Aussie retailer to offer custom 3D printed glasses for $360

Apr.1, 2014 - Sneaking Duck, an Australian online prescription glasses fashion retailer is looking to join the crowded market with made-to-order 3D-printed frames. More

XYZprinting starts taking pre-orders for da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D printer

Mar.31, 2014 - The company is not wasting any time getting its latest 3D printers to market - XYZprinting today announced its da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D printer is available for pre-order. More

3D printed microfluidic molds used in fight against cancer

Mar.31, 2014 - A specially designed 3D printed mold used to make microchamber for use in cancer research was revealed this week by Potomac Photonics. This 3D printed mold is fabricated for the Sloan-Kettering Institute. More

SyncFab launches Kickstarter for 3D Print community-to-creator platform

Mar.31, 2014 - Santa Monica, CA based SyncFab today announced a Kickstarter Campaign as a precursor to its planned beta release for an online community marketplace for designers, engineers and entrepreneurs. More

Canalys says 3D printing market to reach $16.2 billion by 2018

Mar.31, 2014 - 3D printing market, including 3D printer sales, materials and associated services, is forecast to expand to $16.2bn in 2018 with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45.7%. More

Solidscape announces winners of 2014 Baselworld Design Competition

Mar.31, 2014 - Solidscape, manufacturer of high precision 3D wax printers for the jewelry industry, announced today the winners of the 2014 Baselworld Design Competition. More

German startup TwoBEars launches BioFila Silk and Linen 3D printer filament

Mar.31, 2014 - After nine months of development, German company twoBEars has launched bioFila, a new biodegradable filament designed for 3D printing. More

Sierra Resins & 3D Printlife to introduce bioplastic filament for 3D printing

Mar.30, 2014 - Mansfield, MA, U.S. based Bioplastics formulator Sierra Resins and 3D Printlife, an online US filament and 3D printer retailer have launched a venture to introduce a 3D printer biofilament. More

New iNvent One 3D printer launches on indiegogo

Mar.30, 2014 - Italian 3D print start-up MakerDreams has just launched its iNvent One 3D printer on indiegogo. Created by brothers Luca and Frederico Faggiotto, iNvent One is a plug-in-and-play machine. More

Using 3D printing to make ear implants with memory

Mar.29, 2014 - The scientists at the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) have used 3D printing to manufacture tiny implants with a memory function or complex shapes, such as the cochlea of the human inner ear. More

Ultimaker 2 3D printer source files now online

Mar.29, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker releases the Ultimaker 2 source files today, as promised when they introduced the new 3D printer 6 months ago. More

Ultimaker announces new CEO

Mar.29, 2014 - Dutch 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker announces today the appointment of co-founder Siert Wijnia as the new CEO of Ultimaker B.V effective March 28, 2014. More

Chinese manufacturer to open U.S. 3D printer Factory in Dothan

Mar.28, 2014 - On Friday's U.S.-China Manufacturing Symposium Nanjing Zijin-Lead Electronics, one of China's leading 3D printer manufacturers announced it has decided to open a new facility in Dothan. More

Personalize your 3D printed bow ties with water transfer printing (video)

Mar.28, 2014 - Using the RoBo 3D R1 Personal 3D Printer, the RoBo team created clip on bow ties. Using hydrographic process, they painted them in a wood grain and a carbon fiber. More

First 3D printing cafe in Barcelona (video)

Mar.28, 2014 - The first FabCafé in Barcelona opened on Thursday, allowing customers to print out their design on a 3D printer, while enjoying a coffee. More

Print like an Egyptian - UWE Bristol develops innovative 3D ceramic printing

Mar.28, 2014 - Researchers at the University of West England (UWE) Bristol, UK have developed an enhanced 3D ceramic printing technique to produce tableware, such as beautiful teacups and intricate ornaments. More

Students develop renewable soy-based 3D printing filament FilaSoy

Mar.28, 2014 - A group of Purdue University students who created a soy-based, renewable and recyclable filament for 3D printing won the top prize in the annual Student Soybean Product Innovation Contest. More

Philips Hue goes high-end with $3,500 3D-printed smart lamp

Mar.28, 2014 - Philips on Friday announced three new products hue wireless lighting ecosystem, including 3D-printed art-like luminaires, dimmable white-only hue lux bulbs and a unique battery-free wireless light switch called the hue tap. More

