RepRap Morgan SCARA Arm 3D printer kit available for pre-order

Jul.1, 2013 -   Reprap Morgan, a concentric dual arm SCARA FDM 3D printer, designed and built by Quentin Harley, is now available for pre-order. More

Making custom mesh screens easily with Slic3r & 3D printer 

Jun.30, 2013 -  Alfred has come up with a way of quickly (and easily) making custom meshes and screens using Slic3r and a 3D Printer. More 

Pirate3D printer raises $1.4m on Kickstarter, exceeding goal by 14X 

Jun.30, 2013 -  The Singaporean startup Pirate3D has managed to raise $1,438,765 on Kickstarter in 30 days, more than 1400% of their initial goal. More 

A fully 3D printable Pip-Boy 3000

Jun.30, 2013 -   dragonator designed a fully 3D printable Pip-Boy 3000 that can hold a paper screen or a smart phone. The scale is based on the original Pip-Boy. More

Bukito Portable 3D Printer launched on Kickstarter 

Jun.29, 2013 -  Bukito is a sturdy, fast and portable 3D printer that you can take everywhere. Bukito Portable 3D Printer is now launched on Kickstarter. More 

Solidoodle sales reach $4 million since launch in Sep 2011 

Jun.29, 2013 -  Brooklyn startup 3D-printer company Solidoodle announced that its sales has reached $4 million since its launch in September 2011. More 

A look at digital sculpting for DC Collectibles (video)

Jun.28, 2013 -   DC Comics has posted a new timelapse video showing behind the scenes look at the process of digital sculpting for DC Collectibles. More

Super cool 3D-printed Cortex casts for fractured bones

Jun.28, 2013 -   Jake Evill's recent conceptual project "the Cortex exoskeletal cast" is designed to replace the usual plaster casts with a highly technical and trauma-zone-localised support system created using 3D printing. More

3D scanning in full color using focus stacked photos 

Jun.28, 2013 -  One common method to create a 3D scan of an object is to use Microsoft Kinect to build DIY 3D scanning rigs. But Computer engineer Giancarlo Todone has found a new approach to 3D scanning: using focus stacking.  More 

Catherine Wales' Project DNA: combining fashion, science and 3D printing

Jun.28, 2013 -   Combining fashion, science and 3D printing technology, Catherine Wales has created Project DNA, an 8-piece accessories collection to push the boundaries of digital fabrication within the luxury market. More

Autodesk and GrabCAD team up to launch 2D & 3D CAD editing on GrabCAD 

Jun.28, 2013 -  Autodesk and Boston start-up GrabCAD announced today the integration of AutoCAD 360 (2D) and Fusion 360 (3D) into GrabCAD's cloud collaboration app Workbench. More 

WSU researchers help making custom satellite parts using 3D printing 

Jun.27, 2013 -  Researchers at Washington State University are working with Aerojet Rocketdyne on an exploratory project to make custom satellite parts using 3-D printing.  More 

UV resin based mUVe 1 3D Printer source files released

Jun.27, 2013 -   The first mUVe 1 3D Printer kit was shipped out on Jun.20. Meanwhile Dean Piper, the maker behind the mUVe 1 3D Printer project, has shared all of the source material on their website. More

Ad Tempus exploring a combination of 3D-printed plates and culinary arts 

Jun.27, 2013 -  Henry Richmond V. Young is a designer based in New York City. With great interest in music, cuisine, he created 'Ad Tempus', a 3D printed ceramic project featuring the conversation between food and design. More 

ModiBot offers 3D printed DIY toys on Kickstarter, including Bravest Warriors 

Jun.27, 2013 -  ModiBot's different connectors and numerous extensions are all 3D printed and available through Shapeways. In an effort to scale up its operation the company has now taken it to Kickstarter. More 

