, biodegradable materials, and computed tomography. More

VT engineer 3D prints robotic exoskeleton glove to help cerebral palsy diagnosis in children

Jun.23, 2016 - Research being developed by a Virginia Tech robotics team and at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio aims to assist in early detection of cerebral palsy. A 3D printed glover is a big part of the strategy to bring it all together. More

Computer program creates 3D printed artwork (after 2.5 million attempts)

Jun.22, 2016 - Computers scientists from the IT University of Copenhagen and the University of Wyoming have developed an AI 'artist', capable of creating 3D printed artworks. The program uses deep learning and innovation engines to create 3D artifacts without human input. More

Materialise launches latest version of Mimics Innovation Suite for 3D medical image printing

Jun.22, 2016 - Materialise has launched Mimics Innovation Suite 19, the latest edition of its popular medical 3D imaging software package. The updated software offers faster segmentation, easier FEA meshing, improved usability, and other new features. More

3D printing comes to Guadalajara in new UP campus 3D printing center open to all students

Jun.22, 2016 - 3D printing has come to Guadalajara, Mexico, where Universidad Panamericana's Guadalajara campus is now home to the CRAI 3D printing center that is open to all students and faculty members. More

i.materialise launches new lightweight aluminum 3D printing material

Jun.22, 2016 - Online 3D printing service i.materialise has just announced that it has added a brand new 3D printing material to its already extensive selection: aluminum. The new material is ideal for manufacturing lightweight but strong metal end-use parts. More

Endurance transforms SelfieBot into fantastic 3D printed BB-8 droid with movable head

Jun.22, 2016 - Endurance's George Fomichev has just transformed his educational DIY SelfieBot into a fantastic 3D printed BB-8 droid with movable head that can hold your smartphone and double as a selfie-machine. More

3DPrinterOS to expand global presence of 3D printing platform through Microsoft Azure collaboration

Jun.22, 2016 - 3DPrinterOS, developer of the world's premier cloud-based 3D printing operation system, has just revealed that they will be collaborating with Microsoft Azure to greatly expand their global presence. More

3D print your very own RS-LM 2014 Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro RC racecar

Jun.22, 2016 - F1 enthusiast and talented maker Brett Turnage recently unveiled his latest Formula One RC car, which is dedicated to the late Muhammad Ali. Like his previous models Turnage's latest 3D printed RC model, the RS-LM 2014 Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro, dubbed 'The Ali' for short, is available through Thingiverse. More

What you sculpt is what you 3D print with new clay production technique by BYU team

Jun.22, 2016 - A team of Brigham Young University researchers are seeking to tackle the steep learning curve of 3D printing with a clay-based hand modeling technique that relies on 3D markers and 3D scanning to create 3D printable models at a moment's notice. More

BotFeeder's new reFilactive 3D printable filament reflects light in the darkness

Jun.22, 2016 - Taiwanese filament specialist BotFeeder has just brought the reFilactive 3D printable filament to Indiegogo, which includes light-redirecting beads to reflect light in the darkness and is perfect for making reflective accessories and wearables. More

Zortrax patents self-levelling technology actively used in their successful M200 3D printer

Jun.22, 2016 - The desktop 3D printer market is seeing an ever increasing number of patents being filed for any number of innovations. Polish based 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax is entering the patent game by securing claim to their self-levelling bed technology. More

3D printing helps surgeons save a baby born with his brain outside his skull

Jun.21, 2016 - Surgeons at Boston Children's Hospital have used 3D printing to assist complex brain surgery on an infant suffering from severe encephalocele. 3D printed models of the deformed skull, through which parts of the patient's brain were growing, were used during surgical planning. More

3D printing model-fixing software MakePrintable integrates with 3DHubs

Jun.21, 2016 - MakePrintable, Mixed Dimensions' cloud-based model-fixing software for 3D printing, has integrated with 3DHubs. The integration enables users to send their 3D printing project to their 3D Hubs account from within the MakePrintable interface. More

Maher Soft 3D prints 1.3m model of transport vehicle to be used in client's sales pitch

Jun.21, 2016 - Maher Soft, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Mumbai, India, has used its Indie Desktop 3D Printer to create a 1.3m scale model of a 115m heavy transport vehicle. The 3D printed model was commissioned by a leading transport services company, which will use the miniature in client presentations. More

The DIY Dudes are at it again with this partially 3D printed DIY Rift CNC machine

Jun.21, 2016 - The DIY Dudes have just shown how easy it is to add a new dimension to any building project by using 3D printed parts and off-the-shelf components. This time, the pair have constructed the impressive Rift DIY CNC machine. More

HP to invest €60 million a year into Sant Cugat 3D printing R&D center in Spain

Jun.21, 2016 - HP, which recently unveiled its innovative Jet Fusion 3D printing systems, has just announced that it will be expanding its International Centre in Sant Cugat, Barcelona, which specializes in the development of large format printing and 3D printing technologies. More

M3D targets advanced users with $500 M3D Pro 3D printer, just unveiled at CE Week 2016

Jun.21, 2016 - M3D is following up on their Micro's budget 3D printing success with the M3D Pro 3D printer, featuring more advanced properties for experienced users while staying accessible and competitively priced. More

SUTD Singapore's open house featured an amazing 3D printed fibrous pavilion

Jun.21, 2016 - The Singapore University of Technology and Design has gone above and beyond for their open house presentation, as a team of professors and students created a massive 3D printed architectural mesh structure to greet (and undoubtedly impress) the prospective students. More

South Korean man successfully implanted with the country's first 3D printed heel bone

Jun.21, 2016 - For the first time in the country's history, a team of South Korean doctors have successfully implanted a 3D printed heel bone into a patient's foot, who was suffering from a severe tumor. The innovative surgery is one of over a hundred successful surgeries involving 3D printed implants in Korea this year. More

3Dism: 3D Printing a New Visual Art Style with three dimensional plaquettes

Jun.21, 2016 - Bulgarian start-up Easy 3D introduce a new style of contemporary art object - through the use of 3D printed plaquettes in a process called 3Dism. More

How to make a PCB prototype on your 3D printer

Jun.21, 2016 - Learn how to manufacture printed circuit boards on your home 3D printer by fitting your printer with a diode laser and using only a few materials. This method is effective for using at home or in small office laboratories. More

12-year old builds working 3D Printer out of over-the-shelf LEGO parts and a 3D Printing Pen

Jun.21, 2016 - There's no doubt that the future lies with the youth of the world. The present, however, seems to be jam packed with the younger generation trying their hand at innovating and a 3D printer made by a 12-year old with nothing but LEGO, motors, some string and a 3D pen is a good example of how. More

The next step in self-replicating 3D printers? Dollo 3D claims to be 'more printable' than a RepRap

Jun.20, 2016 - Father-and-son 3D printing startup Dollo 3D has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Dollo 3D printer, a self-replicating machine that uses fewer off-the-shelf components than a RepRap. For $250, backers can secure all the necessary electronics to build their own. More

Mirada Pro and Reynolds Technology collaborate on 999g 3D printed titanium bike frame

Jun.20, 2016 - Three British designers have teamed up to build a sub-1kg titanium 3D printed bike frame. 3D printing company Mirada Pro, bicycle tubing specialist Reynolds, and framebuilder Ted James all contributed their expertise to the frame, whose weight was reduced using topology optimization software. More

Stratasys begins making custom 3D printed 'Effect Skins' for Daihatsu's Copen roadster

