ExOne Opens Materials R&D Laboratory in Ohio

May.1, 2013 -   The ExOne Company (XONE) , provider of 3D printing machines and printed products to industrial customers, announced that it established a new material characterization and testing facility in St. Clairsville, Ohio. More

3DLT partners with makexyz for 3D printing services 

Apr.30, 2013 -  3DLT, a 3D printing template marketplace announced its partnership with makexyz to enable its customers to 3D print the designs they purchase. More 

Conrad store now sells 3D printer for less than 700 Euro 

Apr.30, 2013 -  A Velleman 3D printer kit K8200 is now displayed on Conrad's webshop in Holland and Germany. More 

3D Systems revenue jumps 31 percent as it sold 81 percent more printers

Apr.30, 2013 -   Reuters reports today that 3D printer maker 3D Systems Corp had a 31 percent jump in quarterly revenue as 3D Systems sold 81 percent more printers and gross margin expanded 250 basis points. More

Super-sized giant is now 3D printed Nendoroid giant bust 

Apr.30, 2013 -  During the recent Nico Nico Chokaigi event in Japan, a 3D printed Nendoroid figures were demonstrated and revealed. More 

3DLT partners with makexyz for 3D printing services 

Apr.30, 2013 -  3DLT, a 3D printing template marketplace announced its partnership with makexyz to enable its customers to 3D print the designs they purchase. More 

Pirate 3D Buccaneer 3D printer giveaway

Apr.29, 2013 -   Pirate 3D revealed some photos of their Buccaneer 3D printer which is scheduled to be launched in May. More

Ascent: revealing the evolution of analog man to digital man using 3D printing

Apr.29, 2013 -   Westheimer's newest project, called Ascent, explores this evolution from today's analog man to tomorrow's digital man, revealing who we are about to become. More

Propul~Surf: 3D printed screw-propelled snowboard that pushes you around 

Apr.29, 2013 -  Here is a very cool project that a group of French students are working on: the Propul~Surf, a 3D printed screw propelled snowboard designed to operate in all type of snows More 

3D printing used for creating space helmet for US Blockbuster Hit 'Prometheus' 

Apr.29, 2013 -  Leading film industry model-maker, FBFX Ltd, uses Stratasys' Objet30 Desktop 3D Printer to design key components for lead actress Noomi Rapace's space helmet. More 

Infographic: Navigating the Future of Industry

Apr.28, 2013 -   Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) released recently a new infographic to help students, business leaders, and entrepreneurs prepare for the next decade of America's economic evolution. More

Blender 2.67 RC1 and DVD Training Blender for 3D Printing Released 

Apr.28, 2013 -  Open-source 3D creation suite Blender has released the first Release Candidate of Blender 2.67. Major improvements are the inclusion of FreeStyle and the new 3D printing toolkit. More 

Printcraft latest version released, teaming up with Makerbot 

Apr.28, 2013 -  Printcraft is the world's first 3D printing multi-player Minecraft server that lets Minecraft players convert their Minecraft creations into stl for 3D printing. More 

botObjects introducing full-color desktop 3D printer ProDesk3D

Apr.27, 2013 -   The New York based software development company botObjects has just announced the ProDesk3D, a full-color desktop 3D printer. More

Designer Ron Arad discusses his 3D-printed sunglasses 

Apr.27, 2013 -  Using 3D printing as tool London designer Ron Arad has created a serie of 3D-printed sunglasses for eyewear brand pq. More 

Kühling&Kühling 3D printer kit available for pre-order 

Apr.27, 2013 -  The Kühling&Kühling RepRap Industrial 3D printer kit is now available for pre-order. More 

Ilios HD SLA 3D Printer 

Apr.26, 2013 -  After the successful campaign on IndieGoGo to raise funds for his affordable HD SLA 3D printer, Cyrus based maker Demetris Ruslan Zavorotnitsienko has finally got the machine ready. More 

Largest survey finds UK 3D design jobs taking off 

Apr.26, 2013 -  Freelancer.co.uk Fast 50, the world's largest online jobs survey, released its survey result today.  More 