Poppy turns your iPhone into a 3D camera, 100% funded on Kickstarter in 9 hours

Jun.27, 2013 -   Launched yesterday on Kickstarter, Poppy is an iPhone accessory that turns your iPhone or iPod into a 3D camera. More

Microsoft adds 3D printing support to Windows 8.1, 3D printers soon in MS stores 

Jun.26, 2013 -  Microsoft is adding in native 3D printer support to Windows 8.1. That means you can 3D print an item directly from third-party applications. More 

Danish company says its software will stop you from 3D-printing guns 

Jun.26, 2013 -  A company in Denmark, Create It Real announced it has created software that could prevent a 3D printer from printing gun parts. More 

Planetary Resources & 3D Systems partner to develop spacecraft components

Jun.26, 2013 -   3D Systems today announced that the company has joined Planetary Resources' core group of investors and will be a collaborative partner in assisting Planetary Resources to develop components for spacecraft using 3D printing. More

3D Print Finisher on Indiegogo 

Jun.26, 2013 -  By putting 3D printed parts in a glass jar filled with acetone on a heated build plate, Acetone vapor will smooth out those layers. Based on the same idea, Keith has come up with a 3D Print Finisher. More 

'3D printing is just a gimmick,' says Foxconn President Terry Gou 

Jun.26, 2013 -  3D printing does not herald the arrival of the third industrial revolution, said Terry Gou, the president of Foxconn Technology Group, the world's largest electronics contract manufacturer.  More 

Admatec aims to become market leader for 3D printing ceramics

Jun.25, 2013 -   Admatec invests in Lithoz's Cerfab 7500. By combining with Admaflex technology Admatec is looking to become market leader for 3D printing ceramics. More

Get what's inside Kinder Surprise Eggs using scanning and 3D printing 

Jun.25, 2013 -  A comic strip explaining the wonders of X-ray scanning and 3D printing, demonstrated by printing a perfect replica of a Kinder Surprise toy but without breaking the egg, has won the 2013 Research as Art competition hosted by the university. More 

Stratasys plans acquisitions to expand into 3D metal printing 

Jun.25, 2013 -  Today in an interview in Beijing, Stratasys Chairman Scott Crump said to Bloomberg that the company plans acquisitions to expand into devices that use metals. More 

EZ 3D Printer introducing new DLP based DIY kit

Jun.25, 2013 -   EZ 3D Printer, the creator of first FDM machine EZ 3D Printer-200 in Taiwan, has recently developed a new DLP based 3D printer DIY kit. More

Eye-catching 3D-Printed fashion jacket on Royal Ascot Ladies' Day 2013 

Jun.25, 2013 -  The 3D-Printed fashion jacket, created by designer Larisa Katz and 3D designer Patrick Römgens was first shown on the Royal Ascot Ladies' Day this June 2013 in London. More 

Artist used Google Glass to 3D scan museum's sculpture for 3D printing 

Jun.25, 2013 -  It is cool to connect Google Glass with art creation. 3D modeler Todd Blatt has recently taken Google Glass to the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore and used it to 3D scan sculptures for 3D printing.  More 

Japanese Company to launch 3D printing marketplace "rinkak"

Jun.24, 2013 -   Japanese company Kabuku released "rinkak" last week, an online marketplace that allows anyone to easily sell 3D printed products through its network. More

3D Printshow announces events in London, Paris and New York 

Jun.24, 2013 -  3D Printshow today announces three new events. 3D Printshow London 2013 will take place at The Business Design Centre, Islington across 7-9th November. More 

Imperia GP: a legendary Belgian marque is back, thanks to 3D printing 

Jun.24, 2013 -  Belgian eco-sports car Imperia GP combines pure driving fun with a clear conscience. The Imperia GP Roadster is the resurrection of a legend with entirely new technology, including 3D printing. More 

Layer By Layer launches marketplace for 3D prints, not files

Jun.24, 2013 -   California-based 3D printing technology company Layer By Layer today announced a new type of marketplace for the buying, selling, and sharing of 3D printable products. More

