Clear 3D printed skeleton firm Encoris boasts annual sales of almost $1m

Oct.31, 2015 - Medical 3D printed model firm Encoris has announced annual sales of almost $1m. Its clear, custom skeletons are used both to educate surgeons and to demonstrate the function of clients' implant devices for medical sales presentations. More

Sickle cell disease detection using 3D printed device and a smartphone

Oct.31, 2015 - With the help of 3D printing, UConn professor Savas Tasoglu has created a testing platform for diagnosing and monitoring sickle cell disease from just a few drops of blood. More

Disney Research develops automated method for creating 3D printed connectors

Oct.31, 2015 - Disney Researchers have unveiled an automated method for the quick design of 3D printable connectors in a research paper titled 'AutoConnect: Computational Design of 3D-Printable Connectors'. More

Introducing D-Frames, Ron Arad's $800 3D printed PQ Eyewear sunglasses

Oct.31, 2015 - Notable eyewear brand pq eyewear's new 3D printed collection D-Frames to be released on US market in 2016. pq eyewear's designs have been recognized and lauded by several notable figures such as Sharon Stone, Pharrell Williams, and impressively, Oprah Winfrey. More

3D printer nozzles could last longer: Harvard researchers design most durable anti-fouling material to date

Oct.31, 2015 - Researchers at Harvard have developed an innovative anti-fouling material which is able to vastly reduce the corrosion and fouling of steel. Their research could have a valuable knock-on effect for the 3D printing community. More

Award-winning artist Morehshin Allahyari reproduces artifacts destroyed by ISIS through 3D printing

Oct.30, 2015 - For the award-winning Material Speculation: ISIS project, artist Morehshin Allahyari reconstructs ancient artifacts and sculptures destroyed by ISIS through 3D modelling a 3D printing technology. More

3D Systems partners with U.S. Army to develop 3D printing lab

Oct.30, 2015 - 3D Systems today announced a partnership with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to jointly develop 3D printing technology and materials for the automotive, medical, wearable and aerospace industries. More

VR3D launches Vietnam's first virtual museum with 3D scans of ancient relics

Oct.30, 2015 - Using custom 3D scanning hardware, Quang Tri Nguyen has created high quality 3D scans of ancient Vietnamese sculptures, and published them in an interactive Virtual 3D Museum where users can freely move, explore, and interact with objects as though they were there in person. More

3D printed InMoov 'Robot For Good' meets Prince Andrew, heading to London Zoo in 2016

Oct.30, 2015 - Wevolver has reached the next stage of development in the Inmoov Robot for Good, a 3D printed robot that will act as an avatar for hospitalized children, allowing them to visit real life zoos through virtual reality. More

Enchant trick or treaters with this 3D printed flying purple people eater doorbell cover

Oct.30, 2015 - If you are still looking for fun things to 3D print to make your Halloween spookier perhaps this adorably scary Flying Purple People Eater doorbell cover will tickle your fancy. More

Scientists develop Makers' Marks to make functional 3D printable designs without CAD

Oct.30, 2015 - With the help of Makers' Marks, unexperienced makers can avoid CAD software all together by instead making physical objects from modeling clay and stickers. After 3D scanning, Makers' Mark turns the object into a hollow 3D printable rendering with plenty of room for electronics. More

Make it Light competition encourages makers to design ultra-light 3D printed telescope

Oct.30, 2015 - Thales Alenia Space, Poly-Shape, and AltairEuropean have joined forces to run a contest called 'Make it Light'. The competition challenges entrants to design and produce an ultra-light structure to be made into a 3D printed prototype and used in a Thales Alenia Space telescope. More

PyroGenesis to produce specialty 'pure spherical' metal powders for 3D printing

Oct.30, 2015 - PyroGenesis is diving into the additive manufacturing industry by producing specialty metal powders through their Plasma Atomization Process. This process creates pure spherical metallic powders that are highly sought after in 3D printing, particularly for biomedical and aerospace applications. More

La Bayadère ballet featuring 5 foot tall elephant made with 3D scanning

Oct.30, 2015 - With the help of modern making technology, the upcoming Russian production of La Bayadère ballet in the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow will feature a 150 cm tall elephant statue made with 3D scanning technology. More

Scientists 3D print realistic hair with first of its kind 'Furbrication' technique

Oct.30, 2015 - Using an inexpensive FDM 3D printer and standard PLA filament, researchers have developed a set of parameters that allow for the 3D printing of soft hair, fibers and bristles that can be trimmed, braided, and brushed just like real hair. More

Dotty launches DottyView, DropBox for 3D printing community, for sharing and editing 3D models

Oct.29, 2015 - Australian online strategy firm Dotty has launched an online platform for sharing and editing 3D models online. DottyView, a kind of DropBox for the 3D printing community, bills itself as 'the first Cloud platform for viewing, presenting, and sharing all of your 3D models.' More

Media Molecule develops design-your-own 'Dreams' with 3D printing potential, coming to PS4 in 2016

Oct.29, 2015 - Media Molecule, the Guilford, UK based video game developer responsible for such popular games as LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, have dreamt up something big for their next project: Dreams for PS4. More

3D printed hip and knee joints coming to hospitals across UK in 2016

Oct.29, 2015 - Dr Susannah Clarke of Embody Orthopaedic has been testing custom made 3D printed instruments and surgical models for knee and hip joints in surgeries in London, and will be expanding services to hospitals across Britain during the coming year. More

Functionalize Flashlight LetterKit: 3D print your own functional keychain flashlight in an hour

Oct.29, 2015 - To show just how accessible 3D printing functional electronics can be, Functionalize has launched the Flashlight LetterKit, which provides all the materials you'll need to successfully 3D print a working flashlight on a single head 3D printer. More

3D Systems President and CEO Avi Reichental steps down; Company shares drop 7 percent

Oct.29, 2015 - 3D Systems' president and CEO of 12 years Avi Reichental has stepped down. Effectively immediately, Andrew Johnson will serve as Interim President and CEO while co-founder Charles Hull chairs the Executive Management Committee. An immediate search for Reichental's successor has begun. More

An awesome Halloween costume: 3D printed single part, sliding Wolverine claws

Oct.29, 2015 - For those of you still lacking a Halloween costume, LeFabShop's Samuel Bernier has shared cool designs for very easy Wolverine claws that are extendable and 3D printed in a single piece. More

Lowe's and Made in Space launch first commercial 3D printer into outer space

Oct.29, 2015 - Hardware and home improvement company Lowe's today announced a major partnership with Made in Space to launch the first commercially available, permanent 3D printer into space. More

Eight 3D printing highlights of Dutch Design Week 2015

Oct.29, 2015 - Between Saturday 17th and Sunday 25th October, Eindhoven welcomed visitors from all over the world for Dutch Design Week 2015. We compiled a list, in no particular order, of some of the fair's 3D printing highlights. More

Fantastic 3D printed handheld Protopiper allows users to sketch room-sized objects at actual scale in minutes

Oct.29, 2015 - To make prototyping large objects like furniture easier and quicker, a team of German researchers have developed the 3D printed Protopiper: a fabrication device that 'draws' in adhesive tape tubes. More

3D Print a motorized Star Wars AT-AT Walker Robot

Oct.29, 2015 - A mechanical engineering student from the University of Michigan going by the name of Dan Olson has designed a 3D printable, motorised AT-AT Walker, a replica of the iconic four-legged combat vehicle first seen in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. More

Metal Queen, Dora Pesch and her band available as 3D printed figures

Oct.29, 2015 - Berlin based company Staramba, who specialize in the manufacturing of full color 3D printed figurines, have released a set of 3D printed models based on Doro Pesch and her band. More

Download a 3D printed pistol grip for the Olympus Air open platform camera

Oct.29, 2015 - A team of designers have made a unique, 3D printed pistol grip for the Olympus Air camera, the commercial version of the Olympus Open Platform Camera, which allows photographers to 'shoot from the hip'. More

UAE and UNESCO to preserve Middle Eastern archaeology with 3D printing technology

Oct.28, 2015 - A global partnership UAE, UNESCO and the Institute for Digital Archaeology was announced today that will use 3D scanning and 3D printing technology to document, preserve and rebuild important history and heritage sites in the Middle East that have made valuable contributions to the progress of humanity. More

3D Systems opens 3DS Culinary Lab to educate and advance 3D printed food technology

Oct.28, 2015 - Offering a space for learning, collaboration and exploration, 3D Systems has opened its 3DS Culinary Lab in Los Angeles. Equiped with the ChefJet Pro professional grade 3D Food printer, the lab invites chefs, artists and culinary experts to push the limits of their traditional craft and shape the future 3D printed food. More

Builder 3D Printers launches new Premium line in three sizes for the perfect fit

Oct.28, 2015 - Netherlands-based Builder 3D Printers has launched a new line of desktop machines today called Builder Premium, which comes in either Small, Medium or Large to suit the needs of classrooms, universities, and at-home makers. More

Neomek holds Halloween competition and shares files for 3D printable pumpkins

Oct.28, 2015 - Neomek, a North American rapid prototyping and 3D scanning company, are running a Halloween competition, in which entrants can guess the number of seeds in a 3D-scanned pumpkin to win a drone. They have also shared files for 3D printing your own replica pumpkins. More

Custom-made 3D printed shoes are the solution to healthier feet, says Troy Nachtigall

Oct.28, 2015 - 2015 edition of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven features 3D printed customized shoes, 3Ders catches up with one of the people behind the shoe's engineering and design, Troy Nachtigall. More

Imagine 3D Miniatures opens 3D printed fantasy platform Mounted Heroes

Oct.28, 2015 - Imagine 3D Miniatures has opened their online shop, which allows you to select a race, customize its pose, mount, equipment and size, and then order a 3D print in your choice of high quality 3D printing materials. The miniatures are ideal for tabletop gaming, RPGs, wargames and fantasy lovers alike. More

Capture full-color 360 degree 3D prints with Scandy Sphere, now on Kickstarter

Oct.28, 2015 - In order to make 3D scanning and printing easy as pie, the Scandy iOS and Android app allows you to take full-color 360' 3D scans with your mobile phone and then directly order vibrant and unique Scandy Sphere 3D prints, created on a 3D Systems Projet660 for full-color capability. More

Better Future Factory to offer Refil recycled 3D printer filament in wider range of colours and materials

Oct.28, 2015 - Whilst visiting the Better Future Factory stand at Dutch Design Week 2015, 3Ders spoke to BFF co-founder Jonas Martens, who updated us on the company's plans to expand their range of Refil recycled filaments for 3D printing. More

Stratasys, Big VCs invest $14M on 3D metal printing startup Desktop Metal

Oct.28, 2015 - New Cambridge, Mass.-based Desktop Metal is living the startup dream, gathering 14 million in investments from Stratasys and other partners for plans for a desktop metal 3D printer. More

ZEISS releases 3D printable smartphone cases for their budget VR ONE headset

Oct.28, 2015 - With the release of three more 3D printable smartphone cases, popular phones HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z3 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge can now also be used to travel into virtual reality. More

Avant-garde fashion collective threeASFOUR features 3D printed pieces in their SS 2016 collection

Oct.28, 2015 - threeASFOUR, the New York based avant-garde fashion collective, has recently been awarded the Fashion Design Award given by the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. The award was presented to the label for its striking Spring-Summer 2016 collection, which features 3D printed pieces. More

