3D Printing in 2013: Year In Review 

Dec, 31, 2013 -  As the clock ticks down on 2013, it's a good time to take a look back at what happened this year in the 3D printing world. More 

Next Gen all metal 3D printer extruder from Micron

Dec, 31, 2013 -   That's why Micron E.M.E Ltd has introduced an all-metal, "J style" hot end, featuring a detachable filament guide and nozzle module "DFGNM". All parts are made by a CNC machine. More

Colored Ceramic 3D Printing 

Dec, 31, 2013 -  In collaboration with Roy Yahalomi, Studio Under has designed a diamond shaped light fixture and printed out, for the first time, using colored 3D ceramic printing. More 

GM uses 3D scanning to dissect the competition 

Dec, 30, 2013 -  General Motors has recently issued an official document explaining how the company is using 3D scanning technologies for competitive benchmarking and for streamlining the design development process. More 

3D print your own pasta in a restaurant

Dec, 30, 2013 -   Italy-based pasta maker Barilla plans to equip every restaurant with 3D food printers in a few years. Customers could then get their own designed 3D printed pasta on the plate in a few minutes. More

A 3D grass printer that lets you print a garden in any shape 

Dec, 30, 2013 -  Students at the University of Maribor in Slovenia developed an innovative 3D printer that can print objects "out of living grass".  More 

Visualizing active sound waves with 3D printing & augmented reality 

Dec, 30, 2013 -  Led by interaction designer Lukasz Karluk, HoloDecks is an umbrella title given to a number of projects which focus on transforming sound through different mediums.  More 

Control 3D printers remotely & protect your designs with Secured3D

Dec, 29, 2013 -   Estonia startup Secured3D says that they have developed a proprietary, patents pending, encrypted 3D printing streaming technology that allows anyone to control 3D printers remotely, queue print jobs for multiple users. More

3D print your own Venus de Milo and Winged Victory of Samothrace 

Dec. 29, 2013 -  3D printing to the rescue once again thanks to California artist Cosmo Wenman, who has just published the first ever printable 3D surveys of the two famous examples of Hellenic art: The Venus de Milo and Winged Victory. More 

3D scanning and 3D printing draws a crowd at a Mexican mall 

Dec. 29, 2013 -  Just before the holiday, 3D printing shop Ideaz3D opened a 3D scanning and 3D printing booth at a crowded mall in northern Mexico. More 

Tiny and simple open source 3D printer Smartrap on Indiegogo

Dec.28, 2013 -   The Smartrap 3D printer developed by a small french team called Smartfriendz is a unique, incredibly simple device. It is very easy to assemble, no special tool needed. More

World's first 3D chocolate printer makes 3D chocolate portrait from a photo 

Dec.27, 2013 -  For this season, Choc Edge is offering 3D printing service to build any 3D shape out of chocolate - including your own face. More 

Geoweaver: A six-legged, walking 3D printer Hexapod 

Dec.27, 2013 -  A team of students (team members Jia Wu, Mary Sek, and Jeff Maeshiro) in San Francisco, California have designed and created a thermoplastic 3D printing hexapod, a six-legged, twelve-servo walking robot. More 

Rotary 3D printers under development

Dec.27, 2013 -   3D printer with a rotating platform gives you much bigger build area than Cartesian (xyz) printers. PiMaker was one of the earliest rotary 3d printers available on the market. It has the same size as the Makerbot Cupcake. More

First working 3D printed liver expected by 2014 

Dec.27, 2013 -  Organovo, a bio-printing company based in San Diego, has claimed that it has overcome the vascular issue to a degree and now expects to unveil the world's first printed organ - a human liver - by the end of 2014.  More 

Open source DeltaTrix 3D Printer on Kickstarter 

Dec.26, 2013 -  The DeltaTrix 3D printer is designed to be simple in construction, yet effective in functionality. As the name DeltaTrix suggests, this our printer uses Delta Robot geometry.  More 

Apple files new patent for an inkjet printer for printing on a 3D object

Dec.26, 2013 -   The US Patent & Trademark Office today published a series of new patent applications from Apple, and one of them is an inkjet printer for printing on a 3D object. More

