A story behind the design and creation of UltiController

May.31, 2012 -   It is my current believe that industrial design saved my panel. And it would have saved me a lot of trouble, if I understood some design concepts at an earlier stage. Personally, I think that a general knowledge of design should be part of each hardware hackers portfolio. More

Meet the amazing and craziest 3D prints come off Objet Connex500

May.31, 2012 -   As part of a larger puzzle cube that was given out at this year's RAPID show - The visitors to the show could collect all the pieces from multiple exhibitors to form the finished puzzle, Objet showcased its pieces printed on their Connex500 printer. More

Fujifilm to offer retailers 3D printers 

May.30, 2012 -  Fujifilm showcases 3D printing technology at The Digital Show in Melbourne 25-27th May 2012. The 3D printer on display 3D printing technology is a 3DTouch™ 3D Printer from Bits from Bytes (3D Systems).  More 

DARPA crowd-sourcing new technologies through makers

May.30, 2012 -   The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) revealed it will invest $3.5 million into TechShop, "a membership-based workshop that provides members with access to tools and equipment, instruction, and a community of creative and supportive people so they can build the things they have always wanted to make." More

Solidscape sold its 1,000th T76Plus 3D printer

May.30, 2012 -   Solidscape offers printers under the brand names of R66 plus, T76 plus and D76 and just recently the company sold its 1,000th T76Plus 3D printer to Pav & Broome Diamond Jewelers, one of the largest diamond and fine jewelry stores along the Gulf Coast. More

Vision 3D Printer - an optimized RepRap Prusa Mendel on Kickstarter 

May.29, 2012 -  The Vision 3D Printer is an optimized RepRap LM8UU Linear Bearing Prusa Mendel. It is produced using precision CNC machines and designed to be a quick build and customizable 3D printer. More 

New Portabee 3D printer can fit into a laptop bag

May.29, 2012 -   Singapored based romscraj released Portabee 3d printer, a Printrbot/Wallace variant. The portabee is a portable 3D printer designed to be packed into a 14 inch laptop bag in a few seconds. More

Sky News reports 3D printing could re-shape the world

May.28, 2012 -   Sky News reports that advances in 3D printing technology could revolutionise the way products are manufactured and brings the manufacturing job back to the country. More

EnvisionTEC will release Perfactory Micro end of May 

May.28, 2012 -  EnvisionTEC, Inc. will unveil the Perfactory® Micro at JCK Las Vegas May 31st to June 4th and the Atlanta Jewelry Show, Aug 11-13.  More 

Inprint 2013 launched focusing on industrial printing technologies

Jan.9, 2012 -   Inprint 2013, according to the organizers, will be the first worldwide event focusing on industrial printing technologies.

Robotic hand 3D-printed in one piece

May.26, 2012 -   The Anthromod Mk2 hand is designed by ChrisC of Anthromod. It is a robotic hand composed by hand and the wrist/stand. The hand is 3D printed in one piece without any assembly or printed hinges needed. More

3D Printing with Clear Acrylic 

May.26, 2012 -  After 3D Printing nylon, Instructables user taulman tried another experiement: 3D printing with 0.125" Dia Clear Acrylic material. He designed and built a taulman 4 orifice Hot-End as the clear acrylic material needs real time conditioning so as to make printing possible.  More 

Turning 3D prints failure into art

May.25, 2012 -   When 3D prints go wrong they become garbage, or simply art. Inspired by a blog post from RichRap, a group of makers show their prints failure on Flickr. More

MakiBox progress - motion platform assembled

May.25, 2012 -   For those who are anxiously waiting for updates of Makibox 3D printer, today is a good day that you can see the project is rolling well. The latest update on the progress is that all three axies are assembled. More

3D Systems acquires Bespoke Innovations 

May.25, 2012 -  3D Systems announced it has completed the acquisition of Bespoke Innovations without providing the purchase price. More 