3D Printed Tardis Prime Transformer Toy

Jun.23, 2013 -  Inspired by Jason Casteel's TARDIS Prime artwork, Thingiverse member Andrew Lindsey made his own 3D printed Tardis Transformer toy. More 

How to 3D print your brain 

Jun.23, 2013 -  imgur user intirb has recently 3D printed a model of his own brain using an MRI scan and posted a tutorial online.  More 

Useful garden accessories printed by 3D printer

Jun.23, 2013 -   3D printing has enabled designer Evan Gant to take the manufacturing process into his own hands for the creation of some useful garden accessories. More

Occipital acquiring 3D-scanning startup ManCTL to make 3D modeling easier 

Jun.23, 2013 -  San Francisco based Occipital is acquiring 3D-scanning startup ManCTL, the company behind Skanect to easily acquire and process images and high-dimensional data from the real world.  More 

3D printed vacuum powered turbine tool spins at 60,000 rpm 

Jun.22, 2013 -  Richard Macfarlane designed a 3D printed 2-stage axial turbine powered by a standard vacuum cleaner. This low cost turbine spins at 60,000 rpm, sounds like a 747 taking off. More 

3D printing helps save duck Buttercup's life

Jun.22, 2013 -   Buttercup is a duck hatched in a high school biology lab, with a backwards left foot. His Dad Mike Garey is working on making him a new foot using the latest technology in 3D modeling and printing. More

First ultra-high resolution 3D digital brain 

Jun.21, 2013 -  Two hundred areas have been documented through Big Brain, corresponding to roughly 70 % of the human brain. This new anatomical tool will work as an atlas for neurosurgery and help researchers better understand brain diseases. More 

Stratasys, Makerbot CEOs explain the $604 Milion deal 

Jun.21, 2013 -  The merger of Stratasys and MakerBot brings together two industry leaders and their 3D printing technology. On Thursday's press conference CEOs talked more about the deal and what it means for their companies. More 

Chicago Public Library to open free Maker Space

Jun.21, 2013 -   Chicagoans will soon have free access to 3D printers and other digital tools. The Chicago Public Library (CPL) is opening CPL Innovation Lab, the city's first free "maker space". More

Building custom game controllers for the disabled 

Jun.21, 2013 -  Caleb's idea was to make low pressure lever activated momentary switches using a 3D printer, and use a Teensy, 20$ development board with extremely simple keyboard/mouse emulation code. More 

Cuboyo: a new 3D model repositories 

Jun.21, 2013 -  Three 3D Printing enthusiasts in Switzerland, with backgrounds in industrial engineering and software have launched, an online marketplace. More 

Hyrel 3D now lets you 3D print with Sugru

Jun.21, 2013 -   After 3D printing with Air-Dry Clays, Plasticines, RTV, Play-Doh, Atlanta-based Hyrel 3D is back again with a new material: Sugru, a self-setting Rubber. More

Your Future, 3D Printed [Infographic] 

Jun.21, 2013 -  How far has 3D printing come in the industrial sector and what changes it is bringing to the consumer market. This infographic by Mark Joseph Stern offers a basic overview of the technology. More 

RAPIRO: the cutest 3D printed Raspberry Pi robot on Kickstarter 

Jun.20, 2013 -  RAPIRO is a cute Raspberry Pi-powered humanoid robot kit that you can customize with a 3D printer. The name "RAPIRO" comes from RAspberry PI Robot.  More 

3D printed custom windsurf & kite SmartBoards on Kickstarter

Jun.20, 2013 -   MADE, a performance board sports manufacturer based in Chicago, IL has come up with a smarter way to create high-performance hyper-custom sail, kite, surf, and paddle boards using 3D printing. More