Icarus Had a Sister with 200 feathers 3D printed at 30 microns 

Dec.26, 2013 -  Two talented artists, Masters & Munn, a.k.a. André Masters and his partner, CJ Munn, created a beautiful, mythical "Icarus Had a Sister" using a hybrid of traditional sculptural techniques and state-of-the-art digital modeling and 3D printing.  More 

3D-printed mock-up of 2014 HTC One 2 leaked 

Dec.26, 2013 -  A recent leaked photo from @PunkPanda shows the next HTC One, nicknamed HTC One 2, not much has changed in its overall look. This mock-up you see below, is 3D printed in wax. More 

Free energy: An 3D printed electrostatic motor with high torque (video)

Dec.26, 2013 -   Unlike most electrostatic motors, this 3D printed electrostatic motor actually has some high torque. The motor was 3D printed out except for the drive shaft, bearings, and aluminum tubes. More

New affordable Fusematic 3D printer from Maker's Tool Works 

Dec.25, 2013 -  Meet the new Fusematic 3D printer from Maker's Tool Works (MTW). The Fusematic 3D printer is smaller, faster, and more affordable than MTW's previous model MendelMax 2. More 

HYREL 3D: 3D printing with four extruder heads simultaneously (video) 

Dec.25, 2013 -  HYREL 3D released a video of a single, affordable machine which could fabricate multiple parts simultaneously. HYREL 3D Engines or Systems are capable of simultaneous 3D printing with four extruder heads. More 

A 3D printer made out of old CD-ROM drives prints figures in Jello

Dec.25, 2013 -   By putting the needle at a certain position in the jello and releasing some of the dye, he could actually make 3d figures in the jello. More

HoneyBee3D: Northern California's first 3D printing store (video) 

Dec.24, 2013 -  Husband and wife team Liza Wallach and Nick Kloski opened the first 3D printing store HoneyBee3D in the Montclair district of Oakland, Calif. in October. The shop is the first of its kind in Northern California, said Liza Wallach. More 

Sad Keanu's excellent 3D adventures 

Dec.24, 2013 -  Alexis Madrigal, senior editor at The Atlantic, released an ebook based on his series of photos which feature a 3D printed doll of Keanu Reeves looking sad. The book is called Sad Keanu's Excellent 3D Adventures and it is available for free. More 

3D print extra-large models with BI V2.0, a low-cost, high precision Delta 3D printer

Dec.24, 2013 -   Quebec, Canada based Bootsindustries launched today BI V2.0, a self-replicating, high precision, Delta 3D printer on KickStarter. More

Sigma Labs & Michigan Tech to develop low cost 3D metal printer 

Dec.23, 2013 -  Sigma Labs has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Michigan Technological University (Michigan Tech) to collaborate technically in the development of technology for a low-cost, 3D metal printer. More 

Print BIG and in multiple materials with 3DMonstr 3D printer 

Dec.23, 2013 -  You can now print large, complex objects in multiple materials with precision and enough speed on 3DMonstr. 3DMonstr is a rigid and powerful 3D printer with large build volume.More 

Asda to expand 3D printing service to 50 stores in January

Dec.23, 2013 -   Asda, a subsidiary of the American retail company Walmart and the UK's second largest chain after Tesco, is rolling out its 3D printing service to 50 stores in January. More

Could wood-based material lead 2014 3D printing priorities? 

Dec.23, 2013 -  Usually when we think of materials that can be used in 3D printers, we think of substances like plastic, resin or metal. But now the 3D printing community is toying with wood, a more natural material with a unique aesthetic.  More 

Researchers demonstrate novel approach towards 3D printing pacemakers in vivo 

Dec.23, 2013 -  Researchers at TsingHua University in China presented an alternative way of directly printing three-dimensional (3D) medical electronics inside the biological body. More 

Global 3D printer shipments to grow ten times over four years

Dec.23, 2013 -   Global 3D printer shipments are anticipated to grow by ten times over the next four years, a new IDC report revealed. More

The joy of X'mas: World's hardest Christmas trees and aluminium 3D printed reindeer 

Dec.22, 2013 -  Experienced material researcher Olaf Rehme of Siemens Corporate Technology (CT) has used a 3D printer to create Christmas trees from gas turbine steel. The special steel that Rehme uses for printing the Christmas trees is a nickel alloy.  More