Scientists create robot which can 3D-print its own tools

May.24, 2012 -   ETH Zurich researchers are trying to design an intelligent robot that can use a hot glue gun to manufacture tools. In the video below they presented a self-reconfigurable robot capable of changing its body structures. More

Mcor Technologies announces Mcor Iris full color 3D printer

May.24, 2012 -   Irish start-up Mcor Technologies Ltd, the manufacturer of the only paper 3D printer in the world announced the Mcor Iris full 3D color printer at Rapid 2012. More

Trimensional to team up with MakerBot on 3D scanning and exporting 

May.24, 2012 -  MakerBot Industries and Trimensional have released Trimensional: MakerBot Edition. What is Trimensional? Trimensional is a 3D scanner for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad created by Georgia Tech researcher Grant Schindler and released On Jaunary 5, 2011.  More 

PP3DP announces New Desktop 3D Printer - UP! Mini

May.23, 2012 -   Beijing, China - Delta Micro Factory Corp. (PP3DP) announced today, the launch of the much anticipated follow-up, UP! Mini, to their highly acclaimed, flagship 3d printer, the UP! family. More

3D printing using nylon to make flexible parts

May.23, 2012 -   Instructables user taulman recently uploaded his project - converting a 2D CNC machine into a 3D Printer and back to a CNC machine in less than an hour. For this project he uses NYLON 6/6 to make parts instead of the usual ABS or PLA. More

Boeing unveils 3D imaging technology to build planes 

May.22, 2012 -  Boeing unveils on Monday its experiement of applying new 3D technology on the 747 line in its Everett plant. There are four laser sersors built in a cart and each laser looks into different direction and angles. More 

New Objet30 Pro Desktop 3D Printer launched at RAPID

May.22, 2012 -   Objet Ltd. has today launched the new Objet30 Pro – Based on Objet's advanced inkjet 3D printing technology, the Objet30 Pro desktop 3D printer combines fine detail accuracy with a versatile range of 7 unique and different materials. More

Shapeways announced its first flexible 3D printed material Elasto Plastic

May.21, 2012 -   Last week Shapeways announced Elasto Plastic, a flexible 3D printed material, and black is the first color available. More

Design and 3D print "Love and Hate" word blocks 

May.21, 2012 -  If you look at this word block from one side, it's "love." And from another angle, it's "hate." You can choose any words and font you want to make a word block. Instructables user fungus amungus' has made a step-by-step instruction to help you play with the words and shapes. More 

3D printing/additive manufacturing conference in South Africa

May.21, 2012 -   The RAPDASA Conference organising committee is inviting interested parties to exhibit at the RAPDASA Conference which will be held at Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge - Sun City during 31 Oct - 2 November 2012. More

Getting Angry Birds jewelry designs to the mass market, thanks to 3D printing

May.20, 2012 -   After its limited edition Mighty Eagle ring, Primesmith shows its bigger ambitions of bringing cheaper product lines to mass market. The target price is around $50 for pendant and bracelet charms. By utilizing 3D printing technology designers... More

$40k Desktop Factory Competition 

May.20, 2012 -  Inventables, the Kauffman Foundation and Maker Faire announced the launch of The Desktop Factory Competition - each team is required to design an open source machine capable of making plastic resin pellets fit for use in a low cost 3D printer. More 

Makies.me, customizable 3D printed Avatar dolls creation site launched as an alpha

May.19, 2012 -   Makies, the customizable avatars went live this week as an alpha. What is Makies? A create-your-own 10" high action doll, complete with poseability, cute clothes, and removeable/changeable eyes & hair. More

3D-Printed Truecartier ring showing sounds from luxurious jewelry stores in NYC

May.19, 2012 -   In the fashion world every woman should have a Cartier ring in their jewelry collection, but what will a Cartier ring look like if we took the form which is an expression of the culture of a brand? Young designer Alvaro Soto will give us an answer. More