Lixpen, the smallest 3D printing pen

Mar.28, 2014 - Called Lixpen, the 3D printing pen has the similar function as of 3D printers: it melts and cools colored plastic, letting you create rigid and freestanding structures. More

Sigma Labs announces patent filing of sensor invention for 3D metal printing

Mar.27, 2014 - Sigma Labs, Inc. (SGLB) announced that it has filed a patent application protecting a unique sensor invention that will significantly enhance the ability to improve the quality of additive manufacturing processes. More

NASA asks public to choose its next spacesuit

Mar.27, 2014 - NASA wants your help to pick the design of its Mars-bound space suits. The space agency has launched an online campaign, asking the public to select the "cover layer" for its prototype Z-2 spacesuit. More

Make your own bagpipes with 3D printer? This is how they sound

Mar.27, 2014 - A homemade instrument probably won't sound quite the same as something sold commercially. But it is pretty cool that you can make a set of working pipes at home using 3D printing and play with it. More

Researchers print live cells with multi-material 3D bioprinter

Mar.27, 2014 - Chinese company Unique Technology announced that it has successfully developed a 3D bio-printer that is capable of printing a variety of cells simultaneously. Tests revealed that the cell survival rate was up to 92%. More

Neri Oxman unveils "Gemini" acoustic chaise created with 3D printing

Mar.27, 2014 - Architect, designer and MIT Professor Neri Oxman today announced the debut of "Gemini", a two-part chaise longue designed using 3D printering technology. More

MD to use 3D printing for hybrid helicopter parts

Mar.27, 2014 - MD Helicopters is developing a new scout helicopter that could feature a hybrid-electric power system, lightweight composites built using 3D printing technology. More

3D Pioneer signs MoU with Mbot to develop 3D printer

Mar.27, 2014 - 3D Pioneer Systems has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding with Hangzhou, China based Magic Firm, manufacturer of Mbot 3D printers to co-develop company's new 3D printer and related accessory hardware. More

Netflix acquires award-winning 3D printing docu 'Print The Legend'

Mar.26, 2014 - Netflix announced today that it has acquired exclusive rights to "Print The Legend," a documentary about the nascent American 3D printing industry that premiered at SXSW this month. More

$1,000 Foodini 3D food printer hits Kickstarter, ships in Jan 2015

Mar.26, 2014 - Barcelona start-up Natural Machines has just launched its new invention: Foodini, a prototype 3D printer that can produce a range of foodstuffs on Kickstarter. More

3D-printed robot MARC to be showcased at UK engineering event

Mar.26, 2014 - Scientists at the University of Lincoln are testing a humanoid robot which has been created using 3D printing technology, hoping the project leads to a new generation of androids that humans feel more comfortable interacting with. More

World's first: Dutch patient has her skull replaced with 3D printed implant

Mar.26, 2014 - The rise of 3D printing has turned body parts into a custom order. A 22-year-old Dutch woman who suffered from a rare disease which thickens her skull bone had her whole skull replaced by a 3D printed implant. More

Igus introduces world's first tribo-plastic filament for 3D printers

Mar.26, 2014 - Igus, the tribo polymer specialist from Cologne, Germany introduced the world's first tribo-plastic (tribologically optimised special plastic) filament for 3D printers. More

FACTUM high speed sintering 3D printer makes a part in less than a second

Mar.26, 2014 - University of Sheffield spin-out FaraPack Polymers and researchers at the Universities of Loughborough have created a new 3D printer that is capable of making finger-sized parts at less than one second per part. More

OK International invests in PP3DP to co-develop 3D printers

Mar.25, 2014 - OK International announced it will co-develop a line of industrial 3D printers with Delta Micro Factory, subsidiary of Beijing-based 3D printing company TierTime Technology Co. Ltd. More

3D printing enables cost-effective investment casting

Mar.25, 2014 - Schmolz+Bickenbach turned to 3D printing to produce these complex parts. The modern 3D printers of the Augsburg-based provider voxeljet helps the company to produce investable patterns quickly, precisely and also cost-effectively. More

Sand Babel: Solar-powered 3D printed skyscraper made with desert sands

Mar.25, 2014 - Sand Babel is a solar-powered 3D printed skyscraper built from desert sand. It is a group of ecological structures designed as scientific research facilities and tourist attractions for the desert. More

New tech allows us to create 3D-printed mugshots from nothing but DNA

Mar.25, 2014 - Anthropologist Mark Shriver of Pennsylvania State University has created a computer program that may one day be able to create virtual and 3D printed mugshots using a DNA sample, for example, a hair at a crime scene. More