GE to mass-produce critical jet engine part use 3D printing 

Apr.26, 2013 -  GE's aviation division, the world's largest supplier of jet engines, is to use 3D printing technology to produce a fuel nozzle for use in jet engines. More 

Staples opens first 3D Experience Centre in Netherlands

Apr.26, 2013 -   Staples, the office chain megastore has just opened its first 3D Experience Centre in the Netherlands. More

Chinese government announces $6.5M for 3D printing research 

Apr.26, 2013 -  The Chinese government is to offer $6.5M for research aimed at developing technologies for additive manufacturing. More 

Additer: a new marketplace for digital manufacturing services 

Apr.25, 2013 -  Melbourne, Australia based family owned start-up Additer has just announced the launch of their website additer.com, a marketplace for digital manufacturing services.  More 

Eyelet: 3D printed Bracelet / Sunglasses on Indiegogo

Apr.25, 2013 -   Product designer Travis Marshall-Walsch is raising funds on the crowd-funding website Indiegogo for his first product, 3D printed Eyelet Bracelet Sunglasses. More

Try glasses online using 3D Modeling and an iPad 

Apr.25, 2013 -  Instead of just seeing the glasses online, you can now find a right glass using a 3D model of your face.  More 

A new turbine wheel with 3D printing 

Apr.25, 2013 -  A defective turbine wheel meant that a small hospital in Ethiopia was no longer able to warrant the supply of its electricity.Thanks to 3D printing, the problem was solved quickly and without much bureaucracy.  More 

WillyBot 3D printer from Korea

Apr.25, 2013 -   Created by William SH JOO in Korea, the WillyBot 1.3 is an open source, box-type FDM 3D printer kit. More

Artist Shane Hope creates molecular realities using 3D printing 

Apr.24, 2013 -  To foreshadow an age of hacking matter, New York-based visual artist Shane Hope is showing a collection of incredibly intricate paintings, each containing thousands of 2D rendered and 3D printed models. More 

BeagleBone Black offers credit card-sized Linux PC for $45 

Apr.24, 2013 -  Open-source hardware outfit BeagleBoard announced new BeagleBone Black, an open-source Linux computer for developers and hobbyists. More 

BotQueue v0.3 released, now with Webcams support and more

Apr.24, 2013 -   Zach Hoeken Smith has just launched the latest version of BotQueue, v0.3, that adds some new features to make it much nicer to use. More

American Graphite to develop 3D printing material 

Apr.24, 2013 -  American Graphite Technologies Inc. announces Letter of Intent with a European institute for research and develpoment collaboration for 3D printing. More 

3D printing spinal discs to combat back pain 

Apr.24, 2013 -  Imagine during the surgery, a 3D printer is used to print strings of stem cells onto highly specific portions of a patient's spinal disc.More 

On the menu: insect eating served by 3D printing!

Apr.24, 2013 -   With the launch of "Insects au Gratin" exhibition in London, consumers will, at least, be able to psychologically prepare for the next food generation to land in their plates! More

3D Systems unveils ProJet x60 series of full color 3D printers

Apr.23, 2013 -   3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) just launched its new ProJet x60 series of full color 3D printers with an ability to print 90% of the colors available in Adobe Photoshop. More

3D printed kinetic charger let you power your smart phone with movement 

Apr.23, 2013 -  Ideation Designs LLC launched Infinity Cell, the first kinetic charger for your smart phone on Kickstarter. More 

loci - 3D printed sculptures from your air travel

Apr.23, 2013 -   Each loci is a unique object bespoke to someone's flights spurring recollection, reflection and conversation about their travels. More

Shapeways Raises $30M C Round, Led By Andreessen Horowitz 

Apr.23, 2013 -  3D printing service Shapeways today announced a $30 million Series C round of financing, led by Andreessen Horowitz.More 

Inside Hasbro's model workshop, where toys are printed in 3D (video) 

Apr.23, 2013 -  At Hasbro's model workshop outside of Providence, Rhode Island, 3D printers are used to make actual toys and games.  More 

3D Printing in Libraries Around the World 

By Riel Gallant | Apr.22, 2013 -  Since late 2011, when the Fayetteville Public Library received widespread media attention for its hackerspace, 3D printers slowly began appearing in libraries around the world, particularly in the United States. More 

