Introducing stylish L5 and L5plus 3D printers

Nov.1, 2012 -   The fully assembled open source L5 3D printer on Kickstarter is launched by Provo, UT based Michael Lundwall. It has some unique features: injection-molded plastic parts, new head design, etc. More

Brikstarter helps bring your ideas to Kickstarter  

Oct.31, 2012 -  Nick Allen started the company 3D Print UK in 2011 with the aim to open the UK 3D printing market to the consumer. Together with designer Rob, mobile developer Alasdair, and Vibol, a New Zealander video editor.. More 

German RepRap launches new direct drive extruder for 3D printer 

Oct.31, 2012 -  With the new direct drive extruder for the 3D printer PRotos, the German RepRap GmbH succeeded in realizing an extruder with minimal dimensions. More 

Stratasys adds black ULTEM 9085 thermoplastic for 3D printing

Oct.31, 2012 -   Stratasys unveiled black color ULTEM 9085, a high-performance thermoplastic, for use in its FDM 3D printers. More

3D printing an acoustic stand on the cheap

Oct.31, 2012 -   Michael Williams 3D printed some acoustic stands for mobile phone. The stand can not only hold your phone but also direct the sound towards you with improved clarity and volume. More

High strength nylon 3D printing material available for sale 

Oct.31, 2012 -  taulman announced today the taulman 618 Nylon material is available for sale. This taulman's "618" high strength nylon line is specifically engineered for 3D printing. More 

VXC800: World's first 3D continuous printer

Oct.30, 2012 -   voxeljet, the Augsburg-based equipment builder will present the brand new VXC800 3D printer at EuroMold 2012. More

Melotte: 3D printing significantly reduces production costs 

Oct.30, 2012 -  Mario Fleurinck (41), CEO of Zonhoven (Belgium) based technology company Melotte, is passionate about eco-system design and sustainable technologies development.  More 

World's first 3D printed artificial reef 

Oct.30, 2012 -  An Australian-Bahraini team has taken artificial reef design to a new level: The team has 3D printed its first reef units that stand 1m high and weigh 500kg each. More 

Olaf Diegel's 3D-printed Guitars available on Cubify

Oct.30, 2012 -   The first-ever line of 3D printed electric and bass guitars, designed by Olaf Diegel, is now available for purchase on Cubify. More

Creating complex 3D metallic structures at nanoscale

Oct.30, 2012 -   Scientists from Aalto University in Finland and the University of Washington in the US have just demonstrated how to create complex three-dimensional structures at nanoscale by combining ion processing and nanolithography. More

Jordan Miller: Open Source is a Philosophy, Not a Checkbox 

Oct.29, 2012 -  Jordan Miller gave a talk at the 2012 Open Science Summit in Mountain View, CA regarding the science behind their work with RepRap for research in Regenerative Medicine. More 

Axon 3 available on RapMan 3.2 & 3DTouch

Oct.29, 2012 -   RapMan 3.2 owners can now also use Axon 3 on their machines, announced Bits From Bytes today. More

3D printed Water Waves lamps inspired by traditional Chinese painting 

Oct.29, 2012 -  In Beijing International Design Week 2012 designer BoWen Song showcased her 3D printed creations: 12 pieces of water waves lamps. The lamps are inspired by "Water Painting" of Chinese ancient artist Ma Yuan in Song Dynastry. More 

EnvisionTEC launches Perfactory Micro 3D printer 

Oct.28, 2012 -  EnvisionTEC launched Perfactory® Micro, the smallest desktop 3D printer from Perfactory family — with very high resolution. More 

PandaBot Cancelled Kickstarter Project

Oct.27, 2012 -   Panda Robotics has just canceled its Kickstarter campaign for PandaBot 3D printer. During the three weeks (October 4th -> November 3rd, 2012) on Kickstarter, Pandabot has raised $38,959 of $50,000 goal. More

Uformia launches modelling software Meshup on Kickstarter 

Oct.27, 2012 -  Uformia AS, a 3D software developing company in Norway launched a Kickstarter project called MeshUp. Based on volume modeling, MeshUp is set to overcome... More 

Kiosk 2.0: Mobile 3D printing workstation 

Oct.26, 2012 -  Following up the orignal mobile kiosk for 3D printing project, Unfold redesigned a new version: Kiosk 2.0 with the support of Bits from Bytes and Polhemus.More 