Researchers develop new method for 3D printing catheters tailored to babies

Oct.27, 2015 - Researchers from Northeastern University have developed a new method for 3D printing catheters for premature babies, as well as other vital medical equipment. More

NASA, Shapeways and Whiteclouds collaborate to 3D print the Universe for the visually impaired

Oct.27, 2015 - A team of scientists and educators from NASA and international universities want to deliver 3D printed models and 3D printable files of nebulae and other astrophysical systems in order to bring visually impaired students the wonders of the Universe, and motivate them to pursue careers in STEM. More

Sneak peek of fascinating TheMotionKit that uses 3D printed parts to teach the basics of CNC making

Oct.27, 2015 - In anticipation of a Kickstarter campaign, we were given a preview of TheMotionKit: an educational 3D printed kit that breaks down the CNC principles behind making and helps users of all ages access the hobby. More

Solve your 3D printing woes with Simplify 3D's Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide

Oct.27, 2015 - 3D software developers Simplify3D have launched an extremely user-friendly troubleshooting guide that not only identifies common 3D printing issues, but offers explanations and multiple solutions. More

Full Spectrum Laser launches Water Washable 3D printing resin

Oct.27, 2015 - 3D printer and materials manufacturer Full Spectrum Laser has launched a new resin that allows excess material to be rinsed off using just water rather than harsh chemical solvents. More

3D Systems loses $11M in arbitration to Ron Barranco of Print3D; plans to challenge court decision

Oct.27, 2015 - 3D Systems has been ordered to pay $11 million in damages to former employee Ronald Barranco, who alleges that after buying out his startup Print3D in 2011, the Company breached their purchase agreement, avoiding paying him under an earnout provision, and firing him just 20 months after the deal was closed. More

Singapore Int'l 3D Printing Competition announces 2016 Theme: 3D printed Eyewear and Shoes

Oct.27, 2015 - The Singapore Centre for 3D Printing has announced that the theme for the 2016 Singapore International 3D Printing Competition (with its grand prize of $10,000 SGD) will be Eyewear and Shoes, challenging participants to design entirely 3D printable wearable pieces. More

Joris van Tubergen 3D prints 4-meter-tall scarecrow in his own likeness for Dutch Scarecrow Festival

Oct.27, 2015 - Dutch designer Joris van Tubergen designed a scarecrow based on 3D scans of himself. In collaboration with the Perpetual Plastic Project, the 4-meter-tall installation will be 3D printed live entirely out of recycled PET plastic bottles. More

Laykanics aims to promote and teach mechanical engineering through 3D printing

Oct.27, 2015 - A startup named Laykanics has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign in the efforts of teaching the principles of mechanical engineering through an engaging, dynamic, and fun way with the help of 3D printing. More

Ricoh unveils its first own-brand industrial 3D printer RICOH AM S5500P

Oct.27, 2015 - The Japanese 3D printing and imaging provider Ricoh has announced the release of their impressive industrial RICOH AM S5500P 3D printer, which is capable of 3D printing high functional materials on a large scale. More

Iranian designer shows off amazing and gigantic 27 cm tall, 129 piece 3D printed mech robot

Oct.27, 2015 - Through his Tehran-based 3D printing service provider Nikano, Iranian designer Armin Hesampour has designed and 3D printed a truly amazing giant mech robot, featuring 129 different components. More

Weather-resistant 3D printed Cypress Umbrella hits Kickstarter

Oct.27, 2015 - A Kickstarter campaign is underway for the Cypress Umbrella, the prototype of which has been largely constructed using 3D printing techniques. The umbrella is said to be highly resistant to wind damage, and boasts interchangeable canvases. More

Shake hands with Rob Scharff's 3D printed soft robot that responds to human grip

Oct.27, 2015 - Unlike most robotic hands which are rigid and make unnatural movements, Delft Engineering graduate Rob Scharff has developed a 3D printed soft robot hand that uses air pressure sensors and actuators respond to pressure from a handshake. More

EPFL unveils 3D printed miniature microfluidic device for monitoring critical blood levels

Oct.26, 2015 - Scientists at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland have unveiled a unique 3D printed medical device which is able to monitor critical blood levels in real time. More

EU develops PERFORMANCE 3D printed food for elderly and patients with dysphagia

Oct.26, 2015 - The EU has invested three years of research and EUR 3 million in a holistic food supply chain system that uses 3D printing technology to restore pureed ingredients into appetizing, nutritious, and easy-to-swallow meals for the elderly. More

Build a 3D printed, Arduino-powered robot which can draw and write

Oct.26, 2015 - An Instructables user going by the name of MakersBox has shared instructions for building a 3D printed, Arduino-powered drawing robot, originally conceived as part of a 10-hour workshop for More

STEMI: DIY open access spider robot that teaches kids 3D modeling, robotics and code

Oct.26, 2015 - Using the philosophy of 'Learning by Creating', STEMI is an affordable, open-source robotics kit that teaches users aged 13 and up how to 3D model, code, and programme a mobile app in a fun way. The result is a cool, nature-inspired hexapod robot that can be controlled through your smartphone. More

ExOne secures $15M agreement to facilitate leasing of 3D printers to customers

Oct.26, 2015 - Industrial 3D printer manufacturer ExOne today announced a $15 million agreement, indirectly financed through the company's CEO and Chairman, that will increase their installed machine base beyond the current 200+ machines in service. More

WhiteClouds opens world's largest full-color 3D printing lab

Oct.26, 2015 - WhiteClouds announced its expansion into a new 60,000 square foot facility and the installation of 14 new full-color 3D printers from 3D Systems, bringing their total production line up to 24 full-color 3D printers. More

Kickstarter underway for Bill Struve's hand-operated 3DMetalCreator

Oct.26, 2015 - Bill Struve, the inventor of Bronze Clay and the founder of Metal Adventures, has recently broken into the world of 3D printing with the launch of a kickstarter for his new product: the 3DMetalCreator, a hand-operated tool to make 3D metal designs. More

Stratasys launches Objet500 Dental Selection multi-material 3D printer for high volume dental labs

Oct.26, 2015 - Stratasys' new larger platform Objet500 3D printer offers increased throughput and productivity for larger digital dental labs. Its triple-jetting technology and multi-color, multi-material 3D printing allow for ultra-realistic, life-like color dental models to be 3D printed in a single run. More

3Ders Monday Warm-up: The top 3D printable Star Wars: The Force Awakens Props

Oct.26, 2015 - We've rounded up some of the best Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D prints to celebrate the imminent release of what could be the most anticipated film of 2015. More

TRUMPF to unveil new laser-based metal 3D printers

Oct.26, 2015 - At the trade fair Formnext in Frankfurt, Germany in November, German laser manufacturer TRUMPF will unveil new laser-based metal 3D printers featuring laser metal fusion (LMF) and laser metal deposition (LMD) technologies. More

$380 Bipolar Sculto family 3D printer finds big success on Kickstarter

Oct.26, 2015 - Made by a team of young Danish entrepreneurs, the family-friendly and compact bipolar Sculpto 3D printer has already raised more than $17,000 through a Kickstarter campaign within just a few days. More

China's Revotek unveils world's first 3D blood vessel bio-printer

Oct.26, 2015 - The Chengdu-based bioengineering company Revotek has just announced that they have developed a unique 3D bioprinter that can 3D print vascular vessel systems complete with hollow structures. More

Dutch political party D66 calls for multi-million investment in 3D printing, Fablabs and Smart Industry

Oct.26, 2015 - In their new policy document 'Using digital opportunities', Dutch progressive democrat party D66 calls on the government to invest millions in digital opportunities, including a healthy invironment for startups and in Fieldlabs and Fablabs. More

Medical 3D printing specialist 3D Medical merges with Mach7 in $60 million deal

Oct.26, 2015 - As part of a $60 million deal, worldwide specialist in medical 3D printing applications 3D Medical will merge with top medical imaging processing developer Mach7. More

Researchers hack Off-the-shelf 3D printer to bioprint arteries, hearts, bones and brains

Oct.25, 2015 - Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have taken a few steps towards the 3D printing of human organs, after successfully printing non-living replicas of coronary arteries and embryonic hearts in soft materials, using a specially modified 3D printer. More

Designer Daghan Cam uses GPU Computing to create fantastic 3D printed architecture

Oct.25, 2015 - With the help of advanced algorithm based computer simulations, Turkish architect and teaching fellow at Bartlett Daghan Cam reimagines what 3D printed art structures can be. More

This 3D printed animatronic tail is what all the cool kids will wear this Halloween

Oct.25, 2015 - Phillip Burgess of Adafruit has provided detailed instructions for making a wagging animatronic tail using only a handful of components, including a 3D printed casing. More

Marc Newson designs £82,000 silver tea set for Georg Jensen with help of 3D printing

Oct.25, 2015 - Renowned Danish metalware brand Georg Jensen has recently collaborated with Australian designer Marc Newson to create a limited edition sculptural tea service. This marks Newson's first collaboration with design house Georg Jensen, which was founded over a century ago. More

DIY auto-adjusting jacket from Back to the Future with 3D printed parts

Oct.25, 2015 - Inspired by the Back to the Future movies, wearable technology expert and Instructables user Lara Graft used 3D printing technology and some nifty sewing tricks to recreate the auto-adjusting jacket that put the 'fly' in Marty Mcfly. More

Build a portable Raspberry Pi 2 with 3D printed enclosure and 7" multitouch display

Oct.25, 2015 - Need a basic tablet device on the cheap? Have a 3D printer to hand? Why not try building a portable Raspberry Pi 2 with a customised 3D printed enclosure and 7" multitouch display. Over at Adafruit, the Ruiz Brothers have provided detailed instructions for doing just that. More

3D printing startup DF3D receives funding from Indian government

Oct.24, 2015 - DF3D, a Bengaluru-based startup launched in February 2014 by Deepak Raj, has received funding from the Indian government after an eventful year and a half in business. More

Dubai to introduce 3D printed 'Smart Palm' to join existing tree trio

Oct.24, 2015 - The municipality of Dubai plans to deploy another of its successful 'Smart Palm' technology hubs, this time using 3D printing technology. The tree-shaped, solar-powered structures are able to offer free WiFi, as well as phone and gadget charging. More

'Brilliant Bus' and mobile-tech initiatives bring WiFi, 3D printing education to tech-starved communities

Oct.24, 2015 - Across America, school busses packed with everything from Macbook computer labs to robotics, coding, and 3D printing workshops are bringing Internet access and technology education to students in underserved communities in an effort to close the digital divide for good. More

Auvergne region in France invests €6.3 million in metal additive manufacturing

Oct.24, 2015 - Seeking to boost the metal 3D printing industry, French region Auvergne announced a €6.3 million financial investment, €4 million of which will go towards the joint venture Fives Michelin Additive Solutions. More

Stratasys expects further losses in upcoming third quarter results

Oct.24, 2015 - Stratays expects net losses of $155-$190 million, blaming 'weak' consumer commitment and its MakerBot subsidiary. As a result, they will writedown MakerBot by $140-180 million, exhausting the last of the division's goodwill. More

FARO's new Freestyle3D X Handheld 3D laser scanner is best used for forensic scene capture