3D printers enter the retail arena: department stores and SkyMall 

Apr.22, 2013 -  3D printing has been considered expensive and only available to early adopters - but soon, it will be changed.More 

Organovo Describes First Fully Cellular 3D Bioprinted Liver Tissue 

Apr.22, 2013 -  Organovo Holdings presented at the 2013 Experimental Biology conference in Boston, Massachusetts data on the company's in vitro three-dimensional liver. More 

Kinect@Home spinoff Volumental aims to be "The Youtube of 3D"

Apr.22, 2013 -   Volumental is aimed to become "The Youtube of 3D" that users can share or embed 3D model in any webpage just like a video clip. More

Mcor Technologies introduces ColourIT software 

Apr.22, 2013 -  Mcor Technologies Ltd today introduced new software that prepares 3D data files for full-color 3D printing on the Mcor IRIS 3D printer. More 

Introducing Panther 3D printer from Portabee team in Singapore 

Apr.22, 2013 -  The Portabee team launched Panther 3D printer last weekend, a new personal 3D printer constructed using high grade CNC style precision components. More 

Rapid Manufactory: First 3D printing shop in Middle East

Apr.22, 2013 -   Last month the Middle East's first 3D printing shop was opened in Beirut's Mar Mikhael neighborhood. More

Open 3D printing furniture design competition - Hack a Tom Dixon product

Apr.21, 2013 -  Partnered with Stratasys, Dassault Systèmes and Sculpteo, Designer Tom Dixon has launched the first open design competition based on a modular concept at MOST in Milan during Design Week. More 

Autodesk Inforgraphic: The future of 3D printing at home

Apr.20, 2013 -   3D printing is a phenomenon. It's taken 20-plus years for it to really develop, but the acceleration of the technology in the last few years has been incredible. More

3D scanning the Sydney Opera House for future generations 

Apr.19, 2013 -  Sydney Opera House is being surveyed inside and out by a team of laser scanning experts from Scotland to create an extraordinarily detailed, 3D model of Australia's most famous building. More 

Instant 3D printed shoes offers individualized shoes in custom sizes 

Apr.19, 2013 -  Using 3D printing, ABS vacuum shaping, carbon fiber lamination, Podsednikova is able develop shoe as one, almost sculptural piece. More 

Inexpensive 3D printed robot can scoot along power lines, searching for damage 

Apr.18, 2013 -  Mechanical engineers at the University of California say that they have invented a robot "SkySweeper" that can scoot along utility lines, searching for damage and problems needing repairs. More 

Chicago's first 3D printing store to open next Monday

Apr.18, 2013 -   Founded by Chicago native Julie Friedman Steele and Mike Mocheri, the store, named as "The 3D Printer Experience," will be the only retail and interactive store of its kind in Chicago. More

3D printed Silence Room in VUmc Amsterdam offers a place of reflection and peace 

Apr.18, 2013 -  In April 2012, the Medical Center Hospital of VU University Amsterdam opened its Silence Room, a place where patients and their families can stay in their difficult time.  More 

3D modeling startup Handprint moving into the Feld Fiberhouse 

Apr.18, 2013 -  Brad Feld, an investor, entrepreneur and author, announced yesterday on his blog that 3D modeling startup Handprint has won his KC Fiberhouse competition. More 

Supermodel Coco Rocha experienced 3D printing at Shapeways

Apr.18, 2013 -   Most recently, Supermodel Coco Rocha visited the Shapeways factory in NYC to investigate "how 3D printing will change the world of fashion in the very near future". More

Doodle3D sketching tool for 3D printing launched on Kickstarter 

Apr.17, 2013 -  Doodle3D, created by Rick Companje is a very innovative, but simple and intuitive sketching software enabling everyone to make his own drawing come to life with a 3D printer. More 

3D printer played and printed music at Art Hack Day Stockholm 2013 

Apr.17, 2013 -  For exploring the alternative uses of 3D-printers, Rickard Dahlstrand used a Lulzbot 3D-printer to create unique art. More 