Jun.20, 2016 - 3D printing giant Stratasys has joined forces with Japanese car manufacturer Daihatsu to launch a range of patterned, 3D printed 'Effect Skins' which customers can tailor to their own specifications. The skins can be ordered for front and rear bumpers and fenders of the Daihatsu Copen. More

Fictiv platform to localize and speed up 3D printing, CNC machining development cycles

Jun.20, 2016 - San Francisco based startup Fictiv has launched a new hardware development platform aimed at helping businesses to locally outsource their prototyping. The innovative system does not just offer businesses an efficient way of manufacturing their prototypes, as it also offers local manufacturing shops a way of increasing their overall productivity. More

Alex Le Roux 3D prints livable concrete structure 'Tiny House' in just 24 hours

Jun.20, 2016 - Concrete 3D printing developer Alex Le Roux has just completed the first 3D printed livable structure in the US, using his custom V2 Vesta 3D printer. More

MIT's 3D printed Cillia hair to have applications in sensing, adhesion, and actuation

Jun.20, 2016 - A team of MIT researchers have developed Cillia, a software platform that allows users to easily design and 3D print hair-like structures. The technology could open many doors in the fields of material sensing, adhesion, and actuation. More

Rolls-Royce looks to the future with fully customizable 3D printed Vision next 100 concept car

Jun.20, 2016 - As part of BMW's centenary celebrations, luxurious car manufacturers Rolls Royce looked to their future with a concept for the fully customizable, 3D printed and autonomous Vision next 100. More

Vader Systems raises further $750k for highly anticipated Mk 1 MagnetoJet metal 3D printer

Jun.20, 2016 - MagnetoJet 3D printing pioneer Vader Systems has just raised a further $750,000 in a new angel fundraising round, and is expected to release its extremely efficient Mk 1 metal 3D printer in mid-2017. More

Matter and Form building 2nd gen 3D scanner with $858K grants from Canadian government

Jun.20, 2016 - Toronto based startup Matter and Form Inc. has just received over $800k in funding from FedDev Ontario. The government funding, along with money from two private investors will help the company, which specializes in 3D scanning technologies, to develop its second generation 3D scanner. More

First heart structure 3D printed in zero gravity using human stem cells

Jun.20, 2016 - A consortium led by longtime NASA contractor Techshot has just succeed to 3D print the first cardiac and vascular structures in a zero gravity environment, and aims to start 3D printing organs in space for patients on earth. More

Masterwork Tools' amazing collection of 3D printable open source tabletop gaming scenery

Jun.19, 2016 - Masterwork Tools has launched a Patreon campaign to help realize more amazing 3D printable tabletop gaming scenery and tiles, and already have a huge collection of open source options available. More

When 3D printing meets traditional Chinese ink painting

Jun.19, 2016 - A Chinese art student from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts has gained considerable attention for her graduation project, which elegantly and artistically combines traditional Chinese ink painting with contemporary 3D printing technologies. More

Verus Art uses 3D scanning and 3D printing to recreate tactile works of classic art

Jun.19, 2016 - A collaborative partnership between design, 3D printing and scanning companies worlwide has culminated in an exciting new art project, looking to recreate original masterpieces for art educational benefits and beyond. More

Top 10 free 3D printable Father's Day gifts

Jun.19, 2016 - Need some inspiration for your father's day gift this year? Check out our list of 3D printable designs that your dad is sure to love. More

Say goodbye to maps with EasyJet's new GPS smart shoes made with 3D printing

Jun.18, 2016 - Budget airline EasyJet is replacing maps with the remarkable Sneakairs smart shoes. The shoes use GPS sensors and vibration motors, all encased in durable 3D printed housings, to guide tourists around on city trips. More

Researchers create 3D printed robotic muscles using electroactive polymer

Jun.18, 2016 - In a National Science Foundation-backed project, researchers from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas are pioneering a technique for creating 3D printed soft robotics. It is hoped that the technology could someday be used to create realistic robotic muscles. More

17-year old gives away DIY instructions for working low-cost SLS 3D printer

Jun.18, 2016 - Out of all the 3D print technologies, SLS is the one that has yet to reliably breach the low-cost market place. A 17 year old instructables user is helping to change that with his very own sub-$1000 SLS 3D printer More

3D printing used in Portuguese counterfeit money scheme

Jun.17, 2016 - In Portugal, three criminals were apprehended by police for their part in a counterfeit money scheme, in which they used 3D printed molds to make highly accurate fake bank notes. More

Americans under threat from 3D printed drone armies, says US presidential candidate

Jun.17, 2016 - In an interview with British newspaper the Daily Mirror, US presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan has warned that weaponized 3D printed drones could be used by terrorists. Istvan, leader of the Transhumanist Party, entered the presidential race to raise awareness about transhumanist politics. More

New custom-fitting 3D printed CPAP masks by Inspirate Medical can help fight sleep apnea

Jun.17, 2016 - Singapore startup Inspirate Medical has developed an algorithm to make custom-fitting 3D printed CPAP masks that rely on 3D face scanning technology to effectively fight sleep apnea. More

San Draw's innovative FAM Technology offers full-color silicone 3D printing with adjustable hardness

Jun.17, 2016 - San Draw, Inc., a 3D printing solutions company, is hoping to further 3D printing's capability to help medical education through its innovative new silicone 3D printing system, FAM. The printer is capable of full-color, adjustable hardness, and multi-material 3D printing. More

Scientists double performance of 3D printed graphene aerogel supercapacitors

Jun.17, 2016 - Researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and UC Santa Cruz (UCSC) have devised a method for doubling the performance of 3D printed graphene-based supercapacitors. The method involves sandwiching lithium ion and perchlorate ion between layers of graphene in aerogel electrodes. More

3D printable Neil Armstrong gloves nearly completed, Smithsonian reveals

Jun.17, 2016 - The Smithsonian Institution's conservator Lisa Young just revealed that the digitization process for the spacesuit worn by Neil Armstrong during the moon landing is well underway, and that the 3D printable glove files will be shared with their Kickstarter backers soon. More

Colombian student creates 'country's first 3D printed commercial garment'

Jun.17, 2016 - Veronica Betancur Fernández, a graduate student of Fashion Design at University Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellin, Colombia, completed the production of a 3D printed garment as the final project of her degree. Veronica was 'the first in Colombia to print a commercial garment' using a 3D printer. More

MiiCraft reveals details of large volume MiiCraft 125 series DLP 3D printer

Jun.17, 2016 - Taiwanese DLP 3D printer developer MiiCraft has just released the MiiCraft 125 series 3D printer, a high-resolution 3D printer with a large build volume that is open to any type of third party resins. More

3D printed braces: the future of scoliosis treatment

Jun.17, 2016 - A surgeon specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation at WASPMedical, Lelio Leoncini has been working on a particularly innovative scoliosis treatment for the the past couple years. Since 2014, Leoncini has been working on perfecting custom 3D printed corsets for scoliosis patients. More

3D printed tampon accessory by NextGen Jane enables self-testing for STDs

Jun.17, 2016 - Harvard-backed startup NextGen Jane has developed a 3D printed tampon accessory that lets women avoid needles altogether and test themselves for STDs and other reproductive illnesses by using menstrual blood. More

HP to take center stage as Barcelona hosts its first industrial 3D printing congress

Jun.16, 2016 - From 21-23 June, a new trade show called 'In(3D)ustry: From Needs to Solutions' will take place in Barcelona, Spain. The show has been co-founded by HP, which recently entered the 3D printing world with its Jet Fusion 3D printer. More