Oct.24, 2015 - FARO Technologies will feature its latest Freestyle3D X Handheld 3D Laser Scanner at the IACP 2015 expo this weekend in Chicago, Illinois. The handheld 3D scanner, which operates with a scanning accuracy of 1mm at a 1m range, has been designed for use in Architecture, Law Enforcement, and other industries. More

Maker Wallet: stylish RFID wallet full of 3D printing gadgets now on Kickstarter

Oct.23, 2015 - Maker, an Australian startup comprised of Reuben and Kim Hinton, have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Maker Wallet: an all-in-one RFID wallet and multitool made especially for designers and 3D printing enthusiasts. More

US 3D printing market is 'white hot' says IDC study

Oct.23, 2015 - Recent research from the International Data Corporation confirms that the US is the world's largest market for 3D printers with hardware revenue expected to reach $1.5 billion in the coming years. FDM/FFF and SLA 3D printing technology continue to lead US shipments, with SLS on the rise. More

Best Buy to launch CreoPop 3D printing cool ink pen in 1000 stores this Monday

Oct.23, 2015 - CreoPop, the Singapore based company that developed the world's first cool ink 3D printing pen, has announced that their product will be launched in over 1000 Best Buy locations in the United States starting October 26th, 2015. More

Italian Open BioMedical Initiative unveils three low cost 3D printed biomedical prototypes

Oct.23, 2015 - New global nonprofit Open BioMedical Initative seeks to support medical care in developing world with exciting 3D printed innovations, including a prosthetic and a bionic arm and BOB: an incubator for newborn babies. More

Classic Tetris game reinvented with 3D printed motion-sensing controller

Oct.23, 2015 - In their PIXEL:SQUARE project, Danish students Anders Høedholt and Sille Agerbæk Sørensen reimagine how Tetris is played with a 3D printed controller that requires movement rather than buttons. More

3D printed selfies now easier than ever with Fuboss full body 3D scanning system

Oct.23, 2015 - A Spanish developer has unveiled a body 3D scanning system called FUBOSS: The Full Body 3D Scan System. Fuboss consists of a set of equipment designed to integrate with 3D scanners to make full body scanning an easier, quicker process than ever before. More

Technical University Eindhoven takes massive 11x5x4m concrete 3D printer into production

Oct.23, 2015 - Built together with ROHACO, TU Eindhoven plans to develop construction innovations with their massive 11 by 5 by 4 meter tall concrete 3D printer. Part of the project 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP), it costs about 650,000 euros and was financed by ten companies and the university. More

Create Prosthetics launches first Line of customizable 3D printed prosthetic leg covers

Oct.23, 2015 - Create Prosthetics, a company specializing in the manufacturing and design of custom 3D printed prosthetic covers launches its first line of leg covers. More

3D print your own model of solar thermal power plant

Oct.23, 2015 - As part of an initiative to make solar power more tangible, the Australian Solar Thermal Research Initiative has transformed their power plant into a 3D printed scale model. Now they have sent their own STL file into the 3D printing community. More

Two teenage cardiac patients in India regain their healthy lives thanks to 3D printed heart models

Oct.23, 2015 - Two teenage cardiac patients in India regain their healthy lives thanks to 3D printed heart models. Materialise have built a pair of 3D printed heart models made specifically for two teenage cardiac patients in Kochi, India. More

Aerojet Rocketdyne, UT, ORNL acquire three laser additive manufacturing machines for aerospace industry

Oct.22, 2015 - The University of Tennesee, ORNL, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Atlantic Precision and other US industry leaders have joined in a new initiative to enhance additive manufacturing for the aerospace industry. More

8-year-old used 3D printing to turn his slam-dunk mug idea into best-selling product

Oct.22, 2015 - Eight-year-old Max Ash, diagnosed at the age of five with dyslexia, invented the sports-themed Hoop With A Mug in class, and used 3D Systems' technology to prototype a working model. That prototype went on to become a patented, best-selling product that has sold 18,000 versions worldwide. More

Norsk Titanium and Alcoa launch joint 3D Printing and Industrial Cooperation Program

Oct.22, 2015 - Global 3D printing technology leader Norsk Titanium and lightweight metals leader Alcoa today announced a Joint Technology and Industrial Cooperation Program that will see them develop 3D printing technology solutions for aerospace, defence, energy, auotmotive and maritime industries. More

3Dom releases Buzzed, 3D printing filament made from beer

Oct.22, 2015 - 3D printing company 3Dom USA has released a bio-composite 3D printing material made from the waste byproducts of beer. The filament is compatible with any 3D printer that uses PLA, and provides a natural, beer-coloured gradient to finished products. More

Startup KickFly's set to launch 3D printed sunglasses made from recycled plastics

Oct.22, 2015 - U.S. based startup, KickFly, has set out to design and manufacture 3D printed sunglasses made from recycled materials. KickFly's was founded by Justin Capoccia, Colin Young, and John-Michael Fragnoli, three childhood friends from Niskayuna, New York who decided after college to go into business together. More

Take quality photos of 3D models with #3DBenchy's 3D printable Smartphone Photo Studio

Oct.22, 2015 - With smartphones becoming the most often used cameras, #3DBenchy has developed a useful 3D printable camera rig called the Smartphone Photo Studio that allows you to take perfect fixed angle photos. More

Mitch Pricer shows off incredibly accurate 95% 3D printed MitchRap 3D printer

Oct.22, 2015 - The MitchRap 3D printer, built by Texas-based designer Mitch Pricer, is one of the most accurate homemade 3D printers around despite consisting of 95% 3D printed parts. More

Swiss engineers create game-changing Mesh Mould 3D printing and In-Situ Fabricator for construction sites

Oct.22, 2015 - Developed by Swiss researchers, the use of Mesh Mould 3D printing to create complex, custom formwork moulds on construction sites could allow for non-standard designs and more time and resource efficient construction methods. More

BEEVERYCREATIVE and Leonel Moura 3D print 5-meter-tall statue in Lisbon

Oct.22, 2015 - To celebrate the ICT2015 Technology Convention in Lisbon, Portugal, 3D printer manufacturer BEEVERYCREATIVE and local artist Leonel Moura created a 5 meter tall 3D printed statue made from 300 parts. More

New 3D printable content platform Diorama could revolutionize how 3D designers create and share their work

Oct.22, 2015 - Diorama is a collective digital asset management platform for 3D content that lets users organize, manage, edit and print 3D assets, with an embedded 3D modeller, and direct integration with 3D printing services and social networks. More

3D printed coral reefs in Monaco help preserve and save marine biodiversity

Oct.22, 2015 - Six massive 3D printed coral reefs made from natural sand were revealed yesterday in Monaco that promise to maintain biodiversity and allow marine life to thrive as we approach what is expected to be the biggest coral die-off in history. More

Chemcubed and Direct Color Systems unveil ElectroUV3D UV LED flatbed inkjet 3D printer

Oct.22, 2015 - ChemCubed have teamed up with Direct Color Systems to introduce ElectroUV3D, a versatile, max-volume, small-format UV LED flatbed inkjet printer for digitally printing conductive liquids, able to print at a thickness of 3-4 inches. More

Make your own 3D printed lightweight quadcopter propellers

Oct.22, 2015 - A talented maker named Anton has built upon the hard work of another drone enthusiast named Landru and created an improved set of 3D printed propellers for quadcopters, drones and RC planes. More

Louborough University Receives £3.9m in funding to develop 3D printed PCBs

Oct.22, 2015 - Britain's Loughborough University has been awarded £3.9 million from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in order to develop their synthesizing 3D metamaterials research program aimed at creating 3D printed circuit boards. More

3D printing materials market set to overtake the 3D printer market by 2023 and reach $8.3 billion by 2025

Oct.21, 2015 - A Market Research Report released today predicts that the 3D printing materials market will overtake the 3D printer market by 2023 and reach $8.3 billion by 2025, making it clear that the 3D printing industry has officially entered the age of additive manufacturing and final part production. More

Get up and move with this J-Pop inspired 3D printed dancing robot from Japan

Oct.21, 2015 - Japanese company DMM has created a wildly entertaining dancing robot inspired by the J-Pop group idol phenomenon. The robot can be programmed with 'dance data' and customized with different outfits and 3D printable replacement parts. More

US Air Force to integrate 3D printing into almost all aspects of aircraft design and maintenance

Oct.21, 2015 - The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex, manager of aircraft engines, missiles, software and avionics for the US Air Force, is finalizing a strategy that will see 3D printing technology play a major role in the development, design, and maintenance of military aircrafts. More

Printing 3D Parts lays out the benefits of 3D printing for packaging industry

Oct.21, 2015 - Recently, Paul Pavolich, the vice president of Printing 3D Parts, Inc., sat down to discuss the benefits of using 3D printing technology to manufacture packaging prototypes. More

French startup Dagoma has released a 3D printer for only 300 euros

Oct.21, 2015 - French startup Dagoma take steps in making 3D printing more accessibly through the release of the Discovery200, an affordable, build-it-yourself 3D printer. More

Nano Dimension announces AgCite conductive nanoparticle inks, applies for NASDAQ listing

Oct.21, 2015 - Innovative printing electronics developer Nano Dimension are expanding their high end range for inkjet deposition 3D printing with AgCite conductive silver nanoparticle inks, while simultaneously applying for a listing on NASDAQ. More

Say goodbye to generic toys with TOYBIC customizable 3D printed RC cars

Oct.21, 2015 - A Lithuanian startup is launching an online design platform called TOYBIC where children and their parents can work together to create custom RC car models and then order the 3D printable parts to make them at home. More

Faraday Motion 3D printed Spine electronic skateboard available for preorder

Oct.21, 2015 - Under development for some time, Faraday Motion's first commercial Spine electronic skateboard can travel up to 30 km/h and travel 10 km on a single charge. Faraday Motion Spine electronic skateboard is now available for pre-order. More

Interactive 3D printed installation 'Unclaimed' points us to last unclaimed territory: the airspace directly above us

Oct.21, 2015 - In their fascinating 'Unclaimed' installation in the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, professors Laleh Mehran and Chris Coleman use 3D printing to enable visitors to interact with the air space directly above our heads. More

Give A Hand raising funds to give designer Ei Chi Tay a new 3D printed robotic hand

Oct.21, 2015 - New Zealand-based non-profit organisation Give A Hand are raising funds in order to develop their 3D printed prosthesis technology, and to provide a robotic hand for their first recipient, Malaysian graphic designer Ei Chi Tay. More

Breakthrough in 3D stem cell printing could decrease the need for medical animal testing

Oct.21, 2015 - This new breakthrough by researchers from the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh could lead to custom 3D printed stem cell medication and decrease the need for medical animal testing. More

Beyond Vision helps visually impaired employees 'see' with 3D printed tactile aids

Oct.20, 2015 - Beyond Vision, a manufacturing company dedicated to providing employment for the visually impaired, is using 3D printing technology to create tactile models, allowing their employees to 'see' and understand objects like never before. More

3D print your own 'Portable Lab' case for the BeagleBone Black

Oct.20, 2015 - 3D Hubs collaborates with BeagleBoard Foundation to Make an open-source 3D Printable Case for the BeagleBone Black. 3D Hubs have made the 3D design files for the case available on Instructables. More

MXD3D launches MakePrintable healing and repairing service for error-free 3D printing of 3D models