NASA looks to 3D printing for space exploration (video)

Apr.17, 2013 -   3D printing, as one innovative technology will help us advance the future of manufacturing. At NASA, the revolution is already under way. More

Creating synthetic human tissue on a 3D printer (video) 

Apr.17, 2013 -  Microscopic water droplets sink into a bath of oil, where they bind together much like clusters of living cells. Produced by a 3D printer, the droplets could one day be infused with proteins and other ingredients to sustain life. More 

iMakr to sell CubeX Trio 3D printers, flagship store to open in two weeks

Apr.17, 2013 -   iMakr, billed as the world's largest 3D printing store will launch its grand opening in two weeks. iMakr aims at becoming the Flag Ship for the Maker Community in the UK. More

Creaform Launches handheld Health Care Partner 3D Scanner

Apr.16, 2013 -   Creaform, manufactuer of portable 3D measurement devices, launches their new Health Care Partner (HCP) 3D Scanner, developed specifically for human body scanning. More

Cyclists innovate high-performance bike parts using 3D Printing 

Apr.16, 2013 -  Kappius Components uses laser sintering from EOS for trailblazing bike-hub/drive assembly. More 

Kentstrapper launches new 3D printer and printer-name contest

Apr.16, 2013 -   Italian company Kentstrapper, a startup that produces and sells 3D printers, has just launched their new 3D printer at Milano Design Week 2013. More

EFF to challenge six 3D printing patent applications 

Apr.16, 2013 -  EFF has submitted documents on six pending patent applications that might threaten the growing field of 3D printing technology.  More 

Assembled, CE certified X400 3D printer now available

Apr.16, 2013 -  Named as X400 CE, the Jumbo 3D printer X400 from German RepRap is now available as an assembled device with CE certification according to DIN ISO 9001.More 

voxeljet takes over British 3D service provider Global TCT

Apr.15, 2013 -   voxeljet will be taking over the British service provider Global TCT effective by April 2013, thus increasing its presence in the UK. More

The Quantum Delta 3D Printer 

Apr.15, 2013 -  At the Chicago Hackerspace, Pumping Station One, a group of makers worked together to build the Quantum Delta 3D printer as a fun group project. More 

Cubize: a YouTube-like virtual showroom of 3D models 

Apr.15, 2013 -  Cubize, designed by Giorgio Pagliara, is a sharing and display platform where anyone from everywhere can share and view three-dimensional models. More 

Using 3D body scanner to help you find the right bike 

Apr.14, 2013 -  A new bicycle shop called Roll was opened at 2163 N. Clybourn in Chicago last week. Besides a big collection of top bikes and gear, the 4300sqft (399sqm) shop is also equipped with a 3D body scanner.  More 

New CGTrader aiming to be an eBay-like 3D model marketplace 

Apr.14, 2013 -  3D model marketplace CGTrader.com has redesigned its system and added some extra features for users to buy and sell 3D models for 3D print and design projects. More 

3D printer helps difficult hip replacement 

Apr.13, 2013 -  Now, doctors at Mayo Clinic are using 3D printers to enable customized joint replacement surgeries. More 

Exploring 7 materials with 3D printing

Apr.13, 2013 -   Because the inherent nature of 3D printing opens new possibilities for shaping materials, Emerging Objects is able to create 3D printed objects using custom materials. More

Maiko: 3D printed Japanese Geisha style hand fan 

Apr.13, 2013 -  French designer Piergil Fourquie's latest project the Maiko 3D printed hand fan is inpired by the classic Japanese Uchiwa bamboo and paper fans. More 

VPI adds 3D-printed tonearm to high-end turntable for better sound 

Apr.12, 2013 -  For its new statement piece, VPI decided to develop a synthetic tonearm for their flagship turntable using 3D printing. More 

D-Shape wins top prize in NYC Waterfront Construction Competition

Apr.12, 2013 -   Three winners, D-Shape, Andrew Rella and John Sheridan of The Sheridan Corporation, will be awarded a total of $90,000 for their selected ideas. More