First student-designed tool 3D printed aboard Space Station

Jun.16, 2016 - R.J. Hillan, the winner of the first ever Future Engineers challenge, recently got to catch up with the astronauts who 3D printed his winning tool in space aboard the ISS. More

Along came Olli: Local Motors debuts autonomous 3D printed vehicle powered by IBM Watson

Jun.16, 2016 - Local Motors has debuted Olli, its 3D printed autonomous shuttle bus. The vehicle, which has just hit the roads of Washington DC, is the first to use IBM Watson's Internet of Things (IoT) for Automotive, a car-focused cognitive learning platform. More

Amorphous metals successfully 3D printed for the first time by Heraeus and Exmet

Jun.16, 2016 - German metals developer Heraeus and Swedish startup Exmet AB have succeeded to 3D print amorphous metals for the first time, paving the way for a lot more metal 3D printing options. More

CyBe's 3D printed concrete formworks pave the way for 3D printed viaducts

Jun.16, 2016 - Dutch concrete pioneers CyBe Construction have teamed up with Heijmans to 3D print two concrete formworks during a successful test, showcasing the incredible potential of CyBe's special mortar filament and paving the way for civil engineering projects. More

3D printed polymer turns methane to methanol, LLNL researchers discover

Jun.16, 2016 - Scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have used 3D printing to create a polymer reactor which can continuously produce methanol from methane at room temperature and pressure. The reactor could serve as a more effective means of converting methane into usable energy. More

Airbus tests structure, aerodynamics, and AI for future aircraft with 3D printed THOR plane

Jun.16, 2016 - Airbus will be using their innovative 3D printed mini aircraft, THOR, as a testbed for new airplane technologies and low risk experiments. According to the company, they will use THOR to efficiently test different 3D printed structural parts, advanced aerodynamics, and even artificial intelligence. More

Voodoo Manufacturing adds excellent flexible TPU plastic filament to their 3D printing services

Jun.16, 2016 - Expanding on the range of available 3D print materials is important for the evolution of the technology. 3D Print Service center Voodoo Manufacturing is keeping this in mind with by adding Ninjaflex to their material choices. More

Enter to win limited edition Adidas 3D printed sneakers made from recycled ocean waste

Jun.16, 2016 - Sportswear giant adidas and plastic waste pioneers Parley for the Oceans have set up a World Oceans Day competition, through which participants can win one of 50 pairs of 3D printed sneakers made from recycled ocean waste. More

Fashion student Dávid Ring's fully 3D printed luxury sunglasses take the catwalk by storm

Jun.16, 2016 - Dávid Ring, a third-year fashion student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, has designed a stunning collection of fully 3D printed sunglasses. The collection, which was made in collaboration with Materialise, was presented on the runway just last week. More

3D printer maker 3D Systems hires ex-Kodak executive John McMullen as new CFO

Jun.16, 2016 - 3D printer-maker 3D Systems said Wednesday that John N. McMullen will join the company as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, pulling him from the same position at Eastman Kodak Co. The move is effective July 1, 2016.' More

UReal 3D Shanghai becomes Disney's first Chinese 3D printing partner

Jun.16, 2016 - UReal 3D Shanghai has partnered with the recently opened Shanghai Disneyland, effectively making it Disney's first Chinese 3D printing partner. As part of the partnership UReal 3D Shanghai will offer 3D printing products as well integrated solutions. More

Zhuhai CTC Electronic teams with ROKIT Korea to jointly develop desktop SLA 3D bio-printer

Jun.15, 2016 - Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd (CTC), a Chinese 3D printer manufacturer, has signed a technical cooperation agreement with ROKIT, South Korea's largest 3D printing enterprise, to jointly develop a next-generation desktop SLA 3D bio-printer that will use CTC Electronic's RiverOS operating system. More

Autodesk looks to future with new developer offerings & investments to Fuel Forge Cloud Platform

Jun.15, 2016 - Autodesk has announced updates to its cloud-based Forge platform, including a dedicated 3D Print API, as well as Autodesk Forge Fund investments in three companies: 3D Robotics, MakeTime, and Seebo. The announcement was made at Forge DevCon, Autodesk's inaugural event for cloud developers. More

Hair loss patient with 3D printed scalp and hair prosthetic unveiled at Alopecia Conference

Jun.15, 2016 - Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, an innovative hair loss lab in Bologna, Italy, has developed a novel approach to treating hair loss, through the creation of custom made 3D printed scalp and hair prosthetics. A patient fitted with one of their prosthetics was recently presented at the International Alopecia Conference. More

3D printing technologies stand out at Drupa 2016, the world's largest printing exhibition

Jun.15, 2016 - Every 4 years, Messe D'sseldorf, a German trade fair organizer, hosts drupa, the world's largest printing equipment exhibition. Typically, the focus of the exhibition has remained on 2D paper printing, but this year a surprising number of exhibitors, including some of the largest companies, were toting 3D printing technologies. More

Airbus APWorks, Altair announce additive manufacturing partnership following 3D printed motorcycle project

Jun.15, 2016 - Altair Engineering, a Michigan-based product design and software company, has entered a nonexclusive additive manufacturing partnership with Airbus APWorks, a subsidiary of the Airbus Group. The deal will see the two companies offering joint AM solutions to customers across various industries. More

Maker's Tool Works unveils US made industrial-grade MTW Create 3D Printer

Jun.15, 2016 - American fabrications supply company Maker's Tool Works has just released its latest product: the MTW Create industrial-grade 3D printer. The 3D printer, which can be bought either fully assembled or as a DIY kit, offers a number of upgrades from MTW's previous machines. More

In a world's first, doctors successfully resect 5 vertebrae with a 19cm 3D printed spinal implant

Jun.15, 2016 - During a groundbreaking spinal tumor surgery at the Peking University Third Hospital in Beijing, one chordoma patient became the first to have five vertebrae removed and completely replaced with 3D printed implants. More

University of Pittsburgh and Ansys develop algorithm to tackle laser 3D printing deformities

Jun.15, 2016 - The University of Pittsburgh's Swanson School of Engineering has announced a collaboration with software developers Ansys to set up a new 3D printing lab and develop a new algorithm to accommodate and compensate for deformities caused by laser 3D printing. More

Space Station's AMF 3D printer completes its first tool in space

Jun.15, 2016 - Made In Space's Additive Manufacturing Facility, the second zero-gravity 3D printer in space, is now open to third party clients and has already produced a wrench as its first creation. More

Marty the 3D printed open-source robot for STEM education launches on Indiegogo

Jun.15, 2016 - A new Indiegogo campaign promoting Marty The Robot, a fully-programmable robot that can be customized with 3D printed features, hopes to encourage STEM education and robotics learning amongst younger generations. The campaign is seeking a goal of £50,000. More

Cosine Additive to develop ultrafast large-scale AM1 3D printer in partnership with ORNL

Jun.15, 2016 - Cosine Additive LLC, the 3D printer manufacturer behind the Additive Manufacturing 1 (AM1) 3D printer, has partnered with the Department of Energy's (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to further develop the AM1's innovative additive manufacturing platform. More

Sell customized 3D printed sunglasses through your shop or webstore with 'scope for design' 3D tools

Jun.14, 2016 - scope for design, a German 3D printing company, is giving online and high street retailers an easy way into 3D printing commerce through its 3D printed sunglasses app and other software solutions. Retailers can either add the software to their website or set up a shop floor design station. More

Gonzaga University students develop affordable 3D printed Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) for children

