3D model of Diplodocus skull revealed eating habit of the giant dinosaur

Jul.31, 2012 -   The eating habits of Diplodocus, one of the longest known dinosaur - about 30 meters in length and weighing around 15 tonnes, have been revealed by scientists using CT scans and biomechanical modelling. More

Beautiful 3D printed Boolean Buddhas  

Jul.31, 2012 -  Boolean Buddhas is a series of sculptures created by David Hirmes using Blender's improved boolean functions.More 

Mahoro robot performs dangerous lab work with more accuracy and in half the time 

Jul.30, 2012 -  A two-armed robot, called Mahoro, is co-developed by Japan's National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (AIST) and Yaskawa Electric Corporation, already being used in labs to carry out dangerous lab work that previously had to be done manually by human. More 

Gabor Forgacs, scientific founder of Organovo recognized for pioneering work in bioprinting

Jul.30, 2012 -   Gabor Forgacs, Executive and Scientific Director of the Shipley Center for Innovation at Clarkson University has been awarded the AutoVision Innovations Award from 2b AHEAD, a German think tank. More

3D Printed Minecraft Figurines available in full colour sandstone  

Jul.29, 2012 -  If you are a big fan of Minecraft you might like these adorable 3D printed Minecraft figurines. These models were all created in Blender, resized in netfab and printed in a (fully coloured) sandstone material via the 3D printing company Shapeways.  More 

3D Systems CEO discusses demand in Europe and company's growth strategies (video) 

Jul.28, 2012 -  In a recently cnbc news (below) Abe Reichental discusses demand in Europe, the U.S. economy, and his company's growth strategies. Customers in europe have to continue to invest. They're under pressure to stay competitive. More 

First 3D Printed AR-15 gun has a successful test-firing

Jul.27, 2012 -   User HaveBlue from the AR-15 gun enthusiast forum has managed to shoot an AR-15 with a 3D-printed lower receiver. He printed the lower on an old Stratasys 3D printer using a slightly modified model from cncguns.com. More

University Of Dayton Research Institute wins $3M funding to develop new materials for aircraft parts 

Jul.27, 2012 -   The University of Dayton Research Institute was awarded $3 million from the Ohio Third Frontier to work on developing specialized materials for use in additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing.  More 

Fully assembled Afinia H-Series 3D printer launched 

Jul.27, 2012 -  Afinia, a division of Microboards Technology LLC, has officially launched its H-Series 3D Printer. Afinia partners with Chinese manufacturer to produce the 3D printer for US market. More 

Minecraft, 3D printing and post-scarcity economy

Jul.26, 2012 -   Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. It is a sandbox construction game, players could create fantastic structures such as houses, gardens, roads or castles and destroy various types of blocks in a 3D environment. More

Manufacture on the go: a digital fabrication briefcase with 3D printer and CNC mill 

Jul.26, 2012 -  Ilan Moyer of MIT's Little Devices Lab and Nadya Peek of the school's Center for Bits and Atoms created a portable multi-purpose tool named PopFab - a combination 3D printer and CNC mill briefcase.  More 

MakerBot Mixtape: create a customized classic mixtape on a 3D printer 

Jul.25, 2012 -  This is one of projects of exploring the limitless possibilities of home manufacturing at Makerbot. Makerbot develops DIY Kits consisting of design files fit for 3D printing and users could order electronic components in the MakerBot store for final assembly. More 

NASA looking to 3D printing space-station parts on ISS

Jul.25, 2012 -   Over the past several years, NASA has been testing space-based 3D printers for providing replacement parts for astronaouts. Using an additive processing technology astronauts could simply produce the components they needed on demand rather than carrying tons of parts with them. More

Build a briefcase 3D printer that you can take everywhere 

Jul.24, 2012 -  In the latest episode of the Ben Heck Show, Ben explains in greater detail his latest 3D printer project. Ben Heck is originally known in the hacking/modding community for his portable PS3 and Xbox360 Laptops and custom controllers for disabled players. More 

3D printed camera mount for windsurfing 

Jul.24, 2012 -  It is time for the beach - Designers at Deep Orange design has designed a range of 3D printed camera mounts for windsurfing. The camera mounts were 3D printed on a 3D Touch printer and it is fixed onto a custom installed fin plug. More 

3D Systems acquires Viztu Technologies for an undisclosed sum

Jul.24, 2012 -   3D Systems Corp. (DDD) said Monday that it has acquired Viztu Technologies. The financial terms of the deal and sum were not disclosed. More

Designer Summer Powell launched 3D printed jewelry line 

Jul.23, 2012 -  Jewelry Designer and graphic artist, Summer Powell, announces the Official Launch of the 3D printed Gemetrica Collection. More 