Artec introduces new hand-held 3D scanner Spider 

Apr.12, 2013 -  Artec3D, a 3D scanning manufacturer and developer of 3D facial recognition technology has announced a new generation hand-held, 3D scanner named Spider - so named because of its many "eyes".  More 

NZ Customs Minister: 3D printers pose a threat to border security 

Apr.12, 2013 -  Customs Minister Maurice Williamson says he is extremely worried about what 3D printers will do to border security.More 

Color craftsman Richrap: Tie-Dye 3D printing with Nylon 618

Apr.12, 2013 -   Another advantage of high strength taulman's "618" Nylon Co-Polymer is that it is easily dyed with standard fabric dyes (textile and paper acid based dyes). More

Showing off some high quality parts made with 3DLPrinter 

Apr.11, 2013 -  Robot Factory uploaded a video showing the 3D prints made with their recently launched 3DLPrinter.  More 

Special offer for iRapid 3D printer on indiegogo 

Apr.11, 2013 -  iRapid - A 3D printer built with "rack and pinion" concept is launched on Indiegogo with a special price: EUR 749 instead of EUR 999 original price. More 

First Brazilian open source 3D printer: Metamáquina

Apr.11, 2013 -   Metamáquina 2 is the second model of Metamáquina printers with a print volume twice as big as the previous model Metamáquina 3D. More

A must-have desk organiser: 3D Printed Steampunk Geared Cube 

Apr.11, 2013 -  If you look for an amazing and fun to use desk toy to show off to your friends, you definitely should check out this 3D printed Steampunk geared cube. More 

TNO & ITRI launched R&D program for additive manufacturing 

Apr.11, 2013 -  TNO launched Penrose Shared Research Program together with Taiwanese non-profit R&D organization Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) on the 10th of April in the Hannover Messe. More 

3D printed Sentry Gun from Team Fortress 2

Apr.11, 2013 -   Now Psychobob is back with another new 3D printed project, something a little different this time: the Sentry guns from Team Fortress 2. More

Tiny Chiplets: creating the future of smart 3D printed objects 

Apr.10, 2013 -  Researchers at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) have developed tiny chiplets that are smaller than a grain of sand. More 

Doctors use 3D printers to make organs and bones 

Apr.10, 2013 -  Dr. Maki Sugimoto a surgeon and associate professor of gastroenterology at the Kobe University School of Medicine, believes that 3D printers can take medicine to the next level. More 

ExOne aims to raise its annual revenue to $100M within 3 years

Apr.10, 2013 -   The CEO of ExOne Co (XONE.O), the 3D printer maker that went public in February, said its gross margin could exceed 50 percent within three years. More

3D Printed fashions: Layer By Layer at Fashion Space Gallery, London 

Apr.10, 2013 -  From this week London College of Fashion will be exhibiting a selection of 3D printed fashion, shoes, glasses, clothes and accessories from more than ten designers. More 

Barobo launches 3D printed Mobot-A robot kit 

Apr.10, 2013 -  Barobo, Inc., manufacturer of Barobo mobot, announced today the launch of the Mobot-A robot kit, a 3D printed robot.  More 

Another successful Kickstarter round for the B9Creator

Apr.10, 2013 -   The B9 Creator v1.1 from inventor Michael Joyce has been successsfully funded on Kickstarter. Last year Joyce's project received $513,422 in pledges, 10 times his orginal goal. More

3D printed delta robot

Apr.9, 2013 -   Sarah has figured out how to make 3D models of the parts she needs and have 3D printed them on a Replicator 2 3D printer. More

3D printing could bring touchable painting to the visually impaired 

Apr.9, 2013 -  Midas Touch… This is the name picked by four Harvard students for a project proposal, centered on 3D printing technology to render paintings accessible to the visually impaired. More 

Customize unique 3D masks using Collagene Mask Editor and 3D printing

Apr.9, 2013 -   During the Design Week 2013 in Milan three masks designed by Do The Mutation, made in Windform LX 2.0 and 3D Printing will be displayed. More

Led by auto, medical and aerospace, 3D printing to grow into $8.4 billion market in 2025 

Apr.9, 2013 -  3D printing will be an $8.4 billion market in 2025 led by automotive, medical, and aerospace applications – up from $777 million in 2012. More 