An Interview with Cura developer David Braam 

Jun.20, 2013 -  David Braam, developer of the Cura open source software for Ultimaker is interviewed by Andrew Mazzotta. Cura is an excellent project which aims to be a single solution for personal 3D printing with RepRap based machines. More 

3D printer passes Zero-Gravity test on road to Space Station 

Jun.20, 2013 -  The first 3D printer bound for space passed a series of critical microgravity tests at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, announces the 3D printer's builder.  More 

Stratasys acquiring MakerBot for $403 million in stock

Jun.20, 2013 -   Stratasys, an Israeli-based 3D printer manufacturer has just unveiled plans to acquire 3D printing company MakerBot in a stock-for-stock transaction valued at $403 million. More

The fastest filament extrusion Bot on Kickstarter  

Jun.19, 2013 -  The ExtrusionBot, developed by Chandler, Arizona based Mark Dill, is claimed to be the world's fastest home built automatic filament extruder. More 

3D printing tool: Pelican camera creates 3D model from video 

Jun.19, 2013 -  Mountain View, Calif. based Pelican Imaging is working on releasing "a smart camera for your Smartphone". This incredible smartphone technology uses a 16 lens array camera. More 

Tesco may add 3D printing as an in-store service

Jun.19, 2013 -   At Tesco HQ teams of technology experts are testing a 3D printer to look at how it might change the way stores work. Tesco is exploring ways to add 3D printing as an in-store service. More

US researchers develop 3D printed tiny lithium batteries 

Jun.19, 2013 -  A team based at Harvard University and the University of Illinois at Urbana have successfully created lithium-ion microbatteries the size of a grain of sand using 3D printing technology. More 

Asia's first 3D printed fashion show 

Jun.19, 2013 -  Materialise Malaysia and Melinda Looi presented Asia's very first 3D printed fashion show on June 14, 2013, the theme of the show was "Birds". More 

Australian scientists 3D printed giant titanium bugs

Jun.19, 2013 -   Australian scientists have created the world's first 3D printed super-sized titanium bugs, up to 50 times their original size. More

An entirely 3D printed room with crazy patterns and 80 million surfaces 

Jun.18, 2013 -  Architect Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer recently unveiled a 1:3 scale prototype of the room at the Materializing Exhibition in Tokyo and Swiss Art Awards 2013 in Basel, Switzerland. More 

3D printed working gear iPhone cases 

Jun.18, 2013 -  Designer Christopher Cordingley has made some 3D printed kinetic art: two iPhone designs finished with moving gears. More 

LiveMap: augmented-reality helmet with navigation on Indiegogo

Jun.18, 2013 -   LiveMap, a startup out of Russia has designed a unique hi-tech motorbike helmet with built-in navigation system, a head-mounted display and Siri-like voice recognition. More

MIT researchers 3D printing artificial bone 

Jun.18, 2013 -  Using computer-optimized designs of soft and stiff polymers and 3D printer, researchers have created artificial bone, a composite that is 22 times more fracture-resistant than its strongest constituent material. More 

Build your home with a Makerbot? It would take 220 years to 3D-print 

Jun.18, 2013 -  Randy Nelson of Real estate blog Movoto has created "3D Print your House" calculator to let you calculate how much time and money it would take to print a house.  More 

New Type A Machines Series 1 3D Printer

Jun.17, 2013 -   Type A Machines launched the new Series 1 3D Printer with a few improved features. More

Digital manufacturing supplier Inventables raises $3M in funding 

Jun.17, 2013 -  Chicago based Inventables, which runs an online hardware store for designers, today announced a $3 million round of financing bringing total investment in the company to $5M.  More 

Create easy 3D models with Pirate 3D's Smart Objects 

Jun.17, 2013 -  Pirate3D have released a demo version of their Smart Objects app. Smart Objects allows users to simply click and drag points on a stock object to modify its shape. More 

Scientists pursue 3D printing organ in a lab

Jun.17, 2013 -   Scientists are now able to use a 3D printing technique to produce biodegradable 'scaffolding' for ears and noses and internal organs. More