Oct.20, 2015 - Today sees the launch of MXD3D's new MakePrintable 3D file healing and repairing service, aimed at both advanced and novice makers looking to convert 3D content into a safely 3D printable state. More

3D printed lab-grown meat could be in stores in the next five years

Oct.20, 2015 - Two years ago, Dutch researchers developed the world's first lab-grown burger using 3D printing technology. Now, they are ramping up efforts in order to sell tastier and more affordable lab-grown meat by the year 2020. More

Shapeways, Etsy, Kickstarter, Meetup ask the White House to protect their users from trademark infringement claims

Oct.20, 2015 - A collaboration between some of the United States' largest startups, including Etsy, Foursquare, Kickstarter, Meetup, and 3D printing service Shapeways calls for the US government to put in place a system or mechanism to protect their users from unwarranted trademark infringement allegations. More

Fantastic heated tool MODIFI3D makes cleaning 3D prints much easier

Oct.20, 2015 - Made by British engineering experts Steelmans, the MODIFI3D is heated tool that easily removes support structures and imperfections from any 3D printed creation. More

Ambitious Chinese 3D printing service Mohou closes 10 million RMB in series A financing

Oct.20, 2015 - With the help of a first 10 million RMB round of financing, the ambitious Chinese 3D printing service Mohou seeks to make on-demand 3D printing simple and affordable through a factory cloud and the Mohou Box. More

Robotic 3D printing creates Iridescence Print, a large-scale spatially complex structure from 3D printed mesh

Oct.20, 2015 - Researchers have developed the first ever large-scale architectural structure to be automatically 3D printed by robots. The extremely lightweight and spatially complex installation, titled Iridescence Print, offers a new vision for digital manufacturing in architecture. More

New LulzBot Flexystruder hot ends unveiled for 3D printing with flexible materials

Oct.20, 2015 - Aleph Objects today announced the release of their first Flexystruder tool head for the LulzBot Mini and a new version of the Flexystruder hot end tool for the LulzBot TAZ for flexible filament 3D printing. More

Raflesia: a 3D printed wind turbine that 'hacks' cities' existing air sources

Oct.20, 2015 - French designer Leo Sexer has developed a 3D printed 'parasitic' wind turbine to alert the public about untapped energy resources within the city. The open-source Raflesia works by connecting itself to subway grids or other public air sources and stores power that can later be used to charge smartphones or other devices. More

Student develops new technique to 3D print clean energy one fuel cell at a time

Oct.20, 2015 - Nick Geisendorfer, an undergraduate from the McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University, has been conducting research into new fuel cell fabrication techniques. The student has employed 3D printing technology to make the solid oxide fuel cell more efficient and marketable. More

BQ unveils Witbox 2, Hephestos 2 3D printers & Zowi 3D printed robot for kids

Oct.20, 2015 - Spanish company BQ has unveiled the Witbox 2 and Hephestos 2 3D printers with upgraded performance features, as well as a 3D printable robot named Zowi, designed to teach programming to kids for just $99. All of their products are open-source, and will be available as of November. More

Educational $279 Tinyboy 3D printer raises $10K in Indiegogo within a day

Oct.20, 2015 - Having been under development since 2011, the very compact and affordable Tinyboy 2 3D printer by Parker Leung is now ready to be used in schools and garages everywhere, and is already a huge hit on Indiegogo. More

Eora 3D Scanner turns smartphone into a 3D scanner, now available on Kickstarter for $229

Oct.20, 2015 - Developed by Australian entrepreneurs Rahul Koduri, Richard Boers and Asfand Khan, the Eora 3D is the first affordable very high quality handheld scanning device, and costs just $229 on Kickstarter. More

Harvard & MIT researchers develop 3D printed metallophones, with a sound quality close to professional instruments

Oct.19, 2015 - After becoming interested in sounds created by striking different metal objects, researchers at Harvard, Columbia University and MIT were inspired to computationally design a 3D printed metallophone, with a sound quality close to professionally manufactured instruments. More

Researchers develop new metal materials through 3D printing

Oct.19, 2015 - Two researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology have been developing a way to use 3D printing technology in order to create Structural Amorphous Metals, which are stronger and lighter than existing, conventional metals. More

Beautiful Lazurite Fly 3D printed drone looks like an origami crane, flies like a bird

Oct.19, 2015 - Unveiled at CREATEC 2105, the Japanese-designed Lazurite Fly is a unique origami-style 3D printed drone powered by Lazurite Sub-GHz, the world's first ultra-energy saving microcomputer board, 90% more energy efficient than its competitors. The makers hope it will undo the negative stereotypes surrounding drone technology. More

Ultimaker releases open-source files for Ultimaker 2 Go and 2 Extended 3D printers

Oct.19, 2015 - Open-source 3D printing leader Ultimaker today released the free, online files for their Ultimaker 2 Go and Ultimaker 2 Extended 3D printers, maintaining their commitment to the global share-alike community. More

MIT group reveals design for 3D printed fibreglass structures on Mars

Oct.19, 2015 - A team from the MIT school of architecture has unveiled details of its Ouroboros Mars architecture concept, one of the thirty finalists in NASA's 3D Printed Habitat Challenge. More

Man 3D prints an amazing Unimog micro RC truck that fits into cigarette carton

Oct.19, 2015 - The Unimog micro is a fantastic 3D printed RC truck made at a 1/87 scale by German designer Mortimer von Boettger, and even makes matchsticks and lentils look big and bulky. More

Low cost, innovative 3D printed robotic hand exoskeleton to help heal injuries faster

Oct.19, 2015 - Mechanical engineering lecturer dr. Lei Cui and graduate student Anthony Phan develop the 3D printed Assisted Finger Orthosis exoskeleton hand, that makes the hand rehabilitation process after trauma easier and more efficient More

Fabbdea creates amazing 3D printed Arcus rifle from Destiny video game

Oct.19, 2015 - Fabbdea, a UK-based 3D printing 'ideas fabricator', has produced a replica of the Arcus exotic auto rifle from the Destiny video game, following a request from a fan. More

French hospital makes advancements in kidney cancer surgery using multi-colored 3D printed models

Oct.19, 2015 - French Hospital CHU de Bordeaux utilizes Stratasys Color Multi-Material 3D Printing Technology in order to make 3D printed, patient-specific kidney models, enhancing entire process of kidney surgery. More

Olivetti, Telecom Italia Group company, unveils all-Italian 3D-S2 3D printer for SMEs

Oct.19, 2015 - Olivetti, Telecom Italia Group company, now ventures into the 3D printing market with their 3D-S2 3D printer, specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses. More

Blessing Makwera now 'smiling' after major surgery and 3D printing helps reshape his face

Oct.19, 2015 - 3D Systems' Virtual Surgical Planning services team up with Sharp Memorial Hospital to create a surgical plan as well as 3D printed anatomical models for Zimbabwean Blessing Makwera's reconstructive surgery. More

3D printed Ontenna hairpin by Tatsuya Honda transforms sound into vibrations for the hearing impaired

Oct.19, 2015 - As a thesis project, Tatsuya Honda has developed a 3D printed hairpin that transforms sound into vibrations, enabling deaf people to 'hear' the world around them. More

Chinese doctors successfully reconstruct 78-year-old's chest with 3D printed thoracic cage

Oct.19, 2015 - China's TangDu Hospital, responsible for the world's first 3D printed sternum implant, has performed another successful surgery, removing a 78 year old woman's 4kg tumor and implanting an additively manufactured thoracic cage. More

This brilliant guy creates first ever 3D printed portable homemade railgun

Oct.18, 2015 - An Imgur and Reddit user going by the name of NSA_Listbot has created what might be the world's first portable, 3D printed railgun. The amateur arms-maker detailed the construction process on a lengthy Imgur post. More

Designer takes adorable 3D printed penguins on trip across Japan

Oct.18, 2015 - We spoke with ATOM3D designer Stanley Chen, who designed and 3D printed these adorable Taku Satoh-inspired penguins and then photographed them in front of famous Japanese sites. The designs are available for free online. More

3D scanning booth opens on German AIDA Cruises' AIDAbella offering 3D printed selfies

Oct.18, 2015 - AIDA Cruises has signed a deal with Berlin-based Twinkind to install 3D scanning booth for 3D printed selfies on board of the AIDAbella, where passenders can scan themselves and have a selfie waiting for them at home. More

Build a fantastic 3D printed 1950s style Philco Predicta TV replica

Oct.18, 2015 - Those classic 1950s Philco Predicta TVs seem to be making a big comeback in games and movies, but as they are notoriously difficult to find maker Jesse Demers has just shared designs for a small 3D printed version. More

How 3D printing is bringing order to the courts

Oct.18, 2015 - Biglaw litigators are using 3D printing and even wearable technology to create tangible evidence in product liability cases and to communicate with injured clients. More

Qubea launches affordable Rever 3D printer for kid, now on Kickstarter

Oct.17, 2015 - 3D printing firm Qubea, which has been active since mid-2012, has developed a new 3D printer for kids. The Rever 3D printer, marketed as an affordable 3D printer for kids, is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, through which Qubea hopes to raise $150,000. More

Scientists to develop 3D printed biomaterial for patients with severe maxillofacial bone loss

Oct.17, 2015 - Researchers at the University of Salamanca are exploring an inexpensive, customizable 3D printed solution for patients with severe maxillofacial problems who cannot receive traditional implants due to bone loss. More

Make cool, realistic Halo props with CAD software and a 3D printer

Oct.17, 2015 - A New England-based maker going by the handle 'The Irish Cowboy' has shared instructions for creating cool, realistic 3D printed Halo props such as firearms and other weaponry, ahead of the imminent release of the game's fifth instalment. More

Build your own furniture using Playwood's modular, 3D printed connectors

Oct.17, 2015 - Italian start-up Playwood, have made their own contribution of 3D printed modular designs to the world of interior design, with their modular, 3D printed connectors. More

Make your very own 3D printed toy mobile, designed by FabShop's Samuel Bernier

Oct.17, 2015 - Samuel Bernier, the creative director at le FabShop, has released his most recent project: an additively manufactured bird mobile to be hung in a child's room. More

3D printed whisker uncovers science behind prey-sensing ability of harbor seals

Oct.16, 2015 - Engineers at MIT have been conducting research into the prey-sensing ability of harbor seals by creating a large-scale, 3D printed replica of one of their whiskers. More

SUNfeet unveil 3D printed, customised insoles for improved shoe comfort

Oct.16, 2015 - Introducing SUNfeet: a 3D printed, fully bespoke shoe insole, promising unprecedented comfort for wearers. The Spanish company behind the product describe it as a fusion of new tendencies in health, technology and fashion to develop customized insoles for improved shoe comfort. More

New 3D printed teeth kill over 99% of bacteria for healthier, cleaner mouths

Oct.16, 2015 - Dutch researchers have developed a 3D printing material with antimicrobial properties that have been proven to kill 99% of tooth decay-causing mouth bacteria on contact. The material could be used in replacement teeth, orthodontic braces, and possibly even toothpaste. More

XYZprinting to display 3D printers at over 650 Barnes & Noble stores during Educator Week

Oct.16, 2015 - Taiwan's XYZprinting and Barnes & Noble have partnered during Educator Week to demonstrate the power of 3D printing in the classroom. The da Vinci 1.0 3D printer will be on display at nearly 650 retail stores nationwide. More