AST2 introduces Invent3D printer and student partnership

Mar.25, 2014 - Applied Systems & Technology Transfer LLC introduced its Invent3D printer at the America Makes' project management review meeting last week. More

HP walks back prior June 3D printer announcement

Mar.25, 2014 - Last week all 3D printing stocks took a hit, after Hewlett-Packard Co. Chief Executive Meg Whitman told shareholders that the company will outline plans to enter the commercial 3D-printing market in June. More

Open-source Mamba3D printer set to launch via Kickstarter

Mar.25, 2014 - Dutch startup MyMatics has been working on their prototype 3D printer Mamba3D since last year, hoping to set a new standard for quality, usability and affordability. More

U.S. President Obama viewed world's first 3D Print Canal House

Mar.24, 2014 - During his visit to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam on Monday, U.S. President Barack Obama viewed a scale model and a 1:1 full size model (1.5 x 2.5m) of a 3D printed canal house. More

Arevo Labs introduces carbon fiber reinforced polymers to 3D print ultra-strong parts

Mar.24, 2014 - Arevo Labs announced today new carbon fiber and Carbon Nanotube (CNT) reinforced high performance materials for 3D printing, as well as patent pending 3D Printing technology and specialized software algorithms. More

F-F-Fiddle: a fully 3D printed electric violin made on a home 3D printer

Mar.24, 2014 - The F-F-Fiddle is an FFF (fused filament fabrication) full size 3D printable electric violin that can be produced using any desktop 3D printer. More

MadeSolid's new PhoenixCast resin for SLA 3D printers, taking pre-orders

Mar.24, 2014 - MadeSolid is currently developing a resin suitable for investment casting. The resin is compatible with a number of SLA printers including the Form1, the B9 Creator , the Muve3D and more. More

3D printing brings 245-year-old Piranesi's etchings to life

Mar.24, 2014 - A collection of furniture designed by the eighteenth century Italian architect Giovanni Battista Piranesi has been realized for the first time using 3D printing. More

LUUV, a 3D printed camera stabilizer for smartphones, now on indiegogo

Mar.23, 2014 - LUUV is a hand-held camera stabilizer for all current and future action cameras, smartphones and compact digital cameras that allows everyone to shoot shake-free videos due to its 3D printed design. More

T-Bone Cape motion control board launches on Indiegogo

Mar.23, 2014 - A team of hardware hackers from Germany has created a board to make the BeagleBone a perfect CNC application controller, for 3D printing, milling or other applications. More

Building a toolbox: 3D printed tape measure & dial calipers

Mar.23, 2014 - The 3D printed tape measure is a follow up on his previous 3D printed 4" dial calipers, which has 9 seperate moving parts and can be printed as one complete assembly or in pieces. More

iMakr & Rococo offer 3D chocolate selfie at Harvey Nichols London

Mar.23, 2014 - iMakr is setting up a Rococo Chocolate Mini-You booth in the Fifth Floor Foodmarket of Harvey Nichols' flagship store in Knightsbridge, London for 5 weeks, starting on 17th March 2014, until 22nd April 2014. More

Ben Heck creates one-handed PS4 controller for disabled

Mar.22, 2014 - Celebrity modder Ben Heck cracks open the PlayStation4 controller and hacks it for single-handed use so those with a disability can still play video games with only one hand. More

Gang plans mass-producing ATM skimmers via 3D printing?

Mar.22, 2014 - As you can probably imagine, it didn't take long for controversial uses to emerge for 3D printers. Criminals start using 3D printing to make better ATM skimmers, a device that fits onto, around or into an ATM's own card slot. More

Japan now offers free 3D terrain maps for 3D printing

Mar.22, 2014 - The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI), Japan's national mapping and surveying authority, offers free web-based three-dimensional topographical map of Japan that can be used for 3D printing. More

3D printing to the rescue: injured penguin getting new 3D printed beak

Mar.21, 2014 - A hapless penguin in Warsaw zoo lost its lower beak in a fight or fall a month ago. But now, it is offered a second chance at life in the form of a 3D printed beak. More

Make custom figurines with 3D printer and RotoMAAK rotocaster

Mar.21, 2014 - Maker Mark VanDiepenbos has designed a rotocasting solution 'RotoMAAK' that is built to bridge the gap between rapid prototyping and the cost of producing thousands of hollow cast parts. More