3D printed Eye of Sauron iPhone 5 case for Lord Of The Rings fans

Oct.26, 2012 -   This Eye of Sauron iPhone 5 case is designed by Shapeways user joabaldiwn, "An iPhone 5 case for Lord of the Rings fans, in which the Apple logo becomes the evil eye of Sauron." More

Inhaler for Children with Asthma wins 3D Printing Event Challenge 2012

Oct.26, 2012 -   "Suppose you had a 3D printer at home. Design the first consumer product you would like to 3D print and use." This is the design brief of 3D Printing Event Challenge 2nd edition. More

Custom-built 3D printer to transform waste plastic into composting toilets

Oct.26, 2012 -  The team plan to form a company and work with partners in Oaxaca, Mexico, to build machines that can transform waste plastic into composting toilets and pieces for rainwater harvesting systems. More 

3D Systems 3rd-qtr beats estimates as 3D printer sales soar

Oct.26, 2012 -   Three-dimensional printer maker 3D Systems Corp reported better-than-expected quarterly results as printer sales more than doubled, prompting the company to raise its full-year forecast. More

Join EFF's Efforts to fight bad patents restricting 3D printing 

Oct.25, 2012 -  Want a world with open access to 3D printing? Join EFF's Efforts to fight bad patent applications that threaten new tech and keep 3D printing open.More 

The art of 3D print failure 

Oct.25, 2012 -  When 3D prints go wrong they become garbage, or simply art. More 

Keep your earbuds in your ears with 3D printed button

Oct.25, 2012 -   A small button not only holds your shirt together, but it also is a clamp on one edge for holding the cord for your ear bugs. More

Printcraft: convert your Minecraft creations into STL 3D model files 

Oct.25, 2012 -  Paul Harter showed up at the recent 3D Print Show London 2012 event with his family and Printcraft, a online world that lets Minecraft players convert their Minecraft creations into stl for 3D printing.More 

3D printed protein model gives hands-on help for learning the secrets of molecules 

Oct.24, 2012 -  Masaru Kawakami developed a new handleable protein molecular model with a full-color 3D printed main chain structure embedded in a soft and transparent silicone body similar to the molecule's surface.More 

3D Printer CB-printer launched at the 3D Print show in London

Oct.24, 2012 -   Bartosz Cieluch, an experienced Polish car manufacturer who took care of production quality in each RapCraft 3D printer, started his own More

Designer Janne Kyttanen launched 3D printed Macedonia case for iPad 

Oct.24, 2012 -  FreshFiber launched 3D printed Macedonia case for your iPad designed by designer Janne Kyttanen. The box spring shock breakers could protect your iPad from bumps and drops.More 

Making a plastic filament extruder 

Oct.23, 2012 -  How to drive down the cost of filament? HLyman uploaded a Lyman Filament Extruder back in September, a machine that extrudes filament from fine pellets for use in a 3D Printer.More 

Would you eat food made by a 3D printer?

Oct.23, 2012 -   Work on 3D food printing has also been taking place at TNO for years, but the hospitality industry still sees it like science fiction. More

A preview image of Rostock mini 3D printer

Oct.23, 2012 -   bwevans uploaded a nice picture of Rostock mini, a smaller and more portable version of Johann's Rostock Delta 3D Printer. The vertical height is 7.5" and configurable. More

UK Government to invest £7M in 3D printing technology 

Oct.23, 2012 -  The UK government, through its Technology Strategy Board (TSB), has announced its intention to invest £7m in in research and development of 3D printing technologies. More 

Glasgow unveiled world's most advanced 3D model of the human foot

Oct.22, 2012 -   Researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) worked in partnership with colleagues at Maastricht University and Danish biomechanical firm AnyBody Technology to develop the pioneering human foot simulation. More

Unfold's Stratigraphic Manufactury: playing with ceramic 3d printing for unexpected results 

Oct.22, 2012 -  Antwerp-based design studio Unfold presents Stratigraphic Manufactury in the inaugural Istanbul Design Biennial. More 

Last chance to back Pandabot and Form 1 3D printer! 