Jun.14, 2016 - A team of students from Gonzaga University has used 3D printing to develop an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) which can be produced in just two days. Normal production time for AFOs, which are used to treat foot and ankle disorders in children, is around four weeks. More

Exquisite 400 m2 villa 3D printed on-site in Beijing in just 45 days

Jun.14, 2016 - Chinese concrete 3D printing specialists Beijing HuaShang Tengda have just completed an exquisite 400 m2 villa in Beijing in just 45 days, and have 3D printed the entire structure on-site. More

Montague Bikes provides optimal storing convenience with 3D printed foldable bike system

Jun.14, 2016 - Folding bike specialists Montague Bikes have used Shapeways 3D printing services to develop a new DirectConnect folding system that is super convenient in use and makes bikes easy to store. More

3D Printing: viewing disruption through the right lenses

Jun.14, 2016 - Your company may be looking at how you can leverage 3D printing. But are you viewing this disruptive technology through all the lenses you should be? The true disruption of additive manufacturing won't be in individual products or spare parts. Instead, it will be in business models and markets. More

By 2020 41% of enterprise revenue will come from digital business, says Gartner

Jun.14, 2016 - In a recent report published by American research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc. it seems that business executives expect that by 2020 41% of enterprise revenue will come from digital business'reportedly double what it was in 2015. More

Renishaw opens new 3D printing solutions center in Pune, India

Jun.14, 2016 - Renishaw has just announced it will be opening a new metal Additive Manufacturing Solutions Centre in Pune, India. The centre, which will seek to provide an environment in which businesses can increase their knowledge of 3D printing technologies and see the benefits of integrating AM into their processes, will officially open on June 15, 2016. More

Chinese doctors complete the first-ever high-sacral en bloc resection involving 3D printed sacrum implant

Jun.14, 2016 - Chinese doctors from the Beijing QingHua ChangGeng Hospital have successfully removed a sacrum tumor from a father of two by completing the world's first high-sacral en bloc resection that involves a 3D printed sacrum implant. More

These 3D printable anthro SciFi characters are sure to up your tabletop game

Jun.14, 2016 - The world of table based RPGs have been limited to a few company choices and limited character modification. A Kickstarter campaign is creating an ecosystem for fully customizable 3D printable RPG character sets. More

IDC forecasts U.S. 3D printer shipments to grow at CAGR of over 16% by 2020

Jun.13, 2016 - The IDC's latest report details the growth and expected growth of U.S. 3D printer shipments. According to the report, 3D printer shipments within the United States are expected to grow at a CAGR of 16% from now until 2020. More

Researchers in Abu Dhabi file patent for 3D printing lightweight 'architectured foam' structures

Jun.13, 2016 - Researchers from the Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi have just filed a patent for their remarkable 'architectured foam' structure 3D printing platform, which can create extremely lightweight and high-strength metal and plastic structures for aerospace and automotive applications. More

Project Tango 3D scanning tech brings new AR possibilities to Lenovo's Phab 2 Pro smartphone

Jun.13, 2016 - Tech giant Lenovo has unveiled its Phab 2 Pro smartphone, the first consumer smartphone to feature Google's Project Tango 3D scanning technology. The phone uses special software and a set of sensors to map its surroundings in 3D, enabling next-generation augmented reality experiences. More

Organovo and UCSF partner to create 3D bioprinted tissues for skeletal disease research

Jun.13, 2016 - 3D biotech company Organovo has recently announced a collaboration with UCSF in an effort to develop advanced 3D bioprinted tissues to be used for skeletal disease research. The promising partnership is being largely funded by the Methuselah Foundation, as part of its ongoing University 3D Bioprinter Program. More

3D Systems releases first ever VR training for TAPP Inguinal Hernia Repair

Jun.13, 2016 - 3D printing giant 3D Systems has announced the release of the world's first virtual reality training module for Laparoscopic Transabdominal Preperitoneal (TAPP) Inguinal Hernia Repair. The module is currently available for two kinds of 3D Systems simulator, the LAP Mentor and RobotiX Mentor. More

Lead England to Euro 2016 glory with these 3D printed table football figurines

Jun.13, 2016 - To celebrate the kickoff of Euro 2016, the international football (soccer) tournament of Europe, British 3D printing company CEL has designed a set of 3D printable table football figurines depicting England superstars Wayne Rooney, Jamie Vardy, Jack Wilshere, and Daniel Sturridge. More

3D printed models and wind-tunnel technology optimize stadium designs for 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Jun.13, 2016 - A team of scientists from Qatar University's College of Engineering have been weather testing 3D printed models of stadiums to optimize their design, both for comfort and for cost. The stadium models being tested will be built for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. More

Russian team to launch carbon-reinforced 3D printer for satellite parts on ISS

Jun.13, 2016 - A joint team of Russian researchers from the Skolkovo Foundation and Moscow Polytechnic University are developing a 3D printer for use on the ISS. The 3D printer will be capable of printing with carbon fiber reinforced plastic, for stronger more durable parts. More

Fire & Bone unveils 8 new species with their latest 3D printed animal skull jewelry line

Jun.13, 2016 - Fire & Bone, which our readers may remember from their previous collections of stunning 3D printed animal skull replica jewelry, have just launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming fourth collection, which features eight new animal skull models as well as a new way to display the skeletal pieces. More

Choc Edge announces Wi-Fi and drawing app upgrades for Choc Creator 2.0+ 3D printer

Jun.13, 2016 - The British chocolate 3D printing experts from Choc Edge have just announced Wi-Fi and drawing app upgrades for Choc Creator 2.0+ 3D printer, all designed to make use in kitchens even easier. More

Dutch government invests additional €134 million in 3D printing and innovation

Jun.13, 2016 - The Dutch government and industry partners have invested an additional $134 million in innovation and 3D printing, and a portion of those funds will go to PrintValley 2020, a 3D printing knowledge center that seeks to realize new medical-grade 3D printing platforms. More

Bitcoin inspired 3D printed smart tags can authenticate your designer sneakers

Jun.13, 2016 - Brooklyn-based sneaker company Greats has started using 3D printed smart tags that can track their designer sneakers back to the factory, effectively proving their authenticity. The technology, developed by Chronicled and 3D printing company Origin was inspired by Bitcoin blockchain processes. More

3D printed FarmBot Genesis lets you cultivate crops in your garden from your smartphone

Jun.13, 2016 - Entrepreneur Rory Aronson has developed the world's first open-source CNC farming machine. The FarmBot Genesis, available to pre-order as a kit from July, is made from 3D printable plastic components, and can be used to remotely plant, water, and monitor the garden. More

Fractal based 3D printed jacket brings the feeling of goosebumps to life

Jun.12, 2016 - Goosebumps have been associated with good health, so concept designer Kristin Neidlinger took it upon her self to 3D print a jacket that demonstrates the sensation in more ways than one. More

UIUC students win nationwide 3D printed excavator cab competition

Jun.12, 2016 - A team of students from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will have its design for a 3D printed excavator cab turned into a reality after winning a nationwide contest. The cab will form part of a fully operational 3D printed excavator that will be showcased at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017. More

Introducing Root, a 3D printed robot that will teach kids coding

Jun.12, 2016 - In an effort to promote coding and programming education within schools and to begin to teach students the basics of computer programming from a young age, a team from the Wyss Institute' for Biologically Inspired Learning at Harvard University have developed Root, a small 3D printed robot designed for the classroom. More

Duke's Morphosource database lets you browse and 3D print accurate ancient fossils