Printing porous and flexible 3D objects with new filament line, PORO-LAY 

Dec.22, 2013 -  Kai's new plan is to complete a range of 4 pre-structured 3D printing materials, including FDM Filaments (new PORO-LAY line, a two-in-one filament), Light curing resins, Sinterpowders and other materials based on similar technique and Polymers. More 

Ben Heck hacks Cubify Sense 3D scanner (video)

Dec.22, 2013 -   Ben Heck attempts to scan a variety of objects with the Cubify Sense 3D scanner to discover how to get the most out of the device and to create the best prints possible. More

Japanese police used 3D printing to restore murder scene 

Dec.21, 2013 -  Japanese police announced that they have created a 3D model of a murder crime scene in Tokyo hoping to solve a 13-year-old cold case murder mystery. More 

UK unveils 1.2m titanium wingspar 3D printed in one piece 

Dec.21, 2013 -  One of the largest 3D printed metal parts has been made in the UK, demonstrating how 3D printing technology could revolutionise the way aircraft are produced in the future. More 

3D Heights: A 3D Printing Store opens in New York today

Dec.21, 2013 -   3D Heights is launching the grand opening of a retail 3D printer and 3D scanning store at 1pm in Upper Manhattan in the neighborhood of Washington Heights. More

100 Limited edition 3D printed metal guns on sale for $11,900 each 

Dec.20, 2013 -  Solid Concepts, the first company that produces a fully-functional metal semi-automatic pistol with a 3D printer, announced that they are putting 100 limited edition 1911 3D Printed metal guns on sale for $11,900 each.  More 

Finnish 3D printing startup launches customized coins and key chains tool

Dec.20, 2013 -  Versoteq 3D Solutions Oy, a Finnish company focused on 3D printing and scanning is launching a browser based application for making customized products with 3D printing.  More 

Shapeways: 2013 3D Printing Year in Review Top Trends

Dec.20, 2013 -   2013 has had a measurable impact on the direction of and players in the industry. Check out below a snapshot of Shapeways' 2013 Year in Review Top Trends. More

Cobra Beer wants to 3D print your ideas to celebrate its "impossible smoothness" 

Dec.20, 2013 -  Cobra Beer announced today the launch of the 'Cobra Diversification Division' marketing campaign, encouraging fans to come up with ideas about any items that they would like the team to create using a 3D printer.  More 

Photo of the year: 4-year-old girl got a life changing 3D printed robohand

Dec.20, 2013 -  A group of high school students at West Catholic High School in Michigan gave a 4-year-old girl Harmony Taylor the gift of a lifetime on Thursday, Dec.19: a 3D printed robohand.  More 

Floored raises $5.26M to make interactive 3D models of real estate

Dec.19, 2013 -   New York-based startup Floored announced today its $5.26 million Series A round led by RRE Ventures, with participation by new investor Greycroft Partners. More

The mysterious Newton 3D desktop metal 3D printer 

Dec.19, 2013 -  UK based Newton 3D today unveiled some information about its ground breaking desktop metal 3D printer. More 

The $999 NOVA DLP Desktop 3D printer from Taiwan 

Dec.19, 2013 -  Taiwanese company Nova3D has recently developed a new low-cost DLP 3D printer. The NOVA DLP 3D Printer is able to harden a layer of 10x8 cm in 8-10 seconds.  More 

ShapeDo 3D model Repository lets you edit and share design for 3D printing

Dec.19, 2013 -   Israeli Startup ShapeDo announces today its official launch of ShapeDo.com, an online repository of 3D objects. More

Player made a '3D printer' in Minecraft, and it's cool 

Dec.19, 2013 -  The world of Minecraft is full of creativity. YouTuber ItsJustJumby create this incredibly complex working 3D printer in Minecraft. More 

Lulzbot releases a new model: TAZ 3.0 3D printer 

Dec.18, 2013 -  Lulzbot released today TAZ 3.0, which features injection molded parts and a redesigned 24v heat bed. That means the printer has a much faster heat time than the previous version. More 

3D Systems to buy a portion of Xerox for $32.5M in cash

Dec.18, 2013 -   3D Systems announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a portion of Xerox for $32.5 million in cash. More