Oct.22, 2012 -  Kickstarter is a place full of exciting projects. The elegant PandaBot was launched on Oct 4, 2012 and costs $800 for the basic model. PandaBot has a seamless design and all of the major machinery is encased in metal.More 

3D Printshow in London, October 19th 2012 video

Oct.22, 2012 -   Watch below an interesting video report by futurist Christopher Barnatt from the 3D Printshow in London, October 19th 2012. More

Artist 3D printing museum replica on a Makerbot Replicator 

Oct.21, 2012 -  California based Artist Cosmo Wenman scanned an ancient marble sculpture "Head of a horse of Selene from the east pediment of the Parthenon" (Acropolis, Athens, 438-432 BC) in the British Museum using free Autodesk 123D Catch.More 

UW WOOF wins the 3D4D Challenge 2012 

Oct.21, 2012 -  The UW WOOF (Washington Open Object Fabricators) team has won the 3D4D Challenge 2012. The announcement was revealed on Oct.19 during the VIP event at the 3D Printshow in London.More 

OpenStructures WaterBoiler Filter by Unfold

Oct.21, 2012 -   Dutch designer Jesse Howard in collaboration with Thomas Lommée of Intrastructures developed OS WaterBoiler using OpenStructures design and CNC manufactured and standard components. More

Rebuilding 74-year-old Morris Eight badge with 3D printing 

Oct.20, 2012 -  3D Artifex, a design company from the Netherlands reproduced a car bonnet badge from a 1938 English classic car Morris Eight with 3D printing.More 

360-degree visualisation tool released at 3D Printshow London 

Oct.20, 2012 -  Stirling-based software developer Linknode has unveiled its augmented reality mobile app at the 3D Printshow London 2012.More 

Digital Reality launches new tool for real time quotes

Oct.19, 2012 -   Digital Reality, parent company of 3D printing service Kraftwurx is releasing a new Pro-Quote tool as part of digital factory. More

FabClay: exploring important parameters of robotic 3D printing

Oct.19, 2012 -   FabClay is a 3D ceramic printing project launched by barcelona-based Sasha Jokic (Serbia), Starsk Lara (Colombia) and Nasim Fashami (Iran) aiming to explore a new digital fabrication system. More

Shapeways opens largest 3D printing factory in the world 

Oct.19, 2012 -  Shapeways, the 3-D printing company based in New York, announced their plans to bring manufacturing back to New York City with their "Factory of the Future," a new 3D Printing facility being built in Long Island City. More 

Global Additive Manufacturing Market expected to reach $3.5 Billion by 2017

Oct.19, 2012 -   According to a new market research report, the Additive manufacturing is a potentially growing market in every manufacturing sector with a global market of $1,843.2 million in 2012 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.5% to reach $3,471.9 million by 2017. More

One Just One: Unique 3D Printed jewellery on Kickstarter 

Oct.18, 2012 -  One Just One is a post-industrial project launched by Genometri. All design collections are generated out of single genetic model. More 

Craig Venter's Vision of 3D DNA printers 

Oct.18, 2012 -  Craig Venter, American visionary geneticist and entrepreneur imagines a future with 3D DNA printers where "you can download software, print a vaccine, inject it at home."More 

Hyphen - the first prototyping and testing services in Canada

Oct.17, 2012 -   Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc. a visual technology company announced the launch of a new prototyping and environmental testing services - Hyphen. More

China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance established 

Oct.17, 2012 -  A seminar "3D printing in China" orgainzed by Asian Manufacturing Association (AMA) was held on Oct.19, 2012 in Beijing. More 

Report urges UK government to develop 3D printing policy 

Oct.16, 2012 -  The Big Innovation Centre, an initiative of The Work Foundation and Lancaster University writes in their recent report "Three Dimensional Policy: Why Britain needs a policy framework for 3D" that UK government needs to create a more flexible intellectual property framework. More 

3D Print Show 2012 and 3D Printing Event 2012 are around

Oct.16, 2012 -   The 3D printshow takes place in London in the coming weekend and 3D Printing Event in Eindhoven next Tuesday. Both will present interactive experiences, seminars, and workshops for anyone initerested in 3D printing. More

3D printing helps Louisville to crowd-source city planning of 2040 

Oct.15, 2012 -  What will our city look like in 2040? Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville launched a 25-year vision initiative "Vision Louisville".More 

Where to order 3D-printed iPhone 5 cases? 