LUXeXceL to invest in 3D printing factory for LED optics

Mar.21, 2014 - Dutch company LUXeXceL Group, the inventor of the revolutionary Printoptical Technology, announces an investment in a new 3D printing factory dedicated to manufacturing volumes of LED lighting optics. More

Valve shows off 3D printed prototype of next gen steam controller

Mar.21, 2014 - Valve showed off a 3D-printed prototype of the new controller. Valve previously announced it would update its Steam Controller by ditching the touchscreen and embracing physical buttons, but didn't share any photo of the device. More

3D printed 'The Wheel of Life'

Mar.21, 2014 - Czech Designer Monika Horcicová has created a skeletal structure using 3D-printed bones made out of plaster composites. Entitled 'The Wheel of Life', the sculpture takes inspiration from the infinity symbol. More

Altergaze, a 3D printed smartphone VR headset launches Kickstarter

Mar.20, 2014 - A new project designed to transform your iPhone or Samsung smartphone into a virtual reality interface has been launched on Kickstarter. The Altergaze is a new, affordable virtual reality (VR) headset made on a 3D printer. More

An analysis of patenting activity around 3D printing from 1990-current

Mar.20, 2014 - Gridlogics Technologies, a software products company has shared some interesting results from a recent report on analysis of patenting activity around 3D-Printing from 1990-Current. More

Intel-backed 3D marketplace CGTrader now accepting Bitcoin

Mar.20, 2014 - Peer-to-peer online 3D model marketplace, CGTrader, announced they will now accept Bitcoin for purchases on their site. More

Israeli president receives 3D printed gift from UK prime minister

Mar.20, 2014 - During his recent visit to Israel, the United Kingdom Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron presented a 3D printed diplomatic gift to the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres. More

$460 Mostfun 3D printer raised $21K in a week on crowdfunding site DemoHour

Mar.20, 2014 - This is something many have been waiting for. Affordable, easy to use and a good looking 3D printer. Chinese manufacturer has just launched their Mostfun 3d printers on Chinese crowdfunding platform DemoHour. More

HP to detail commercial 3D-printing entry plans in June

Mar.20, 2014 - Hewlett-Packard Co will outline plans to enter the commercial 3D-printing market in June, Chief executive Meg Whitman told shareholders on Tuesday. More

'Oops I dropped the bulb' - striking 3D printed lamps created by Swedish designer

Mar.20, 2014 - Swedish startup Gässling has launched this week Breaking Bulbs, a series of 3D printed lamps with a special design that captures the split second moments when the bulb was dropped, smashed, or shot. More

A heart patch created using 3D printing could heal broken hearts

Mar.19, 2014 - Harvard scientists may have just found a way to repair the vital organ. They have created a layer of heart cells that closely mimics natural heart muscle that beats. More

Melissa Ng tells story behind her 3D printed Dreamer/Nightmare masks

Mar.19, 2014 - Melissa Ng, a doodler, entrepreneur, and 3D printing artist has created some very beautiful, intricately detailed 3D-printed masks. More

Advertising legend Jacques Séguéla gets 3D printed

Mar.19, 2014 - To celebrate the birthday of this living legend, Agency W in Paris has partnered with Ultra-lab to recreate Mr. Séguéla as a tiny realistic 3D printed miniature. More

Printrbot releases info on the Go V2 3D printer

Mar.19, 2014 - Printrbot has released info on the Go V2. The Printrbot GO comes fully assembled and has three different sizes: Go Small, Go Medium and Go Large. More

Maker spent 6 months building a 3D printed fully posable action figure

Mar.19, 2014 - Aaron Thomas has spent the past six months developing a 3D printed 10" action figure consisting of 400 independent parts. Each part was printed separately and assembled by hand. More

Italian startup introduces customizable Galileo Smart 3D printer

Mar.19, 2014 - Kentstrapper, has introduced their latest 3D printer: Galileo Smart, an entry-level, customizable and easy to use 3D printer. More

ETH Zurich Spin-off Additively helps companies find best 3D printing services

Mar.18, 2014 - A team of researches and developers at ETH Zürich in Switzerland, one of Europe's leading engineering Universities, has just launched, aiming to support companies in realizing their 3D printing projects. More

3DiTALY, first 3D printing store in Italy is opening a franchise

Mar.18, 2014 - On March 22, 2014 3d printing store 3DiTALY will open a franchise-store in Pescara. This is the second 3DiTALY store in Italy. More