Project Runway and 3D Systems present 'Fabricate' 3D printed wearables you'll actually want to wear

Oct.16, 2015 - Project Runway contestants were challenged to use 3D Systems new Fabricate line of 3D printed textiles and Cubify 3D printers to create stunning runway to real-life outfits that you can download and make at home. More

Construction of world's first 3D printed metal bridge begins today in Red Light District of Amsterdam

Oct.16, 2015 - Construction on the world's first 3D printed steel bridge, made with MX3D's unique mid-air 3D printing technology, begins today in Red Light District of Amsterdam. Visitors can keep track of the progress at the public construction site. More

Boeing says its 3D printed microlattice is 'world's lightest metal'

Oct.16, 2015 - Aerospace company Boeing have released a short film demonstrating the huge potential of their unique 3D printed microlattice material, which they believe to be the world's lightest metal. The material, first developed in 2011 by HRL Laboratories, is roughly one hundred times lighter than Styrofoam. More

3DNA 3D prints amazing Hearthstone cards and 40 cm tall Ekko from League of Legends

Oct.16, 2015 - London based designers Simone Fontana and Ricardo Salomao from 3DNA share designs for amazing tributes to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and League of Legends video games on MyMiniFactory. More

Top 3D printed Halloween costumes and props you can make this year

Oct.16, 2015 - Just in case you haven't already 3D printed yourself an authentic, head-to-toe Dark Knight suit, or a functional and kick-ass Impress Furiosa prosthetic arm for Halloween, we've combined a list of some of the latest 3D printed costumes, decorations and edibles, ranging from creepy to cute and everything in between. More

Italian makers take Felfil Evo open source 3D printer filament extruder to Kickstarter

Oct.16, 2015 - Collettivo Cocomeri has already shared open source designs for an the very interesting Fefil extruder earlier this year, but have now gone to Kickstarter with an improved and well priced version: the Felfil Evo. More

3D Systems teams with MirrorMe3D to 3D print enhanced models for patients undergoing cosmetic surgery

Oct.16, 2015 - Market giants 3D Systems will help MirrorMe3D manufacture 3D printed models to help cosmetic surgery patients understand the expected results before going into surgery. More

15-year-old Hannah Herbst wins $25K for her sustainable 3D printed ocean energy probe

Oct.16, 2015 - Ninth Grader Hannah Herbst is this year's winner of the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for having designed an energy probe made with the help of 3D printing that could generate power and fresh water by harvesting energy from ocean currents. More

Mussels given 3D printed electronic backpacks to assist study of nitrogen cycle

Oct.15, 2015 - Researchers from the University of Iowa are planning to affix 3D printed electronic backpacks to freshwater mussels. Data collected from the backpacks will be used to reduce harmful nitrates in Midwestern waterways. More

Tru-Marine develops first 3D printed nozzle ring for quick turbocharger repair

Oct.15, 2015 - The first 3D printed nozzle ring for marine turbochargers, printed in an exotic super metal alloy, allows for faster repair times at a fraction of the cost. More

Korea and U.S. Institutes to bolster R&D in 3D printing, Internet of Things with $3M fund

Oct.15, 2015 - Two major institues in South Korea and the U.S. have joined forces to create a nearly three million dollar fund to bolster research and development in 3D printing, the Internet of Things, and high-tech manufacturing solutions. More

Universal and Sculpteo celebrate 30th anniversary of Back to the Future with personalized 3D printed DeLoreans

Oct.15, 2015 - To celebrate October 21st 2015 and the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future with the most exciting science-fiction-meets-science-fact technology we have to offer, Universal Studios and Sculpteo are offering the chance for diehard fans in France to personalize their very own, 3D printed DeLorean DMC-12. More

Cornell University engineers 3D print soft actuator that mimics the muscles of octopus tentacles

Oct.15, 2015 - Using a custom-built stereolithography 3D printer, the Cornell team led by Rob Shepherd successfully 3D printed a tentacle-like actuator using commercially available Elastomeric Precursor resin. More

Fantastic open source 3D printable Hovalin acoustic violin unveiled by Kaitlyn and Matt Hova

Oct.15, 2015 - Husband and wife Kaitlyn and Matt Hova have recently shared their open source, 3D printable and very high quality Hovalin acoustic violin, and encourage everyone to recreate it themselves. More

3-2-1 Blastoff! 2-year-old Benjamin is over the moon about his 3D printed rocket-ship playhouse

Oct.15, 2015 - Charles Knowlton was inspired and committed to making his two year old grandson, Benjamin the ultimate toy and succeeded in doing so by designing and 3D printing a rocket ship playhouse, with astronauts and moon rover vehicle included. More

Kickstarter for DRAGONLOCK, 3D printed dungeon gaming terrain, blitzes $500 target, nears $31,000

Oct.15, 2015 - A Kickstarter campaign for DRAGONLOCK, a 3D-printable interlocking terrain system, has reached more than 5,500% of its original pledge goal, with three weeks still left to run. More

3D printing assists Ford in development of new Ford GT Supercar and Mondeo Vignale

Oct.15, 2015 - One of the most important uses of 3D printing technology for legendary car company Ford is in the production of prototype parts. 3D printed components can be produced in just a few hours, for as little as €1,000. More

3D-PolySPRINT brings together eight companies to make 3D printed hearing aids more comfortable and durable

Oct.15, 2015 - Seven businesses and a non-profit research institute have partnered to develop new techniques for creating comfortable, sound-optimized, and rapidly manufactured hearing aids using completely non-invasive light-based imaging and multi-material 3D printing technology. More

Bayer's Covestro develops high-performance polymers materials to enhance all methods of 3D printing

Oct.15, 2015 - German based company, Covestro – formerly Bayer ScienceMaterial – has taken on the issue of 3D printing materials as they've dedicated themselves to developing innovative and high-quality materials to be used in 3D printing. More

Kirby Downey 3D prints awesome Sleeper Simulant rifle from Destiny: The Taken King

Oct.15, 2015 - South African designer and Redditor Kirby Downey has just shared the designs for his fantastic replica of the illusive Sleeping Simulant rifle from the latest expansion for the Destiny video game: The Taken King. More

Protect your home with 3D printed ED-E Home Automation and Monitoring System

Oct.15, 2015 - Capable of tracking air quality, detecting gas and even fire and more, this 3D printed ED-E Home Automation and Monitoring System is a perfect tool for keeping your home safe. And what's more, it has been designed by a remarkable 15-year-old high school student from Minnesota. More

Leapfrog launches simplified Creatr HS Lite 3D printer

Oct.14, 2015 - Leapfrog, the Dutch manufacturer of 3D printers, today released the Creatr HS Lite, a PLA-only compatible desktop printer with large build volume, and technology that promises a simplified printing process with high speed and quality results. More

Apple uses 3D printers in top-secret Input lab to test new product prototypes

Oct.14, 2015 - In a nondescript building known as Vallco Parkway, the Sillicon Valley Giant Apple houses one of the most advanced and secretive prototype testing labs, where a host of precision machinery, 3D printers, robotics and researchers diligently ensure that every single aspect of their keyboards, mouses and trackpads will affect you exactly as they're meant to. More

4WEB Medical launches 3D printed Posterior Spine Truss System in the US market

Oct.14, 2015 - 4WEB Medical has announced today that they will launch their Posterior Spine Truss System in the U.S. market. The announcement was made at the North American Spine Society annual meeting in Chicago. More

TU Delft's Nuna8 solar car optimized with 3D printed tailfin for Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Oct.14, 2015 - TU Delft team's entry, the Nuna8, features a 3D printed tailfin that is as light and aerodynamic as possible, adding just a bit of extra speed to the car's performance. More

ZeroPi, Arduino & Raspberry Pi compatible dev kit for 3D printers, surpasses Kickstarter goal

Oct.14, 2015 - The Kickstarter campaign for ZeroPi, an exciting new 3D printing gadget, has far surpassed its $5,000 target. The ZeroPi, which customers can get their hands on for a mere $24 pledge, is an Arduino Zero Compatible development kit for robotic motion structure systems. More

23cm tall, extremely detailed Gladiator, printed on a Form 1+ 3D printer

Oct.14, 2015 - 3D Animator Jan Löchler's most recent 3D printed project is a detailed model of his Gladiator animation, a hulking, fully armored, and sword-laden figure. When it came time to additively manufacture the Gladiator, 3D Ghost used his own desktop 3D printer, the Form 1+ from Formlabs. More

Sneak preview of high precision 3D printer ZerO 3D Prototyper

Oct.14, 2015 - Italian startup ZerO 3D Prototyper has just shared a sneak preview of an interesting high precision 3D printer also called the ZerO 3D Prototyper. The company itself is a four man operation and based in Genoa, Northern Italy. More

3D Hubs releases October's 3D printing trend report 2015

Oct.14, 2015 - The Amsterdam-based 3D Hubs has been releasing monthly 3D printing trend reports for some time now, and have just released the report for October 2015. More

Nike patents 3D printed shoe technology, getting ready to print 3D shoes

Oct.14, 2015 - Nike's COO Eric Sprunk spoke at a GeekWire Summit last month and suggested that 3D printing shoe technology was not too far away for the multinational company. Nike just yesterday patented the technology for additively manufactured shoes. More

Datasthesia brings data to life through cool 3D printed relief maps of the world

Oct.14, 2015 - Called Datasthesia, this Argentinian team consists of Karen and Marcelo and they take famous and interesting visualizations of data (such as the iconic shot of the earth at night), and turn them into 3D printed representations. More

3D printed surgical model saves 6-year-old cancer patient's knee from amputation

Oct.14, 2015 - 3D printing firm Materialise, in collaboration with a team of medical experts, were able to construct a 3D-printed model of 6-year-old Helena's leg, which enabled surgeons to operate with a higher degree of precision. More

Vader Systems metal 3D printer enters manufacturing phase, expected delivery by 2016

Oct.14, 2015 - Vader Systems has announced an exclusive manufacturing partnership with Rochester-based Aurora Machine to manufacture components for the final 3D printer, which is expected to be available as early as next year. More

Florida professor Neal Phillips rocks out on 3D printed electric violin

Oct.14, 2015 - While some classical musicians would scoff at the idea of a non-hand carved and polished wooden violin, English professor Neal Phillips proudly shows off his red, white and blue plastic violin, 3D printed in a classroom at the very college where he teaches. More

OCTE, company behind India's first 3D printed heart model, planning big expansion

Oct.13, 2015 - OCTE (Organs, Cell, and Tissue Engineering) Technologies, the company responsible for India's first 3D printed heart replica, are planning to capitalise on their early success and take their 3D printing technology to the next level. More

School teacher Kit Fuderich's 3D printed rice crispy loader robot wins Element14 Robotics Challenge

Oct.13, 2015 - First place winner of Element14 Robotics Challenge is upper/middle school teacher Kit Fuderich, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and his 3D printed, motor controlled rice crispy loading robot is one of the most remarkable home-made robots we've ever seen. More

New 3D Printed Lamellar Titanium Technology encourages bone growth with spinal implants

Oct.13, 2015 - K2M today unveiled its latest proprietary invention, Lamellar Titanium Technology, which uses advanced 3D printing techniques to create spinal implants out of a porous and rough biomaterial that actually promotes bone growth activity. More