3D Hubs is building a large production network of 3D printers 

Apr.9, 2013 -  Dutch startup 3D Hubs is building a production network of people who have a 3D printer, and who wish to use their 3D printer to make parts for others.  More 

High strength taulman 645, 1.75mm Co-Polymer released 

Apr.8, 2013 -  Taulman3D announces today the release of "Clear" taulman 645 3D printing material, 1.75mm nylon based co-polymer. taulman 645 features very high strength, durability.  More 

Control 3D printer with $110 PengPod touch-screen Linux tablet 

Apr.8, 2013 -  So he checked the PengPod 700 he recently bought, a 7 inch Linux tablet and used it as a controller for his Solidoodle 2.  More 

RappiDelta large format delta 3D printer 

Apr.8, 2013 -  RappiDelta is an all aluminium construction printer which will allow for fast and efficient production. It is a large format 3d printer based on the delta concept from Johann Rocholl.  More 

Making short run injection molds with 3D printing

Apr.8, 2013 -   In the video below the molds were 3D printed in Objet Digital ABS material. These mold tools are then injected with real polypropylene at 220 degrees C. More

3Drag 3D printer kit 

Apr.8, 2013 -  Pursuing these goals led to the birth of 3D printer 3Drag. It is made of aluminum profiles and each part is designed to be light.  More 

3D printed 1:10 OpenRC truggy car in action (videos) 

Apr.7, 2013 -  Still remember the 3D printable 1:10 Radio controlled truggy car created by Swedish maker Daniel Norée? It is an ongoing project... More 

yeggi: search engine for printable 3D models

Apr.7, 2013 -   In order to save users valuable time when searching for 3D printable models, Sebastian Karpp developed yeggi, a search engine for printable 3D models based in Leipzig, Germany. More

Rotary valve might help manned space flights to Mars one day 

Apr.7, 2013 -  A rotary fuel delivery valve developed by a University of Alabama in Huntsville team led by Dr. James Blackmon just might help manned space flights travel to other planets one day. More 

Low-cost open source Cyrus 3D printer on Kickstarter 

Apr.6, 2013 -  Open Source Cyrus 3D printer features rigid nice-looking aluminum casing and large build envelope (250 x 280 x 300mm), and can be operated standalone in either home or office.  More 

mUVe 1: an open-source UV resin based 3D printer

Apr.6, 2013 -   The mUVe 1 is an open-source, low-cost stereo-lithographic 3D printer which uses 405nm UV laser to build parts' layers one at a time. More

Airwolf releases affordable large-scale 3D printer 

Apr.6, 2013 -  Southern California-based Airwolf 3D, Inc. introduces a new printer for low cost prototyping -- AW3D XL. Listed at $2,295, AW3D XL is capable of producing objects up to 670 cubic inches. More 

Midwest RepRap Festival video: What the RepRap project is all about 

Apr.5, 2013 -  To get more information on the opensource 3D printing movement, Gavilan Steinman traveled to Elkhart Indiana and interviewed core developers and users of the technology. More 

Personalized bed, table or desk based on your DNA

Apr.5, 2013 -   Tjep. is making these unique work of art by taking genetic profiles, mapping them with 3-D imaging, and transforming a person's individual DNA into one-of-a-kind creations. More

Jet engine maker Pratt to invest $8 Million in digital lab at UConn 

Apr.5, 2013 -  Jet engine maker Pratt & Whitney and the University of Connecticut announce today that they have set up one of the nation's most advanced additive manufacturing centers. More 

See 4D printing: "smart" components that can assemble themselves (videos) 

Apr.5, 2013 -  Skylar Tibbits, an architect, designer and computer scientist presented a new concept in February 2013: 4D printing. This emerging technology will allow us to print objects that then reshape themselves or self-assemble over time. More 

New 3D scanner creates high-resolution 3D images from a kilometer away

Apr.5, 2013 -   The research team, led by Gerald Buller, describes a ToF imaging system that can gather high-resolution, 3-D information about objects that are typically very difficult to image, from up to a kilometer away. More

The future of the Navy: Print me a cruiser! 