World's first completely 3D printed, customized Kayak

Mar.18, 2014 - Jim Smith of Grass Roots Engineering has created a completely 3D printed, customized Kayak. The 16ft 8in [5.08m] long Kayak is made of ABS plastic, machine screws, brass threaded inserts and a little bit of silicone caulk. More

Concept Laser showcases largest component created on its metal 3D printer

Mar.18, 2014 - German company Concept Laser, a pioneer in the field of laser fusing technology, reports that it has printed the largest component, a gear part, on its X line 1000R system, with the dimensions of 474 x 367 x 480 mm. More

Polish 3D printer maker Zortrax to issue $3.3 million bonds due 2017

Mar.18, 2014 - Polish 3D printer maker Zortrax plans to issue 10 million PLN ($3.3 million, €2.4 Million) in bonds through the Invista Brokerage House. It will offer 10,000 unsecured bond, each worth 1,000 PLN ($329 / €236). More

Surgeons use 3D printed splint to save another baby's life

Mar.17, 2014 - Professor Scott Hollister and Dr. Glenn Green at University of Michigan (U-M) have done it again by teaming up to design and implant a 3-D printed tracheal splint, saving another child's life. More

After 23 years of waiting, Somali woman's face restored with 3D printer

Mar.17, 2014 - Five years later, Ayan was given hope when a team of medical specialists in Australia, led by Wesley Hospital oral and maxillofacial surgeon John Arvier, offered her help. More

EOS introduces two new metal materials for 3D printing

Mar.17, 2014 - Industrial 3D printer maker EOS introduces today two new metal materials: EOS Titanium Ti64ELI and EOS StainlessSteel 316L. More

AOD Artist smart 3D printer raised $195K in three hours

Mar.17, 2014 - Claimed to be China 's first smart 3D printer, the AOD Artist developed by the AOD 3D Printing Ltd has raised 1.2 million RMB ($195,000) in less than three hours on Sunday evening. More

Project3dprint offers 'make your own electronic gadgets in 3 easy steps' platform

Mar.17, 2014 - New Zealand based company Project3dprint has just launched a new 3d printing website which allows users to download and create useful everyday electronic gadgets and print them at home. More

Airbus signs deal with China to make aircraft parts using 3D printers

Mar.17, 2014 - Airbus and China's North Western Polytechnical University (NPU) have signed a cooperation agreement on exploring ways to further apply 3D printing technology in the commercial aviation sector. More

Online community offers 9-year-old girl a helping hand with 3D printing

Mar.16, 2014 - Shea was born with a palm, a two-digit thumb and no fingers on her right hand. Last year Shea saw a YouTube video about 3D printed hands and asked for one from Santa. More

'What Will You Print' Series: 3D printed skateboard headlights

Mar.16, 2014 - In collaboration with ShredLights, A3D Labs, founded in June 2013 by Jennifer Wood, Travis Wyatt and Alex Weiss, has 3D printed some headlights for skateboards to make your trip safer. More

Polymakr launches three new 3D printing materials on Kickstarter

Mar.15, 2014 - A Chinese company, Polymakr, has created three new printing materials that aren't just regular plastic, but re-engineered plastic to be used as an "ink" with 3-D printers. More

3D-printed Oreo cookies had the longest line at SXSW

Mar.14, 2014 - Two vending machines that let you customize your own Oreo were the stars at this year's SXSW. People waited in line for hours to customize an Oreo cookie based on the day's trending hashtags. More

Kipling partners with Materialise to give away 3D printed bags

Mar.14, 2014 - Belgian brand Kipling has partnered with Materialise to co-create the "City Jungle Shopper" and will be giving away their 3D printed bags in a contest running from today until April 2nd, 2014. More

Multi-material color 3D printer puts 'Garden of Eden' in fashion

Mar.14, 2014 - South African designer and engineer, Michaella Janse van Vuuren, has unveild a unique collection of color, multi-material 3D printed fashion pieces created using Stratasys' Objet500 Connex3 3D Printer. More

Celebrating Hardware Freedom Day: LulzBot 3D printer sale

Mar.12, 2014 - In celebration of Hardware Freedom Day, Aleph Objects, makers of the LulzBot line of desktop 3D printers, is offering a sale on all TAZ 3 3D printers. More

The UK 3D printing market looks set to be worth £2.9bn, research reveals

Mar.12, 2014 - Researchers have discovered over one in 10 British adults are already sold on the benefits of having a printer in the home which can 'create' things like smart phone cases, picture frames and children's toys. More