3D printed watch band 

Jul.23, 2012 -  After smelling what the continual humidity had done to his NATO style watch band, Colin decided to print one himself. The idea was to use his Makerbot 3D printer to print out a flexible and thin plastic wrist watch band.More 

Global 3D printing market expected to reach US$2.99 billion by 2018

Jul.23, 2012 -   Global Industry Analysts, Inc announces the release of a comprehensive global report on 3D Printing markets. According to the report, global 3D printing market will reach US$2.99 billion by 2018. More

Stunning 3D printed octopus vehicle with working features and LED lighting 

Jul.22, 2012 -  For his thesis in 3D modeling and animation Sean Charlesworth designed, modeled and then 3D printed a mechanical octopus vehicle, complete with working features and LED lighting.More 

Ditto 3D printer now available on Indiegogo 

Jul.21, 2012 -  Vancouver-based startup Tinkerine Studio launched the crowdfunding campaign for their Ditto 3d printer on Indigogo.  More 

Weta Workshop uses 3D printers to make props for Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit

Jul.20, 2012 -   In this One News Reporter Rene Graham speaks to Weta Workshops about its DIY devices that are changing the way we make movies. More

GE joint venture to manufacture jet-engine parts with 3D printing 

Jul.20, 2012 -  CFM International has announced that it is working on a laser additive manufacturing process to produce parts for CFM's Leap family of turbofan engines. More 

Rapid-prototyping what Wooly Mammoth sounded like 

Jul.19, 2012 -  Paleontologists have showed us what dinosaurs looked like with a 3D printer, but what they sounded like? Designer Marguerite Humeau unveiled three massive 3D-printed models of prehistoric vocal tracts.More 

First academic library in the United States to offer 3D printing campuswide

Jul.19, 2012 -   The DeLaMare Science and Engineering Library at the University of Nevada, Reno announced to offer 3D printing and scanning as a library service to all students. More

Iris van Herpen's stunning 3D printed dress - hybrid holism aw2012/13 collection 

Jul.19, 2012 -  Dutch designer Iris van Herpen, in collaboration with architect Julia Koerner, unveiled her stunning 3D printed dress during haute couture week in Paris as part of her "Hybrid Holism" AW 2012/2013 collection.  More 

3D printers make prototypes of POP portable device charger 

Jul.19, 2012 -  James Siminoff and his team at the Edison Junior Design Laboratory developed a perfect solution for getting rid of ugly portable phone chargers. POP is a rechargeable portable battery with retractable cord reels for simultaneously charging multiple devices.More 

3D printed FOBO bipedal walking robot and Spool bot

Jul.18, 2012 -   FOBO is the fourth prototype from Project Biped by Jonathan Dowdall. It is a 3D printed self-contained bipedal robot and can walk balanced without falling over if it stops. More

3D-printed shoes inspired by bird's skull 

Jul.18, 2012 -  Ratsma and Spaho's 3D printed shoes highlights the aesthetics and used the shape of a bird's cranium for the front of the shoe, as well as the tapered beak as the spike of the heel. More 

Fab 8 and new fab lab at Massey bring digital fabrication to New Zealand 

Jul.17, 2012 -  Massey University opens up new Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab) providing students access to high tech tools. Meanwhile Massey University's College of Creative Arts and the Affect Research Centre, in conjunction with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Centre for Bits and Atoms, is hosting the seminar Fab 8 NZ in Wellington from August 22-28. More 

Hacker uses Repman 3D printer to reproduce police handcuff keys

Jul.17, 2012 -   Forbes' Andy Greenberg reports that at the Hackers On Planet Earth conference in New York, a German hacker and security consultant who goes by the name "Ray" demonstrated it was possible to open up high security handcuffs with plastic copies he cheaply produced with a laser-cutter and a 3D printer. More

NASA's 3D app lets you experience robotic space travel 

Jul.16, 2012 -  An app called Spacecraft 3D, a NASA-created app that brings some of the agency's robotic spacecraft to life in 3D, is now available for free on the iPhone and iPad.More 

Coming soon: Fabalu 3D printing marketplace 

Jul.16, 2012 -  Fabalu is a German marketplace for printing 3D models. It provides a platform connecting designers with 3D printing service companies. The website's revenue comes from a monthly fee + 3~5% for each customer paid by 3D printing service providers. More 

RepRap fan cooler alternative: water-cooled hot end

Jul.15, 2012 -   At RepRapPro Adrian Bowyer has been experimenting with a RepRap extruder with a water-cooled head, instead of a fan. It's a variant on Jean-Marc's brilliant design. On a long print the water (about 1 litre) stabilises at around 8 C above ambient. More