Zinter PRO, one cool-looking 3D printer 

Dec.18, 2013 -  North Devon, UK based Ion Core Ltd, a new company started by James Marchant, Alexander Nall-Cain and Richard Dinan, developed a cool consumer 3D printer Zinter PRO.  More 

3D-printed titanium shoes help a disabled horse to walk again 

Dec.18, 2013 -  A pony mare in Australia has become one of the first horses to be fitted with tailored 3D printed titanium horseshoes. Holly, a ten-year-old mare, has for three years suffered a chronic foot disease called laminitis. More 

3D eye cells printed for the first time

Dec.18, 2013 -   A group of researchers from the UK have used 3-D biomedical printing to successfully print new eye cells, making it the first time the technology has been used successfully to print mature central nervous system cells. More

3D printing gives flight to 737 UAV 

Dec.18, 2013 -  Georgia based company Area-I teams up with Solid Concepts in the building of Area-I' 737 scale model unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) PTERA using Selective Laser Sintered (SLS) 3D Printed components.More 

First children's book about 3D printing 

Dec.17, 2013 -  LEO the Maker Prince teaches children (both young and old) about 3D printing by following Carla and LEO's journey through Brooklyn.  More 

Dutch organization for burn wounds gets 3D printer

Dec.17, 2013 -   The Dutch organization for burn wounds (Nederlands Brandwonden Stichting) announces it will have access to a 3D printer sometime next year. More

$35,000 3D-printed Iron Man suit

Dec.17, 2013 -  The Shenzhen, China based Iron Man Factory set up a new crowdfunding project designed to build and mass produce a Iron Man suit.  More 

Shapeways and KeyMe to offer custom 3D printed key copies 

Dec.17, 2013 -  Partnering with Shapeways, Digital key storage startup KeyMe today launches its new 3D key printing service. More 

Kinpo Taiwan showcases new da Vinci 1.0 3D printer, priced at $499

Dec.17, 2013 -   New Kinpo Group, a conglomerate specializing in the manufacture of electronic parts and devices, showcased today its new 3D printer da Vinci 1.0, which are sold under the brand XYZprinting, a joint venture of two subsidiaries of Kinpo. More

NTU Singapore holds first 3D printing festival 

Dec.17, 2013 -  Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore on Tuesday showcased some fashion pieces at its first 3D printing festival. Fashion models strut out in unique outfits that were not created using the traditional needle and thread, but 3D printers. More 

Orange opens the first Bobbleshop in Paris 

Dec.17, 2013 -  Digiteyezer announces today that Orange, the #1 telecom company in France has signed an agreement with the company to open the first bobbleshop in Orange store located at 43 rue de rivoli, close to the louvre.  More 

Quin: fashion doll designed to be printed on your desktop 3D printer

Dec.16, 2013 -   3DKitbash, the company behind 3D Printer Test Kit, wants to create professional quality fashion doll designed for printing on desktop 3D printers. Quin is the 3D printable, customizable fashion doll. More

Bungie artist 3D print his own Destiny gun 

Dec.16, 2013 -  Sloan Hood, a team member at Bungie, dressed up as a Hunter from Destiny at a Halloween party last month, showcasing the impressive outfit, as well as a exotic tool: 3D printed Thorn, a hand cannon in Destiny.More 

Israel opens its first 3D printing experience store 

Dec.16, 2013 -  The team at 3D Factory announces today the official grand opening of the store. Located in the artsy and cultural NOGA neighborhood of North Jaffa, 3D Factory is a natural fit and has already generated local interest and curiosity. More 

Office Depot expands in-store 3D printing to 150 stores

Dec.16, 2013 -   Office Depot today announced that as a result of positive consumer feedback, it is expanding the 3D Systems Cube 3D printing experience to 150 Office Depot stores nationwide. More

Pico all-metal hotend 100% funded in 48 hours, B3 announces Stretch Goal 

Dec.16, 2013 -  The Pico fundraising campaign on Kickstarter still has 23 days to raise the bar, so B3 is offering a $40,000 stretch goal to develop a Pico that prints up to 500° Celsius (932° Fahrenheit). More 

Arduino powered Christmas tree with 3D printed ornaments for geeks 

Dec.16, 2013 -  Zach Burhop decided to uses his own talents and skills to soup up his Christmas tree with 3D printed ornaments. And not only that, he has also added a 2m strip of nano pixels and a custom star also created using Arduino. More 