Designer Francis Bitonti and Makerbot 3D print fabulous flexible dress

Mar.12, 2014 - But designer Francis Bitonti has changed that by working with Makerbot and students to design and 3D-print a delicate dress using clear and flexible filaments and Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printers. More

EnvisionTEC launches Perfactory Micro Advantage 3D printer for jewelers

Mar.12, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer EnvisionTEC launches their new Perfactory Micro Advantage 3D printer at both the Atlanta Jewelry Show in Atlanta and the MJSA Show in New York. More

3D printed Roboy robot shows emotions & replicates human response

Mar.12, 2014 - He moves, he talks and likes to express his personality. Roboy is a 3D printed humanoid that can actually show emotions and designed to help doctors and scientists better understand how the brain and body interact. More

World's first 3D printed 3D acoustic cloak hides objects from sound

Mar.12, 2014 - Using little more than a few perforated sheets of plastic and a staggering amount of number crunching, Duke engineers have demonstrated the world's first three-dimensional acoustic cloak. More

Pioneering UK surgeons use 3D printer to reshape crash victim's face

Mar.12, 2014 - Cutting edge 3D printing technology is being used to reconstruct the severely injured face of a motorbike accident victim. More

3D print a pair of futuristic flexible sneakers at home with FilaFlex

Mar.11, 2014 - Recreus, a Spanish filament producer, has unveiled a pair of Sneakerbot II 3D printed sneakers which can be folded up and stuffed into a small bag when needed. More

15 year-old transforms an iPhone case into a better stethoscope with 3D printing

Mar.11, 2014 - But 15 year old student Suman Mulumudi has used a 3D printer and his design skills to transform Apple's iPhone device into a stethoscope, which could help doctors all over the world. More

Researchers to explore 3D-printed bone and tissue scaffolds

Mar.11, 2014 - If 3D printers, or additive manufacturing, can produce custom replacement parts for machines, why couldn't the same process create biodegradable tissue repair structures for the human body? More

The awesome 'One Skull a Day' project for 3D printing

Mar.11, 2014 - So you like 3d printing, you might like this. Inspired by famous cartoons and game characters, 3D artist Acepalm is building a series of 3D printable cute skull, one skull a day. More

A Yorktown funeral director is opening his first 3D printing store

Mar.11, 2014 - The Yorktown funeral director who opened a 3D printing business to bring joy to the community, has been blessed in return. Business for Mini 3D Me has been so successful that owner William La Pierre is opening his first 3D printing store. More

Afinia launches new H480 desktop 3D printer (video)

Mar.10, 2014 - Afinia has launched its next-generation 3D Printer H480, an affordable device that includes a number of features, including what Afinia called "automatic bed levelling and nozzle height detection". More

Only 14% CAD users use 3D printing, 32% expected in 5 years

Mar.10, 2014 - The IT, software and telecom industry research specialist Business Advantage Group announced its 2014 Worldwide CAD Trends Survey with details specific to the 3D Printing trend. More

3D-printed Subaru WRX STI races against 30,000 Stickbombs

Mar.10, 2014 - In order to promote its new high-performance WRX STi, Japanese car maker Subaru crated a clip using Stickbombs and a 3D printed Subaru miniature. More

University of Sheffield AMRC with Boeing designs a 3D-printed UAV

Mar.10, 2014 - Engineers in AMRC with Boeing's new Design & Prototyping Group has designed and prototyped an innovative small unmanned aircraft using advanced design tools and 3D printing technology. More

HD^2 High Definition & Heavy Duty 3D printer launches on Kickstarter

Mar.10, 2014 - The HD^2 stands for High Definition AND Heavy Duty, and "it embodies the personality of this printer, from the oversized base to the professionally designed interworking parts," creator Ryan O'Donaghy explained. More

3D Printing branches out with new clay-based filament for ceramics

Mar.10, 2014 - If you own a printer and like to experiment, get ready to freak out! You can now squeeze ceramic objects through the nozzle of your 3D printer. More

UK firm introduces Noztek Pro ABS and PLA filament extruder for 3D printers

Mar.9, 2014 - Inspired by the Lyman Filament Extruder which turns plastic pellets into filament that can be used for 3D printing, UK start-up Noztek has developed the Noztek Pro, a new ABS/PLA filament extruder. More

Make your own glowing cyberpunk spikes using 3D printing with NinjaFlex

Mar.8, 2014 - Wearable electronics wizard Becky Stern shows you how to make your own glowing spike fashion accessory using 3D printing with NinjaFlex flexible filament to diffuse a strip of NeoPixel LEDs. More