First 3D printed full-sized milk jug boat 

Jul.15, 2012 -  For the 42nd annual Seafair Milk Carton derby the 3D printer group from the University of Washington (WOOF group) submitted a 3D printed milk jug boat. This boat weighs 40 lbs and is 3D printed using crushed milk jugs. More 

Rostock: an amazing delta robot 3D printer prototype 

Jul.14, 2012 -  Thingiverse user Johann is working on a new delta robot 3D printer prototype called Rostock. Johann's Rostock 3D printer is 30 inches (77 cm) tall, and the build volume is 8x8x16 inches (20x20x40 cm). It uses 6 of diagonal rods that use universal joints and are fully printable.  More 

3D printed Nóize chairs combined Brazilian designs with sounds in the street

Jul.14, 2012 -   Designers at Studio Guto Requena used audio captured on the streets of São Paulo to distort the shapes of orginal design. The 3D models of the chairs were 3D printed with ABS plastic in Belgium on 3D printers. More

Able Software announces new reseller in France 

Jul.13, 2012 -  Able Software Corporation, a global leader in 3D medical imaging and modeling software and the developer of the US FDA 510k cleared 3D-DOCTOR software, announced today a reseller partnership with Multistation SAS with offices in France and North Africa. More 

3D printing helps to build the fastest car in the world 

Jul.13, 2012 -  The BLOODHOUND Project is an engineering adventure and education program aiming to demonstrating how science, engineering, technology and maths can be harnessed to achieve the seemingly impossible, such as the BLOODHOUND 1,000 mph land speed record. More 

Airbus working on a concept plane built with giant 3D printers

Jul.12, 2012 -   Bastian Schafer, a cabin designer with Airbus, has been working for the last two years on a concept plane that would be built from the ground up with a 3D printer that's very large in deed, ie. as big as an aircraft hanger. More

3D Model-to-Print converts 3D architectural designs into printable 3D models 

Jul.12, 2012 -  3D Model-To-Print (3DMTP) announced first cloud-based processing service available in North America that can make architectural 3D CAD, BIM, or SketchUp design a scaled printable model. More 

Solidscape launches high precision fully automated 3Z Pro 3D printer 

Jul.11, 2012 -  Solidscape, manufacturer of high precision 3D printers, a Stratasys company, announces the launch of the 3ZPRO high precision wax 3D printer. The 3ZPRO printer allows users of any technical level to produce their own high precision wax parts, ready for casting, with just one-touch. More 

Europe hesitates too long with 3D printing

Jul.11, 2012 -   The European jewelry industry hesitates too long with using additive manufacturing technology. Europe could lose out to Asia in this battle. "The value of 3D printing is underestimated", said Martin Forth, MD of envisionTEC. More

EADS displays 3D-printed unmanned aerial vehicle at Farnborough Airshow 

Jul.11, 2012 -  EADS(European aerospace and defence group) Innovation Works has taken a lead role in producing products with 3D printing technology. More 

Moddler produces amazingly detailed objects with an Objet Eden 3D printer 

Jul.10, 2012 -  San Francisco based Moddler is a 3D printing company providing high level of surface detail printing service for architects, movie industry and artists etc. More 

RA 3D printer controller crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Jul.10, 2012 -   MakeSLC maker space co-founder James Howard and his two partners Tim Anderson and Devin Hales have launched an open hardware project on Kickstarter. More

Maxit 3D printer official launch announced 

Jul.10, 2012 -  A1 Technologies announced official launch of its Maxit 3D printer. The Maxit 3D printer has been developed to enable it to be built quickly and easily, within a few hours, by anyone. A major part of the A1 mission is to engage children — in a school environment — to get creative with 3D printing. More 

North America's largest 3D print on its way to Vancouver 

Jul.10, 2012 -  The Rygo was designed by famous 3D designer and sculptor Bathsheba Grossman of California. Using Enrico Dini's D-Shape, the largest 3D printer of its kind, measuring 6 x 6 x 8 meters (20 x 20 x 27 ft), the Rygo has been 3D printed 2 meters (6.5 feet) tall in stone.  More 

Some tips for getting better 3D printing results

Jul.9, 2012 -   Italy-based Robot Factory, the manufacturer of 3D-ONE 3D printer provided us Some tips for getting better printing results. Here is what they wrote.. More

How to unpack, start up and shut down 3D-ONE 3D printer

Jul.9, 2012 -   Here are some tips provided by Robot factory on how to unpack, start up and shut down 3D-ONE 3D printer. Robot factory is working on new version of the site in English language for users. More

Chinese scientists uses 3D printer to print ear 

Jul.9, 2012 -  In Nanjing Baoyan Automation Co., Ltd. China, Dr. Jiquan Yang of School of Electrical and Automation Engineering at Nanjing Normal University showcased their newest 3D printer. More 

