Super lightweight bike using 3D printed stainless steel lugs 

Dec.31, 2011 -  VRZ1. is a tack bike frame designed and built by Rhino user Ralf Holleis for his diploma thesis. This tack bike frame is combined by 3D printed stainless steel lugs and carbon fiber tubes. More 

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Best 3D printing Campaigns on IndieGoGo & Kickstarter 2011 

Dec.30, 2011 -  IndieGoGo and Kickstarter are both online crowdfunding platform. In 2011 there are a number of projects in the 3D printing industry that were looking to raise money using Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. More 

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mineways_minecraft_shapewaysMineways makes Minecraft world objects 3D printing-ready 

Dec.30, 2011 -  How many of you are crazy about playing Minecraft? Have you ever thought of bringing a structure in Minecraft to life? Eric Haines from Autodesk made something for you. More 

Posted in 3D Software interviews with Shapeways' CEO Peter Weijmarshausen 

Dec.29, 2011 -, the biggest dutch news website interviewed recently with Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO of Shapeways about entrepreneurs and innovative trends. More 

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Mysterious Gömböc built by Objet 3D printer 

Dec.28, 2011 -  A Gömböc (pronounced 'goemboets', from the Hungarian for dumpling) is a strange thing. It looks like an egg with edges, and it seems to have a life on its own. More 

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3D Printer brings a Robotic Hand from design to life 

Dec.27, 2011 -  An engineering student, a robotics lover, Thingiverse user armjunkie has designed and created this amazing Robotic Hand. More 

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Interface Board connects USB to your 3D printer 

Dec.27, 2011 -  How to hook up a 3D printer to your computer? If you are looking for a simple, quick and flexiable way you need to check this HU-320 USB interface board out. More 

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3D printer beauty - Prusa Air 

Dec.26, 2011 -  Inspired by the revolution of Josef Prusa for simplifying the construction of RepRap Mendel, Thingiverse user Mecano made this 3D printer beauty - Prusa air. More 

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Designing and 3D printing a synchro gearbox  

Dec.25, 2011 -  3D printing technology helps A. Papadopoulos prove-out his design and it provides a prototype for showing his project. GrabCAD user A. Papadopoulos created a 3d printed synchro gearbox and uploaded online. More 

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3D Printing in space - Jason Dunn - let your ideas fly 

Dec.24, 2011 -  Jason Dunn, President and Co-Founder of Made in Space, made a speech at TEDx event at Embry Riddle University. More 

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3D printing and 111 five euro cent coins 

Dec.23, 2011 -  5 euro cent, something so commonplace but in Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen's eyes, they are materials for making beaufiful stuff. More 

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Holiday project: build a 3D FabScan yourself 

Dec.23, 2011 -  Christmas holiday is coming, finally have time to start your favorite DIY project at home. Why not build you own 3D-scanner - a FabScan. What is that?  More 

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Experimental kite features 1700 3D printed connectors 

This is an experimental kite designed by Sash Reading with Ivan Morison from the Studio 10 Arch at the University of Westminster. More 

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A new year wish - create a 3D printer as a teleporter 

Dec.22, 2011 -  Teleporter, a device exists in sci-fiction film which can scan an object and send the information to another location. More 

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Microsoft 3D prints hardware prototypes in-house 

Dec.21, 2011 -  Josh Topolsky from visited Microsoft labs and made a video in Microsoft's model shop, where hardware prototypes for keyboards and other devices are designed and created. More 

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Nature-inspired greenhouse created using a 3D printer 

Dec.21, 2011 -  In the American Philosophical Society’s (APS) garden stands a stunning greenhouse the “Cabinet of Future Fossils”. This ecologically savvy structure re-envisions greenhouse architecture is created by artist, designer, and architect Jenny Sabin. More 

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GE shares a 3D printed Christmas Tree ornament 

Dec.20, 2011 -  Scientists at GE Global Research shared pictures and video of 3D printed ornament. Juan Pablo Cilia shows in the video the entire process from his initial design drawings on the whiteboard to a computer-aided design (CAD) and actual printing process of the ornament. More 

