The $300 MakiBox 3D Printer funding launched 

Jan.31, 2012 -  MakiBox A6 3D Printer is now launched! Following our last report of "Makible working on $300 3D Printer" this project is finally released for funding. More 

How to assemble your own Buildatron 3D printer

Jan.31, 2012 -   Following their tour to 3D printer manufacturer Buildatron Systems' factory, Analyst M. David Stone and Tony Hoffman wanted to build a 3D printer themselves. More

Tinkercad intergrates with Ponoko's 3D printing service

Jan.31, 2012 -   Tinkercad who runs an easy to use and powerful browser based CAD aimed at designing physical things for 3D printing annouced on Monday a new release of their 3D modeling software. More

fab@home 3d printerFab@Home 3D Printer Makes anything 

Jan.30, 2012 -  The researchers at Cornell University have been doing research and devlopment with 3D printers. More 

Help Crowdfund the biggest 3D print in North America

Jan.30, 2012 -   JF Brandon launched a campaign on Indiegogo aiming to create the Rygo, probably the biggest 3D print in North America. More

Fred Laforge's 3D printed sculpture at Galerie SAS

Jan.30, 2012 -   What are beauty and ugliness? Our societies have predetermined judgements. Artist Fred Laforge questioned this standard by showing in his work the bodies that are old, voluptuous, flabby and bald. More

gt2P develops furniture construction systems using digital crafting and traditional techniques 

Jan.29, 2012 -  Great things to people (gt2P) is a Chilean studio researching and experimenting parametric design and digital fabrication. It has recently developed two interesting projects: "suple" and "Cracked System".  More 

Stratasys adds soluble support material for Polycarbonate

Jan.29, 2012 -   Stratasys will expand its WaterWorks soluble support material to be compatible with its polycarbonate build material (PC-10) for Fortus 3D Production Systems. More

dissolveable support gearbox Dissolvable support material used for 3D printing gearbox and Hilbert Cube

Jan.28, 2012 -   Thingiverse user Tony Buser has recently made a very cool Hilbert Cube using a MakerBot Thing-o-Matic with dual mk7 extruders. The Hilbert Cube was printed all at once as one piece. More

RapmanBFB Launched Upgrade kits for RapMan 3.0 or 3.1 3D printers 

Jan.28, 2012 -  In November 2011 Bits from Bytes released the RapMan 3.2 3D printer. The new RapMan 3.2 has been added with a touchscreen interface and USB memory stick file transfer. But what about the owners with old RapMan 3.0 or 3.1 3D printers? More 

the pocket factory Factory on the road - a Prius, two designers and four 3D printers

Jan.27, 2012 -  Often we hear people asking "what can those cheap 3D printers make?" Or "is it just an expensive toy for hobbyist and makers?" These are the questions that the Pocket Factory project would like to answer. More

Unboxing 3D printed Minecraft objects Unboxing 3D printed Minecraft objects

Jan.27, 2012 -  MauricioVives exported Minecraft structures with Mineways and uploaded to Shapeways. He just received packages from Shapeways and showed in the video the unboxing process. More

Tel Aviv Artist Eyal Gever recreated natural disasters with 3D Printing 

Jan.27, 2012 -  Israel programmer and 3D sculpture artist Eyal Gever recreated scenarios such as tsunamis hitting houses, bus crashes and oil spills, using his self-programed 3D animation software and 3D printing technology in his Tel Aviv studio. More 

3d printed fashion design27-year old Dutch designer Iris van Herpen conquers Paris 

Jan.26, 2012 -  The Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen showed off her collection "Micro" on Monday during the Haute CoutureWeek in Paris. More 

large scale 3d printer Large scale 3D printer One-to-One on Kickstarter

Jan.26, 2012 -   New York based Robert Cervellione is an architectural designer and professor of architecture engaged in digital design and fabrication research. Cervellione started a project One-to-One on Kickstarter. More

3d printed helicopter blades Flying helicopter with 3D printed helicopter blades

Jan.25, 2012 -   If you have a dream of making your own mini RC helicopter that can be piloted in the living room and take off on your hand then you will like this: working 3D printed helicopter blades created by thingiverse user tlalexander. More