Stratasys 3D printer supports student built Lunar Rover Prototype for Google Lunar X PRIZE

Jul.8, 2012 -   Omega Envoy, the Florida team of ESI, involve significant numbers of students and young professionals through paid internships. The team is competing in an international contest to land a lunar rover on the moon, the Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP). More

Dutch designer Ineke Otte and her 3D printed jewelry 

Jul.7, 2012 -  Dutch designer Ineke Otte received a Sheriff de Mode award for 2012 for her new jewelry collection made with 3D printing technology. More 

Foldable Foldarap 3d printer launches a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule 

Jul.7, 2012 -  Emmanuel Gilloz, the creator of the Foldarap 3d printer has launched a crowdfunding project on Ulule. The FoldaRap is an open-source 3D-Printer, a foldable RepRap.  More 

First 3D printed robot legs move more like human

Jul.6, 2012 -   a team of University of Arizona engineers claim to have built a set of robotic legs that walk in a biologically accurate manner better than any other artificial life form. More

Inspiring Exoskeleton 3D-printed shoes 

Jul.6, 2012 -   UK fashion footwear designer Janina Alleyne came up with a special high heels design - the Exoskeleton shoes. It was 3D printed in two pieces, up and bottom part and then were joined together. More 

Monolith Stereolithographic 3D printer 

Jul.6, 2012 -  Southern California based startup Acme Design Co released its newest 3D printer Monolith. Monolith is a large scale, high resolution and speed, UV polymer based 3D printer designed to be accessible and affordable for more people.  More 

3D printed saxophone mouthpiece shown at North Sea Jazz 2012

Jul.5, 2012 -   During the North Sea Jazz festival 2012 3D printed saxophone mouthpiece will be displayed to the public. Mouthpiece is the most important part of the saxophone as it produces the tone and acts as interface between the player's body and the instrument. More

Eva 3D Scanner delivers accurate color and structure data without markers 

Jul.5, 2012 -  Artec Group recently released their "next-gen" EVA 3D scanner, a full color scanner that captures subtle changes in object and delivers accurate color and structure data. Artec is similar to a video camera which captures in 3D. More 

Researchers develops new SLM method to produce 3D aluminium composite parts 

Jul.4, 2012 -  Engineers at University of Exeter in the U.K. have developed a process based on Selective Laser Melting (SLM) to produce 3D aluminum composite parts from inexpensive metal powders.  More 

OmNomNom Creator converts 2D images to 3D for 3D printing

Jul.4, 2012 -   An awesome app for the Mac that allows you to automatically generate 2D drawings into 3D objects was released recently by Thingiverse user Jetty. This new app called OmNomNom Creator is designed for people who don't have much CAD experiences but want to create 3D printable file from 2D images. More

3D printed Golf-In-Miniature: The desktop 18 hole miniature golf course 

Jul.3, 2012 -  Golf-In-Miniature is printable and playable miniature Golf. Matt says, this is the World's first 3D printable 18 hole Golf course for Your Desktop. They were designed to be played and 3D printed with just a 0.5mm nozzle, 0.3mm layer height, and 60 to 150mm/s. More 

Recreating dinosaurs with 3D scanner and 3D printer 

Jul.3, 2012 -  With 3D printing technology, scientists can make endless duplication for their studies. By watching how the bone and joint structures fit together, they could have a more accurate picture of how the animal actually lived and moved. More 

Scientists will produce the first 3D models of the Arctic sea ice

Jul.2, 2012 -   Starting on July 9, scientists led by Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University will work together with 3D scanning experts and engineers to capture the true shape of Arctic sea ice for the first time. More

Penn Researchers create vasculature in living tissues with RepRap 3D printer and sugar 

Jul.2, 2012 -  University of Pennsylvania researchers have developed an innovative solution to this perfusion problem: they've shown that 3D printed templates of filament networks can be used to rapidly create vasculature and improve the function of engineered living tissues. More 

Fayetteville Free Library launched 3D printing Fab Lab 

Jul.1, 2012 -  The Fayetteville Free Library is the first library in the United States to offer a free, public access Fab Lab. According to its blog, the FFL fab Lab recently won an award of $10,000 at the Contact Summit in NYC.  More 

Memoirs - 3D printed USB jewellery

Jun.30, 2012 -   'Memoirs', a collection of rings, earrings and necklaces designed by ashleigh woodmass using 3D printing technology. More

Lightest sprint shoe "Designed to Win" created with 3D printer 

Jun.30, 2012 -  While Athletes constantly seek technological help to improve their performances, a 3D-printed and customized running shoe that promises to shave valuable fractions of a second off sprinters' race times is one of the highlights at this year's RCA Gradiation Show in London.  More 

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