New super tough 3D printed hydrogel could repair damaged knees

Oct.13, 2015 - A team of researchers in Texas have developed a new technique for 3D printing hydrogels that allows for unprecedented durability and precise processing control thanks to the addition of alginate. More

Canon dives into 3D printing market with new resin-based technology and its first 3D printer concept

Oct.13, 2015 - Canon Europe has announced its entry to the 3D printing market with its first entirely in-house developed 3D printer and what they are calling a totally new method of resin-based 3D printing. More

Ryan Zellars transforms his Mostly Printed CNC machine into four-headed 3D printer

Oct.13, 2015 - To cope with all those manufacturing requests, Ryan Zellars has recently transformed the basic Mostly Printed CNC machine into a remarkable four-headed 3D printer. More

Artist Solimán López unveils remarkable 3D printed REPSAT installation that interacts with visitors

Oct.13, 2015 - Solimán López recently unveiled his REPSAT installation in a museum in Valencia, Spain, a very cool and impressive interactive exhibition full of 3D printed litophanies and light effects that respond to visitors. More

Robo Wunderkind robotics & coding kit proposes 3D printing design platform for Robo accessories

Oct.13, 2015 - The team of developers behind the hugely promising Robo Wunderkind, a robotics and coding kit for kids which has been dubbed the "Lego of the future", has proposed to create a platform for users on which they can share their 3D-printed designs for Robo accessories. More

Swede Thomas Palm's modular, 3D printed Palmiga Globe Bouquet Vase is absolutely gorgeous

Oct.13, 2015 - Swedish veteran designer Thomas Palm has designed an absolutely gorgeous Globe Bouquet Vase, that would fantastic in any living room. It features a remarkable design as a protest against current trends in 3D printed vase design. More

3D Systems introduces cardiology training and patient-specific 3D modeling for surgical planning

Oct.13, 2015 - 3D Systems, a market-leading provider of 3D digital fabrication solutions, has introduced new, advanced simulation training modules for its VR simulation platform, aimed at experienced cardiologists. More

Sponge Suit 3D printed bikini with clean-tech material cleans water as you swim

Oct.13, 2015 - A breakthrough 'super-material' created by University of California Riverside engineers has the ability to repel water while safely absorbing and storing the toxins within, and has been incorporated into a 3D printed bikini that will allow wearers to clean our oceans as they swim. More

VULCAN awarded Guinness World Record for world's largest 3D printed pavilion

Oct.13, 2015 - Comprised of 1023 individual 3D printed units and standing at 8.08 meters long by 2.88 meters high (25.6 x 9.5 ft), the VULCAN 3D printed pavilion has just been awarded the Guinness World Record for world's largest 3D printed structure. More

Bio-inspired, 3D-printed robotic finger could be used in underwater robotics and prosthetic device

Oct.12, 2015 - Researchers from Florida Atlantic University have given a whole new meaning to the term 'finger print', after they unveiled their new 3D-printed robotic finger. The bionic digit, made from shape memory alloy (SMA), looks and moves almost like a real human finger. More

Zortrax to provide M200 3D printers to 180 public institutions in Poland

Oct.12, 2015 - 3D printing manufacturer Zortrax will be equipping 180 public benefit institutions within the Masovian Voivodeship (the most populated area in Poland) with M200 3D printers, and will provide free courses, software and materials to use them. More

Thales Alenia Space to use largest 3D printed parts in Europe for Koreasat 5A and 7 satellites

Oct.12, 2015 - Thales Alenia Space today announced that their Koreasat 5A and 7 tele-communications satellites, currently under construction, will include the largest 3D printed spacecraft parts ever made in Europe. More

Make perfect tea every time with this 3D printed Automatic Tea Timer

Oct.12, 2015 - Spanish engineering student Lluís García Lamora has developed the Automatic Tea Timer, which will keep an eye on infusion time, ring an alarm when its done and even removes the tea bag. More

Christopher Barnatt's Top 10 3D Prints of TCT Show 2015

Oct.12, 2015 - Christopher Barnatt has picked out his top 10 3D prints of TCT Show 2015. His selection criteria includes originality, design, the technical complexity of both the involved fabrication and post-processing stages, and finally the overall 'wow' factor. More

Northype's Adam 4-in-1 3D printer, CNC mill, 3D scanner and laser cutter now on Kickstarter

Oct.12, 2015 - Italian startup Northype has designed Adam 4-in-1 3D printer that not only combines 3D printing, laser cutting. CNC milling and 3D scanning into a single machine; it is also open source to enable to design and integration of many more modular making heads. More

Futuristic Human Quarter Mile shoe features modular, 3d printed exo-frame for enhancing athletic experience

Oct.12, 2015 - Designer Christopher A. Mann has developed the fascinating 3D printed Human Quarter Mile shoe, a complex and futuristic perfectly fitting exoskeleton that is designed to get the most out of the wearer's entire foot, down to the tendons, muscles and nervous system. More

666 3D printed jasmine flower petals design impresses at Jasmine, new Beijing restaurant

Oct.12, 2015 - The owners of newly opened high-end restaurant in Beijing, Jasmine, have decided to incorporate 3D printed designs into their restaurant's décor, making for China's first 3D printing themed restaurant. More

.bijouets teams with artist Monica Castiglioni for new 3D printed jewelry collection

Oct.11, 2015 - .bijouets, an Italian jewelry company which has made a name for itself through its use of 3D printing technology, has recently collaborated with internationally recognized jewelry designer Monica Castiglioni for its most recent collection. More

Readybox, consumer 3D printer with incredible printing speeds is now on Kickstarter

Oct.11, 2015 - The team behind Readybox, a new, ulta-fast 3D printer, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to support their project. The fundraising campaign has already surpassed its initial $12,500 target with 24 days left to run. More

'I Can Make' launches new 3D printed educational toy set: Strawblox

Oct.11, 2015 - UK based organization I Can Make has set out to educate and introduce 3D printing technology to children through programs directed to schools, teachers, and parents, most recently through their 3D printed product Strawblox. More

Maker uses 3D printing to make cool Avatar-inspired concrete coasters

Oct.11, 2015 - Instructables user Ryanto resorted to combining 3D printing technology with concrete to design a series of very cool and surprisingly easy to make coasters inspired by the Avatar the Last Airbender TV show. More

Adafruit's upgraded 3D printed DIY camera slider features motors and Bluetooth control

Oct.11, 2015 - Few of those DIY camera accessories were more impressive than Adafruit's 3D printed camera slider, but the Ruiz Brothers are now back for more with complex and remarkable upgraded version of that camera slider, this time featuring a lot of motors and even Bluetooth control. More

Instructables' Jonathan shares designs for very cool 3D printable interplanetary rocket

Oct.10, 2015 - Designed by Instructables' own Jon-a-Tron, this extremely cool 3D printed Interplanetary Rocket is not only a particularly realistic scale model, but also offers makers an interesting way to learn more about the practical side of space travel while 3D printing. More

Student creates Mantis, a stunning autonomous clipping machine for agroforestry using 300 3D printed parts

Oct.10, 2015 - Antoine Blas, a 26 year old design student based in Paris, has designed Mantis, a 3D-printed, autonomous clipping machine for agroforestry. The machine was composed of 300 3D-printed parts. The prototype was designed using Rhinoceros 5, and 3D printed using an Ultimaker 2 Extended 3D printer. More

3D printed heart made from 'elastomeric foam' holds promise for prosthetics, robots

Oct.10, 2015 - Researchers at Cornell have developed a lightweight, flexible material which they hope will soon be used to create an artificial human heart. The new material, termed 'elastomeric foam', could potentially be used for prosthetic body parts, artificial organs, and soft robotics. More

NASA announces winners for 3D printed Space Container Challenge

Oct.10, 2015 - Back in May, NASA challenged students from Kindergarten to 12th grade to design and submit their own 3D-printed space containers. Now, the winners of that competition have been announced and the winning designs showcased online. More

Chinese scientists 3D print building blocks of liver, on course to 3D print entire organ

Oct.9, 2015 - Today it has emerged that a team of Chinese scientists are one step closer to producing a 3D-printed human liver, after they used a specialised 3D printer to build artificial versions of tiny sections of the liver known as hepatic lobules. More

Doctors use 3D printer to diagnose facial deformity in utero, safeguard baby before birth

Oct.9, 2015 - A team of doctors from the University of Michigan report using 3D printing technology to recreate the facial anatomy of an unborn child, whom they feared would been born with a facial deformity blocking its airway. More

Apis Cor circular mobile 3D printer can 3D print houses and construction entirely on-site

Oct.9, 2015 - Though still in prototype stage, the Apis Cor circular 3D printer, created by 25-year-old Nikita Chen-iun-tai, presents exciting possibilities for mobile and on-site 3D construction, and presents a viable and economic way to sustain our housing needs of the future. More

3D printed cool Doodle Clock perpetually writes time on a magnetic board

Oct.9, 2015 - Professional architect and designing hobbyist Ekaggrat Kalsi has just shared his very cool Doodle Clock that continuously writes the correct time on a magnetic board (and erases it again). More

Raise3D launches high-resolution N1, N2 & N2+ 3D printers, featuring 0.01 mm layer thickness

Oct.9, 2015 - Raise3D previously released the interesting ideaPrinter a few years ago, and are now back with three improved models. Raise3D will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign for the N1, the N2 and the much larger N2 3D printers, all high resolution, user friendly machines. More

3D printing used for simple fabrication of complex microfluidic devices

Oct.9, 2015 - Researchers from the Laboratory of BioNanoTechnology at Wageningen University, Netherlands, have developed a new technique ESCARGOT for fabricating microfluidic devices, without the use of expensive materials or clean room facilities. More

Siemens, Georgia Tech expand innovation partnership to improve additive manufacturing workflow

Oct.9, 2015 - Technology powerhouse Siemens today announced that it will expand its two-decade partnership with Georgia Institute of Technology with the goal of driving advanced manufacturing innovation through software, research, digital product development. More

New DeeRed, be3D's largest 3D printer debuts at Paris 3D Printshow

Oct.9, 2015 - be3D, the Y Soft company who specialise in entry to mid-level 3D printers, have today announced the latest incarnation of their DeeRed 3D printer, the company's largest professional printer for prototyping and manufacturing. More

Maped to be outfitted with bigger, next-generation SpiderBot 3D printers

Oct.8, 2015 - French 3D printing company Qualup SAS has signed an agreement with Maped, the world leader in office and school supplies, to furnish them with a next generation SpiderBot Delta 3D printer that will come with significant upgrades in order to print in both ABS and thermoplastic. More

Texas Instruments unveils its fastest, highest-resolution DLP9000X chipset for 3D printing

Oct.8, 2015 - Texas Instruments (or TI) has just announced the release of their next generation DLP chipset DLP9000X, featuring more than 4 million micromirrors, perfect for high quality resin 3D printing at higher speeds than ever before. More

Design your own custom, fashionable 3D printed jewelry with Trove

Oct.8, 2015 - By taking advantage of the speed and low cost of rapid-prototyping and the customization and quality of 3D printed products, Trove may have finally brought beautiful 3D printed jewelry to the consumer market. More

Sebastiaan Deviaene designs 3D printable medical implants using video game development software

Oct.8, 2015 - Belgian industrial designer Sebastiaan Deviaene has not only created customized 3D printed implants, but does so using software and technology usually used for video game development. More