Make a 3D printed record for the Fisher-Price record player 

Jan.25, 2012 -  This dude made a 3D printed record for their Fisher-Price music box record player. "Still Alive" from Portal performed by Jonathan Coulton is played on a 3D printed record. More 

3d printed dragon Objet welcomed the Chinese new year with a 3D printed dragon

Jan.24, 2012 -   A billion-plus Asians welcomed the Year of the Dragon on Monday. The Year of the Dragon is traditionally associated with China, Japan, vietnam and several other countries. More

the future of 3D printing The future of 3D printing - Cube and Replicator makers' joint interview by CNET TV

Jan.24, 2012 -   CNET's Rafe Needleman interviews the makers of two 3D printer: 3D Systems' Cubify and the MakerBot Replicator and discusses the Future of 3D Printing and how they are charting the future of manufacturing. More

Lisa HarouniLisa Harouni: what makes 3D printing so cool 

Jan.24, 2012 -  Lisa Harouni, co-founder of Digital Forming gave an accessible intro to 3D printing at TED Salon in London in November 2011. More 

the pirate bay logo The Pirate Bay goes 3D digital designs sharing

Jan.24, 2012 -   File sharing site the Pirate Bay(TPB) announced Monday that they are adding a new category for users to download 3D files for recreating physical objects. More

alexander boden interview Alexander Boden interview: how the model of village in Minecraft is created

Jan.23, 2012 -   Awhile back, we wrote about "Minecraft Village printed on a 3D printer", A 3D model of a minecraft-village is exported using a modified minecraft.print() script, colored using CAD software, and then printed on a Zprinter 650 3D printer. More

cocoon lampAbsolutely stunning cocoon lamp created with multi-material 3D printer

Jan.23, 2012 -  This stunning Cocoon Lamp is inspired by Neri Oxman's "the beast", cocoon is also from the nature - a cocoon is a shell which pretects the insect for their metamorphosis. More 

essential dynamics 3d food printer 3D chocolate printer available for taking orders

Jan.22, 2012 -   Essential Dynamics, the company behind the Imagine 3D food printer, showcased the Imagine 3D printer at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2012 and announced that they were now accepting orders for the Imagine 3D printers. More

3d printing pirate captain model3D printing used in upcoming animation "The Pirates! Band of Misfits"

Jan.22, 2012 -   3D printers are making those figures speak in the upcoming "The Pirates! Band of Misfits" film from Sony Animation Pictures Studios. More

Inspiring 3D Printing experiments by Monocircus full of fun and love 

Jan.21, 2012 -  MONOCIRCUS is a startup online store and design laboratory in Japan launched in December 2011. MONO is 'things' in Japanese, CIRCUS='space' , in Monocircus they design and create things for daily life, fashion accessories, toys, interior design and architecture. More 

The ORD Bot 3D printer platform using MakerSlide linear bearing

Jan.21, 2012 -   Inspired by Kickstarter Printrbot 3D printer, bdring(Barton Dring) decided to try a similar concept using Makerslide. More

Stratasys uPrint SE 3D printer got $1 Million order from Department of Defense

Jan.20, 2012 -   Stratasys uPrint SE 3D printer is selected by the Department of Defense (DoD) as classroom technology in its nationwide program "STARBASE youth program". More

orcamOrcaM reconstructs perfect digital copies of any object 

Jan.20, 2012 -  The best partner for a high-precision 3D printer is a 3D scanner which can build high-resolution 3D models of any objects. Here we have one: a digitally-scanning "reconstruction sphere".  More 

Contour Crafting could 3D print a house in 24 hours

Jan.19, 2012 -   Behrokh Khoshnevis, a professor of engineering and director of the Center for Rapid Automated Fabrication Technologies(CRAFT) at the University of Southern California has invented a technique called ""Contour Crafting". Contour Crafting is a layered fabrication technology... More

Michael Weinberg Michael Weinberg: It Will Be Awesome if They Don't Screw it Up

Jan.19, 2012 -   The white paper, It Will Be Awesome if They Don't Screw it Up: 3D Printing, Intellectual Property, and the Fight Over the Next Great Disruptive Technology, is written by Michael Weinberg, staff attorney with Public Knowledge. This white paper examines how intellectual property law impacts the rapidly maturing technology of 3D printing.. More