Panasonic to use 3D printing in mass production of household appliances 

Jun.17, 2013 -  The consumer electronics giant Panasonic plans to use 3D printers to produce resin and metal parts in order to facilitate the mass production of home appliances. More 

3D printing could be miners' new tool 

Jun.17, 2013 -  A mechanical engineer specializing in 3D printing says the practice could revolutionize parts manufacturing for the mining support industry. More 

Future of fashion? Make your own Jimmy Choo style shoes on a 3D printer

Jun.15, 2013 -   If you have a 3D printer, you can print out your own Jimmy Choo style shoes. British Daily Mail Reporter Lydia Slater designed her own high heels shoes. More

3D Systems ranked 4th on Forbes List of America's 25 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies 

Jun.15, 2013 -  3D Systems has been ranked at 4th place on a Forbes list of America's 25 fastest growing tech companies, which has been topped by career-oriented networking portal LinkedIn Corp.  More 

Twinkind introducing the most realistic 3D printed figurines 

Jun.14, 2013 -  Thanks to Twinkind, A pop-up shop in Hamburg, Germany, you can get a custom-made mini twins through state-of-the art 3D scanning and color printing technology. More 

Reconstruct a 500-year-old face using 3D scanning and printing

Jun.14, 2013 -   A team at Swansea University has revealed how they reconstructed the face of one of Henry VIII's elite archers, using 3D scanning and 3D printing and modern forensic and artistic techniques. More

BendLay: a clear, tough and bendable 3D printer filament 

Jun.14, 2013 -  Orbi-Tech, a filament-maker in Germany has now released it´s new filament, BendLay. BendLay is a very tough material, but it is also bendable and resilient. More 

3D printed seats for Shenzhou 10 astronauts 

Jun.14, 2013 -  The 3D printed seat, made of 70-millimeter-thick composite materials, was installed also on Shenzhou 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, spacecrafts. Its shape looks very much like a bathtub. More 

New bills in New York City aim to regulate 3D printed guns

Jun.13, 2013 -   Two bills in New York City aim to regulate 3D firearms. New York City Council member Lewis Fidler plans to introduce a bill that would regulate 3D printed guns. More

Self-designed 3D printed X-Cube puzzle on Kickstarter 

Jun.13, 2013 -  Dane's Rubik's Cube has an extra layer on each side to form an 'X' shape and when solved, it has all 6 colors oriented in the same directions, so he named it 'X-Cube.' More 

Pininfarina to use 3D modeling to design new concept car 

Jun.13, 2013 -  Leading Italian design house Pininfarina has also unveiled that it is using digital tools to design its new concept car, the Sergio, in honor of its honorary chairman, Sergio Pininfarina. More 

3D printing helps Ford, GE & Mattel find efficiencies

Jun.13, 2013 -   Three major U.S. manufacturers, Ford, GE and Mattel are using 3D printing to be more productive, efficient and innovative in designs. More

New Nylon filament for 3D printers, made in Italy 

Jun.13, 2013 -  Italian company 3ntr has launched a new nylon filament developed specifically for 3d printers.  More 

Report: Demand for 3D printers surges, Asia remains relatively weak 

Jun.12, 2013 -  The 3D printer market in 2012 accounted for more than $1 billion in sales. The 3D printing market will be worth $4B by 2025. More 

3D Systems to buy Sintering 3D Printer Provider Phenix Systems

Jun.12, 2013 -   3D Systems Corp. (NYSE: DDD) has signed agreements to acquire approximately 80% of Phenix Systems, a manufacturer of Direct Metal Selective Laser Sintering 3D Printers based in Riom, France. More

Optomec launches new 3D printer for metal additive manufacturing 

Jun.12, 2013 -  Optomec announced today availability of a new metal 3D Printer named the LENS 450.  More 