MakerBot lays off 20 percent of its staff again, announces company restructuring

Oct.8, 2015 - Jonathan Jaglom, the hapless yet ever optimistic CEO of MakerBot, today announced that the New York-based 3D printer manufacturing company will be laying off 20 percent of its global staff and making several restructuring changes in an effort to ensure the company's survival. More

ShareStation3D marketplace offers free downloadable 3D printing projects with step-by-step instructions

Oct.8, 2015 - Graphene 3D Lab today launched ShareStation3D, a new web portal and free online marketplace for 3D printing enthusiasts of all levels that will allow users to download, share and print functional projects at no cost. More

Open Bionics unveils superhero-inspired 3D printed prostheses for kids: Iron Man, Frozen, Star Wars themed

Oct.8, 2015 - Open Bionics has designed a range of prostheses for children which are not intended to blend into the background, but rather to stand out and allow children to be proud of their prosthesis. More

3D printer maker 3DGence receives major investment from one of Poland's wealthiest men

Oct.8, 2015 - Polish 3D printer manufacturer 3DGence today announced that they have received major funding from industrialist Michael Solowow, one of the richest men in Poland and one of the country's biggest stock exchange investors. More

Spanish artist Hugo Martínez-Tormo 3D prints light and sound using deconstructed 3D printers

Oct.8, 2015 - With two new works of art, called 3DsoundPrinter_Can and 3DlightPrinter_Glass Bottle, Spanish new media artist Hugo Martínez-Tormo 3D prints both light and sound for exhibition A.N.T. Arte y Naturalezas Tecnológicas, at the Punto Gallery, Valencia. More

3D Hubs HD launched, making industrial grade 3D printing available in 37 cities across the world

Oct.8, 2015 - 3D Hubs is launching a brand new service called 3D Hubs HD in 37 cities spread out over six continents, which will become the largest network of industrial-grade 3D printers in the world and give users access to industrial-grade 3D printing options. More

Gwendoline Christie stars in Iris van Herpen's 3D printing Show as dress is 3D printed onto her

Oct.8, 2015 - 'Game of Thrones' star Gwendoline Christie has made it to the center of the biggest event in the fashion industry, Paris Fashion Week, by having an Iris van Herpen dress 3D printed directly onto her body. More

Take a look at the world's fastest 3D-printed R/C car by James Beswick

Oct.8, 2015 - The world of R/C cars has also made use of 3D printing technology. James Beswick, one of just a few R/C drivers to have hit 200km/h, has developed the world's fastest 3D-printed R/C car, and will stop at nothing until it breaks the R/C world record: 325km/h. More

New NFC Ring: wearable for unlocking mobile devices, transferring data supports 3D printing

Oct.8, 2015 - The team behind the NFC Ring have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new 2016 model. Whilst this new model is being primarily marketed as a readymade, it is still possible to download and 3D print the new model using files provided by its makers. More

CollideOScope Multi-Filament 3D Print Head launches on Kickstarter

Oct.8, 2015 - A team of additive manufacturing engineers have built an innovative multi-filament 3D print head, launching a Kickstarter to help take their product into production. More

3D printed World of Warcraft figures made exclusively by FigurePrints and FabZat

Oct.7, 2015 - To bring the most intricate details of these characters to life as high quality, full-color 3D printed models, FabZat and FigurePrints have partnered up and been named as the exclusive European providers of 3D printed figures for the World of Warcraft Franchise. More

Valencians plan to build world's largest 3D printed statue during annual Las Fallas Festival

Oct.7, 2015 - For the 2016 celebration, local 3D printing company Stuyo 3D is offering the chance to all Valencian citizens to be made into 3D printed models of themselves, which will be used to build a towering, 16 meter tall (52.5 feet) replica of the Ofrenda de Flores a la Virgen de los Desamparados. More

Adidas teams with Materialise to present Futurecraft 3D printed sneaker, the future of running shoes

Oct.7, 2015 - Adidas today unveiled their concept of the future of performance footwear with Futurecraft 3D, a 3D printed running shoe midsole that can be tailored to the wearer's foot. More

Designer Mary Huang's 3D printed action figures send positive message to female makers

Oct.7, 2015 - Tired of the stereotype that making is for men, pioneering designer and entrepreneur Mary Huang has created a line of custom 3D printed female action figures and a step-by-step guide to make them yourself. More

Promising large and open source Eleven 3D printer by ISG3D now live on Kickstarter

Oct.7, 2015 - Canadian startup and 3D printer service provider ISG3D has just launched crowdfunding campaign for ISG3D's Eleven 3D printer, a good-sized, yet user-friendly desktop 3D printer that seems to feature everything users typically look for. More

Upcoming hilarious stop motion show SuperMansion features unique 3D printed characters

Oct.7, 2015 - While Robot Chicken required arduous hand sculpting for just about everything, a significant portion of objects in upcoming hilarious stop motion show SuperMansion will have been made with 3D printers. More

Make brushing your teeth fun with these fantastic 3D printed tooth brush holders

Oct.7, 2015 - Murray Clark, also known as Muzz64 on THingiverse, has recently shared designs for Tooth Brush Standz, a set of 3D printed fun stick figure-like tooth brush holders that brighten up any bathroom and turn tooth brushes into toys. More

Two students develop promising and fast FuseBox 3D printer for just $320, looking for beta testers

Oct.7, 2015 - Two student designers have managed to build a remarkably cheap FuseBox 3D printer that still manages to achieve very high printing speeds and a good printing quality. More

You'll soon be able to 3D print Nike shoes at your home, says Nike COO

Oct.7, 2015 - Nike COO Eric Sprunk recently attended and spoke at a GeekWire summit where he spoke of future Nike products and new innovations the company is pursuing. He believes there is the potential for consumers to print their own Nike shoes in their own home. More

Kickstarter underway for GustaVino, a modular 3D printed wine rack

Oct.7, 2015 - UK based Brazilian graphic designer Gustavo Arguello has designed a new modular 3D printed wine rack, perfect for the casual wine collectors, which he has called the GustaVino. More

Tech meets fashion: 3D print your own filament spool and earring carousel stand

Oct.7, 2015 - Creative Tools have created a bizarre but undoubtedly useful 3D-printed carousel stand for mini filament spools and earrings. Creative Tools have shared the STL files for the carousel over at Instructables. More

GE remain confident as $32 million additive manufacturing research centre nears completion

Oct.7, 2015 - General Electric's additive manufacturing research centre, which will measure 125,000 square feet, will be principally used to train designers and engineers in 3D printing design and production techniques. More

Makerarm multifunction personal fabricator & 3D printer launches on Kickstarter

Oct.6, 2015 - Today, the Makerarm multi-purpose personal fabricator and 3D printer has launched on Kickstarter. The Markerarm truly is an all-in-one making machine that combines 3D printing, plotting, milling, pick and place, laser engraving, PCB assembly, cake icing, and even more. More

Designer Ryan Pennings 3D prints gorgeous algorithmic Percy Stools using industrial Kuka robot

Oct.6, 2015 - Australian student and industrial designer Ryan Pennings's Percy stools are fantastic and brightly colored creations that – with the help of industrial 3D printing – proudly show off really thick layers. More

11-year-old's 3D printed diabetes test-strip device wins him a trip to NASA

Oct.6, 2015 - Tired of getting into trouble for leaving his diabetes test strips on the floor at home, 11-year-old William Grame came up with the idea to 3D print a device that can safely and hygienically save up to 50 used test strips at a time before needing to be emptied. More

Use 3Doodler to create new heads for Star Wars: The Force Awakens' BB-8 Droid toy

Oct.6, 2015 - After having a play with the remote-controlled Star Wars: The Force Awakens' BB-8 Droid toy and noticing its detachable magnetic head, 3Doodler team decided to 3D print some replacement nobs. More

Stratasys & Adobe team up to bring color 3D printing to Adobe Photoshop CC users

Oct.6, 2015 - 3D printing industry giant Stratasys today announced a major partnership Adobe that will allow creative designers to easily transform their designs into high quality, full color 3D printed models. More

Taiwan's first metal 3D printer revealed, could help repair old submarines

Oct.6, 2015 - The National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST) in Taiwan today revealed Taiwan's first locally developed metal 3D printing system, with which it hopes to improve the nation's aerospace and defense industries. More

3D printed antennas, spy cameras, talking helmets: New prospects for 3D printing in the military

Oct.6, 2015 - Last month at the annual Intelligence and National Security Alliance summit held in Washington, DC. Among the topics discussed, was an especially promising one: the potentials of 3D printing for military purposes. More

Fastest and most scalable 3D printing service Voodoo Manufacturing opens doors in New York

Oct.6, 2015 - Called Voodoo Manufacturing, this new 3D printing service is a high capacity manufacturer that is capable of easily manufacturing thousands of parts in a very small amount of time. More

Mike Blakemore 3D prints fully movable, completely wireless animated humanoid robot head

Oct.6, 2015 - Designer and software developer Mike Blakemore from Hyperplane Interactive has designed and 3D printed an impressive wireless human head that can move, smile, tilt its neck and move its eyes, and freak people out. More

Maker designs 3D-printed Master Chief Halo 4 helmet

Oct.6, 2015 - An anonymous maker known only as 'EggyMean' has designed and built a 3D-printed Halo 4 helmet. The 3D-printed helmet, which is large enough to be worn, is made from around fifty 3D-printed components. More

New York State invests $125 million to build large-scale 3D printing plant with Norsk Titanium

Oct.6, 2015 - New York State has signed a private-public partnership deal with Norsk Titanium AS and will invest $125 million in an industrial-scale 3D printing facility that is to be constructed in Plattsburgh, New York. More

This OLO box will turn your smartphone into a DLP 3D printer for just $99

Oct.6, 2015 - Italian rapid prototyping and digital fabrication firm Solido3D has created OLO, the world's first app-powered smartphone 3D printer, and are about to unleash accessible, affordable, and socially driven 3D printing on the world. More

Ultra-quiet and user-friendly Replicape 3D printer control board arrives to Kickstarter

Oct.6, 2015 - Intelligent Agent AS, the Norwegian designer and manufacturer of 3D printer electronics and systems, has created the Replicape, an open source, Internet-connected 3D printer control board compatible with BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi that is as smart as it is silent. More

SOLS Flex brings 3D printed custom insoles directly to consumers through iPhone app

Oct.5, 2015 - SOLS Flex are the first 3D printed custom insoles available directly to consumers, with the ability to absorb shock, alleviate heel pressure and respond to your individual gait. More

Autodesk takes major step into 3D printed footwear industry with Autodesk Footwear group

Oct.5, 2015 - Autodesk today confirmed its commitment to Digital Footwear Creation unveiling the Autodesk Footwear group, which combines products from the Delcam Crispin and Delcam Custom Orthotics Insoles lines into a single new brand. More

Hauke Scheer action-packed stop motion film with articulated 3D printed figures

Oct.5, 2015 - There are action figures, and then there are Hauke Scheer's fully customizable, high-quality, hand-painted 3D printed action figures, with over 25 points of articulation and multiple faces to create different gestures and emotions. More

Nasim Sehat's Biz Eyes explores individuality with unusual 3D printed, detachable eyewear

Oct.5, 2015 - Thanks to Iranian architect Nasim Sehat, 3D printing's role in fashion and design is being extended into eyewear with her most recent design venture called Biz Eyes. More