Jun.11, 2016 - A team of Evolutionary Anthropologists from Duke University in North Carolina have established an online collection of scanned fossils - all available to 3D print at home. More

Aldric Negrier launches low-cost steel-framed RGB STEEL 3D printer with color-mixing capacity

Jun.11, 2016 - Portuguese RepRap veteran Aldric Negrier has just launched a DIY kit for the steel-framed RGB STEEL 3D printer with color-mixing capacity, which can be built for less than $400. More

Dtto: a modular 3D printed robot that can build itself

Jun.11, 2016 - A Hackaday user named Alberto has built a modular 3D printed robot called Dtto, which he has entered into the 2016 Hackaday Prize competition. The snake-like robot is able to autonomously identify and connect to its own modules, which snap together with magnets. More

From playing to a career: 14-year-old Taiwanese student becomes 3D printing consultant & nozzle designer

Jun.11, 2016 - The 14-year-old Taiwanese student Cai Fu Ming is challenging career conventions by becoming a successful maker, 3D printing consultant and nozzle designer even though he's still in high school. More

Watch these tiny 3D printed quadruped robots pronk their way over rough terrain

Jun.10, 2016 - Researchers from the University of Maryland have used 3D printing to develop tiny quadruped robots capable of navigating rough terrain. The 3D printed robots, weighing under 2 g and measuring just 20 mm long, can move with different gaits, including trotting, waddling, bounding, and pronking. More

Flirtey to use 3D printed drone in historic first ship-to-shore delivery

Jun.10, 2016 - Flirtey, the Nevada-based independent delivery service using 3D printed drones to deliver packages, has announced its first ship-to-shore US delivery. On June 23, Flirtey will fly drones carrying medical equipment to an onshore medical relief camp from a vessel off the coast of Cape May, New Jersey. More

SkinResQU researchers is pursuing the commercial realisation of 3D printed skin tissue

Jun.10, 2016 - An interdisciplinary project between academida and industry in Sweden is working hard to realise the potential of 3D bio-printing skin for the use of testing and transplant. More

The 3D printed 'O2Vent' is coming to the U.S. to eliminate snoring & sleep apnea

Jun.10, 2016 - Australian medical device company Oventus Medical will this month bring O2Vent, its 3D printed device for snoring and sleep apnea, to U.S. shores. The titanium jaw advancement will be showcased at the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine's 25th Annual Meeting and at Sleep 2016, both in Denver. More

3D printed add-ons can turn your iPhone into a low cost eye exam kit

Jun.10, 2016 - New Zealand based eye care specialists, oDocs, have dedicated themselves to the treatment and prevention of blindness, specifically in parts of the world without access to state-of-the-art medical facilities. Now, the group's first 2 products have been released onto the market: the visoClip and the visoScope. More

3D printed Braindrain dress by Maartje Dijkstra draws inspiration from 1850s fashion

Jun.10, 2016 - Dutch fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra has combined traditional dress with high tech gadgets in her 3D printed Braindrain dress, which is packed with motors, LEDs and 3D printed accessories, and yet draws inspiration from 1850s fashion. More

MESO-BRAIN initiative to replicate brain's neural networks through 3D nanoprinting, receives $3.7M in EC funding

Jun.10, 2016 - The MESO-BRAIN Initiative from researchers of UK-based Aston University, which seeks to 3D print nanoscale models of human neural networks to further our understanding of the brain, has just received $3.7 million in funding from the European Commission. More

High schooler creates 3D printed prosthesis to help fellow students play music

Jun.10, 2016 - Thanks to a new 3D printer at a local high school and the work of a dedicated high school student, Nicholas Brown, two middle schoolers with disabilities can now participate in music class with a 3D printed prosthesis specially designed for playing instruments. More

Large-scale 3D printing with paper: Highcon previews Shape 3D machine, set for 2019 release

Jun.10, 2016 - Highcon, an Israeli provider of digital cutting and creasing solutions, has previewed its forthcoming Shape 3D machine at drupa 2016 in D'sseldorf, Germany. The machine, scheduled for release in 2019, will use Rapid Layer Manufacturing Technology to create large-scale '3D printed' paper objects. More

Lenovo shows off 3D printed Intel-powered smart running shoes that double as game controllers

Jun.10, 2016 - At Lenovo's Tech World 2016 in Silicon Valley, the Chinese laptop specialists shared a sneak peek of their 3D printed smart shoes that are packed with movement tracking sensors and can double as mobile game controllers. More

Watch Dogs 2 is packing 3D printed guns

Jun.9, 2016 - Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft's forthcoming sequel to the Watch Dogs video game, will feature in-game 3D printed weapons. An official video preview of the third-person shooter shows a virtual handgun mid-print alongside other technical gadgets. More

India's 3D printing market expected to reach $62 million by 2022

Jun.9, 2016 - According to market intelligence solutions firm 6Wresearch, India's 3D printing prototyping and materials market is expected to reach $62 million by the year 2022. Like everywhere else, 3D printing is offering a diverse range of Indian industries an accessible and efficient manufacturing process. More

You'll soon be able to 3D print your own Deus Ex inspired prosthetics

Jun.9, 2016 - Eidos Montreal and Square Enix, the developers of video game franchise Deus Ex have unveiled an exciting new partnership with OpenBionics through which they will be creating a functional and stylish prosthetic arm inspired by the game's protagonist, Adam Jensen. More

A fingerprint algorithm and 3D printed models could help us better predict the nature of storms

Jun.9, 2016 - Researchers from the University of Delaware have been using a fingerprint algorithm and 3D printing technologies to study and analyze ripple bedforms on the continental shelf. The ripple bedforms, caused by waves and currents, could help scientists to better understand the outcome of storms the likes of Hurricane Sandy. More

Universe Architecture & BAM unveil 3D BUILDER freeform concrete 3D printer to make 'Endless' house

Jun.9, 2016 - Construction specialists BAM and Universe Architecture have just launched their 3D BUILDER, a freeform construction 3D printer that combines robotic arms with natural building materials, at FabCity in Amsterdam. More

Making the world's smallest ultra-strength 3D printed lattice structure

Jun.9, 2016 - A team of scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany have created the world's smallest man-made lattice structure with the help of 3D printing technologies. The structure, which possesses single struts shorter than 1 µm and diameters as tiny as 200 nm, marks a significant step forwards in the field of metamaterials. More

Comedy series Gran'pa Knows Best starring 3D printed figurines coming to HBO

Jun.9, 2016 - The hilarious comedy series Gran'pa Knows Best, starting 3D printed figurines based on the 87-year-old Puerto Rican-American grandfather Victor Muriel giving advice to viewers, is coming to HBO Latino and other HBO platforms next week. More

Meatless meat, AR/VR and 3D printed buildings among Alphabet's top interests

Jun.9, 2016 - During a shareholders meeting, the CEO of Google's parent company Alphabet highlighted the technologies that they believed will drive change over the coming years, and listed meatless meat, AR/VR and 3D printed buildings among them. More

Airbus extends Dassault Systèmes collaboration to use 3DEXPERIENCE 3D printing platform

Jun.9, 2016 - Aviation giants Airbus Group have just announced that they will be extending their collaboration with Dassault Systèmes to continue to use their 3DEXPERIENCE 3D printing platform to develop new 3D printed aircraft components. More

This awesome articulated cube was 3D printed in a single piece

Jun.9, 2016 - Kurt Plagge has designed a series of seriously stunning and modular 3D printed cubes that can be fully articulated with moving and expanding parts. And, whether you believe it or not, each cube was printed as is, with no post-assembly, and no glue or screws. More