3D Printing and Product Liability: You may not be protected under current liability law

Dec.15, 2013 -   Associate Professor Nora Freeman Engstrom warns that in a world of 3D printing, people may not be protected under traditional product liability law. Rather, they could be left to pursue harder-to-prove negligence lawsuits. More

3D print a solderless circuit board 

Dec.15, 2013 -  Instructables user Mikey77 decided to use 3D printing when he needed a simple circuit board, a micro controller circuit that flashes three LED's in sequence.More 

India startup showed its first Brahma3 Anvil 3D printer in Mumbai 

Dec.15, 2013 -  On Saturday, Bangalore start-up Brahma3 – Nikhil Velpanur and Arvind Nadig, showcased a made-in-India 3D printer called Brahma3 Anvil at an exhibition organised at Godrej campus in Vikhroli in Mumbai.  More 

Plastic Bank: Startup monetizes plastic waste for 3D printers to reduce poverty

Dec.14, 2013 -   An emerging organization, the Plastic Bank, is turning the problem of plastic waste and reshaping it into a solution. More

Dan Toth's Very 3D Printed Christmas (video) 

Dec.14, 2013 -  The home 3D printers are not capable of making everything from plastic to stainless steel, but 3D printing can at least open you up to a wealth of new gifting opportuniites. More 

The Snap 3D printer with modular design, no fasteners needed 

Dec.14, 2013 -  The Snap 3D Printer is the first printer that can be assembled without fasteners. Its modular design lets anyone, even without technical background, easily assemble and customize their 3D printer. More 

Cornell researchers create a fully functional loudspeaker on Fab@Homes 3D printers

Dec.13, 2013 -   Researchers at Cornell University have 3D printed a working loudspeaker. More

3D Systems buys 3D printing filament maker Village Plastics

Dec.13, 2013 -  3D Systems announced today the acquisition of Norton, Ohio based Village Plastics Co., a manufacturer of filament-based ABS, PLA and HIPS 3D printing materials. More 

Arcam to buy Canadian metal powder maker for up to $33 million 

Dec.13, 2013 -  Swedish industrial 3D printer maker Arcam has signed an agreement to acquire the metal powder division (AP&C) of Canada's Raymor Industries for a total of 35 million Canadian dollars ($32.91 million). More 

Artist's 3D-printed '12 Shoes for 12 Lovers' tell stories of exes

Dec.13, 2013 -   In collaboration with the shoe brand Melissa, Errazuriz created a series of 12, 3-D printed shoe on a MakerBot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer. More

2PrintBeta launches fully assembled Printupy 3D printer 

Dec.13, 2013 -  Their latest creation is the "Printupy" fully assembled desktop 3D printer that is compact, light and is available with one or two printing heads.  More 

15-year-old maker creates India's 3D printing waves 

Dec.13, 2013 -  Angad Daryani has been called a number of things: child prodigy, little genius, the inspiring teenager, but he can best be described by one word — Maker. More 

American Pearl used 3D printing to double its sales

Dec.12, 2013 -   American Pearl allows consumers to fully customize their own jewelry to their exact specifications, choosing their designs, pearls, gemstones, metal color and more using a state of the art process including 3D Printing. More

Create it REAL announces first 3D printing Real Time Processor 

Dec.12, 2013 -  Create it REAL, a Danish 3D printing startup announces today the first 3D printing real time processor. The company is a high technology company based in Aalborg Denmark and part of Aalborg University business incubator program.  More 

Emerging Objects 3D-printed a pavilion entirely out of salt 

Dec.12, 2013 -  To build the Saltygloo, the designers used a Z-corp powder-based 3D printer to print out 336 translucent panels using this unique material invention. More 

3D printed multi-material brain model lets students practice brain surgery now

Dec.12, 2013 -   Researchers announced the creation of an ultra-realistic 3D-printed, two-part model of the skull for use in practicing drilling into bone and removing a tumour. More

MadeSolid's new PET+: a strong and flexible filament for 3D printers 

Dec.12, 2013 -  3D printing materials startup MadeSolid has just launched PET+, a strong and flexible material for 3D printers.  More 