Florida forensic scientists to use 3D printing to recreate skulls from nine unsolved murders

Oct.5, 2015 - A team of Forensic scientists from the University of South Florida will 3D print skulls for facial reconstructions of the victims of nine unsolved murders in Florida in the hope that it will create new leads. More

Futurist Christopher Barnatt's review: The TCT Show 2015 (w/videos)

Oct.5, 2015 - On 30 September and 1st October 2015, the TCT Show was held in Birmingham, UK. Now in its 20th year, TCT once again demonstrated the incredible depth and breadth of 3D printing innovation and application. More

Avengers: Age of Ultron' fantastic Vision character brought to life with help from 3D printing

Oct.5, 2015 - Avengers: Age of Ultron was a hugely successful movie. In a recent interview prosthetics supervisor Nik Williams and make up boss Jeremy Woodhead revealed that much of the look of new character Vision was achieved with the help of 3D printed facial prosthetics. More

Dutch students start project for developing the first ever DIY 3D printed bicycle OBI

Oct.5, 2015 - The first ever do-it-yourself 3D printed bicycle is being designed by two Dutch industrial design students: the OBI, the open bicycle. The OBI bike is being developed as part of The Bike Project, and is being masterminded by enterprising industrial design students Stef de Groot and Paul De Medeiros. More

Moon Express contracts Rocket Lab for three 3D printed rocket-powered missions to the moon

Oct.5, 2015 - New Zealand based private firm Rocket Lab has announced a deal with Silicon Valley's Moon Express startup for three 3D printed rocket-powered missions to the moon. More

3D printing company Branch Technology unveils America's tallest 3D-printed object

Oct.5, 2015 - Branch Technology unveiled their latest creation: America's tallest 3D-printed object, an 18 foot (5.5m) tall, 54 cubic feet sculpture. The additive manufacturing firm's impressive sculpture is being exhibited at the Museum of Design Atlanta as part of the Designers, Makers, Users: 3D Printing the Future exhibit. More

3D printed fingers and fiber optical sensors could make robotic hands more dexterous

Oct.4, 2015 - Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a three-fingered soft robotic hand with multiple 3D-printed fiber optic sensors, together with a new type of stretchable optical sensor. The robotic hand, supported by NASA, is able to detect forces of less than a tenth of a newton. More

Build impossible towers with 3D printed Tricky Bricks

Oct.4, 2015 - Lucia Di Santo has invented that game that's part Lego, part Jenga, and part mathematical engineering. Each 3D printed Tricky Brick has a different weight and balance to it, meaning you can connect and build them up into awkward, precarious and gravity-defying forms. More

Make metal parts with 3D printer using lost polymer casting method

Oct.4, 2015 - A former Electrical and Explosives Engineering student named Peter, going by the handle 'lyratron', has shared a handy method for making metal parts using a standard plastic-printing 3D printer. More

Designers 3D print gorgeous and recyclable Monicker Watch

Oct.4, 2015 - Designers Frederic Pieck and Rob Hendrickx have 3D printed very stylish recyclable Monicker Watch. This amazing Belgian design is truly a unique specimen in the world of stylish 3D printing, and have become one of the seven finalists in the Belgian Additive Design Challenge. More

3D printed heart helps facilitate successful surgery; holding his heart in his hands is 'amazing', says patient

Oct.3, 2015 - Thanks to a 3D-printed model of the muscular organ, surgeons were able to closely examine a replica of Nicholas Borgman's heart, which provided them with further information and greater familiarity with its physiological defects. More

Maker uses 3D printing to create impressive scale models of Eve Online ships

Oct.3, 2015 - A game-loving maker named 'Yueshi' has developed a method for 3D printing scale replicas of ships from the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Eve Online. More

Norwegian designer releases 'Plotclock for Dummies' for 3D printed time-plotting robot

Oct.3, 2015 - Norwegian designer Kjetil Egeland wanted to devise clear and understandable instructions for 3D printed time-plotting robot that any one could follow. More

Drive safe and hands free with 3D printed Bsteady smartphone car mount

Oct.3, 2015 - Designed by the maker world's sweetheart Susan Taing, the Bsteady is a smartphone car mount with a universal curved design that secures any phone into any car, allowing drivers to charge their phone and access GPS directions without taking their hands off the wheel. More

Here's how you can 3D print your own brain

Oct.3, 2015 - An Instructables user going by the fitting moniker of 3d_printed_brain has recently posted the steps for creating your own 3D printed brain, and it doesn't seem to require too big of a brain to execute! More

Quebec University developing 3D printed hockey puck for the visually impaired

Oct.3, 2015 - Montreal's visually impaired hockey team 'Les Hiboux de Montreal' (translated as the Owls of Montreal), have been finding ways to accommodate the sport to their needs. In order to build the puck, the team have opted to make its parts through 3D modelling and 3D printing, using polyurethane as the material. More

LLNL's Large Area Projection Micro Stereolithography (LAPµSL) 3D printing device wins tech-transfer award

Oct.2, 2015 - Bryan Moran, a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) optical engineer, has won the 2015 Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Far West Region Award for his Large Area Projection Micro Stereolithography (LAPµSL) 3D printing technology. More

Funeral platform Yiko aims to promote cremation, reduce cost of burials with 3D printed urns

Oct.2, 2015 - China's funeral platform Yiko is trying to promote cremation as a more affordable and sustainable alternative by offering customers personalized, 3D printed urns. More

Kentstrapper launches plug-n-play Zero 3D printer with auto-calibration and intuitive interface

Oct.2, 2015 - Italian 3D printer manufacturer Kenstrapper has revealed Zero, their latest and most evolved model. Kenstrapper's goal in designing Zero was to simplify and speed up the interaction between man and machine, to make 3D printing enjoyable and significantly reduce the risk of failure. More

Japanese designer Ken Kawamoto reimagines 3D printing with 3D popup cards from 3D photos

Oct.2, 2015 - With an eye on getting the best possible quality, Japanese designer Ken Kawamoto has just shared a very intriguing alternative method for getting high resolution '3D printed' photographs, relying on 3D cameras and regular photographic paper. More

Sensel Morph shape-shifting trackpad transforms into any device with 3D printed overlays

Oct.2, 2015 - With open source, customizable and 3D printable overlays, the Sensel Morph can go from QWERTY keyboard to paint canvas to drum pad in seconds, opening new possibilities for computer-human interaction. More

The first ever 3D printed 0.4mm kitesurfing tail can reach record-breaking speeds

Oct.2, 2015 - The first ever 3D printed fin measures only 0.4mm thick and easily propelled pro-surfer Sylvain Hoceini to 51 knots (95 km/h) during its first tests. The fin was designed by French kitesurf manufacturer PC² in collaboration with SLS France. More

Deloitte predicts 220,000 3D printers sold in 2015, but says money is in professional grade 3D printing

Oct.2, 2015 - Deloitte concludes that the 2015 3D printing market has grown tremendously (with 220,000 3D printers being sold this year), but says that virtually all of the economic value is in professional grade 3D printing and that 95% of 3D printed objects are made by these high quality 3D printers. More

University of Pittsburgh researchers are developing new 3D printed treatment for broken bones

Oct.2, 2015 - Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have been working on finding a way to use 3D printing technology in order to better repair broken and fractured bones without the use of metal pins and screws and they have potentially found a solution. More

Orbbec's Persee computer camera, perfect for 3D printable scanning, hits indiegogo

Oct.2, 2015 - Orbbec has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (that is already doing well) for their remarkable Persee, a combination of a high-def 3D camera and an ARM computer, which is perfect for building 3D apps and making 3D printable scans. What's more, it is expected to retail for less than $300. More

Harvard's popupCAD origami-style 3D printable robots teach kids and beginners how to code

Oct.2, 2015 - Researchers at the Harvard Microrobotics Lab have developed a free software tool called popupCAD that allows beginners with little-to-no programming experience to design and build their own foldable laminate robots and machines. The models can then be 3D printed on plastic (or paper) with electronic components printed on top. More

New Zealand student is double finalist in Innovators competition for research into 3D printing recycled plastic to help Samoa

Oct.1, 2015 - Lionel Taito-Matamua's thesis project, entitled Renewing Materials: 3D Printing and Distributed Recycling Disrupting Samoa's Plastic Waste Stream, is a study into how 3D printing technology can create tools out of recycled plastic, which can in turn be used to combat the growing amount of plastic waste filling up landfills and waterways in Samoa. More

Disney Research designs 3D printed soft skins for kid-safe toy robots

Oct.1, 2015 - Disney Research has created a series of soft robotic limbs that can safely interact with delicate objects and eventually be made into a line of children's toys that perfectly mimic—in both looks and movement—actual CGI movie characters. More

Beijing Design Week focuses on 3D printing, features large VULCAN structure made up of 1,100 3D printed units

Oct.1, 2015 - Beijing Design Week has put a strong focus on 3D printing technology. Perhaps the most impressive feature of this year's BJDW is what is being hailed as one of the world's largest 3D printed architectural structure. More

First ever 3D printed micro-needles a pain-free way to deliver drugs

Oct.1, 2015 - Scientists from the University of Akron and University of Texas today announced a pioneering technique for producing 3D micro-printed needles. The needles, measuring no more than 1 mm high, are made from a biomaterial that after painlessly delivering the drug would simply degrade into the patient's body. More

New WASP TOP DLP 3D printer combines top and bottom projection for the best of both worlds

Oct.1, 2015 - After three years of development, Italian 3D printer manufacturer WASP today announced a new technological solution for DLP 3D printing that combines the affordability, convenience and cleanliness of top side light projection with the high precision of bottom side projection. More

Chinese cancer patient receives 3D printed titanium sternum implant

Oct.1, 2015 - In a recent case, the Hunan Cancer Hospital in China teamed up with the Hunan Dimension Intelligent Technology CO., Ltd. in order to fit one cancer patient with a 3D printed sternum bone replacement. More

i.materialise expands range of 3D printed metal creations with copper

Oct.1, 2015 - Belgian 3D printing service providers i.materialise has just announced that their already impressive range of material options is to be expanded by a new metal addition; following notable predecessors like gold and silver, even copper 3D printed creations will now be possible. More

Filamate launches 3D Printing Starter Kit, StarterMate on Kickstarter

Oct.1, 2015 - Filamate, a Vienna based start up, is looking to change this reality by making products geared towards introducing 3D printing technology to beginners. Filamate launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new product StarterMate. More

Ambitious CAD software Onshape raises $80 million led by Andreessen Horowitz

Oct.1, 2015 - CAD innovators Onshape has just raised $80 million in new equity financing led by Andreessen Horowitz with participation from existing investors New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Commonwealth Capital Ventures and North Bridge Venture Partners. To date, Onshape has raised $144 million in total funding. More

University of Washington scientists develop 3D printing process to make realistic new ears

Oct.1, 2015 - A new study by two scientists from the University in Washington have come up with a clever solution, in which 3D printing is used to make perfect surgical ear models as reference guides during surgery. More

Vulcan Jewelry unveils fantastic Kinetic Ring with moving gems made with 3D printing

Oct.1, 2015 - Hong Kong-based designer Desmond Chan's latest design, The Kinetic Ring, was inspired by kinetic rolling balls, but then features gorgeous rubies embedded in a wearable ring. More

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