LightPlot: a robotic system painting with light in 3D space 

May.18, 2012 -  Ben Cowell had never coded in C# or WPF, nor any engineering or electrical experience before he started building a robotic 3D light painting system. He got the idea from his early NXT experiment and robotics. More 

Small drive gear for geared stepper motors on Indiegogo

May.18, 2012 -   Created by Laszlo Krekacs from Budapest, Hungary, this small drive gear is for geared stepper motors to push filament in a 3D printer. More

Tiny planetary gears set 3D-printed on a Makerbot Replicator

May.18, 2012 -   This small 3D printed planetary gear set is created by Thingiverse user aubenc with a ratio of 4:1 per stage. aubenc experimented this gear set with a Makerbot Replicator and it appears awesome. More

Burritob0t: a 3D printer prints edible Mexican foodBurritob0t: a 3D printer prints Mexican food 

May.17, 2012 -  Marko Manriquez developed his thesis project as a graduate for the Interactive Telecommunications Program at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU: the Burritob0t, a 3D printer that produce burritos, yes, ingredients for Mexican food.  More 

The first 3D-printed sex toy is there

May.16, 2012 -   You could expect it, human creativity always follow certain patterns. Here comes "Grand Old Party", a set of sex toys made on a 3D printer. More

Time to save your failed prints for recycling

May.16, 2012 -   Check out this awesome shredder in the video below. It is developed by Marcus Thymark of Germany who won a crowd design challenge at GrabCAD for LifeTrac IV - Quick Connect Wheels early this year. The shredder can be used to recycle all your failed prints or any other plastic scrap. More

Tantillus portable opensource 3D printer now on Indiegogo 

May.16, 2012 -  Brad is starting his crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo and releasing a limited number of Tantillus units. The Tantillus 3D printer has two versions: laser cut acrylic edition and printed versions. More 

3D printed ear adapter turns your earbuds into headphones

May.16, 2012 -   Nowadays most of us choose to use earbuds because they are small and portable, very easy to take around. But Chilean-born, Paris-based designer JC Karich reflects that to some people the feeling of in-ear plugs is never comforable. More

DreamVendor - an interactive 3D printing station in Virginia Tech

May.15, 2012 -   This is an 3D printing vending machine in Department of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. Students can use it to 3D-print prototypes for their projects. It works like any vending machines in the streets. More

Stop-motion Movie 'Paranorman' used 3D printers to create 31,000 individual facial parts 

May.15, 2012 -  The Portland based animation studio Laika, the producers of animated adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Coraline, utilized 3D printers in their last stop-motion animation film "ParaNorman". In the old days film makers had to hand sculpt and paint every facial appliance. More 

Edible Chocolate Brain created from MRI scan and 3D printer

May.15, 2012 -   The Edible Chocolate Brain is a brain-shaped chocolate candy created by 3D technology and production company Inition in UK. A team member and also co-founder Andy Millins had his brain MRI scanned. More

Which company in 3D printing world has better link profile quality?

May.14, 2012 -   Today Majestic SEO introduces 'Flow Metrics', a brand new metrics based on trust and citations showing a visual representation of link profile quality. More

Jay Leno uses 3D scanner and 3D Printer to replace old car parts 

May.14, 2012 -  Jay Leno's biggest hobby is car collection, he has a lot of old cars, the only problem is he can nowhere find a spare replacement part. But Jay and all the guys at Jay's Big Dog Garage have their solution: they have a NextEngine 3D scanner and Dimension 3D printer. More 

3D-Print a battery adapter for Canon Powershot SX200

May.13, 2012 -   If you want to capture some time lapse in your digital video camera you need at least a compact device with long battery life. Unfortunately the Canon PowerShot SX200 Alexander Weber bought on ebay has very short battery life and even no power jack to attach a power supply. More

3D printed Tanorexic Doll inspired by Tanning Mom

May.13, 2012 -   While just a week ago the whole world is shocked by the Tanorexic mum Patricia Krentcil who allowed her five-year-old daughter to suffer burns at one, now this deeply-bronzed Krentcil has already got an own action figure. More