An interview with Shapeways in the Netherlands 

Jun.12, 2013 -  Andrew visited Shapeways in Eindhoven, Netherlands and got an inside look at how Shapeways functions from receiving and processing customer models to post-processing and shipping. More 

Introducing experimental Delta printer Simpson

Jun.12, 2013 -   There is a new radical RepRap 3D printer in town called Simpson. The namesake was chosen for the printer to signify its quick divergence from other existing designs. More

Create unique 3D printable objects with new Mixee Labs platform 

Jun.12, 2013 -  Mixee Me, has just launched a web app platform Mixee Labs where designers can create interactive models of their products for consumers to customize. More 

GE challenges makers to design jet engine parts, 3D print complex components 

Jun.11, 2013 -  GE today announced that it is launching two global additive manufacturing quests: a 3D Printing Design Quest for technologies used in healthcare and a 3D Printing Production Quest for an aircraft engine bracket. More 

Mcor announces 600% growth in sales and $2m funding from ITLG

Jun.11, 2013 -   3D printing company Mcor achieves increases of 600% in sales, 1200% in resellers and an additional infusion of $2 million from ITLG, propelling rapid expansion. More

3D printing helps Nike and Adidas prototyping at an "impossible" speed 

Jun.11, 2013 -  Nike and Adidas are using 3D printing to speed up the process, "using the technology to make multiple prototype versions at a previously impossible speed." More 

Turbo Entabulator: a 3D-printable, fully mechanical computer 

Jun.10, 2013 -  The Turbo Entabulator is a nearly-entirely 3D-printed, entirely-mechanical computer. It has 3, single-digit base-10 counters for memory, and processes a chain of 10-position punch cards. More 

On Kickstarter: Set the world's 3D art free through a scanner

Jun.10, 2013 -   Cosmo Wenman wants to capture 3D scans numerous notable sculptures to make 3D printable designs of these cultural heritage of sculptural masterworks available to everyone. More

Artec Spider 3D Scanner targets objects with small details 

Jun.10, 2013 -  Artec announces the official release of Artec Spider. The Artec Spider is a light-weight, easy to use scanner designed for CAD users. More 

Design plans of Kikai 3D printer available for free download 

Jun.10, 2013 -  Argentina based Kikai Labs announced today the complete design drawing of Kikai 3D printer is now available for free download. More 

More than 100,000 things now on Thingiverse

Jun.10, 2013 -   Makerbot's 3D files sharing website Thingiverse just got its 100,000th thing being published last weekend. More

China develops world's largest laser 3D printer 

Jun.10, 2013 -  Dalian University of Technology and Unit Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. in China have recently developed a laser 3D printer with the maximum processing size of 1.8 m. More 

3D printer manufacturer Stratasys in talks to buy Makerbot? 

Jun.9, 2013 -  Yesterday TechCrunch reported that Stratasys is in talks to buy MakerBot. Stratasys, manufacturer of professional 3D printers, has not yet any products for the fast-growing consumer market. More 

3D printed ukulele sounds fantastic

Jun.9, 2013 -   Maker Matthew (aka Koa Soprano), who had previously made his own violins and other instruments, wanted build a ukulele, taking advantage of state-of-the-art 3D printing machines. More

New SCENECT version: 3D scanning with Kinect is now even easier 

Jun.8, 2013 -  FARO technologies, has recently annouced SCENECT 5.2, the new version of the free 3D scan app that allows users to create precise 3D models that are even more professional. More 

3D printed bow tie and beautiful accessories by Monocircus 

Jun.8, 2013 -  Japanese design studio Monocircus creates a revolutionary 3D printed bowtie using rapid prototyping technology. More 

Amazon launches new 3D Printers & Supplies section

Jun.8, 2013 -   Amazon decided to seriously involve in the 3D printing market by launching a new section for 3D Printers & Supplies under Industrial & Scientific > Additive Manufacturing Products catagory. More

3D printing speeds updates on 2014 Chevrolet Malibu, GM says 

Jun.7, 2013 -  GM says its rushed redesign was made possible by one of the most cost-effective and time-saving methods in its high-tech tool box: rapid prototyping, also known as 3D printing. More 

French drone maker uses 3D printers to prototype UAV parts 

Jun.7, 2013 -  Survey Copter, a remote control systems manufacturer has recently started to use Stratasys' 3D printers to Stratasys to make prototype and short-run component parts for mini-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems. More 

Could 3D printed slug trap handle weather and exposure?