Custom implants created using LENS 3D printing may soon fix complex injuries 

Dec.12, 2013 -  Researchers are using the technology for 3D printing metals, ceramics and other materials to create custom medical implants designed to fix complicated injuries. More 

A larger and more powerful 3D printer extruder on Kickstarter

Dec.11, 2013 -   Steele is developing a larger and more powerful 3D printer extruder head that can be fitted to existing 3D printers and will allow additional sizes and types of unique plastic filament to be printed. More

Self-repairing running shoes made from 3D-printed protocells 

Dec.11, 2013 -  London designer and researcher Shamees Aden has developed a prototype for running shoes that could repair themselves overnight. More 

Paracosm transforms reality to 3D models, receiving $800k in funding 

Dec.11, 2013 -  3D imaging firm Paracosm, which was launched at the start of the year, develops software using computer-aided design (CAD) to convert depth camperas into 3D mapping systems. More 

MakerBot launches 3D print services in its NY, Boston and Greenwich stores

Dec.11, 2013 -   MakerBot is launching a 3D print service in all three MakerBot retail stores located in New York, Boston and Greenwich, Conn. More

Low-cost RappiDelta Jr., a low component count 3D printer 

Dec.11, 2013 -  David Akers, developer of RappiDelta large format delta 3d printer, is raising funds for RappiDelta Jr., a low component count 3d printer.  More 

Jet engine bracket from Indonesia wins GE's 3D Printing Design Challenge

Dec.11, 2013 -  GE today announced eight winners of its 3D Printing Design Quest, which challenged innovators to redesign loading brackets found on jet engines using 3D printing. More 

Porsche wants you to 3D print & customize your own Cayman

Dec.11, 2013 -   Porsche has just released 3D printing data for the Cayman S for free. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can now create, print and colorize your personal Cayman S. More

Leap Motion's "Free Form" app lets you sculpt 3D objects like Play-Doh 

Dec.10, 2013 -  The creators of Leap Motion has recently launched a brand new and free creation software tool called Freeform that allows users to create digital sculptures and 3D printable objects. More 

3D printed slipcover for Chang-rae Lee's latest Novel On Such a Full Sea

Dec.10, 2013 -  Award-winning and Pulitzer Prize-nominated author Chang-rae Lee debuts his new novel, ON SUCH A FULL SEA, with a first-of-its-kind 3D printed slipcase, printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer.  More 

Formlabs announces white resin for the Form 1 3D printer

Dec.10, 2013 -   3D printing start­up Formlabs announced today the latest from their in­house material science team: White Resin. More

'Print Happiness': pop-up shop to 3D print toys for neglected children 

Dec.10, 2013 -  The charity Kids Company has launched an experiential campaign to 3D print toys to disadvantaged children in London for Christmas. More 

Pico: all-metal hotend for RepRap 3D printers on Kickstarter 

Dec.10, 2013 -  Pico, an all metal hot-end for reprap 3D printers developed by Ohio-based B3 innovations has just launched on Kickstarter.  More 

Large build volume Solidator DLP desktop 3D printer unveiled on Kickstarter

Dec.10, 2013 -   Florida head-quartered startup tangible engineering USA Corporation today is unveiling "Solidator"- a new DLP 3D Desktop Printer. More

MiniFactory reveals first 3D printed jolla smartphone cover 

Dec.10, 2013 -  MiniFactory, a Finnish 3D printer maker has created the first 3D printed jolla smartphone cover. More 

Matt Stultz: advanced materials for 3D printing (video) 

Dec.9, 2013 -  Matt Stultz gives the lowdown on a variety of some of the new and exciting advanced 3D printing materials and their uses.  More 

3D printing hype overdone, says Nomura's Kim

Dec.9, 2013 -   Analysts at Nomura issues major news alert for the hottest sectors in the market - 3D printing today. 3D printing hype may be 'overdone', says Nomura's James Kim. More

Honeycomb: Free, parametric CAD, right in your browser 

Dec.9, 2013 -  Kenan O'Keefe has developed Honeycomb, a free, parametric CAD that let you instantly create robust 3D models.More 

3D printing used as a tool to explain complex theoretical physics 

Dec.9, 2013 -  Students may soon be able to reach out and touch some of the theoretical concepts they explore in physics classes, using 3D printing.  More 