One piece 3D printed hand glider that flies 

May.12, 2012 -  Diego Porqueras of Pasadena, CA, USA wants to show us how cool the 3D printing is. It comes from an idea in the middle of the night - Using the Bukobot, which is currently on Kickstarter, he 3D printed a hand glider that flies! More 

3D printed Atlas co-op bot from portal 2

May.12, 2012 -   If you are looking for some spectacular work made on 3D printer, then you have to take a look at PsychoBob's ambitious project: Atlas co-op bot (Portal 2). More

3D printed milk jug tells if you have milk at home

May.12, 2012 -   For exploring the connection between the physical world and the digital world, Design agency Teehan+Lax has designed a milk jug to monitor the amount of the remaining milk. This research group 3D-printed the jug on a Makerbot 3D printer and attached a weight sensor in the bottom. More

3D printed smart bandage that stimulates and directs blood vessel growth 

May.11, 2012 -  Recently, researchers at University of Illinois have developed a bandage that can promote angiogenesis and direct blood vessel growth on the surface of a wound. The bandage, called a "smart bandage". More 

Disney World hosts "Carbon-Freeze Me" Experience using 3D printing technology

May.11, 2012 -   Every year, Disney World hosts 'Star Wars' weekend for one month long for millions of 'Star Wars' fans. This year, starting May 18, 2012, visitors to the Star Wars Weekends will have a chance to try the coolest use for 3D printing technology ever. More

Resin-based 3D printer B9Creator for high-quality prints currently on Kickstarter

May.11, 2012 -   A high resolution 3D printer named B9Creator from Michael Joyce is now on Kickstarter. This B9Creator is another resin-based 3D printer using DLP projector to make quick solid cure layer by layer. More

US government has high expectation from 3D Printing 

May.10, 2012 -  U.S. government is planing something big - reshape American manufacturing by launch a $60 million 3D printing research and educational program - a new 3D printing institute. More 

Qumarion 3D modeling mannequin offers real-time 3D manipulation

May.10, 2012 -   Japan's SoftEther from University of Tsukuba, and ViVienne from The University of Electro-Communications come up with a new solution. They developed Qumarion, a tiny 30-centimeter posable mannequin that can simplify the manipulation and posing of human-like 3D CG models on the screen. More

How to design and 3D-print your own Tilt-Shift Lens Adapter

May.10, 2012 -   While professional tilt-shift lens and adaptors cost around $1000- 3000, Instructable user JoeMurphy has provided a much cheaper solution. On instructables he shows step-by-step how to make your own 3D printed Tilt-Shift Lens Adapter. More

LeapFrog launches 3D printers and new website 

May.9, 2012 -  In late March/early April the website from LeapFrog was still only one page and only took pre-orders, but this week, not only the printers are launched At DRUPA fair in Dusseldorf, Germany but also a new website goes online. More 

A visit to Mixshop: the new MixG1 3D printer

by Andre Tiemann | May.9, 2012 -   While Mixshop has been selling low-cost Prusa Mendel kits for nearly a year now, they are now ready to bring their own printer into the mix (pun intended). More

Stratasys Announced its newest Mojo 3D Printer

May.8, 2012 -   Stratasys today announced its latest effort: the Mojo 3D Printer, which comes in a complete system called a 3D Print Pack. The Mojo 3D Print Pack is the market's lowest-priced professional-grade complete 3D printing system. More

3D Printer allows ANYONE to make their ideas into real functional objects

May.8, 2012 -  Janine Romijn has cerebral palsy since birth. Because of her physical disability she can not use her hands. "Using my hands isn't easy for me, so I prefer doing as much as I can, using my head." Among all the things she has been doing.. More 