Introducing Mercury: world's first universal camera made with 3D printing

Jun.8, 2016 - Mercury, the world's first universal camera, has just launched on Kickstarter. The extremely versatie camera, which has been made with the help of 3D printing, is capable of adapting a number of lenses, and camera backs from virtually any manufacturer. More

SMARTTECH unveils 'scan3Dmed' system for 3D scanning human body

Jun.8, 2016 - SMARTTECH has unveiled its 'scan3Dmed' medical 3D scanner, capable of obtaining scans in 0.7 seconds, at the ITM Poland exhibition in Poznan. The 3D scanner, optimized for scanning the human body, could be used by researchers, doctors, security and police departments, and animators. More

Feetz partners with retailer DSW to bring custom fit 3D printed footwear to the masses

Jun.8, 2016 - Feetz, a 'digital cobbler' making sustainable 3D printed shoes, has announced a strategic partnership with DSW Inc., a leading footwear retailer. The two companies plan to take advantage of Feetz' 3D printing expertise and DSW's retail experience to deliver 3D printed footwear to the masses. More

Study finds 77% of businesses seek to increase 3D printing spending by 2017

Jun.8, 2016 - In general, the growth of 3D printing technologies is becoming increasingly apparent. Fortunately, a number of market research firms have been able to put this growth into numbers through different surveys. Most recently, an annual report published by 3D printing service Sculpteo' has given some insight into the current state of 3D printing. More

Best 3D Printer 2016: the 3D Printer Buyer's Guide

Jun.8, 2016 - We've rounded up some of the most highly reviewed and most coveted consumer 3D printers in 2016, including sub-$500 models, SLA 3D printers, newcomers and award-winning standbys. More

Make your own clothes with Kniterate, 'the 3D printer for knitwear'

Jun.8, 2016 - London-based startup Kniterate has developed what is being referred to as the '3D printer for knitwear', a technology that will allow consumers to easily and efficiently create their own clothing and textile accessories through a design software and a knitting machine. More

NASA funded project RAMA could transform asteroids into mining spaceships with 3D printing by 2030

Jun.8, 2016 - NASA has just awarded an investigative NIAC Phase 1 grant to Made In Space for the RAMA project, which seeks to turn asteroids into autonomous mining spaceships by robotically 3D printing harvested materials and building mechanical propulsion systems. More

Thirteen Axiom 3D printers intended for schools stolen from Airwolf 3D warehouse

Jun.8, 2016 - Last Sunday, two criminals broke into the Airwolf 3D warehouse in Southern California and stole thirteen Axiom 3D printers that were ready to be shipped to local schools for a summer program aiming to get kids interested in STEM. More

Kudo3D announces its second generation wifi enabled Titan 2 SLA-DLP 3D printer

Jun.8, 2016 - In an effort to keep ahead of the competition 3D printer manufacturer Kudo3D has announced the second generation version of their flagship Titan 2 3D printer. This versions comes fully assembled with wifi enabled browser enabled features that should be enough to keep them in in range for best-in-class. More

This 3D printed phone case lets an iPhone run Android

Jun.8, 2016 - Hacker Nick Lee from the Brooklyn-based Tendigi studio has successfully hacked an iPhone to run Android through a special 3D printed smartphone case that holds an Android running board. More

Crowdsourced 3D printing project Rekrei reclaims ISIS-destroyed artifacts forever

Jun.8, 2016 - Based on the traditional concept of "Photogrammery" (otherwise understood as digital image-stitching), Rekrei reclaim the ISIS-destroyed artifacts of Eastern heritage thorugh a stunning 3D model and printing project. More

Experts in Spain produce 3D scans of 4 mummies to reveal new insights into their lives

Jun.8, 2016 - Archaeologists and doctors in Spain have used 3D scanning technology to examine the remains of four ancient mummies belonging to the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid. The experts hope to use the 3D scans to determine how the mummified individuals lived and died. More

Stratasys infographic shows how professionals are using 3D printing technologies

Jun.7, 2016 - 3D printing company Stratasys Direct Manufacturing recently partnered with an external research firm to gather information from professionals on how they are using and integrating 3D printing technologies into their businesses. More

Meet Thor - World's first 3D printed plane unveiled by Airbus

Jun.7, 2016 - The ILA Berlin Air Show 2016 which took place last week has been generating a lot of buzz and excitement, most notably for Airbus' innovative mini-plane Thor, an almost entirely 3D printed unmanned aircraft. More

Simplify3D releases Version 3.1 of popular 3D printing software, adds support for 30+ 3D printers

Jun.7, 2016 - Simplify3D has released Version 3.1 of its 3D printing software package. Version 3.1 introduces a number of user-requested new features, as well as compatibility with over 30 new 3D printers, including models from XYZprinting, Lulzbot, FlashForge, and PowerSpec. More

Redditor SexyCyborg is back with a 3D printed Nano Drone wrist mount

Jun.7, 2016 - Chinese maker and Redditor SexyCyborg is back for more with a 3D printed wearable wrist mount for two Nano Drones and a controller belt buckle, for easy and cool transportation of your mini-drones. More

3D Systems' COO Mark Wright and CMO Cathy Lewis both resign

Jun.7, 2016 - 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) disclosed in a filling on Tuesday morning, that two senior executives - Chief Operating Officer Mark Wright and Chief Merchandising Officer Cathy Lewis - have resigned. More

Every Hungarian school to get 3D printer within three years through 3DTECH program

Jun.7, 2016 - Hungarian 3D printing initiative 3DTECH in Schools has just teamed up with CrafUnique and Leopoly, and is aiming to bring 3D printing technology to every school in Hungary within the next three years. More

O'Qualia unveils Captor UAS, a fully 3D printed commercial aerial imaging drone

Jun.7, 2016 - Singapore-based startup O'Qualia has brought all the advantages of 3D printing to high quality UAV aerial imaging with the Captor drone, which features a lightweight 3D printed body that can carry large payloads and can be easily altered or repaired with 3D printed spare parts. More

Fashion student designs collection of bespoke 3D printed lingerie

Jun.7, 2016 - Jess Haughton, a fashion student from Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom, has designed a line of 3D printed lingerie which not only looks elegant, but can guarantee a perfect fit. More

You'll never have to call in sick again with this $59K 3D printed body double

Jun.7, 2016 - Australian Groupon has teamed up with Keech 3D, an East Bendigo, Australia-based advanced 3D printing company, to offer its buyers a 3D printed, eerily realistic looking, full-size body double meant to stand in for you at work when you're feeling a bit man flu-ish. More

Snapchat secretly acquires 3D face-scanning app Seene, 3D selfies coming soon

Jun.7, 2016 - 3D Scanning, VR and augmented technology is fast becoming the next big thing in the tech world. Fast growing Social Media app Snapchat hopes their recent acquisition of Sceene will keep them competitive in an increasingly crowded realm. More

Honor Game of Thrones' Hodor with this awesome 3D printed doorstop

Jun.6, 2016 - For those of us who are still reeling from the aftershock of what was surely one of Game of Thrones' most tragic and revelatory deaths, one dedicated fan has created a both cathartic and tongue in cheek memento that will help us to remember and memorialize the heroic, and simple-minded Hodor. More

Boulanger giving away 3D printable spare parts for free via new 'Happy 3D' online platform

Jun.6, 2016 - Boulanger, a French supplier of home appliances and multimedia, has, in collaboration with Cults 3D, launched an online platform for 3D printable spare parts. The platform, called 'Happy 3D', currently lists spare parts for products made by two exclusive Boulanger brands, Listo and Essentiel B. More