Jun.7, 2013 -   But could these 3D Printed parts handle weather and exposure? For answering the question Alex decided to test the popular model 3D printed slug trap at the start of the growing season of slugs. More

3D printed mini yellow ducks debut in Hong Kong 

Jun.6, 2013 -  Hong Kong's largest toy store chain Toys "R" Us held a "BYE BYE Duck Party" at its Tsim Sha Tsui branch shop, demonstrating 3D printing and 3D printed consumer products.  More 

UK government announces £14.7m investment for 3D printing projects 

Jun.6, 2013 -  UK businesses are set to benefit from a £14.7 million investment to develop 3D printing projects, Business Secretary Vince Cable announced today Jun.6. More 

3D printed toolbox launched to ISS on ESA's cargo spacecraft

Jun.6, 2013 -   A purpose-designed 3D-printed toolbox is being launched to the International Space Station (ISS) on European Space Agency (ESA)'s latest ATV resupply spacecraft. More

Startup Trindo develops 3D printed phone case with smart clipping system 

Jun.6, 2013 -  Munich, Germany based startup Trindo has created TrindoCase, a individualized 3D printed smartphone case. More 

Filabot launching its own line of filament 

Jun.6, 2013 -  Filabot, maker of Filabot Core, a system that makes filament for your 3D printer, is launching its own line of filament produced on the Filabot Core system. More 

Rumor: 3D Printer Firm MakerBot in Acquisition Talks

Jun.6, 2013 -   MakerBot Industries LLC, the maker of 3-D printers, is in talks with suitors that could lead to the sale of the company. According to Spencer E. Ante's article in the Wall Street Journal. More

Traditional craft meets 3D printing: Bits Shoe and XYZ Shoe by earl stewart 

Jun.5, 2013 -  Designer Earl Stewart has recently designed a few different types of shoes using 3D printers. The 'bits shoe' was made of a Selective Laser Sintered nylon sole with leather pieces on top. More 

TNO: 3D-printed food over five years in nursing homes 

Jun.5, 2013 -  In the future, we could just press buttons on a 3D food printer and get various food pastes. Dutch Researchers in TNO is working on a 3D food printer that can print puréed food so that it looks like 'real' food. More 

University of Eastern Finland and LUXeXceL Partner to Develop Photonics 3D Printing

Jun.5, 2013 -   The Institute of Photonics at the University of Eastern Finland is launching cooperation with Dutch company LUXeXceL that offers rapid prototyping of optical components for prototypes and short-run batches. More

GE uses big data to monitor laser-printed jet engine parts 

Jun.5, 2013 -  GE's new 3-D printed jet engine fuel nozzle is 25 percent lighter and as much as five times more durable than the current nozzle made from 20 different parts. More 

Hyrel 3D introduces new extruder for printing with Clay, Plasticine & Play-Doh 

Jun.5, 2013 -  Atlanta-based Hyrel 3D has created a new extruder, which can print with Clay, Plasticine and even Play-Doh and RTV Silicone. More 

3D printing used to fight crime

Jun.4, 2013 -   According to Nikkei news, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has now used 3D printer to recreate 3D models of crime scenes. More

Transforming data into 3D objects using ANA and 3D printing 

Jun.4, 2013 -  The ANA group, led by Janos Stone, has started the ANA project, an exploration into storing information, typed alphanumeric text, as physical 3D printed objects. More 