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Objet announced new distributor in Brazil 

Dec.20, 2011 -  Objet Ltd., today announced it has signed a distribution agreement with Anacom Eletrônica Ltda, for the Brazil market. More 

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Alley Posts: a beautiful film created using 3D Scanner 

Dec.20, 2011 -  A 3D scanner, an idea and a creative mind forms this short film. More 

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Z-Corp sponsors mountain bike design competition for student designers 

Dec.19, 2011 -  Z Corporation announced today that it will sponsor "Reality Redesigned", a student-focused new mountain bike design competition. More 

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3D printing hit the catwalk 

Dec.19, 2011 -  Is it art? Yes, and it is also fashion. The rise of 3D printing technology is unstoppable and has already reached the catwalk. More 

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What will 3D printers be like in the future? 

Dec.18, 2011 -  Is this our future 3D printer? New York based Designer Andre Dettler designed this DIY 3D printer for home use. More 

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3D scanning technology helps Robot to learn 

Dec.17, 2011 -  Wanna a robot help with your house chore and make dinner for you? It is now possible! European university researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany are developing ARMAR-III. More 

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Happy holiday with Christmas calendar 

Dec.17, 2011 -  Christmas is almost there! Discover this year's advent calendars and 3D print some for him, for her, for kids. Here are some advent calendars collection of 2011. More 

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A closer look at Buildatron Systems 

Dec.16, 2011 -  Do you want to discover who is behind Buildatron Systems, the Brooklyn based 3D printer manufacturer, and where do they produce the 3D printers and how their Buildatron 2 works? More 

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3D printed Kindle Kapsule Lightstand for your beloved 

Dec.16, 2011 -  There are a lot of 3D printed applications for IPhone out there, but for Kindle not many. Brooklyn-based Pieco has invented an excellent accessory for Kindle "The Kapsule Lightstand". Smart design - it gets its power straight from the Kindle with power, and it has a slide-out kickstand for hands-free reading. More 

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World's first 3D printed customized implant wins innovation award 

Dec.15, 2011 -  Thanks to the innovative 3D printing technology the Maastricht start-up Xilloc Medical has used to create customized implant and won the Shell Livewire Award 2011. More

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When mathematics meets 3D printing 

Dec.14, 2011 -  George Hart, a geometric Sculptor, scholar and engineer, has been turning math into arts using 3D printer. George Hart uses computer technology and solid freeform fabrication designing and fabricating geometric sculpture and is world well-known for its mathematical depth and creative use of materials. More 

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Christmas dinner out of 3D printer 

Dec.13, 2011 -  The University of Twente and Het Foodatelier (the Food Studio) in the Netherlands will conduct a joint investigation into the technical and economic feasibility of 3D food printing. More 

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Fishman guitar amplification devices created with 3D printer 

Dec.13, 2011 -  Fishman Acoustic Amplification who works with the world's top instrument builders, artists and retailers has made fully functional guitar amplification device prototypes using 3D printer. More 

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5 stunning 3D printed gear sibling 

Dec.12, 2011 -  Thingiverse user dougc314 made beautiful cube gears which fold and unfold constantly driven by a motorized pedestal. This cube gear is originally inspired by the papercraft sculpture of Haruki Nakamura in 2008. More 

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Fablab Nairobi strengthens Kenya's innovation system 

Dec.12, 2011 -  If you go to Fablab Nairobi you will be surprised about the level of innovation in Kenya. Fablab Nairobi is part of international Fablab network which started at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). More 

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2D mechatronic printer created with 3D printer 

Dec.12, 2011 -  Students at University of Virginia students made this mechatronic plotter and programmed the code that runs it. All plastic parts are 3D printed on a uPrint system from Stratasys. More 

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Behind the invention of world's smallest 3D printer 

Dec.11, 2011 -  Klaus Stadlmann, who invented the world’s smallest 3D printer made a speech at TEDx event shared with the audience how he got the idea of making the world’s smallest 3D printer and what his motivation behind. More 

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3D printed models acts in best ads of 2011 “Back To The Start" 

Dec.10, 2011 -  Ad Week recently awarded stop-motion animation "Back to the Start" the No. 2 spot on its 10 best commercials of 2011 list. More 

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Need a stand for your Kinect? 3D print it! 