Inventables is now taking pre-orders for Hadron ORD Bots

May.8, 2012 -   The well-designed kit Hadron ORD Bot from bdring is now being sold at Inventables.com. The ORD Bot Hadron is a 3D printer mechanical platform that uses MakerSlide extrusions for the linear bearings and for most of the frame. More

3D printed 4D player kit and programmable kalimba

May.7, 2012 -   Shapeways user EYEDEA, a visual artist, inventor, and musician has made a few very interesting stuff. One is the 4D player kit that comes with 5 parts that snap together, no battery is needed. More

Iris van Herpen and 3D printing 

May.7, 2012 -   "When I started with fashion, I was really thinking out of materials. I started out of hand work as if hand work and materials were my biggest try at that moment, and with those two elements I tried to make fashion in a sense that it is more free that it is only to wear, and for me it's still a part of art." More 

Glove One: a 3D-printed wearable cellphone

May.6, 2012 -   Milwaukee-based artist Brian Cera developed the Glove One design - a cellphone prototype that you can wear on your hands. Cera wants to keep his hands free from holding the device. More

STEMulate Learning integrates 3D printing into classroom

May.6, 2012 -   Kalani Hausman, an author, educator, InfoTech/InfoSec professional and researcher in high-performance computing launched an education-focused program: STEMulate learning through personalized 3D printed robotics. More

envisionTEC announces the release of their new website 

May.5, 2012 -  envisionTEC announces the release of their new website. The new site has been redesigned with a fresh new look and has been updated with information about their latest products and services. More 

3D Print Show London October 2012

May.5, 2012 -   On October 19~21, 2012, the world's first trade and consumer 3D Print Show will be hosted in London. The event will show the latest innovations in 3D printing and all of its applications in the consumer, fashion, home, music, education, transportation, architecture and medical industries. More

3D-printed circuit boards for solder free electronics

May.4, 2012 -   Thingiverse user CarryTheWhat shared what the makers can make: print basic electronics using a plastic PCB and conductive thread, no solder and no etching chemicals. More

Pensa's new DIWire Bender prints customized 3D shapes 

May.4, 2012 -  The DIWire Bender is a rapid prototype machine that bends metal wire to produce 2D or 3D shapes. Wire unwinds from a spool, passes through a series of wheels that straighten it, and then feeds through the bending head, which moves around in 3 dimensions to create the desired bends and curves. More 

Fujitsu develops world's first technology to retrieve and reuse partially similar 3D CAD models

May.3, 2012 -   Fujitsu Laboratories Limited and Fujitsu Research and Development Center have developed a technology for retrieving partially similar models from stored 3D CAD models. More

Fully Assembled RapCraft 3D printer

May.3, 2012 -   RapCraft 3D printer is developed for the low-end consumer market. What makes RapCraft different from other 3D printers? Almost the whole construction of RapCraft is made of aluminum, which is light-weight and solid. More

A self-positioning and representing blanket used for 3D modeling 

May.2, 2012 -  Created by Studio NMinusOne at the University of Toronto's Responsive Architecture at Daniels school, IM Blanky is a self-positioning and representing blanket. More 

Another $300 desktop 3D printer kit

May.2, 2012 -   Billy Zelsnack / Adjunct Engineering LLC just launched a $300 desktop 3D printer kit on Kickstarter. Unlike Makible, Printxel 3D Printer have a beta kit, and also made some impressive sample prints. More

Electromechanical computer with 3D printed parts

May.1, 2012 -   NYC Resistor's Chris Fenton is assembling his own electromechanical computer with 3D printed parts. He found this idea in an old book of mechanical mechanisms. All the parts were printed on a Makerbot Thingomatic 3D printer. More

3D printing robot produces "satellite lamp" from recycled CD cases 

May.1, 2012 -  Dutch designer Dirk Vander Kooij presented his new pieces as part of the domus exhibition 'the future in the making' during milan design week 2012. You probably still remember his impressive 3D printing robot that squeezes the material out of a tube, layer by layer built the object up. More 

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