3D printed 'Sound Cells' take the music of the Sydney Opera House outdoors

Jun.6, 2016 - Artist Joe Crossley has designed a trio of 3D printed 'Sound Cells' for Vivid Sydney 2016, a 23-day festival of 'light, music, and ideas'. The 3D printed structures, which will broadcast music from inside the Sydney Opera House onto the venue forecourt, were made from recycled water bottles. More

Scientists develop 3D printing program to teach materials science in high schools

Jun.6, 2016 - A versatile technology, 3D printing has not only set the gears in motion for a manufacturing revolution but has also been a big help in promoting STEM education amongst younger generations. In Spain, a team of scientists from the ICMAB have developed an educational course that employs 3D printing to help teach material science to high schoolers. More

London surgeon uses 3D printed bone models for surgical planning

Jun.6, 2016 - The North London-based private surgeon Boyd Goldie has adopted 3D printing to make surgical models, as he sees significant cost saving, surgical preparation, and patient education opportunities. More

Tokyo elementary school begins 3D printing course

Jun.6, 2016 - The Suginami Elementary School in Tokyo will be sending two classes of sixth-year students to the Qremo IT x Creative Classroom 3D printing course, where they will learn the basics of 3D printing. More

AstroPrint v0.9 features live video streaming of 3D printers and Raspberry Pi 3 support

Jun.6, 2016 - AstroPrint, the free cloud-based platform and marketplace that lets you splice, store, and 3D print wirelessly through your smartphone or tablet has just released its latest version, v0.9(0). The new version of AstroPrint includes some exciting new features, among them are a Live Video Streaming feature, and support for Raspberry Pi 3. More

Send keyboard-free messages with the 3D printed SlackAlert button by Viget

Jun.6, 2016 - Viget has just shared the designs for their SlackAlert, a fantastic 3D printed button that sends predetermined messages to Slack conversations that you can't be bothered to type out completely. More

Magma Global and Victrex 3D print 10,000 foot long PEEK subsea m-pipe for oil and gas production

Jun.6, 2016 - Oil and gas systems developer Magma Global has teamed up with material specialists Victrex to 3D print a flexible and 10,000 feet long PEEK subsea pipe, which will be used to greatly increase the production efficiency of oil and gas systems. More

Branch Technology to 3D print WATG's freeform Curve Appeal home in 2017

Jun.6, 2016 - Branch Technology has just revealed that they will use their breakthrough C-Fab construction 3D printing technique to 3D print WATG Chicago's Curve Appeal home in 2017. More

Art and Technology combine to create stunning 3D printed Guitar on Gold Coast

Jun.5, 2016 - Australian Industrial Design student combines Art and Technology to create two stunning 3D printed guitars. More

Nixa's 3D printed gimbal series makes stable filming possible while playing tennis

Jun.5, 2016 - Polish 3D printing service provider Nixa has developed a range of low cost 3D printed gimbals that guarantee high quality video footage, even when skiing or playing tennis. More

Enjoy live music safely with Vibes Hi-Fi Earplugs, made with 3D printing

Jun.5, 2016 - Innovator Jack Mann has developed a way to protect concert-goers' ears while simultaneously optimizing music quality with his latest product Vibes Hi-Fi Earplugs. The ingenious product was developed with the help of 3D printing and are retailing for $23.99. More

3D printed teaching aids enhance education for visually impaired students

Jun.5, 2016 - New research from the 3D printing Lab at South Korea's Institute for Science and Technology has revealed that 3D printed models and historical maps can make learning more fun and effective for visually impaired students. More

You can now buy a life-size 3D printed replica of yourself for $3,000

Jun.4, 2016 - New York based Body Labs and design firm Voodoo Manfuacturing have teamed up to offer clients the chance to have themselves 3D scanned and printed in life-size for the cost of $3,000. The technology could also be beneficial in other industries which rely on accurate and life-sized human models. More

3D printed parts help Summit Mowers cut the grass on 50 degree slopes

Jun.4, 2016 - Summit Mowers, a manufacturer of remote control slope mowers, has fitted its latest machines with 3D printed brackets made by i.materialise. The company sells the majority of its mowers to government municipalities with steep hills to maintain. More

First five 3D printed NCAR weather stations installed in Zambia

Jun.4, 2016 - The first five 3D printed NCAR weather stations have been installed in Zambia, where they will provide local farmers and residents with crucial information about impending storms and floods. More

Animals get better prosthetics than humans because of 3D printing, claims Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick

Jun.4, 2016 - Noel Fitzpatrick, perhaps better known as The Supervet, has been a big proponent for using 3D printing technologies to help improve the lives of animals. Now, the celebrity veterinarian is reaching beyond the field of animal care and is urging doctors and the UK healthcare system to allow for more freedom with 3D printed treatments for humans. More

3D printing news you might have missed this week - June 3, 2016

Jun.3, 2016 - UrbanAlps wins award for 3D printed security key; Fuel3D launches 3D foot scanning tech; Global Market Insights values 3D scanning market at $6 billion by 2022. At the end of a particularly busy week in the 3D printing world, here are seven extra stories you might have missed. More

EnvisionTEC launches 'game changer' cDLM tech capable of 3D printing castable jewelry in minutes

Jun.3, 2016 - Just two weeks after launching its SLCOM 1 for 3D printing woven fiber composite parts, EnvisionTEC has today unveiled another patented new breakthrough technology, cDLM or Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing, at the JCK Las Vegas tradeshow.' More

Metamason raises $3M in seed funding to fuel regulatory and clinicals for world's first 3D printed CPAP masks

Jun.3, 2016 - 3D printing startup Metamason today announced that it has closed a $3 million Series Seed financing round, led by 3P Equity Partners, a manufacturing-focused private equity firm located in San Jose, CA; and Tsing Capital, known as China's foremost cleantech venture capital firm. More

Swiss tinkerers successfully 3D print compressed air tank for robotics competition gag

Jun.3, 2016 - Sometimes the only way to know if something is possible is to go ahead and do it yourself. That's what a robotics club in Switzerland figured out when they posed the question regarding the possibility of 3D printing a compressed air tank (with mixed results) More

Can you copyright a 3D scan? New Whitepaper explains why creativity is key

Jun.3, 2016 - A whitepaper written by Michael Weinberg explains the difference between representational 3D scans and expressive 3D scans, and why only the latter, creative type is eligible for copyright protection. More

France invests €10.5 million for FAIR industrial 3D Printing initiative

Jun.3, 2016 - FAIR is a French Additive Manufacturing R&D initiative launched by Poly-Shape and Air Liquide. Over the next four years, it will receive '35 million in funding, including €10.5 million in 2016. More

Dressler Group sets up new 3D printable powder production plant to meet industry demands

Jun.3, 2016 - Plastic powder specialists The Dressler Group has set up a new 3D printable powder production plant equipped with new pulverization machinery to increase powder yields and meet a growing industry demand. More

Bald eagle to fly again thanks to 3D printed surgical guides

Jun.3, 2016 - A team from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois was able to perform a complicated orthopedic surgery on the nation's official animal, the bald eagle, thanks to a 3D printed surgical guide bone. More

Delphi adopts Carbon's M1 3D printer for automotive part production

Jun.3, 2016 - Automotive parts developers Delphi has just revealed that they have adopted Carbon's high-speed, high resolution M1 3D printer for the production of functional prototypes and small end-use batches. More