3D scanners firm wins £1m contracts 

Jun.4, 2013 -  British technology company Image Scan, manufacturer of 3D scanners for airports, railway stations and specialist engineering firms, announces that it has won contracts totalling over £1,000,000 since 1 April 2013.  More 

Popular Japanese human cloning using 3D printing technology (video)

Jun.4, 2013 -   Using a combination of SLR's cameras, 3D rendering, 3D printing plus a fee of US$1300, you can get a miniature clone of yourself. More

Lighting up graduation with a 3D printed web-connected LED cap 

Jun.4, 2013 -  At Cornell university graduations this year, Jeremy Blum, a recent electrical engineering graduate showcased his awesome 3D printed web-connected LED graduation cap. More 

3D Printed '28 Geared Cube' runs autonomously now 

Jun.3, 2013 -  This original design consists of a cube with 28 gears, on each of 4 sides of the cube are 7 gears. Maund has now made this '28-Geared Cube' autonomous. More 

Free your hands with Burger King's 3D printed Whopper holder

Jun.3, 2013 -   For celebratiing its 50th anniversary Burger King in Puerto Rico created a hands-free Whopper holder for people on-the-go using 3D printing. More

MakerBot Opens New 50,000 Square Foot Factory in Brooklyn 

Jun.3, 2013 -  MakerBot announces today that it has moved and expanded its production facility to a larger location in Brooklyn. More 

NASA and Made in Space to send first 3D printer into space 

Jun.3, 2013 -  To prepare for a future where parts can be built on-demand in space, NASA has announced ambitious plans to launch equipment for the first 3-D microgravity printing experiment to the International Space Station.  More 

Pirate3D to bring 3D Printing to Africa

Jun.3, 2013 -   Pirate3D launched the Buccaneer, a sub-$400 3D printer on May 30 and its campaign has already passed the $500,000 mark. More

Documentary: I 3D Printed a Gun 

Jun.2, 2013 -  Right after blueprints of the Liberator, the world's first 3D printed gun was posted online, Travis Lerol, a former military software engineer in Glen Burnie, Maryland, printed out his Liberator within some days. More 

Polish maker created his Delta-type 3D printer Aluminatus Trident 

Jun.2, 2013 -  Check out this 3D printer below which Polish maker Arkadiusz Spiewak has been working on. It is a delta-style 3D printer created based on the Rostock. More 

Mechwarrior fan created his own 3D printed posable Atlas

Jun.2, 2013 -   Mechwarrior fan Valcrow has created an awesome 6" (152mm) tall 3D printed posable Atlas. It is composed of roughly 30 parts (excluding pegs) and most of the major joints are movable. More

3D printed Halo Combat Evolved Pistol 

Jun.2, 2013 -  Halo fan halodeacon96 created an awesome Combat Evolved pistol using 3D printing.  More 

3D imaging market growing at 26.7% CAGR & to reach $9.82 billion by 2018

Jun.2, 2013 -  According to a new market research report, the 3D imaging market, including 3D modeling; 3D scanning etc, is growing at a CAGR of 26.7% and is expected to reach $9.82 billion by 2018.  More 

SmarTech estimates 3D printing market to reach $5.1 billion by 2018

Jun.2, 2013 -   SmarTech Markets Publishing estimates that sales of 3D printing hardware, software and services will be worth around $5.1 billion by 2018. More

3D printed Keanu Reeves looks sad everywhere 

Jun.1, 2013 -  Atlantic Senior Editor Alexis Madigral spent some quality time with 3D printed Keanu Reeves miniature, and mini-Keanu is photographed in different scenarios.  More 

MIT Researchers build silk pavilion using biological Silkworm 3D printer 

Jun.1, 2013 -  Now researchers at the MIT Media Lab have figured out how to use biological silkworm 3D printer to silk print predefined areas.  More 

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