Oreo uses Twitter to 3D print custom cookies with trending flavors at SXSW

Mar.8, 2014 - Powered by Twitter, two custom-made vending machines with a 3D printer will enable SXSW attendees to create and eat custom 3D printed Oreo cookies based on trending social conversations. More

World's first 3D printed fingerprint for better print-matching technology

Mar.8, 2014 - A team of computer scientists from Michigan State University (MSU) led by Anil Jain, an alumnus from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur have developed the world's first 3D-printed fingerprint. More

Optomec awarded new patent on Aerosol Jet print head for 3D printing electronics

Mar.7, 2014 - Industrial 3D printer manufacturer, Optomec was awarded a new U.S. patent, titled Miniature Aerosol Jet and Aerosol Jet Array, patent # 8,640,975. More

Leonardo DiCaprio gets 3D printed Oscar for best actor

Mar.7, 2014 - As consolation for DiCaprio losing his fifth Oscar, CGTrader came up with the ideas for Oscar figurines to reflect Leo and his performance in the movie "Wolf of Wall Street". More

GIGTANK issues final call for applications to 2014 3D Printing Accelerator

Mar.7, 2014 - The Company Lab (CO.LAB) is inviting entrepreneurs with applications in 3D printing to apply for participation in GIGTANK, an annual entrepreneurial accelerator that leverages Chattanooga's advanced fiber infrastructure to build next-generation business models. More

ExOne makes two acquisitions to broaden post-print processing for nearly $10m

Mar.7, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer ExOne Company announced that it has acquired two operations to broaden its post-print processing capabilities. More

3D Printed BMO with LED Matrix Face

Mar.7, 2014 - You can make your very own BMO with 3D Printing and DIY electronics. Adafruit writes, The mini 8x8 LED matrix makes an awesome head for BMO, programed to display several fun and playful facial expressions. More

What Berlin needs to foster innovation: First 3D printing café opens its doors

Mar.7, 2014 - As Berlin's first 3D printing café, the DimensionAlley in Prenzlauerberg's Bötzowviertel offers expert service and support for 3D printing as well as great food and drinks. More

New book '3D Printing: Rise of the 3rd Industrial Revolution', free for a limited time

Mar.6, 2014 - In 2014, 3D printing will go mainstream. A new book, "3D Printing: Rise of the Third Industrial Revolution" scrutinizes what this will mean for the world and the future of humanity. More

Amazon launches pilot program selling 3D printed items, teams with 3DLT

Mar.6, 2014 - Seattle-based e-commerce giant Amazon has launched a new pilot program selling 3D printed consumer goods. 3DLT, a platform for 3D Printing As-a-Service, is one of five companies selected to participate in the program. More

Research into 3D-Bioprinting may soon produce transplantable human tissues

Mar.6, 2014 - A team of scientists at Swansea University in the UK are working on the design and development of a new generation 3D-bioprinting technology, together with the biological methods to make living tissues. More

The Plan Collection introduces 3D printing of house plans

Mar.6, 2014 - The Plan Collection, an online house plan provider, announces its new 3D printing of house plans enabling customers to print out a physical 3D house plan model. More

Iris Van Herpen 'Biopiracy' 2014: shrink-wrapped models and 3D printed flexible dress

Mar.6, 2014 - On Tuesday, Iris van Herpen unveiled her Biopiracy Collection, her most ambitious and largest collection to date, at Les Docks - Cité de la Mode et du Design in Paris. More

Preview your print in 3D with STL Viewer by Neo3Do

Mar.6, 2014 - 3D Print Preview is an STL viewer mobile app that allows you to visualize and engage with 3D objects. You can choose the color, orientation, size and on some devices you can view it in real 3D. More

Terra Projects 3d printing self-sufficient camps for polar regions

Mar.6, 2014 - In order to develop solutions for making their life easier, the Terra Projects is established aiming to develop new methods on how to build scientific housing in the extreme environment using 3D printing. More

Benjamin Harrison 's TEDx talk: bioprinting - the impossible can be possible

Mar.5, 2014 - Right now, more than 120,000 people are on the U.S. organ transplant waiting list. But what if patients could someday receive a 3D-printed organ made from their own cells rather than wait on long lists? More

The first ever 3D printed garden design show miNiATURE

Mar.5, 2014 - The first ever exhibition of 3D printed gardens, miNiATURE will go on display at The Strand Gallery, central London from 6 to 8 March. More