MakerBot look-a-like 3D printer advertised at North Korean trade show

Jun.3, 2016 - It seems like 3D printing has even reached the most secluded place on the planet, as a MakerBot look-a-like 3D printer was recently advertised at a North Korean trade show. More

USS Harry S. Truman sailors invent 3D printed 'Tru Clip' that will be used by astronauts on ISS

Jun.3, 2016 - Sailors working in the USS Harry S. Truman's 3D printing lab have developed Tru Clip, a simple 3D printed device designed to fix broken handheld radios used on the ship. A Tru Clip will be printed in space later this month when the ISS celebrates National Week of Making. More

Robot Bike brings aerospace titanium 3D printing to bespoke mountain bikes

Jun.3, 2016 - UK startup Robot Bike is now producing bespoke carbon fiber/titanium mountain bikes that rely on aerospace production techniques to deliver a completely customized biking experience. More

3D printing news you might have missed this week - June 2, 2016

Jun.2, 2016 - EOS North America opens a new additive manufacturing facility in Texas, Zinnov teams up with Authentise, and Artec 3D releases its latest 3D scanning software package. All the 3D printing stories you might have missed this week. More

3D printed ion exchange membranes could improve energy, water purification, and more

Jun.2, 2016 - Penn State researchers have used a custom 3D photolithographic process similar to stereolithography to 3D print micro-patterned anion exchange membranes. The membranes, patterned for improved performance, could be used in energy, water purification, desalination, and other applications. More

Nervous System 3D prints stunning porcelain cups using Tethon 3D's Porcelite ceramic resin

Jun.2, 2016 - Innovative design studio Nervous System, which our readers may remember from its stunning 3D printed kinematics dresses, has recently ventured into the realm of 3D printed ceramics by experimenting with Tethon 3D's new material called Porcelite. More

Stratasys CEO David Reis announced retirement, Ilan Levin to replace him

Jun.2, 2016 - Stratasys recently announced the retirement of David Reis as CEO. Reis, who operated as CEO of the Israel and Minneapolis based company for 7 years, oversaw a period of significant growth for the 3D printing company, as well as led the merger of Stratasys and Objet in 2012, which placed his company at the fore of 3D printing technologies. More

Researchers develop advanced 3D printed computer screens inspired by butterfly wings

Jun.2, 2016 - The wings of the Callophrys Rubi butterfly, which possess a distinct iridescent quality and an intricately unique structure, are helping a team of researchers from Australia's Swinburne Centre for Micro-Photonics to create more brilliant and light responsive computer screens. More

3D printed Vasu smartphone case allows for cheap and accessible malaria diagnosis

Jun.2, 2016 - TU Delft student Leroy Huikeshoven has developed the 3D printed Vasu smartphone case, which uses a smartphone camera and microfluidic principles to affordably test blood samples for malaria parasites. More

3D printing a happy future through prosthesis development for kittens

Jun.2, 2016 - Through the inspiring collaboration of arts, sciences and animal welfare bodies in Colorado, "The Sonic Project" looks set to change the lives ofanimals through custom-made, 3D printed prosthetics. More

Canadian company seeking funds to develop Braille friendly 3D printer for the visually impaired

Jun.2, 2016 - 3D printing has been an undeniable boon to the visually impaired community. Now, a small company from Windsor, Ontario is hoping to expand the possibilities of 3D printing for the blind by developing a 3D printer specifically designed for printing braille onto 3D objects. More

CollPlant awarded $1.4M grant for collagen-based bioinks for 3D printed organ development

Jun.2, 2016 - CollPlant, the Israeli pioneer of plant-based collagen, has just been awarded a $1.4 million USD research grant for the development of 3D bioprinted organs and tissues based on their biocompatible rhCollagen. More

Star Wars Propshop selling limited edition 3D printed prop replicas, including Darth Vader's melted helmet for $3,500

Jun.2, 2016 - Disney and Propshop have just unveiled a gorgeous and limited range of gorgeous 3D printed prop replicas from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The collection includes a number of stunning prop replicas, including Darth Vader's melted helmet. More

MIT researchers develop xPrint, an open-source modular bio and smart material ready printer

Jun.2, 2016 - Machines often have very specific purposes that limit their potential. The modular approach to the xPrint smart-liquid printer being developed at MIT allows for many applications under one umbrella. More

Zaha Hadid retrospective at Venice Biennale features stunning 3D printed chair

Jun.1, 2016 - In celebration of architect Zaha Hadid's life and work, a retrospective has been launched at the 15th Architecture Biennale in Venice, which opened May 28th, 2016. The exhibition, which will run until November 27th, features a number of her drawings, models, and works, including a stunning 3D printed chair. More

K2M receives FDA approval for two more 3D printed titanium implant systems

Jun.1, 2016 - K2M, a global medical device company, today received 510(k) clearances from the FDA for two of its 3D printed spinal solutions: CASCADIA Cervical and CASCADIA AN Lordotic Oblique. Both make use of K2M's Lamellar 3D Titanium Technology, which allows for 'bony integration' throughout the implant. More

3D printed material and baking soda could capture harmful CO2 emissions

Jun.1, 2016 - Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) believe that 3D printed materials filled with sodium carbonate could be used to capture CO2 emissions. To demonstrate their hypothesis, the researchers have already developed a small capsule version of the technology. More

$8,999 Voxel8 Developer's Kit 3D printer now shipping

Jun.1, 2016 - Voxel8, the 3D printing enterprise spearheaded by Harvard professor Jennifer A. Lewis, has started shipping its Developer's Kit 3D printer, with Google ATAP set to be one of the first recipients. The modular 3D printer is, for a limited time only, still available at the pre-order price of $8,999. More

ASUS now supports PC customization with 3D printed name plates and logos

Jun.1, 2016 - Taiwanese PC giant ASUS has just unveiled their ASUS 3D Printing Project at Computex 2016 in Taipei. The project is a customization initiative that will let users put a personal stamp on their PC rigs with custom name plates, logos and a lot more. More

Researchers hack MakerBot 3D printer to develop advanced breast cancer diagnosis methods

Jun.1, 2016 - A recently awarded research grant of $800,000 from the U.S. CDMRP will help a team of researchers from Pitt and Carnegie Mellon universities use a hacked MakerBot 3D printer to improve the diagnosis and surgical treatment decision of breast cancer worldwide. More

Bagpipes the penguin stands tall with new 3D printed prosthetic foot

Jun.1, 2016 - Today we have learnt the true meaning of happy feet, as Bagpipes the one-legged penguin was fitted with a custom designed 3D printed prosthetic foot. The penguin lives at the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand. More

Airbus unveils Thor, a 3D printed 4 meter long unmanned aerial vehicle, at ILA 2016

Jun.1, 2016 - Aircraft developer Airbus has unveiled Thor, a 4 meter long unmanned aerial vehicle at the 2016 International Aerospace Exhibition and Airshow in Berlin. The completely 3D printed aircraft will be used to optimize aerodynamic designs. More

Reproducing robots: world's first 3D printed robot baby is born

Jun.1, 2016 - Researchers from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam have realized the world's first 3D printed robot baby, which was autonomously developed by two robot parents who combined their robot DNA to form a completely new 3D printed child. More

DottyView brings augmented reality to its powerful cloud driven 3D model collaboration platform

Jun.1, 2016 - Augmented reality is getting a boost from 3D model cloud platform DottyView with the new DottyAR App. Compatible with VR sets and smartphones alike, it's collaboration like never before. More

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