Oct.15, 2012 -  The launch of Apple's iPhone 5 has brought 3D printing once again to the public. While some users don't care, others might want a personlized iPhone 5 case. More 

Replacing antique violin parts using 3D printing

Oct.14, 2012 -   Designer Michael Massie has been working on rebuilding a family heirloom - a violin with 3D printing. He replaced all the missing pegs using a makerbot 3D printer. More

High detailed stainless steel available for 3D printing

Oct.14, 2012 -   This week i.materialse brought you a new material, high detailed stainless steel (HS). This material could deliver a significant level of detail and strength to your design. More

Win a 2012 Ford Fiesta and your own 3D printed Fiesta model 

Oct.13, 2012 -  Ford Europe has partnered with PeerIndex, the London-based company who measures interactions across the web for better understanding your impact in social media, to launch a new campaign as part of a wide social push for Ford motors. More 

3D Printer DRM Patent to protect piracy

Oct.13, 2012 -   A new patent issued on October 9, 2012 by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and titled 'Manufacturing control system', describes a system whereby an authorization code is requested before a 3D printer-like machine is allowed to print items requested by the user. More

Founder of Bespoke Innovations and his 3D printed guitar 

Oct.12, 2012 -  Scott Summit, co-founder of Bespoke Innovations, is turning his dream he's had since childhood into reality: to design and create his own guitar.More 

Phantom Geometry: Large DLP 3D printing robot and realtime manipulation 

Oct.12, 2012 -  SCI-Arc awarded the inaugural Gehry Prize on Sept. 9 to husband-and-wife team, Kyle and Liz von Hasseln for their "Phantom Geometry" project.  More 

Introducing Digital Natives – Glitched objects 3D printed in colour resin

Oct.12, 2012 -   In this Digital Natives set, everyday items such as toys and detergent bottles are 3D scanned using a digital camera and subjected to algorithms that distort, abstract and taint them into new primordial forms. More

New print head designed for 3D printing viscous liquids 

Oct.11, 2012 -  TNO has been working for a long time developing Additive Manufacturing technology. Recently TNO researchers have developed a print head that can handle viscous liquids. This allows computer controlled 3D printer to work with stronger objects. More 

Fabbster's flexible material for 3D printing 

Oct.11, 2012 -  Fabbster uploaded a video of 3D prints of flexible material made on a Fabbster 3D printer. More 

UVA students build and test 3D printed unmanned aircraft

Oct.10, 2012 -   When Mitre Corporation, a McLean-based defense contractor announced that they were looking for summer interns, University of Virginia engineering student Steven Easter and his brother and lab partner, Jonathan Turman applied the job. More

LulzBot AO-100 3D printer certified by Free Software Foundation 

Oct.10, 2012 -  On October 9th, 2012 the FSF announced the LulzBot AO-100 3D Printer by Aleph Objects, Inc as the first hardware product to achieve Respects Your Freedom certification. More 

3D Systems buys Rapidform for $35M in cash; expects adding $0.06-0.09 per share  

Oct.10, 2012 -  3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) announced that it acquired Rapidform, a leading global provider of 3D scan-to-CAD and inspection software tools, located in Seoul, South Korea for $35M in cash, subject to final closing adjustments. More 

Solar Pocket Factory: DIY mini solar panels in the backyard

Oct.9, 2012 -   The Solar Pocket Factory by Shawn Frayne and Alex Hornstein, two MIT grads is a printing system that allows people to print micro solar panels in their own backyard to power devices like cell phones, garden lights or any small consumer electronic device. More

Airbus, CSIR, Aerosud to explore titanium 3D printing

Oct.9, 2012 -   Airbus, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research's (CSIR's) National Laser Centre (NLC) and South African aviation industry leader, Aerosud have signed a collaboration agreement to explore the application of titanium powder-based additive layer manufacturing. More

EU to ask countries to invest heavily in 3D printing 

Oct.9, 2012 -  According to a leaked paper seen by Reuters, the European Commission is going to ask countries to invest heavily in new technologies such as 3D printing to revive the European Union's declining manufacturing sector. More 

International Wohlers Conference in November will focus on metal 3D printing

Oct.8, 2012 -   The 14th Annual International Wohlers Conference will be held on Thursday Nov. 29 at EuroMold 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany. More

Chris Anderson: makers movement is a new industrial revolution

Oct.8, 2012 -   Chris Anderson, the editor in chief of Wired, talks about in a recent interview with Forbes "Why it is easier to be an entrepreneur today than a decade ago and the makers movement". More