EOS and 3D Micromac set up 3D MicroPrint for micro laser sintering

Dec.9, 2013 -   EOS, additive manufacturing specialist and 3D-Micromac AG in Chemnitz, a laser micromachining systems provider, has set up a new joint-venture company More

3D model sharing service Sketchfab raises $2 Million 

Dec.9, 2013 -  The 18-month-old 3D model sharing service Sketchfab has raised $2m in a fundraising round led by Balderton Capital. More 

Low-cost titanium powders used in 3D printing for the first time 

Dec.9, 2013 -  For the first time, low-cost titanium powders, developed by Metalysis, have been used to 3D print automotive parts. More 

3D printing materials market to reach $408.5 million by 2018

Dec.8, 2013 -   An Markets and Markets report states that by 2018, the global 3D printing materials market like plastics and metals could be worth $408.5 Million. More

Customizable Modarri: 3D printing helps to reinvent the toy car 

Dec.8, 2013 -  A trio of toy inventors, David Silverglate, Brian Gulassa, and Trevor Hite from 'Thoughtfull Toys' have created Modarri, a cool miniature car that you drive with your fingers using realistic steering and suspension.  More 

3D printer helps vets perform delicate doggie surgery 

Dec.7, 2013 -  Auburn's College of Veterinary Medicine is among the first veterinary programs in the United States to use 3D printing and models to make delicate doggie surgery possible.  More 

Cheap Deltaprintr 3D printer 40% funded on Kickstarter, with 28 days to go

Dec.7, 2013 -   Created by College students Shai, Andrey, Yasick and Eugene, the Deltaprintr 3D printer is engineered to be simple, efficient, and affordable. More

3D printing BioPen allows doctors to 'draw' customised implants 

Dec.7, 2013 -  A handheld 'bio pen' developed in the labs of the University of Wollongong (UOW) will allow surgeons to repair damaged and diseased bone material by designing customised implants on-site and at the time of surgery. More 

Mechaneu v1 spherical gear system 3D-printed sculpture 

Dec.6, 2013 -  New York-based Proxy Design Studio has created an incredible, 3D-printed spherical gear with manual interaction called the Mechaneu v1. More 

Win 3D printed toys with PNC Christmas Price Index 'Gift Maker'

Dec.6, 2013 -   Every year for the past 30 years, America's PNC Bank calculates its Christmas Price Index, the current price of each of the gifts from the classic carol, "The Twelve Days of Christmas." More

UK Home Office updates firearms rules banning 3D-printed guns 

Dec.6, 2013 -  The UK Home Office has updated its firearms rules, making clear that its generally illegal to manufacture, sell, purchase and possess 3D-printed guns.  More 

EnvisionTEC, EOS, Arcam AB, voxeljet's new 3D printers attack $630 billion industy 

Dec.6, 2013 -  As part of this new era of 3D printing, EnvisionTEC, EOS, Arcam AB, voxeljet introduced totally five new 3D printers on the Euromold floor this week. More 

Transform an entire building into a playable Rubik's Cube

Dec.6, 2013 -   Spanish artist Javier Lloret created a 3D-printed Rubik's cube which was used to bring the experience of solving a Rubik's cube to the urban space of Linz, Austria. More

3D Hubs December report: Top 10 hot 3D printers

Dec.6, 2013 -   3D Hubs released this week the December's report which contains data on which 3D printer models are trending upwards. More

Christopher Barnatt's Top 10 Personal 3D Printers 2013 (video) 

Dec.6, 2013 -  Christopher Barnatt -- futurist, academic, and author of 3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution -- has posted another 3D printing video, this time providing his top 10 of consumer-grade 3D printers. More 

Scientists build a $1,500 open-source 3D metal printer

Dec.5, 2013 -   A team at Michigan Technological University is developing a new open-source, low-cost metal 3D printer that will allow anyone to make his or her own replacement parts. More

First 3D printed men's accessories collection 

Dec.5, 2013 -  Nick Graham, founder of Joe Boxer, and Shapeways announced today the launch of the world's first 3D printed men's accessories collection. More 

The stunning 3D printed Quixotic Divinity Headdress by Joshua Harker 

Dec.5, 2013 -  Harker's recent piece is Quixotic Divinity Headdress created using 3D printing.More 