"3D printing is here - but the factory in every home isn't!" - Deloitte TMT Trends for 2012 

Jan.18, 2012 -  Two short videos shows some hints of 3D Systems' cubify - the new is a online social platform integrated by 3D printing service, 3D modeling and 3D models and apps market place where you can.. More 

To design, 3D print and share Makerbot playsets

Jan.18, 2012 -   As a special treat for CES this year, Makerbot released a project "Playsets". A couple of super skilled designers including Michael Curry. More

Cory Doctorow's lecture on the upcoming war on general-purpose computing

Jan.17, 2012 -   Cory Doctorow, a science fiction author, activist, journalist and blogger—the co-editor of Boing Boing recently gave a lecture on the "coming war on general computation" at the 28th annual Chaos Communication Congress (AKA 28c3). More

Konica Minolta 3D Scanning Labs launches 3D printing service 

Jan.17, 2012 -  Konica Minolta 3D Scanning Labs announced that it will offer new 3D printing service with 3D Systems' Projet™ HD 3000 3D Production System.  More 

Digitally fabricated houses of Facit Homes

Jan.16, 2012 -   London-based Facit Homes has created a unique approach to making homes - digital fabrication. The building is designed on computer in pieces with every little details of your home. More

10 super beautiful 3D printed mathematical sculptures of Henry Segerman

Jan.15, 2012 -   Mathematician and a mathematical artist Henry Segerman at the University of Melbourne, Australia created these beautiful Mathematical sculptures using 3D printing technology. More

3d printing and architectureHow 3D printing revolutionizes architecture 

Jan.14, 2012 -  Neri Oxman, a professor at the MIT Media Lab has produced a 6-inch cube sculpture “Making the Future” to illustrate the future of manufacturing. She recognizes too much limitations in conventional manufacturing and that limits the designers' mind too. More 

casio 3d printed sculpture Casio can convert 2D photos to 3D sculpture using 3D printer

Jan.13, 2012 -   Casio is trying to take a step in 3D printing world. At CES 2012 they are not showing much new cameras, but a 2D to 3D conversion technology. More

makerbot replicator 3d printer New MakerBot brings 3D printer one step closer to everyone

Jan.13, 2012 -   Since the new Makerbot is unveiled in CES2012 it's easy to see how much attention the Replicator has captured around the world. We're curious which objects out of Replicator Makerbot chose to bring to CES? More

3d printed zoetropeMake your own 3D printed zoetrope 

Jan.12, 2012 -  29 figures walking in an endless loop with precise intervals - Tobias built this sweet strobing zoetrope with some LEDs and 3D printed figures. The circuit was built using Schmitt triggers and an optical encoder. More 

A phenomenal 3D printed puzzle that challenges your brain 

Jan.11, 2012 -  Do you love playing Rubik's Cube or solving puzzles? Then you will definitely love this: The Multidodecahedron puzzle. It is a combination of the Master Pentultimate and Megaminx. More 

Tardis Cookie Cutter - an easy and fun use of a 3D printer

Jan.10, 2012 -   If you like Tardis(what is that? Tardis is a time machine and spacecraft in the British science fiction television program Doctor Who) and happen to have a 3D printer at home you would like to try this.. More

MakerBot announces Replicator 3D printer and new Thingiverse

Jan.10, 2012 -   MakerBot Industries just announced the MakerBot Replicator, a new and fully assembled desktop 3D printer that can print large and has ability to print objects in two different colors. More

In some hours Cubify be beta starting 

Jan.9, 2012 -  Two short videos shows some hints of 3D Systems' cubify - the new is a online social platform integrated by 3D printing service, 3D modeling and 3D models and apps market place where you can.. More 

First 3D printing iPhone app by Sculpteo

Jan.9, 2012 -   A new iPhone app from Sculpteo is announced on Jan.8, 2012 that you can snap a photo of yourself or a friend and the Sculpteo's app will convert the profile into a 3D object. More

