RappiDelta large format delta 3D printer 

Apr.8, 2013 -  RappiDelta is an all aluminium construction printer which will allow for fast and efficient production. It is a large format 3d printer based on the delta concept from Johann Rocholl.  More 

Making short run injection molds with 3D printing

Apr.8, 2013 -   In the video below the molds were 3D printed in Objet Digital ABS material. These mold tools are then injected with real polypropylene at 220 degrees C. More

3Drag 3D printer kit 

Apr.8, 2013 -  Pursuing these goals led to the birth of 3D printer 3Drag. It is made of aluminum profiles and each part is designed to be light.  More 

3D printed 1:10 OpenRC truggy car in action (videos) 

Apr.7, 2013 -  Still remember the 3D printable 1:10 Radio controlled truggy car created by Swedish maker Daniel Norée? It is an ongoing project... More 

yeggi: search engine for printable 3D models

Apr.7, 2013 -   In order to save users valuable time when searching for 3D printable models, Sebastian Karpp developed yeggi, a search engine for printable 3D models based in Leipzig, Germany. More

Rotary valve might help manned space flights to Mars one day 

Apr.7, 2013 -  A rotary fuel delivery valve developed by a University of Alabama in Huntsville team led by Dr. James Blackmon just might help manned space flights travel to other planets one day. More 

Low-cost open source Cyrus 3D printer on Kickstarter 

Apr.6, 2013 -  Open Source Cyrus 3D printer features rigid nice-looking aluminum casing and large build envelope (250 x 280 x 300mm), and can be operated standalone in either home or office.  More 

mUVe 1: an open-source UV resin based 3D printer

Apr.6, 2013 -   The mUVe 1 is an open-source, low-cost stereo-lithographic 3D printer which uses 405nm UV laser to build parts' layers one at a time. More

Airwolf releases affordable large-scale 3D printer 

Apr.6, 2013 -  Southern California-based Airwolf 3D, Inc. introduces a new printer for low cost prototyping -- AW3D XL. Listed at $2,295, AW3D XL is capable of producing objects up to 670 cubic inches. More 

Midwest RepRap Festival video: What the RepRap project is all about 

Apr.5, 2013 -  To get more information on the opensource 3D printing movement, Gavilan Steinman traveled to Elkhart Indiana and interviewed core developers and users of the technology. More 

Personalized bed, table or desk based on your DNA

Apr.5, 2013 -   Tjep. is making these unique work of art by taking genetic profiles, mapping them with 3-D imaging, and transforming a person's individual DNA into one-of-a-kind creations. More

Jet engine maker Pratt to invest $8 Million in digital lab at UConn 

Apr.5, 2013 -  Jet engine maker Pratt & Whitney and the University of Connecticut announce today that they have set up one of the nation's most advanced additive manufacturing centers. More 

See 4D printing: "smart" components that can assemble themselves (videos) 

Apr.5, 2013 -  Skylar Tibbits, an architect, designer and computer scientist presented a new concept in February 2013: 4D printing. This emerging technology will allow us to print objects that then reshape themselves or self-assemble over time. More 

New 3D scanner creates high-resolution 3D images from a kilometer away

Apr.5, 2013 -   The research team, led by Gerald Buller, describes a ToF imaging system that can gather high-resolution, 3-D information about objects that are typically very difficult to image, from up to a kilometer away. More

The future of the Navy: Print me a cruiser! 

Apr.4, 2013 -  The 3D printing revolution will radically change naval construction and logistics, writes two junior Navy officers in Proceedings, the influential journal of the U.S. Naval Institute. More 

Breakthrough: 3D printer creates artificial human tissue 

Apr.4, 2013 -  Oxford University scientists have developed a custom-built programmable 3D printer that can create materials with several of the properties of living tissues. More 

3D Systems Launches 3DMe figurines on Cubify

Apr.4, 2013 -   3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today the launch of 3DMe™, customizable full color 3D printed figurines featuring your photo-realistic head atop costumed superheroes... More

Miproto turns your idea into a 3D printed model 

Apr.4, 2013 -  Miproto is a web based product design, development and prototyping platform. The concept is based around making product design more accessible to the people with ideas. More 

First Dreambox 3D printer installed at UC Berkeley 

Apr.4, 2013 -  At the end of March the first Dreambox 3D printer was installed in Etcheverry Hall at UC Berkeley. More 

The Brew Clip: 3D printed wallet with a built-in bottle opener

Apr.4, 2013 -   The Brew Clip, a Kickstarter project, could cleverly stores money and cards to simplify your pocket needs. More

New: Portable J-Rev 3D printer with unique Z axis 

Apr.3, 2013 -  Today we introduce a unique, briefcase size 3D printer: J-Rev created by Benjamin McDaniel, the founder of Japica. More 

3D printed Low-Fi Hi-Tech Headphones 

Apr.3, 2013 -  JC Karich has posted a new project "low fi high tech headphones". It is a research project to "find out a way to create a fully functional pair... More 

An alternative design for a 3D printer, powered by a Raspberry Pi (video)

Apr.3, 2013 -   Jon Wise is working on an alternative design for a 3D printer that uses radial arms with a minimum of mechanical engineering. More

How to create the super cool 3D printed speakers (with lights!)  

Apr.3, 2013 -  Designed by a team at Autodesk and 3D printed on an Objet Connex 500, these speakers were then endowed with an audioreactive LED system by new LED startup LumiGeek.  More 

Customise your bike mount with 3D printed collars 

Apr.2, 2013 -  Annex Products has partnered with Shapeways to offer their customers 3D printed replacement locking collars for the Bike Mount Pro. More 

How to 3D print skeleton from a CT scan of a living animal

Apr.2, 2013 -   Now surgeons and students could use the technology to rapidly produce detailed skeletal and soft tissue structures from X-ray CT data. More

Designing perfect cup for dunking cookies with help of 3D printer 

Apr.2, 2013 -  Sam Feller from Awkward Engineer Creations designed "the most perfectly shaped cup for dunking a cookie in milk" - High milk displacement cookie dunker. More 

RasPi based touchscreen controller for RepRap 3D printer (video) 

Apr.2, 2013 -  The RasPi based touchscreen controller will be part of their soon-to-be-launched Kühling&Kühling RepRap Industrial 3D printer. More 

Transform any 3D print into a high quality finished part with 3D Refiner

Apr.2, 2013 -   Two students at UC Berkeley designed and created 3D Refiner, a machine that transforms any of your 3D prints into a high quality beautifully finished part. More

Play-Doh: Your kid's first 3D printer 

Apr.1, 2013 -  Designed specially for your kids, the entry-level Play-Doh 3D Printer created by Thinkgeek would be an amazing toys to introduce 3D printer to them. More 

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