Apr.4, 2013 -  The 3D printing revolution will radically change naval construction and logistics, writes two junior Navy officers in Proceedings, the influential journal of the U.S. Naval Institute. More 

Breakthrough: 3D printer creates artificial human tissue 

Apr.4, 2013 -  Oxford University scientists have developed a custom-built programmable 3D printer that can create materials with several of the properties of living tissues. More 

3D Systems Launches 3DMe figurines on Cubify

Apr.4, 2013 -   3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today the launch of 3DMe™, customizable full color 3D printed figurines featuring your photo-realistic head atop costumed superheroes... More

Miproto turns your idea into a 3D printed model 

Apr.4, 2013 -  Miproto is a web based product design, development and prototyping platform. The concept is based around making product design more accessible to the people with ideas. More 

First Dreambox 3D printer installed at UC Berkeley 

Apr.4, 2013 -  At the end of March the first Dreambox 3D printer was installed in Etcheverry Hall at UC Berkeley. More 

The Brew Clip: 3D printed wallet with a built-in bottle opener

Apr.4, 2013 -   The Brew Clip, a Kickstarter project, could cleverly stores money and cards to simplify your pocket needs. More

New: Portable J-Rev 3D printer with unique Z axis 

Apr.3, 2013 -  Today we introduce a unique, briefcase size 3D printer: J-Rev created by Benjamin McDaniel, the founder of Japica. More 

3D printed Low-Fi Hi-Tech Headphones 

Apr.3, 2013 -  JC Karich has posted a new project "low fi high tech headphones". It is a research project to "find out a way to create a fully functional pair... More 

An alternative design for a 3D printer, powered by a Raspberry Pi (video)

Apr.3, 2013 -   Jon Wise is working on an alternative design for a 3D printer that uses radial arms with a minimum of mechanical engineering. More

How to create the super cool 3D printed speakers (with lights!)  

Apr.3, 2013 -  Designed by a team at Autodesk and 3D printed on an Objet Connex 500, these speakers were then endowed with an audioreactive LED system by new LED startup LumiGeek.  More 

Customise your bike mount with 3D printed collars 

Apr.2, 2013 -  Annex Products has partnered with Shapeways to offer their customers 3D printed replacement locking collars for the Bike Mount Pro. More 

How to 3D print skeleton from a CT scan of a living animal

Apr.2, 2013 -   Now surgeons and students could use the technology to rapidly produce detailed skeletal and soft tissue structures from X-ray CT data. More

Designing perfect cup for dunking cookies with help of 3D printer 

Apr.2, 2013 -  Sam Feller from Awkward Engineer Creations designed "the most perfectly shaped cup for dunking a cookie in milk" - High milk displacement cookie dunker. More 

RasPi based touchscreen controller for RepRap 3D printer (video) 

Apr.2, 2013 -  The RasPi based touchscreen controller will be part of their soon-to-be-launched Kühling&Kühling RepRap Industrial 3D printer. More 

Transform any 3D print into a high quality finished part with 3D Refiner

Apr.2, 2013 -   Two students at UC Berkeley designed and created 3D Refiner, a machine that transforms any of your 3D prints into a high quality beautifully finished part. More

Play-Doh: Your kid's first 3D printer 

Apr.1, 2013 -  Designed specially for your kids, the entry-level Play-Doh 3D Printer created by Thinkgeek would be an amazing toys to introduce 3D printer to them. More 

Chinese-German nanotech center to develop bioactive implants using 3D printing 

Apr.1, 2013 -  Researchers in Germany and China have founded a Chinese-German nanotechnology and biomedicine center to develop bio-inspired bone replacement materials and medications for bone diseases. More 

Sony launched 3D photo booth at ACE 2013

Apr.1, 2013 -   At Anime Contents Expo 2013 (ACE 2013) on March 30th and 31st, visitors could order a 3D printed miniature figurines of themselves at Sony Music Communications booth. More

IBISWorld: 3D printing services seen positive average growth since 2008 

Mar.31, 2013 -  Despite some hard times during the recession, the 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Services industry has largely recovered and has leaped ahead in recent years. More 

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