The $5K Ricky Bank is hip-hop's most expensive 3D printed coin bank

Mar.5, 2014 - Claimed to be "hip-hop's most expensive coin bank", The Ricky Bank is 3D printed using 420 Stainless Steel "infused with bronze" with a final composition of approximately 70% steel and 30% bronze. More

Pinla3D makes life-size 3D printed replica of yourself for $28,500

Mar.5, 2014 - While getting a mini-replica of yourself isn't entirely new, a new 3D printing shop in China is offering a 1:1 life-size replica to people who want to have a life-like portrait of themselves or loved ones. More

Plastic Scribbler announces $689 Asterid 1100 3D Printer

Mar.5, 2014 - Plastic Scribbler announces today a new model, Asterid 1100 3D printer, which features a Smart Controller, a 12V 40W heater cartridge, a heated build platform with a borosilicate glass build surface. More

Turning old plastic into 3D printer filament is greener than conventional recycling

Mar.4, 2014 - A study led by Joshua Pearce of Michigan Technological University has shown that making your own plastic 3D printer filament from milk jugs uses less energy - often a lot less - than recycling milk jugs conventionally. More

3D printing inventor Chuck Hull to be inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame

Mar.4, 2014 - Chuck Hull, the inventor of 3D printing and founder of 3D Systems, will be inducted into the NIHF for his globally impactful and transformative work inventing and pioneering 3D printing. More

Chinese test self-forming liquid metal, seeing a Terminator-like future

Mar.4, 2014 - Now a team of scientists, working out of Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have taken the first tep to make smart liquid machines. More

Futuristic EDAG Genesis 3D printed car world premiere at 2014 Geneva motor show

Mar.4, 2014 - EDAG, one of the leading engineering service providers in the automotive industry will display an example of a printed automobile at the Geneva Motor Show this week. More

3D printing bikes on Taiwan's streets turn old plastic into 3D printed objects

Mar.4, 2014 - At end of last year, an evolved version of the garbage recycling bike was seen on the streets of Taipei in Taiwan. It takes PET bottles and plastic bags and turns them into fashionable 3D printed products in about half an hour. More

ProtoCow offers instant quotes for home 3D printer owners

Mar.3, 2014 - Owners of a home 3D printer are now able to make money via their own website by installing a plugin called the STL Harvester from Protocow. More

How do you get fresh water with help from 3D printer

Mar.3, 2014 - Make Fresh Water is a site that tries solve this problem. It offers a 3D printable fresh water maker, consisting of three simple parts: the body, the hopper and the cap. More

You may soon 3D print your own Lego bricks from home

Mar.3, 2014 - Lego wants to adapt to the digital economy and is exploring the possibility of customers making their own mini-figures and Lego pieces using 3D printers. More

UK unveils world's first radar scanner for detecting 3D printed guns

Mar.3, 2014 - A high-tech radar scanner which automatically detects hidden bombs and 3D printed guns on people is set to revolutionize security at airports, shopping centres, stadia and transport hubs. More

US$649 da Vinci 2.0 3D printer to ship in April

Mar.3, 2014 - Priced at just $649, the new da Vinci 2.0 3D printer from Taiwan-based XYZprinting is set to ship in mid-April, a company executive said Monday. More

3D printing found early adopters in F1

Mar.2, 2014 - Engineers at Caterham, a UK-based Formula One racing team, have been using 3D printing to model designs for the optimal car to speed up, and reduce the cost, of its design process. More

Large 3D printed 4-8-8-4 Big Boy Locomotive recreated in 1000 hours

Mar.2, 2014 - One of the largest and perhaps most famous steam locomotives ever built, Union Pacific's articulated 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" No. 4014, was rescaled and recreated using 3D printing. More

Don't wait to grow up, be a tech girl now (video)

Mar.1, 2014 - At this year's 3D Printing World Expo, Mongeon met 12-year-old girl Coco who was giving a poster presentation which was titled "What I Learned by 3D Printing." More

'Print the Legend', new film that tracks rise of 3D printing (video)

Mar.1, 2014 - A new documentary, "Print the Legend", takes a closer look of the rise of the 3D printer, and follows the people racing to bring this hot new technology to your home. More

Robot Army Starter Kit: From Tupperware to 3D Printing

Mar.1, 2014 - Want to build your own Delta Robot Kit? If you do then you should have a look of Robot Army Starter Kit launched in February on Kickstarter. More

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