Dec.9, 2011 -  Jeremy, a computer engineer in Pittsburgh made a Kinect Stand to mount his kinect right to his laptop. More 

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China developed the world’s largest selective laser sintering equipment 

Dec.8, 2011 -  Huazhong University of Science and Technology research team in China has successfully developed a selective Laser Sintering machine with build volume of 1200mm x 1200mm. More 

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Made in Space receives $125,000 NASA funding to develop in-space 3D printing capability 

Dec.8, 2011 -  Made in Space, Inc. has been selected for a NASA Small Business Innovation Research contract to develop in-space 3D manufacturing capability for the International Space Station. They will receive up to $125,000 in NASA funding sometime next year. More 

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3d printed astra atomMaiden flight of the world’s first fully "rapid prototyped" Robotic Aircraft 

Dec.8, 2011 -  Engineering scientists at the University of Southampton are testing an aircraft that can carry scientific instruments into the Earth's atmosphere using an unmanned platform. This aircraft is the world's first air vehicle made fully from rapid prototyping technology. More 

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Starfishes-inspired Soft Robot created with 3D printer 

Dec.7, 2011 -  Scientists from the Harvard University, in the leadership of Chemistry professor George M. Whitesides, have built a new type of soft and flexible robot inspired by body structure of squid and starfish that can crawl, roll and squeeze under barriers. More 

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Scan-Design-3D print custom fairing for prosthetic limbs 

Dec.7, 2011 -  Bespoke Innovations is a company that creates Fairings for amputees based not only on their physical needs, but also their tastes and personalities. Deborah can select from several Fairings to match her mood or occasions. Her Fairings include a set in black lace and chrome, one appearing as white lace, another wrapped with tattooed leather. She can now wear skirts as every other girl does. More 

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Tukwila-based Andrews Space Awarded $250 million Air Force contract 

Dec.6, 2011 -  Tukwila-based Andrews Space, which develops commercial space systems, has been awarded an eight-year contract with an upper limit of $250 million to fund ground and flight experiments and demonstrations in support of the Air Force's proposed Reusable Booster System. More 

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Data storage solutions, for all your 3D data needs 

Dec.5, 2011 -  "In 1994 we had enough storage capacity for up to 1GB. Now we have 22 TB data stored, that is 22,000 GB." Especially with the market growth from 3D scanners and 3D printers, this data storage and management is becoming an issue for the future. More 

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The Fablicator 3D printer set to launch at Q1 2012 

A brand new personal 3D printer has emerged on the scene, Pennsylvania-based Fablicator. The company web site currently lists their first product: fully assembled Fablicator 3D printer. More 

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An inspiring gear painting made on eMaker Huxley 3D printer 

Dec.4, 2011  -  This is created by Erik Pettersson from Enköping, Sweden. Using an eMaker Huxley 3D printer and PLA 1,75mm filament...More 

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8 Nature-inspired Robots created using 3D printer 

Dec.3, 2011 -  How does the animal kingdom provide inspiration to robotic creations using 3D printing technology?  More 

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 Bits from Bytes Rapman 3.2 3D printer kit videos   

Dec.2, 2011 - RapMan 3.2 with a single head printing a scale model of the Bloodhound SSC land speed car. 

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3D printer price compare  updated on Dec.2, 2011

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Print receipt-sized personal newspaper with Little Printer 

Dec.2, 2011 - The London-based design studio Berg announced a fun gadget, that you can print receipt-sized personal newspaper and notes at home. More 

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The Fabbster 3D printer - ready for mass market   

Dec.1, 2011 - The Fabbster is unveiled this week at the Euromold 2011 conference in Frankfurt. The Fabbster is a compact 3D printer which fits on a desk. Using a data processing software from netfabb... More 

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