Michiel Cornelissen talks about the magic of 3D printing 

Oct.8, 2012 -  The Wrap, designed by Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen is a neat and elegant accessory for organizing your iPhone's charger cable. The Wrap is an attachment to your iPhone charger and you can warp the cable around it.More 

How to make a 3D printed flashlight

Oct.7, 2012 -   Using a free 3D software, an ultracapacitor from a Coleman Ultracap Screwdriver and a 3D printer, mrigsby designed and made a working flashlight in just one day. More

Printing a rocket engine on a 3D printer 

Oct.6, 2012 -  Rocket Moonlighting is trying to 3D print a rocket engine using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process in 15-5 stainless steel.  More 

XEOS 3D printer concept 

Oct.6, 2012 -  Wuppertal, Germany based industrial designer Stefan Reichert presented a new 3D printer concept for his Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design at the University of Wuppertal: XEOS 3D printer. More 

Solidscape introduces 199 USD 3Z Studio materials Pack

Oct.5, 2012 -   Solidscape(r), Inc., announces the release of a new packaging concept for 3Z Series printing materials. More

TransMagic Releases MagicCheck for 3D Geometry Comparison 

Oct.5, 2012 -  TransMagic, developer of 3D CAD software, announces the release of MagicCheck, a new product for comparison of 3D geometric data including: validation of translated models, analysis of quality inspection results and review of design changes. More 

US Army researchers use 3D printers for rapid prototypes 

Oct.5, 2012 -  The U.S. Army researchers use cutting edge 3D printers develop solutions for America's Soldiers.  More 

Dutch department store sells 3D printers

Oct.4, 2012 -   Today is the first day of the Three Crazy Days-action in the luxury department store De Bijenkorf in the Netherlands. Certainly it is not just for fashion... More

PandaBot 3D printer is Live on Kickstarter 

Oct.4, 2012 -  PandaBot 3D printer is brought to Kickstarter by Panda Robotics, a Toronto-based startup. Panda Robotics hopes to secure $50,000 in support and there are many rewards for all support levels. More 

Design a case for iPhone 5 with Tinkercad 

Oct.4, 2012 -  How to design an iPhone case in Tinkercad for 3D printing? The team at TinkerCad has made a handy tutorial video for you. More 

HP should focus on making 3D printer, say analysts

Oct.4, 2012 -   Reuters reports that Meg Whitman has a laundry list of things to do at HP: Arrest a rapid decline in its personal computer unit, compete better on enterprise services.. More

Recap of Maker Faire NYC 2012 

by Andre Tiemann | Oct.4, 2012 -  My Maker Faire NYC story begins with me stepping onto an overnight Greyhound bus from Toronto. More 

Make your own 3D printed headphone 

Oct.3, 2012 -  Designers at Teague unveiled their lastest project: 13:30 3D-printed headphones. It's a thought experiment around printed consumer electronics and the idea that they could be as easy to turn into working product as they are to print.More 

3D printed Optics from Disney Research

Oct.3, 2012 -   Developed at the Disney Research labs, Printed Optics is a new approach of building functional and interactive objects using 3D printing. More

3D Systems acquires leading Dutch prototyping company

Oct.3, 2012 -   3D Systems Corp. has acquired Tim The Innovative Modelmakers BV, an Eindhoven-based Netherlands provider of on-demand custom parts services. More

3D scan of Newton's Death Mask 

Oct.2, 2012 -  This 3D scan of Newton's Death Mask was created by Microsoft Cambridge using a normal X-box Kinect scanner and some of their experimental software. More 

Win a 3D printed Borderlands 2 Claptrap

Oct.2, 2012 -   3D print model artist Psychobob was comissioned by Gamespot UK to create a Claptrap figurine, the robot from Borderlands. More

Stratasys seizes its leased 3D printer from DIY weapon project 

Oct.2, 2012 -  Inspired by a 3D printed lower receiver created by Have Blue, Cody Wilson, director of Defense Distributed, launched Wiki Weapon project and managed to raise $20,000 in BitCoins. This fund allowed him to lease a Stratasys professional 3D printer to make and test 3D printed weapons. More 

Track and translate the motion of swimming fish into 3D printed sculpture

Oct.1, 2012 -   A fish swims in a tank, and its motion is scanned by the surrounded cameras and then translated into a 3D printed sculpture. This project is called Float. More

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