New Cubic 3D printer from 3D Systems at CES 2012

Jan.9, 2012 -   This new cubic 3D printer has a sweet looking, instead of wooden frame it has a plastic chassis looks with the shape similar as Delta Micro's Up 3D Printer, it is more like a lady version of 3D printer. More

filabotFilabot turns recyclable plastics into 3D printer filament 

Jan.8, 2012 -  Tyler McNaney from Milton, VT is a student at Vermont Technical College studying Mechanical Engineering. He has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his technology project Filabot. What is Filabot?  More 

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Widenhorn sold first 3D printer within one week after launch

Jan.8, 2012 -   In October 2011 Dutch company Widenhorn expanded her actitities by becoming an official 3D printer reseller in the Netherlands. More

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3D print your own tie

Jan.7, 2012 -   If you like Jason's "Sweet As!" 3D printed tie, then you probably will also like the 3D printed tie from Thingiverse user Nudel_P. More

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RapidPro 2012 expects 2000 visitors 

Jan.7, 2012 -  RapidPro, the annual event for the total Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling chain, takes place on 25 and 26 January 2012 in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. More 

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Eyewear made through 3D printing and traditional needlework 

Jan.6, 2012 -  3D printing is becoming more prevalent in the design and fashion industry, designers Chloe McCormick and Nicholas O'Donnell-Hoareand collaborated to create these 3D printed tapestry glasses. More 

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3D Systems scheduled to launch at CES 

Jan.6, 2012 -  3D Systems is going to unveil at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 10th--13th 2012 in the exclusive 3D@Home section. More 

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MK7 filament guide spring loaded with ball bearing 

Jan.5, 2012 -  Do you have issues with diameter changes in your filament? Thingiverse user DieselG uses filament in diameter from 1.65mm to 1.85mm but he encounters a lot of problems. More 

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Cool Send to Print / Print to Send Event in London 

Jan.5, 2012 -  If you have a chance to be in London in January or February, it might be a good idea to visit the Aram Gallery, London for timely exhibition "Send to Print / Print to Send".  More 

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3D print you home to be a snow globe scene 

Jan.5, 2012 -  Artist Karl Stiefvater made this special and creative present for his wife, a snowglobe with a tiny copy of their home inside. More 

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1st successful print test from DIY 3D DLP Printer 

Jan.4, 2012 -  3DLPrint has just made his first successful print test from the DIY Homemade 3D DLP Printer. More 

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Makible working on $300 3D Printer 

Jan.4, 2012 -  Makible is designing a $300 3D printer. $300? Yes, Makible’s co-founder Jon Buford announced it on its blog. More 

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3D Systems completes the acquisition of Z Corp and Vidar 

Jan.3, 2012 -  3D Systems Corporation announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Z Corporation ("Z Corp") and Vidar Systems ("Vidar") for $135.5 million in cash. More 

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3D ice printer 

Jan.3, 2012 -  This three-year study is to develop computer-assisted ice construction techniques, for example using digital fabrication to construct buildings out of ice. More 

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IRENE/3D scanner restores 125-Year-Old recordings 

Jan.3, 2012 -  Restoration specialists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, CA have succeeded in using 3D optical scanning technology to recreate 125 year old recordings. More 

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Minecraft Village printed on a 3D printer 

Jan.2, 2012 -  Flickr user "post-apocalyptic research institute" shares photos of a 3D Printed Minecraft Village. More 

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Objet 3D printer created vivid Angelina Jolie 3D protrait 

Jan.2, 2012 -  This 3D portrait is 3D printed using an Objet 3D printer. By using different thicknesses of resin photopolymers created a "negative" effect of a photograph. More 

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Parametric Printrbot variant - new RepRap 3D printer 

Jan.2, 2012 -  Inspired by the great success of Printrbot, parametric Printrbot variant is a parametric version of the Printrbot designed and kept the same principle to be "extremely simple". More 

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Experiment Polycarbonate with DIY 3D printer 

Jan.1, 2012 -  Luke Chilson and Alex English from ProtoParadigm LLC have been testing polycrabonate on Makerbot and Ultimaker 3D printer. More 

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