HP's Basement 'Monster Printer' revealed

Dec.5, 2013 -   This week Martin Fink, who runs HP Labs, literally pulled back the curtain to give Wired magazine a look at the 'monster 3D printer'. More

Scientists develop new app to turn mobile phones into 3D scanners 

Dec.5, 2013 -  The Computer vision and geometry Lab of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) developed an app that turns your normal smartphone into a mobile 3D scanner.  More 

Aurora to launch own-brand F1 3D printer 

Dec.5, 2013 -  The Aurora Group, Taiwan's leading office appliance manufacturer, unveiled this week a 3D printer: the Aurora F1 for SMEs and professional designers. More 

3D Systems announces new $4,900 micro-SLA 3D printer

Dec.5, 2013 -   3D Systems has also announced their new affordable micro-SLA 3D printer and larger SLA printers: ProX 950 and ProX 500. More

3D Systems buys 3D printed ceramics manufacturer Figulo

Dec.5, 2013 -   3D Systems announced today the acquisition of Figulo, a 3D printed ceramics provider. More

Stratasys booth tour: new tough Nylon 12 announced at Euromold 2013 

Dec.4, 2013 -  Stratasys announced the first nylon material specifically engineered for the company's line of Fortus 3D Production Systems called FDM Nylon 12. More 

3ders at Euromold 2013: New 3D printers - 3Dfactories, Picaso, be3D

Dec.4, 2013 -   Compared to last year, there are more consumer 3D printers being presented at EuroMold 2013. More

German RepRap introduces new 3D printer NEO at Euromold 

Dec.3, 2013 -  NEO, the latest 3D printer made by German RepRap, makes its appearance at Euromold. The small, compact build 3D printer is not a DIY kit, but rather will be delivered as a ready-to-print device. More 

3ders at Euromold 2013: DigiFabb (2) - ColorFabb 

Dec.3, 2013 -  ColorFabb is a brand of the Helian Polymers company which specialized in additives for plastics and polymers located in Venlo, The Netherlands.More 

3ders at Euromold 2013: DigiFabb (1)

Dec.3, 2013 -   Today was the first day of the Euromold in Frankfurt. At the corporate stand "DigiFabb" a multitude of exhibitors present different types of 3D printing. More

RepRapPro launches affordable Ormerod full 3D printer kit

Dec.2, 2013 -  RepRapPro announces today a new RepRap self-replicating 3D printer kit called Ormerod, after the entomologist Eleanor Ormerod. More 

3D Systems unveiled ProJet 5500X multi-material composites 3D printer 

Dec.2, 2013 -  The ProJet 5500X is not a full-color printer but a multi-material 3D printer based on its latest MultiJet Printing (MJP) technology.  More 

3D Systems announces continuous-tone, full-color ProJet 4500 3D printer

Dec.2, 2013 -   3D Systems today announced a new ProJet 4500 3D printer, the first and only continuous-tone, full-color plastic 3D printer available on the market. More

Microsoft & Warner Bros offer 3D printer blueprint for [The Hobbit] 'Key to Erebor' 

Dec.2, 2013 -  To support the 13th December release of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, Microsoft and Warner Bros announced the launch of a new cross-platform campaign and are offering a free 3D printer blueprint of The Key of Erebor from the film. More 

Materialise & China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance signed partnership agreement 

Dec.2, 2013 -  The China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance and Materialise have signed partnership agreement on Monday, November 25th. More 

Foodini 3D Food Printer will look and operate just like a common kitchen appliance

Dec.1, 2013 -   Barcelona start-up Natural Machines's Foodini, a prototype 3D printer can produce a range of foodstuffs, chocolate, cheeseburger, gnocchi, ravioli, bread sticks... as long as they are squidgy. More

3D-printed artificial heart to pump human waste to power future robots 

Dec.1, 2013 -  Scientists at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory in the UK announced they had successful built the first artificial muscle-driven prototype robotic "heart" powered by microbial fuel cells (MFCs) fed on human urine. More 

Botspot, first 3D printing store in Berlin opens 

Dec.1, 2013 -  The first 3D printing store in Berlin has officially opened doors. Located at the Moritz Platz in Berlin -Kreuzberg, company Botspot claims to have the most comprehensive offering for 3D printing in Germany. More 

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